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Ox figure - Artifacts

Image Ox figure
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Ceramic Bull on Wood Base Hollow ceramic stylized ox is painted black with gold nose and eyelids, white eyes and two wooden ears painted black, red and gold, protruding from the sides of his head. Gold painted feet. Over the middle of the bull is a piece of brocade with gold, orange, black and white floral designs with kanji woven in "Negai kake ushi". The fabric is glued to the body and a gold braided cord is tied in a bow around the body and under the chin. A white and orange braided cord is tied around the ears and a brown fiber cord is knotted through holes in the nose. On either side are glued white folded paper representing gohei. The bull is glued to a wood rectangular base which has a seal in red kanji "Kai un-kigan" (reveals your fortune, wishes will come true) on the top of the base and black kanji "Negai kake ushi" (wishing ox) on the right side. On the bottom written in English: " Wish Ox. The ox is charmed with all the good wishes made by a maidens elaborate care." The head is split around the ears and the nose.
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