A Follow Up Interview with Paul Kikuchi!

Earlier today I received my email from Mr. Paul Kikuchi, who answered my questions which I interviewed him about. For those who do not know him, he is a professional artist who works with percussion styled instruments to create music. To get even more information…read the earlier post about him ;]

I asked him a few questions and to me, his answers seem very interesting. Let’s take a look:

Q: What did you dream to be when you were younger?  How did these dreams change and why did they change? If there was no change, how did you keep that dream alive?

A: When I was young I wanted to be a doctor.  My grandfather was a doctor, and he was a man that everyone seemed to respect, and who I looked up to.  Once I was in high school I came to the realization that I was more drawn to the arts and humanities.  I started seriously playing music and cooking in restaurants, and I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to go to music school or culinary school.  I tried culinary school, and quickly realized that it wasn’t for me.  Then, there was music!

Q: How do you get inspired to create your music? What leads you to making it? And in what ways have you been moved by music?

A: Inspiration comes in so many forms.  I try to cultivate a state of mind in which I can be open to inspiration when it arrives, however it arrives.  It may be inspiration from taking walks, from another artistic medium such as film or dance, environmental sounds like rain, or physical activity, my favorite being ping-pong.  The key for me is to be open, so the little seeds of ideas can grow.

Music has led me to a great deal of introspection, personal growth, and interpersonal growth.  Playing music is a way for me to examine who I am and how I relate to those around me.  It’s also a damn good time.

Q: How can music bring awareness for something in the community?

A: To be a good musician you must be a good listener.  You must learn how to work well with others, establish solid, positive communication, and have the ability to see outside of yourself.  Any community can utilize folks with these skills!

Q: What excites you the most when working with youth?

A: I get excited to pass on my knowledge of music and sound, which is so special to me.  When youth are interested in this material, and are excited to explore it with me, I get even more excited!

Q: Who are your musical influences and why?

A: My mother, who plays piano, and my father, who had a keen appreciation for music and would sit and listen to his favorite jazz records when I was a child.  Their support made me realize that music was something that I could pursue as a career and a passion.

Q: If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why? Pick one man, and one woman.

A: I would like to meet my great grandparents on both sides of my family.  It would be so interesting to talk to them about their lives!

Interesting! Also, if anyone would like to join YouthCAN from hearing about Paul Kikuchi you can visit the “ABOUT ME” page on the YouthCAN blog to get the application!

I would also like to add Paul’s official website if you would like to learn any more information about him: http://paulkikuchi.com/




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