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Scroll - Artifacts

Hand scroll - E - Maki, Shigisan Engi Printed reproduced hand scroll glued to silk backed paper. The silk cloth is rusty brown color and is glued around a stiffener around the edge with a purple silk flat braided cord attached in the middle to tie around the closed scroll. Paper label is attached to the silk in the back printed in black kanji. At the other end of the scroll the paper is attached to a wooden dowel. The first scene shows store house on the ground with monks bowl on the ground. several people on the right gasping in amazement. Scene two shows the store house rising in the air over the water and people including a horseman chasing after it. Scene three shows the store house flying above a mountain scene with several men underneath. Scene four has shows the monk sitting on porch with bowl next to him and several men pointing to roof of storehouse appearing out of the clouds. Scene five is store house on ground with monk in front and the rich man with his servants removing bales of rice. Scene six shows the rice flying over mountains, with deer looking up, back to rich man's house. Scene seven shows a house with people involved in daily activities and the rice bales floating by to outdoor area. B & C: The bottom of the box is covered with white paper and has printed kanji on the bottom, the top is covered with green rice paper and has a label with black kanji "National Treasure, Shigsan Engi", "Hikura Chapter" Three leaflets are included one in white and one in yellow are printred in Japanese and the third in green is printed in English and Japanese. "Scroll of Shigisan Engi, owned by Chogosonshi - ji, Nara."
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