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Tape, Magnetic - Artifacts

Image Tape, Magnetic
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Tape, Magnetic Cantonese Opera Performance Title: 1.Di Qing Ye Chuang San Guan ( Di Qing Rushing Through Three Passes in One Night)(Tian Sheng Stereo) by He Fei Kang and Li Bao Ying 2.Jian Shan Mei Ren (The Beauty and The Kingdom)(Feng Xing Stereo)by Deng Bi Yun and Li Bao-Ying Side 1 Di Qing Ye Chuang San Guan(Di Qing Rushing three Passes in One Night) Side 2 Jiang San Mei Ren(The Beauty and Kingdom) a. Ban Huang Di (Playing the Emperor) 9'55" b. Liang Xiang Yi(Missing Each Other) 10'36" c. Long Feng Dian(Dragon and Phoenix Inn ) 9'17" d. Meng Hun Hui(The Meeting of the Spirit and Dream)9'47"
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