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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll, Sakanoe-no-Tamuramaru. A: Figure with head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun. Painted features and inset glass eyes. Black silk fiber hair and bushy black moustache. Full head of hair combed up into two topknots at top left and right of head, hair hanging down in back, unbound, below shoulders. Fringes of hair, moustache and beard painted on head as are eyebrows. Figure is seated in cross leg position with left hand on left thigh. Clothing: Outer jacket of silk brocade, dark blue background with olive, gold and silver patterns. Patterns of dragons, clouds and various floral motifs. Over the jacket in the back is an obi of off white silk with embroidered floral patterns in blue, olive and gold. The obi is outlined with a gold and red piping. Over the obi is a white silk sash which is tied in a bow in the front. Under the jacket on his shoulders are large tooth shaped armour plates which are gold colored with embossed diamond patterns. They have a fur fringe around the edges. There are similar armour plates covering the thighs. The front of the outer jacket is open almost to the waist. Through the opening may be seen a breast plate of the same color and material, possibly papier mache, as the shoulder and thigh plates. On the upper breast plate are two lare metal bosses from which hang metal rings. Under the jacket and armour he wears a purple and gold brocade top with peony and diamond patterns. This has cuffs of a reddish gold fabric which is tied around the wrists with turquoise colored braided silk cord. He wears hakama of gold silk damask with motifs in blue and shades of gold. Among the motifs are running horses, separated by floral patterns and repeat rows of what may be stylized plants. On the feet are high black boots with gold metal bands around the ankles and leather soles attached with hob nails. B: Sword which is attached around the waist by a turquoise colored braided silk cord. The sword and scabbard are one piece 10.75" long. The scabbard is black with metal gold colored fittings. The handle and hilt are also of gold colored metal.
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