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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll -- Tall dark man wearing armour, bare legs A: Standing painted pottery figure with left hand raised above shoulder, right hand forward, smokey black wavy painted hair with pony tail tied with white painted string, dark brown skin, black upswept eyebrows, lids, wrinkle between eyebrows, white eyes, red lips, looking toward right slightly, very muscular bare arms and legs. Painted horizontally striped body armour all around in grey, purple, red and black tacked with white and grey, each panel has red dots at bottom and each corner is painted gold. Upper portion of body armour at front and back has different panels, white background with blue and green half circle edged with gold, and suspended to back upper portion, gold edged suspender with red strings and black painted buckle, front fastener buttons are red heart shapes, red cord threaded through upper portion of armour, gold painted eyelets, white twisted obi tied in front, blue cords with white floral design wrapped around daggers (C: handle) and obi, tied at right side. Left hand is open to hold B: halberd, right hand is a fist with off-white nails. Two holes on left side of figure hold D: sword. B: Halberd, L: 18.75", Diam: .25", made of wood, upper portion wrapped with sandpaper and wrapped in 3 places with gold painted paper, upper edge of sandpaper is painted black, lower part painted gold with a spray of bright green. Another narrow ring painted in gold about .75" below. End of the stick has a point and above the point is wrapped with gold paper. Rest of the stick is painted dark brown. C: Dagger, L: 2.75", Diam: .75", handle sword guard appears to the made of clay, upper tip of sword guard is painted gold, handle has white diamond shape design formed with painted brown wrapped cord, bamboo blade inserts into scabbard which is part of the figure. D: Tachi sword, L: 9.25", W: .875", D: .25", handle and sword guard and scabbard end painted gold, incl. 2 bands, white painted diamond design form with painted blue wrapped cord, silver painted scabbard with white circle motif on both sides. Two blue protruding Nanatsu-kin give appearance of wrapped blue cloth with white floral motif; gold at the back.
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