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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll--Daikoku Painted pottery male figure stands on sacks of rice with right knee bent, left arm is bent holding a sack over shoulder, right arm of bent with hand on knee holding a mallet. Headwear called zukin is painted in wine color with a decoration in front of angular bands of red and chartreuse green with gold stripe, gold with white trim. Dark complexion, swollen earlobes, black eyebrows and eyelids, yellow eyes with black pupil, black moustache and goatee beard, partially opened mouth painted dark red with white upper front teeth. Jimmu period costume (kinu) consists of a mustard colored apron around his middle with cloud like designs in mustard, cr?me, and gold held with a brown belt tied in a bow in front. Underneath is a reddish brown jacket with a blue outlined cloud design and a gold wheel design outlined with light brown. Powder blue pants tucked into black boots with upward pointing toes. Mallet (magic wand) painted with wood grain texture, on the gold end is a red and green symbolic circle design outlined with white, handle top and end is painted black and brown. He stands on three tan rice bags wrapped with yellowish green bands, rice straw texture, at the ends are an impressed diamond design. Hole in center bottom
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