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Tape, magnetic - Artifacts

Image Tape, magnetic
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MON I Zi Chai Ji(The Story of an Alexandrite Hairpin)(Yu Le Inc.) by Reng Jian-Hui as Li Yi, Bai Xue-Xian as Huo Xiao-Yu, Liang Xin-Bo as Cai Yun-Ming and Swordsman in Yellow shirt, Jing Ci-Bo as Administrator. Su Shan- Tang as Xia Qing, and Reng Bing-Er as Maid Notes: A piece of paper cutting from a poster(?) with an article about the plot of "The Story of an Alexandrite Hairpin" and a newspaper clip(Ying Deng Daily, 1968.11.23) with lyrics and pictures of the actor/actress of "The Story of an Alexandrite Hairpin" were found with the tape.
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