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Framed black and white photograph of the Konkokyo Shinto Shrine building in Seattle, 1437 S. Donovan (?) The frame is wood with dark stained edges and dull gold painted face. The photo shows a two storey wooden frame building with clapboard siding. The first floor corner, in the right foreground, has a porch which wraps around the corner. At the left on the porch is a priest in white robes. Behind him are two crossed rising sun Japanese flags. At his left, on a square column, is a vertical signborad on which is written in Kanji Kinkodo Shinto Kai (religious society). At the right corner of the porch are two men in civilian clothes. Behind them are crossed Japanese and American flags. Standing upright in front of these flags is a white flage bearing the symbol or logo of the shrine. Towards the left of the house is a short staircase with railings leading to a doorway, over this doorway and extending to the porch, at right, is a large horizontal banner bearing three imprints of the shrine's symbol, the Japanese character for gold encirculed by a floral petal pattern. The banner is pinned up over the entryway so as not to block entrance. At the left foreground is a sawhorse and some lengths of lumber. At right foreground the earth slopes down revealing a cellar section and some supporting pillars for the house.
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