Interview with Mugi Takei

I’m baaaack~ I asked Mugi 7 questions and if you scroll down, you’ll see it. I have to tell you, you’ll be interested in how she answers them. They are word for word and before I forget, here’s ANOTHER link!

Her blog:

Did you click it? You’ll learn some new stuff about her so I hope you guys check it out. Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! :D

1. What do you try to express in your art?

Mugi: whatever that compels me and I decide to talk about. what I hear, what I see. friends, family, love, relationships, nature, personal experiences, emotions around them, life and mysteries in life. 

2. What favorite tools/materials do you like to use in your work?

Mugi: I like water color/gouache, pencil on paper. I sometimes like clay. I like to use very basic simple tools/materials that doesn’t make me sick. I like to write stuff on my drawings, my little thoughts or poems. I also like to make animation and add my songs to it.

3. What started your interest in art?

Mugi: I don’t know why, but I was always interested in making things. I like all kinds of visual art, performing art since 3. Art just fascinated me.

Art has been serving me and my life!

When I was child, I was interested in all sort of things I was not supposed to as a child, like naked people, pubic hair, under wears, butts, how mermaids would copulate and lots of weird stuff. My parents thought I was perverted. Maybe other grownups too, but I don’t remember. Since I couldn’t be openly interested in the stuff I was interested in, I started making secret drawings of them and hide them in my desk drawers. 

That how I seriously got myself involved in drawing.

I was very very very shy as a child and I had a hard time sharing my thoughts with others. I felt my thoughts were often off mainstream and I was a bit ashamed of my thoughts. Art was always the safe place for me to express and explore my everyday thoughts. Then later art became a place for me to exchange my thoughts with others.

4. If you could go anywhere you want, what place would you visit and why?

Mugi: I think I would go to Belgium because the person I loooove is there!

5. What kind of art do you admire or inspires you?

Mugi: honest, sincere art work. art work that confronts, exposes, communicates, cares, emotional and shakes my heart.

6. What do you value most in art?

Mugi: its ability to connect people.

7. Tell me something funny or exciting that has happened to you.

Mugi: I have a lot of funny stories. I’m shy but very funny. When i was a child, my cat had like 5 babies. One afternoon I was watching her nursing her kittens and I decided that I wanted to be nursed too. I put my head next to her belly and started sucking her nipple. I didn’t get any milk though. What a disappointment. I think cat nipples are too small for people. 

Now, how’s THAT for an interview? She even said I was free to ask if I had anymore questions :D  So, here’s your chance. Propose a question and I’ll direct it to her juuuust for you~

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