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1999.060.627 This note is written on a red lined paper The large characters on top of the stationary said: special stationary of Yu Ji Tea Shop The smaller characters at the bottom of the stationary said: The tea shop is located at Guang Dong He Nan Fu Long East Street number 10 Translation of the note: Shi Bao respectful uncle: April 28 Tea set $100.00 overflow water tray $16.60 July 26 Tea Set $100.00 overflow water tray $17.40 total received $234 May 8th 1st periodical payment $56.00 2nd $54.80 July 13 3rd $54.00 Nov. 27 4th $55.80 Total payment $220.60 Balance $13.40 above is the detailed account The characters on the far left of the stationary is the date: year of Kui Wei , December 1st 1999.060.628 This is a bill written by the store named Jin Xiang Hao which seems had stores both in San Francisco and Seattle. There are two places in the bill that have red Chinese character stamps, the square stamp in the lower center is the store stamp said: Seattle Jin Xiang Hao, merchandise delivery stamp, the other stamp in the lower left corner is also the store stamp said:Seattle, San Francisco, Jin Xiang hao bill translation of the bill: Wu Shi Bao uncle to receive June 27th 2 boxes of soap $25 October 24 3 pieces of ham $115.5 2 boxes of soap $25 December 3rd No.3 ham $40 one box of soap $12 ------------------------------------- total $218 Dated on the left column of the bill:January 30th , 13th year of the Republic of China 1999.060.629 Translation of the note: Shi Bao uncle for your great inspection,I have received a check of six dollars and thirty cents and I have also received an order of a list of merchandise, I will gather the merchandise on the list and send to you by ship. Please inspect them carefully when they arrive.As far as moon cakes, all Seattle stores don't have enough supplies, all the moon cakes in the stores have been sold out yesterday. Hope your fortune is safe October 6th, the 19th year of Republic of China.(1930) Your nephew Shang Zhu bow his head 1999.60.630 On top of the stationary, the small printed Chinese characters are the will of Dr.SunYat san, the center is his picture.The one line larger characters said: Tai Chen Shan Shi Vocational High School stationary. Translation of the letter: Father your excellency under your knees, our family have seperated for many years, I wish your everyday living is healthy and peaceful. Mother has changed her plan yesterday. she has already chosen the date to begin the construction of the house. January 29 will be the date to set the beams and the middle of March ( I forgot what date,I will inform you when I find out after I go home ) will be the time to move in.The gold price has gone up and the price of building material will also be greatly increased.Everyone in the family is healthy and peaceful, please don't worry.Shi Kuan uncle has bought Luo Yan zu's( I am not sure about the name) land located at Dong xue(?) li village . The transaction was complete yesterday, Specially report to you . Wish you golden peace. dated : September 28 , 19th year of Republic of China. signed: your son Shan Qian 1999.60.631 Translation of the note: Aug.12 $72.65 Oct.4th $30 Nov.4th $8 Nov. 3rd $30 Nov. 10th $25 Nov. 26th $20 Dec. 7th $135. 63 .15 Dec. 9th $24 Dec. 11th $5 $3.5 Total paid $353.93 This is Last year's bill Wu Shi Bao uncle for your honor's inspection June 25th , the 12th year of Republic of China The red square stamp is the store stamp for Jin Xiang Hao The red stamp on the lower left of the note is also the store stamp for Jin Xiang Hao 1999.60.632 This is a rent receipt. Translation of th e receipt: Mr. Wu Shi Bao paid 21 dollars for the rent of room# 60(for August, September. October, November and December 6 months) person received money:Jiu An Feb. 5th , The 18th year of Republic of China(1929) Seattle, USA Guang Dong Lou receipt
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