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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll -- Middle aged man in Kendo costume A: Standing hollow pottery doll with feet apart holding a mask under left arm. Black painted short hair, parted on left side, tan face, wrinkled forehead, nose, chin and puffy eyes, tan neck, feet and arms, light orange lips, rosy cheeks. Clothing consists of painted grey blue quilted kendo short kimono with black stitches, off-white hakama pants, charcoal colored chest plate suspended with white criss-cross in back with 3 quilted panels hanging from waist with painted white string, brown upper portion with a gold band, on left chest is a gold wheel mon. Holds face guard under arm, front has a two tone grey cage, back and sides are painted black with white string. Bare feet with nails show beneath hakama. Two bamboo spikes protrude from bottom of feet. Two labels: "Sato Doll Company, Hakata, Japan", black label in shape of plum blossom "Made in Japan, S. Washable Patent". B: Painted kendo sword, bamboo blade and handle, beige painted pottery sword guard, handle is painted white, blade is wrapped with paper and painted off-white in three places, two of which have a string running between.
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