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Doll - Artifacts

Doll depicting Minamoto Yoshitsune in armour standing on a laquered base A: Figure with head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), ivory colored complexion; inset glass eyes, black painted eyebrows, red painted lips, shaved pate with blue shade; black fiber hair in Sohatsu style with hair pulled into a topknot at back and tied with a fine off-white silk cord and a long tail left hanging loosely. The figure stands with legs spread wide apart and the right knee slightly bent; the left arm extends slightly away from his body, index finger slightly curved and the other fingers curled, raised right arm and hand in which he holds sword (B). The clothing consists of an outer kimono of paper and silk brocade in green, taupe, and black in a floral motif; sleeves are tied with purple silk cord at wrists with ends of the cord left loose. Off-white silk undergarments show as collars at the neckline. Full set of armour on shoulders, chest, backs and hanging panels made of black lacquered papier mache laced with red silk cord; shoulder panels have brown linear design on black with stencilled papier mache tops fastened with orange cords to the off-white cotton shoulder straps featuring off-white tomoe (3 comma) pattern on brown background which hold the breast an back plates; breastplate has a brown linear design on a black background attop and 2 moveable side panels with yellow metal edges, 2 floral metal bosses with ring at the center are attached to the upper side of the chest armour; 3 armoured panels of 3 tiers hang from waist in the front, 2 panels of 2 tiers hang from waist at the back, 2 side thigh panels are joined with a strand of purple silk cord. Wide belt made of white habutai silk wrapped around the waist a few times with an off-white silk cord tied on top. Blue damask hakama pants in geometric design comes to the knees. Shin guards made of black enameled papier mache with two horizontal wide stripes, tied with red thread at both ankles; the calves are wrapped with dark green cotton with a tomoe (3 comma) motif. Tabi socks made of white and taupe cotton with a circular floral pattern which matches the tops panels of the armour. Footwear consits of a yellow cord threaded between the toes and wrapped around the ankles. A tachi sword with an aqua green cord wrapped hilt is suspended at the back of his waist by a white cord wrapped around 2 places on the sword and his waist. The figure is secured to a black painted base by two pegs which are inserted into the base. B: Sword (Wakizashi), L: 2.875", W: .25", painted wood in white, gold and black. Held in one hand. C: Sword (Wakizashi), L: 2.375", W: .25", smaller version of B held in other hand. D: Hat, (Eboshi) made of black net with a cream colored paper trim at bottom edge, folded knot at front and back.
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