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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Baby Boy Play Doll Molded body, head, hands and feet painted flesh color; head is attached to body with string and has painted black eyebrows and eyelashes, red mouth, brown and black inset glass eyes, painted rosy cheeks and on ears, dark color painted near hairline, real straight dark hair with bowl shaped haircut. Legs and arms are bent and attached with the string to the body. He wears kimono of red silk with floral design (wisteria, bamboo, cherry, plum, chrysanthemums, peony) and water design in yellow, pink, blue, green, white, purple colors and gold flecks, lined with pink crepe (faded); underneath show white color and sleeve edgings of yellow and white; yellow obi only visible in front; red crepe vest with white silk lining and gold flecks, tied in front.
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