Introducing Mugi Takei!

By Michelle

News Alert! I’ll be working along side (actually, learning from) an artist, Mugi Takei. From what I know, we’re going to have some kind of poetry and/or drawing unit. She’s an exceptional artist who has experimented with various tools, such as oil paints, water color, canvas, wood, etc. I’ve already searched up a few of her paintings and it’s clear that they all focus on women.

Here’s a link of her portfolio:

Note: That was a BIG hint to click on it :P

As a result, there are many different kinds of reactions people have given her artwork. For me personally, I usually feel confusion, curiosity and sometimes a little disturbed. Hm, what do you guys think when you first see one of the paintings? I’d like feedback. Not only that, I’m interviewing Mugi! A total of 8 questions. I was dearly hoping I could squeeze it in before this blog post. Obviously, I failed, but have no fear! I shall return with answers and a whole lot more interesting information about our friend, Mugi Takei.

Oh yeah. I can teleport, but don’t look…cuz my powers don’t work when people are looking ;D That’s enough for today. Cya!

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