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Ornament, hair - Artifacts

On a metal 2 prong hair pin (Knazashi) (a) with a scooped end is half opened detacable fan (b) onits side. A samuri helmen is placed directly on top of the opened sections of the fan. Four plum blossoms surround the upper 180 degrees of the helmet. A coral bead is in the center of the three opened blossoms. The second blossom from the left is closed with 3 petals, each opened blossoms and run parallel to the hair pin prongs. Hanging from the fan's side is ametal chain swagedfrom one end of the fan to the center (of helmet) and then again swagged to the other end. ( This medallion's center link is broken connecting the chain to the helmet). The side chains are 4 1/2cm long, with a coral bead in the middle. Hanging from the end of the chain is a flat metal duck medallion with ettchings showing an eye and feathers. These hair ornaments were mainly used in the Edo period from 1615-1868. Considered good luck. They were both functional and decorative. The end of this period elaborate display of wealth and luxury were condemmed by law. The women passed these decorative hair pins as pieces of function. Ex. Ear cleaner and scalp scratchers. Today they are worn for New Year's Weddings, and Guisa costuming.
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