Best Orientation Ever!

Last Saturday May 21st 2011 was the day of the YouthCan Summer Program of 2011′s Orientation. I knew it was gonna be a fun day. Meeting the new youths and getting to do all these activities just hands down made that day worth remembering. The only bad thing about the Orientation was preparing for it. There was a lot of planning and changes as me and the other fellow YouthLeads Michelle and John discussed it with Mario and Josh. But everything turned out well when the day came.

The first thing we did was to get to know in each other by saying what or where your name came from and giving out 2 truths and a lie. Mines mean Noble in Celtic so that makes me an Irish person :) and my two truths and one lie was very mind bobbling as i stared at the ceiling thinking of what to say. Later the day we played games…The games were like weight conditioning to me so much movement involved, I was just glad that Four Corners only required your ears and mouth. After a very exhausting time of playing crazy games Josh gave us a lecture about what it means and to be the Wing Luke Museum and why? It was quite interesting considering i haven’t learn much about the museum myself so it was actually pretty cool although it might not be to some.

Then the “Olympics” began. It was amazing race/ Scavenger hunt time. The Youthleads of course were the leaders of their team and my team consist of: Kela,June,Crystal,Edward and myself. Our first mission was to go down to the transit tunnel and read what the stairs said and recite it to Josh, who also took the place of Mugi. 2nd objective was to create a poem and recite it to Josh. This is what my squad came up with.

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, You aren’t just as pretty as them”

We died basically since were citing it to Josh but we passed. 3rd objective was to locate Jonathan who was over at a gallery by the Panama. Once we were there we had to construct a crane using only our hands. Meaning No tables, floors, basically keep the paper in mid-air. Once we storm through that mission thanks to the awesomeness of our team we had to run back down to Union Station to meet up with Paul and our objective this time was to create a song using the words he had chosen for us. With skills and fast pace we were on our way to our last and final objective. Meet with Josh all the way to Qwest Field. I lost my earphones in the process of running but with such efforts coming from the squad we reigned supreme and got 1st place though there were no prize but we deserved the prize of being winners.

From that point on we went inside Qwest field and attended an event called Seattle Green Fest where pretty much everything had to talk about the environment. It was okay, I got to learn more about the environment and about the difference between organic to process fruits, something like that. We also learned more of how the environment around us looks different as the people showed us satellite view and getting closer views. There was a “Ice Breaker” type involved about which of 2 things we preferred that has something about the environment.But we soon got to paint on these boards that would get put up on City hall. King, Jennifer, and I decided to collaborate the previous exhibits of YouthCan to one. Finally we headed back to the museum after a big day to sit down and have pizza with the fellow youths. It was a very fun day nonetheless.

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