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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll -- Hotei-osho with child A: Painted pottery figure with right arm raised, holding child's hand on left, smiling eyes, upturned mouth, bulbous earlobes, dark tan complexion, bald head with black feathery hairs around head, chin, nose, cheeks, chest and navel , black eyebrows, eyelids, brown and yellow eyes, brownish orange lips, blush around very large stomach, hair on back of hands and feet, pink fingernails, white toenails. Clothes consist of long black robe open at the front, hanging off of left shoulder, gold cloud motif, brownish red band on edges trimmed with gold vine motif; blue belt around waist ties in front; white robe lining. The child raises left arm touching Hotei-osho, one foot forward, right hand open and down, fair complexion, shaved bluish crown of head, black painted hair tied with white cord, dark brown eyebrows and eyelids, blush colored cheeks, light red partially open mouth. Clothing consists of a lavendar outer garment with white floral motif inside gold diamond like leaf shapes, off-white lining, beneath are red sleeves with black and white peonies, green and gold leaves and gold vines, dark green hakama pants with brown, pink, blue and gold outlined floral designs, black boots open at the top. White, black and red beads around the neck, large gold piece at center front tied with purple cords. B: Walking stick, L: 14", crooked and tapered to a point at the bottom, appears to be wrapped and painted brown cloth to simulate wood with white and green dots and finished with persimmon juice, padded upper portion. C: Makimono 3 rolled books, L: 1.75", W: .75", H: .75", green, red and yellow rolls of white and black paper wrapped with peach cloth and red ribbons, metal loop at top with pink silk cord going though.
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