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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Male Figure Jumping a Post Shaped round head with gofun (shell) finish, black painted hair including shaped topknot, black painted eyes, eyebrows and two forehead dots, red painted mouth. Body made in kimekomi method: pulverized wood bound with adhesive and shaped; orange brocade collar and gold and tan brocade robe (Shinto style) pressed into wood form, white sash visible in back and tab in front; purple and gold brocade pants (faded in front). Feet and hands are white painted wood, with pained black geta and red straps, holding a gold paper fan (torn) in right hand. He is in a jumping position attached to a lacquer painted post (possibly fence or bridge post) which has a black shaped finial and orangey red bottom, adhered to a black lacquer wood base. The Kimekomi method was used at the Kamo Shrine where dolls would be sold as souvenirs and charms. The pulverized wood was Paulownia. Contemporary dolls are made in the kimekomi method but are not real Kamo dolls. See The Image and the Motif: Japanese Dolls by Lea Baten, p. 41. Benkei at the Bridge?
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