July 15th Recap

We have a great collaboration with Che Sehyun who leads the Massive Experience (ME) program in our neighborhood. We joined forces to connect our youth with each other and discuss relevant food justice issues and practices (as well as eating tasty local food and sharing our big dreams :) .


When I hunger, Food is very tasty,
But which ones are good for my health?
We must learn to grow properly,
For there is no greater wealth
Help myself to be able to help others
What good is a sick sister or brother
That weighs down each other
Learn to walk on this sacred earth
Respect the earth, for she is our mother.
Cultivate and enjoy her fruits, With each step love her,
you are here now, a sacred place,
she made Space for you, above her.

Icebreaker: “Find that Person” to start off. Off to Uwajimaya for tour. Tour around and grabbed some refreshments. Refreshments and charades at Children’s Park. Park ourselves at Tai Tung. Tai Tung tour and food. Food discussions and Dreams. Dreams lead to The Beacon. The Beacon members and YouthCan chill for the rest of the day. (Written in poetic form)

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