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Let's Go Party Now...cause CAN'T NOBODY hold us down!!


Okay so what was that exactly? It’s an EXHIBIT called “Mad Homes” in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. It’s basically 5 houses which became vacant and are going to be destroyed for an up coming apartment complex. Instead of just being … Continue reading

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YouthCAN Orientation! Like a BOSS

OMG! I had such a blast at the YouthCAN orientation last Saturday on the 21st of May. It was very awesome; I’ll go through high lights from the day. So we started out with a basic exercise where we got … Continue reading

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A Follow Up Interview with Paul Kikuchi!

Earlier today I received my email from Mr. Paul Kikuchi, who answered my questions which I interviewed him about. For those who do not know him, he is a professional artist who works with percussion styled instruments to create music. To … Continue reading

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