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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll depicting Samurai (possibly Kato Kyomasa) A: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder). Painted features and eyes with fierce look: rims of upper eyelids, irises and raised eye brows in black; a wrinkle between the eyebrows, below the lower eyelids, and around his nose, upper corners of his mouth and beard around the chin are painted in medium black; tightly pursed lips are painted in red. Dark brown fiber hair is pulled together on top of head and tied with beige cord wrapped around many times so that it stands up, leaving the end of the hair loose with a puffy look. B: Body of seated figure with legs bent underneath; right hand clasped with bent elbow to hold a sword and scabbard; left hand on his wrap. Wears blue velvet Suikan (robe) and matching Hakama pants. Stiffened sleeves are off his shoulders and originally lined with beige silk habutai. Breastplate with "Janome" mon (snake eye family crest) made of metal with papier mache decoration at top of plate painted in orange and gold. Most of the armour is made of papier mache with vertical crease and painted in gold. Two metal bands have impressed repeated upside down U shaped design. Brown silk and paper brocade kimono with diamond motif. Underrobes can be seen at the collar which has 3 layers, one of olive green silk crepe and the rest of fabric which has worn to expose the paper lining. Ivory colored hands are made of carved wood; right hand is covered with black guard made of paper and black fabric simulating leather. C: Curved sword without scabbard, L: 4.5", W: .5", metal blade, metal sword guard in shape of 4 petals with folded edge; painted white and gold speckled handle with metal cap at top of handle. Condition: Soiled and faded clothing, hair missing at back of head.
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