Imitating Nature

By John

Throughout my life, I have realized that the world creates music on its own. Listening to the winds blow as if they were flutes playing a familiar tune, I begin to whistle along; starting to imitate the simple melody. Sometimes, I walk out into the park to just listen to the trees harmonize with their leaves brushing together as the birds sing their songs of delight. It’s because of this feeling that “when I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and the latest” (Henry David Thoreau).

I realized that through music I am able to imitate nature. Through music I can intertwine with nature. When I hear the symphony of nature creates, my mood begins to change as the music of nature changes. It’s a little funny; when I listen outside I can hear music being plated throughout nature, the minor and major cords being played through the leaves and the birds. My mood brightens up as the sun shines and as the birds wake me up with their very cute falsettos. I start to feel invincible when I hear mother earth’s music being played. It is the most amazing feeling I can have.

It’s amazing for me that I can also imitate modern media. I guess it is because I can relate to the music and to make it better, you are able to control what you want to imitate and you can innovate parts of it. When in nature, you can change the mood of the music to the mood you want. One thing that I would love everyone to do is to walk out and just listen to nature.

I have simple a question to ask, for me I feel invulnerable listening to music within nature, so what do you imitate that makes you feel invulnerable?

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