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Invoice Machine - Artifacts

Metal Uarco brand invoice machine with two rolls of invoices and one roll of carbon paper. A: Rectangular shaped machine made of green enamel painted metal. It has a bottom cavity which holds up to three rolls of invoice papers. Each side of bottom section has three holes and inside each are sets of red metal knobs attached to spring arms with red disks to hold rolls. An inner lid has four metal rollers in the opening near one end attached to the lid on one side. Half a tube shaped holder for the carbon paper roll. It has a smaller divided section at tone end. The top lid is joined to the body of the machine on one end by a tube. The lid has large rectangular opening allowing invoices to show through and at one end is a long narrow cover which protects a rolling mechanism. On the top of the lid is engraved the T.2. 1876" and a red bordered label with the company name "United Autographic Register Co. 304 Westlake Ave. N. Seattle, Wash." At the other end is an engraved logo, company name and advertising. On the inside of the lid are six metal clips and an engraved list of patent dates ranging from 1910 - 1918 on a gold label with red and black printing. At one end of the machine is a handle connecting to texturized rollers and gears which pull the multiple copies of invoices together over the carbon paper. There is a lever which interacts with the handle on one side. On the other side is another small lever which activates two metal hooks to hold the top cover in place. The metal bottom has four rubber feet. B: Roll of paper invoices printed with Quong Tuck Co. letterhead. It is stamped with Number 1 in red ink. C: Roll of paper invoices printed with Quong Tuck Co. letterhead. It is stamped with Number 2 in red ink. Also says "void, extra tickets or loading register", each invoice has separate number stamped in red. D: Roll of dark blue carbon paper torn on one end. The two rolls of invoices are set between the spring holders in the bottom cavity threaded through the hole at tone end crossing the top of the inner lid with a roll of carbon passing between the copies from the side. The invoice copies are advanced across the top beneath the rollers by turning the handle. Top lid holds the invioces in place and the inner lid acts as surface on which to write the invioice. The invoivces are torn of at one end. The machine was received in dirty condition and the metal handle and levers are corroding. E: Wooden box with invoice rolls. F & G: Two unused rolls of carbon paper wrapped in waxy blue paper, L: 8.5", with yelow label glued around the roll giving the company name and handeling instructions.
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