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Wing Luke Museum
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Hanging - Artifacts

Royal blue silk satin background panel with pink cotton lining, blue polished cotton flap (42" x 31"), dark navy fringe along the bottom, and a sleeve for a pole. Banner has 5 couched and padded 5-toe dragons including a large front-facing one in the center, and 4 profile dragons in the corners. The corner dragons have their tongues sticking out (breathing fire?). The center dragon has pitch stitching inside its mouth and long white whiskers. All dragons have teeth stitched in white, 2 eyeballs glued to the face, fuzzy green looped threads around the eyes, and a single green thread along the tail. Around the dragons, in gold thread, are cloud patterns that mirror each other. Mirrored images of a flaming pearl are at top and bottom center. A non-flaming pearl lies between the face and tail of the center dragon. Embroidered waves lie across the top and bottom center. The gold thread (silk wrapped with gold) used throughout looks very shiny and metallic. The couching stitches are done with a very thin red-orange thread.
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