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Wing Luke Museum
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Shrine - Artifacts

Miniature Shrine Constructed of wood with black lacquer finish. Gold painted accents. The roof slants down to the front, has a ridge bar that stands up at the back and has beveled edges. Below this is a slat of wood runs beneath the ridge bar. Above the roof which is textured to simulate tiles another slat runs across acting as an eave. Two side bars and smaller beams support the roof above the body of the shrine which is a tall rectangular box. The front is framed with three cross bars and two columns. Above the upper cross bar on the sides of the doors and on the base the box is recessed and painted gold. Two doors are painted gold on the outside and have wavy triangular shaped embossed metal decorations at the center. These have ivy design and are nailed to the doors. A vertical bar runs down the front edge of the door. And has three decorative metal pieces nailed to it. The inside of the box at the back is painted gold and black. Hanging across the front inside is a curtain with the heading made of gold and red brocade holding horizontal bamboo slats. The curtain is made of white silk with two red and blue bands running vertically decorated between with brown diamond shape motifs and painted white butterflies and birds. Two double pink and white tassels hang down from orange silk knotted cords at the top. The shrine box sits on a larger base which is decorated on the front with five flat posts. The base has no back. Condition: the front section holding the doors is coming loose from the shrine box. The curtain inside has become detached except for the upper left corner. The lacquer is chipped in right front corner and above two nail heads
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