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Wing Luke Museum
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Quilt - Artifacts

Small piece work quilt with wide border Center of the quilt is made up of 35 squares of silk sewn together in rectangular shape. Some of the pink, turquoise, fuschia, peach, purple, green, yellow, black, gray, rust, red, and orange pieces are made from traditional Southeast Asian textiles. Four squares have silver supplementary weft bands of geometric motifs. Two have small woven in silver motifs, one has a yellow woven in motif, one has pink supplementary weave band of geometric motifs. And there is one square made of ikat dyed silk featuring a lattice pattern in green, yellow, white and blue on black background. The quilt has a purplish blue ten inch wide border also made of silk. The squares are hand quilted in the ditch along the seam lines. Along each side of the quilt the border is hand quilted in a braided design. The four corners are hand quilted with a single floral motif. The quilt has thin polyester batting and is backed with white cotton muslin. The quilting stitches showing on the back has a blue pattern. The top of the quilt has been folded over at the edges and stitches by hand to the back. There is a white cotton muslin sleeve along the top back. The quilt was made by women who survived the holcaust war in Cambodia. They operate a local co-op shop where quilts and other handiwork are sold. The Quilt Shop, 108 15th Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98112, (206) 328 - 4277 See article in Resource Room file "Stitching their Lives Back together" by Putsata Reang, Seattle Times 1/10/1997 The quilt was displayed in the Museum's exhibit "Renewal of America". The muslin sleeve was sewn to the back of the quilt for hanging purposes.
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