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tenugui - Artifacts

This tenugui is hemmed on the top and bottom edges but not on the left or right edges. The cloth is off-white with a Japanese summer evening scene in the center of the piece in a wax resist method. The background of the scene is colored in blue-grey. The scene is of 3 children. A girl to the left has short shoulder length hair in indigo. She wears a white, grey and red yukata with yellow obi and wears geta. She kneels and holds a fire sparkler. A boy in the center of the scene wears a white, indigo and grey yukata with green sash and geta. He kneels to watch the sparkler that the girl holds. To the right is a bench of bamboo outlined in green. A girl with short hair sits on it wearing a yukata of red, greem, blue and white with circular patterns on it and a yellow obi. She wears geta as well. To the corner of the bench is a box with a swirled object with strands of smoke rising from it. This is an OSENKO (mosquito coil) to keep the mosquitos away.
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