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Costume - Artifacts

Image Costume
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Tibetan woman's costume (A) Length: 22.5", Width: 74.5" sleeve->sleeve Tibetan woman's traditional green silk wrapped blouse with shawl collar. Damask pattern of peonies and the shou/longevity symbol cover entire blouse. Fabric pieces are sewn together with pink thread. Chinese characters and "Pure Silk 237" appear on salvage of fabric, machine- stitched. Sleeves and body of blouse are not hemmed, and fabric is frayed. Sleeves are extra-long and must be rolled when worn. (B) Length: 54", Width: 98" hem Black wool(?) long wrap robe known as a Chupa. Sleeveless and floor- length. Lined with cotton stripe of blue, white, yellow, and green with pink silk edging except for the right side which does not show when worn. Single clasp close robe left over right with brass ball and pink silk loop. (C) Length: 28", Width: 20.75" Multi-striped cotton satin-weave apron. Straps tie around neck. Stripes are blue/black/yellow/brown/white/red/green/purple/gray. Three equal vertical pieces have been sewn together and backed with printed cotton brown/orange/white fabric. Apron is worn covering front of robe.
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