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Doll - Artifacts

Image Doll
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Procession of 3 Buddhist priest dolls with western style hair A, B, C: 3 dolls with heads molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), painted features, plain blank expressions, inset glass eyes. Figure A appears older with deeper lines and hair parted on left, not right. Painted black hair, parted on the side and very short. Figures stand erect with right leg forward as if walking. Right arm is out front, palm up with index finger extended. Left arm is held up and close to body, palm facing in. Outer kimono (shichi-jo-no-Kesa) of red silk brocade takewake wavy design, aoi leaves and white medallions stylized chrysanthemums, wrapped around body and over left arm, panel-like train at back lined with purple silk and stiffened with wire. At sleeve opening is another sleeve hem of red silk brocade with green, blue, yellow and white motifs, glued shut. Kimono beneath of white silk brocade with purple medallions in the same design as the outer robe. Split skirt (hakama) of white silk damask with check pattern and same medallion design. Around lower legs are green and gold silk brocade wraps with red edging. Underneath this is a strip of cloth same as the outer robe. The feet have white silk slippers. Figures are on small red silk covered platforms attached by a nail through left foot. Right foot is unattached. Ai, Bi, Ci: Hats: H: 3", W: 3.25" cloth and paper hat with a gold cord, top of hat is red silk crepe stiffened with paper with a large brown dot; green, gold and purple brocade brim; hanging down in back are three layers of silk brocade covered paper, top layer is gold with beige motifs, 2nd is green with gold and green motifs, 3rd is red with green motifs. Condition: Some damage to the train of Figure B and the wire of all trains are misshapen; support nails are loose and worn through paper on bottom of stands. Index finger of B has some damage.
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