1st Week of YouthCan Summer Studio 2012!!

Monday 7/9

It was the first day of YC! Our studio artist Stewart Wong gave presentation of his public artwork and we continue with potato self portraits. Also Mario gave an excellent history lesson about the Chinese immigrant workers in the Northwest region.

Tuesday 7/10

On the second day, we decorated Asian-theme Journals with interesting pattern papers and cloth. As preparation for tomorrow’s camping trip, Mikala and Mario went over camping essentials and answered everyone’s questions and concerns. It went well.


Wednesday 7/11

It’s the first day of the camping trip! We gather at the Wing at 10:30 and we stacked all our stuff and food we need for the next three day into two vans. After a long rides and ferry we finally arrived at Ebey’s Landing Campsite. We set up tents and decided that we will all hike to the beach. The smoke covered our eyes as we wanted hot dogs for dinner. And we drank hot Cocoa as we played Mafia.

Thursday 7/12

We start today with an introduction and tour around Ebey’s Landing from Greg Holqilst. We discover Ah Soot ( A chinese worker for the LeSourd family) was buried among the LeSourd’s family grave. Ah Soot was one of the few Chinese workers who didn’t go back to China to be buried. He was recognized most for his love towards the children on the island as they remind the Chinese workers of their children back home. Then we drove to Coupville where we had lunch near a dock and tour at Island County Historical Museum. We wrap up the day with Capture the “Potato” and was served Baked potato and chili for dinner.

Friday 7/13

On the Final day we waked up to sounds of the thunder storm and mild rain. We packed up and took the Ferry to the Port Townsend Museum. We discover much of the hidden history as decedents of the former Chinese workers gave speech of their ancestry. Then we enjoyed lunch and the beach at Ellen Ferguson’s House. On the way back to Seattle we had a little break just before the ferry ride. Most of us felt relived since we are back to the cities again. Some of us went to Starbuck and the lucky ones went to Cold Stone’s Ice cream where Mikayla brought ice cream for everyone. After two hours we arrived at the WLM at 5:30 pm. It was a long trip, but adventurous and educating. Thanks YouthCan.




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