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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Japanese Dancer Doll A: Round fair face with painted black eyes and eyebrows, red mouth; short straight black fibre hair with bangs; doll is looking across her right shoulder; body is turned diagonally with the right arm toward the back and the left arm held up to the shoulder to hold a carrying bar with 2 buckets. The long kimono extends out behind the figure and has long sleeves; made of rayon in a red, pink, blue, yellow, green and white design including hemp leaf pattern, maple leaves, water and flowers; the orange and gold obi is made of paper and metallic thread. The doll has paper hands; the left is curled around a red and gold carrying bar which has two paper buckets in blue and silver hanging from faded red threads at each end of the bar. The doll is attached to a black lacquer base that has an orange fabric top. B: The eboshi style had is made of gold colored paper with a pink lining; it stands up with a curved top. An orange silk braided cord is strung through two holes on either side of the hat and is tied in a bow which fits under the doll's chin.
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