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Wing Luke Museum
1994.037.014 Receipt -White paper with black outline and printing in Chinese. Spaces filled in with blue ink. - receipt of a 30 dollar donation.
1994.037.015 Flyer -Two copies of brown paper newsprint with red ink printing in Chinese. -An announcement to encourage donation that includes the background of the organization and why people should give financial support. There is also detailed regulation for awarding the donors. Wong Association
1994.037.016 Letter -Mimeographed Chinese letter with vertical red seal stamp in lower left corner. -Follow up letter to inquire about the promotion of lottery tickets. Wong Association
1994.037.017 Flyer -White paper with mimeographed Chinese script. On the left is a red association seal stamp. -receipt of $10 gift money. Wong Association
1994.037.018 Letter -Pink legal size sheet with mimeographed Chinese writing. there is a red association seal stamp on the left side. - a notification of a ceremony to honor the ancestors to be held on July 22 and 23, also as a way to celebrate the 10th year anniversary. Wong Association
1994.037.019 Letter -Obituary: The previous Chairman of Wong Association passed away on Sept. 17. The memorial service will be held on Oct.1, 1pm. -White legal size paper sheet with black mimeographed Chinese script. A red association seal stamp is in the lower left corner. Wong Association
1994.037.020 Letter White letter size paper with printed black Chinese characters. Red stamp in lower left corner.
1994.037.021 Letter -Letter written on white paper in black Chinese characters. There is a black Association seal stamp in lower left corner. -A thank you letter for donation that helped the association to relocate.
1994.037.022 Letter -White paper with black mimeographed Chinese script. There are four red seal stamps on the left side. - A thank you letter to the Wong Association also serves as a receipt for the $10 donation.
1994.037.023 Letter -White paper with purple mimeographed Chinese characters. - An announcement to open a saving/loan club.
1994.037.024 a&b Letter -Two page letter of white onion skin with printed vertical lines. in red. Black Chinese characters written vertically on the pages. -A letter and donation to support the fund-raising.
1994.037.025 Letter -White letter size paper with mimeographed black Chinese script. One line is crossed out. - A notification to ask for a reimbursement.
1994.037.026 Letter -Half sheet white page with black mimeographed Chinese script. -Thank you letter for the money given to the bereaved family.
1994.037.027 a&b Receipt Two money order receipts. Whit paper with attached carbon cover. both were taken out by Kong Sun Co. A: September 1, 1962 to Mon Keang School for $10. B: October 22, 1962 to Wong Har WS Ass'n. for $20.
1994.037.028 a&b&c Paper Green textured paper with photo of woman and boy dressed in theatre costumes of classical China.
1994.039.006 Program Flyer Green paper flyer printed with red ink advertising "Chinese Varieties" event All images and writing on the paper are printed in red ink. At the top of the paper, "Cathay Post No. 186 & Auxiliary - The American Legion presents. . . . "Chinese Varieties" Monday, October 29, 1951 - - - 8:00 P.M. - - - Chong Wa Hall - - - 7th & Weller All proceeds towards Americanism and Service Men's Fund." Below are copies of photographs of various perforning artists to be present at the event. At top center are the "Tong Brothers Chinese Superlative Act". The center photograph features the three brothers together for a headshot. The photo is flanked by two smaller images of the brothers performing their acrobatic feats. The middle left image is "Au Sang Seattle's Own Famous Chinese Woman Impersonator." The middle right image is "Eddie Chan Our One and Only Chinese M.C." At lower left is "Ping Chow in His Sensational Knife Act." And at lower right is "Valerie and Karen Chin - Darlings of Cathay." Along the left edge of the flyer are Chinese characters also printed in red ink.
1994.039.009 Invitation Paper invitation to Broadway High School graduation A: The invitation is printed on white paper, a single sheet has been folded in quarters. On the front a vertical decorative band with eagle atop a circle has been embossed; inside the circle is raised gold is the high school emblem. Inside, the left page is embossed with the image of an American flag and "19" and "43" flank the cut corners for the student card insert; the right page is printed with black gothic script, "The Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-three Broadway High School announces its Commencement Exercises Thursday evening, June the tenth at eight o'clock Masonic Temple / Admision by ticket" On the back is glue residue from a photo album or scrap book. B: The student card inserted into the invitation is on white rectangular cardstock and has the name "Mr. Edward Melvin Locke" printed in black ink.
1994.039.010 Invitation Paper invitation to Franklin High School graduation A: The invitation is printed on white paper, a single sheet has been folded in quarters. On the front a horizontal decorative band and "1944" has been embossed; at the lower right is a printed image of the school in black ink. Inside, the top flap is embossed with the "19" and "44" bordered by rectangular boxes at the cutout for insertion of the student card (no longer remaining with the artifact). The lower flap is printed with black script, "The Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-four Franklin High School Seattle, Washington announces its Commencement Exercises Thursday evening, June fifteenth at eight o'clock meany Hall / Admision by ticket" On the back is glue residue from a photo album or scrap book.
1994.039.015 Certificate, membership A: Green/grey colored union membership booklet issued to Lock L. Tuck in 1944 by the International Association of Machinists. The union logo is embossed on the front of the book as is the word, "Specialist". Seven pages track membership dues payment and certificate information. 5.375" x 2.5" B: Yellow paper receipt inside book issued to Lock L. Tuck on 11-30-44 in the amount of $1.75.
1994.039.016 License, Occupational Blue membership book issued by the International Association of Machinists (I.A.M.) and two paper certificates. A: The membership book has a simulated leather cover, blue with gold lettering on the front, "I.A. of M." and the logo of the union which is wheel shaped with a chariot-like spoke system in the center. The book contains ten pages, some white, some green which track the membership dues for Lock L. Tuck. The identification page contains Lock's personal information including address, age, weight, height, and social security number, handwritten in blue ball point ink. The book was first issued in 1954. 3.75" x 2.25". B: Along with the book is a white paper card printed in black with information pertaining to the successful completion of the "Magnetic Particle Inspection Certification Requirements of Military Spec. MIL-C-7701." The card is issued by Boeing on 4-7-54. 3.5" x 2.5" C: Another paper card certificate dated 6/1/55 was issued to Lock Lin Tuck for completion of the "Fluorescent Penetrant Requirements." 3.5" x 2.5"
1994.039.017 Certificate, Membership A: Blue membership booklet identical to 1994.39.16 but dated from 1958 to 1960. B: Paper certificate for Local 751 Aeronautical industrial District Lodge I.A.M. dated 4-26-61. 4" x 2" C: Paper "Honorary Withdrawal Card" issued to Lock L. Luck in April 1961 by I.A.M. 3.75" x 2.25"
1994.039.018 Driver's License Leather wallet with "Drivers License No. A-2886 City of Seattle" printed on the front. A: The bifold wallet opens like a book and has two pockets inside, each created by clear plastic material framed by the leather. B: In the left pocket is the orange paper licence which was first issued to Henry Lock Kay on November 20, 1939. C: In the right pocket is a black and white photograph with a City of Seattle seal embossed below.
1994.039.030 Letterhead Yellowed letterhead sheet with black and gray logo in the center: spotted disk with white border overlain with a bordered black horizontal bar with "IMPORTERS" in white, overlain with a sprig of leaves and a flower tied in with a bow, overlain with a gray diagonal scroll with "WA CHONG CO." printed in black. On the lower part of the disk, printed in black "WHOLESALE 7 RETAIL DEALERS IN" and to the right "FINE TEA, RICE, AND ALL KINDS OF CHINESE MERCHANDISE". Printed below "UNION FIRE WORKS CO., 719 KING STREET, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, U.S.A". At the far left "C. LUNG KEY, GEN'L MGR; CHUN WAI YEE, CHIN QUONG, ASSISTANT MANAGERS; CABLE ADDRESS "WACHONG", TELEPHONE MAIN 4831". At the far right is a vertical column of 3 Chinese characters. In the upper right in tiny print "FARWEST" (presumably the name of the printing company).
1994.039.031 Scrapbook Newspaper clippings, Certificates, Newsletters, Photographs of the Cathay Post American Legion Auxiliary, removed from scrapbook A: Newspaper clipping, 7.75 x 9.5", photograph shows 5 women in hats with feathers on their lapels sitting and standing behind a table, the donor, Jenni Fung, is pictured sitting at the right, entitled "Emergency Crew" B: Document, 14 x 8.5", yellowed pink paper entitled "Application for Unit Charter of the American Legion Auxiliary" in black print, typewritten names and addresses are filled in at the bottom with the signature of Victoria Chen Luke. On the reverse are four endorsements. C: Certificate, 10.125 x 7.75", blue printing on white paper with blue border and American Legion Auxililary logo at top, entitled "National Citation for Meritorious Service", filled in with black handwriting "Cathay, No. 186, Washington, 1952", gold seal and red, white and blue ribbon at lower left. D: Certificate, 8.5 x 11", beige cardstock with 8 logos of charity organizations at the top, blue printing filled in with black ink "Cathay Auxiliary, American Legion Unit #186, In Recognition of distinguished service to the men and women of America's armed forces through United Service Organizations" E: Certificate, 5.5 x 8.5", white paper, black printing, entitled "Certificate of Recognition, the Anti-Tuberculosis League of King County", two TB crosses on either side, replica of a green, yellow and red stamp at lower left. F: Black and White Photograph, 8 x 10", young Chinese American woman in black dress showing a seated Caucasian woman in hat and spotted dress how to hold chopsticks G: Black and White Photograph, 10 x 8", three young Chinese American women dressed in brocade jackets, black skirt and one cheong sam dress hold up two cardboard hearts and are smiling at a lion dancer in mask pictured in the foreground H: Newspaper clipping, 10.75 x 2.25", entitled "Cathay Club Now Open for Vets Pleasure", June 10, 1951 I: Newspaper clipping, 5.25 x 2.5", entitled "Cathay Auxiliary" by Jade Louie J: Newspaper clipping, 4.25 x 2.25" entitled "Cathay Post Receives Awards of Merit" K: Newspaper clipping, 8.75 x 4" entitled "Cathay Post Honors 11 Chinese Joining Service" L: Newspaper clipping, 9.125 x 2.25" entitled "Prez. Ahnemiller Announces Dates for her Visits", with her photograph M: Newspaper clipping, 6.26 x 5.75" photograph of Dick Lee and Bill Sing giving blood to two nurses, entitled "Legionnaire Donors" N: Newspaper clipping, 5.25 x 4.5" entitled "Cathay Post" re Community Chest award O: Newspaper clipping, 5.625 x 1.125" entitled "Cathay Post" re list of committee chairmanships P: Newspaper clipping, 3.75 x 2.125" entitled "Cathay Post: re Blood Bank Drive Q: Newsletter, 11 x 8.5", pink mimeographed paper, to Members of Cathay #186, from Fran & Jade, June 11, 1951 R: Newsletter, 11 x 8.5", pink mimeographed paper, to Cathay Unit #186 members, from Fran & Jade, June 22, 1951 S: Newsletter, 11 x 8.5", pink mimeographed paper, p. 2, Cathay Unit #186, June 1951 T: Newsletter, 11 x 8.5", white mimeographed paper, to Members of Cathay #186, from Fran & Jade, June 4, 1951 U: Newsletter, 14 x 8.5", white mimeographed paper "The Cathay Post", October 9, 1959 V: Newsletter, 14 x 8.5", white mimeographed paper (The Cathay Post) headed Post Committee Chairmanships Wi,ii: Newsletter, 14 x 8.5", 2 pages of white mimeographed paper (The Cathay Post) headed Bingo Party X: Newsletter, 14 x 8.5", white mimeographed paper "The Cathay Post", November 14, 1952 Yi,ii: Newsletter, 14 x 8.5", 2 pages of white mimeographed paper "The Cathay Post", Dec. 13, 1952 Zi,ii: Newsletter, 14 x 8.5", 2 pages white mimeographed paper "The Cathay Post", January 20, 1953 AA: Newsletter, 14 x 8.5", white mimeographed paper (The Cathay Post) headed Disbursement and Income for Nov. 1952 AB: Newsletter, 2 newsprint pages fold to form four 11 x 8" pages, "The Unit, Department of Washington, American Legion Auxiliary", November 1952 AC: Pamphlet, 2 yellowed white pages, 8.5 x 5.5", printed in blue "The American Legion, Department of Washington, Presents the Annual championship Drum and Bugle Corps Competition, Lincoln High School Stadium, August 15th, 1952" AD: Newsletter, 2 newsprint pages fold to form four 11 x 8" pages, "The Unit, Department of Washington, American Legion Auxiliary", January 1953 AE: Newsletter, 2 newsprint pages fold to form four 11 x 8" pages, "The Unit, Department of Washington, American Legion Auxiliary", February 1953 AF: Newsletter, 2 newsprint pages fold to form four 11 x 8" pages, "The Unit, Department of Washington, American Legion Auxiliary", March 1953 AG: Newsletter, 2 newsprint pages fold to form four 11 x 8" pages, "The Unit, Department of Washington, American Legion Auxiliary", April 1953 AH: Newsletter, 2 newsprint pages fold to form four 11 x 8" pages, "The Unit, Department of Washington, American Legion Auxiliary", May 1953 AI: Newsletter, 2 newsprint pages fold to form four 11 x 8" pages, "The Unit, Department of Washington, American Legion Auxiliary", June 1953 AJ: Newsletter, 2 newsprint pages fold to form four 11 x 8" pages, "The Unit, Department of Washington, American Legion Auxiliary", July 1953 AK: Newspaper clipping, 10.125 x 6", entitled "Auxiliary President to be Feted", Seattle Times, March 15, 1953 AL: Newspaper clipping, 6.25 x 6", photograph of 3 women in hats, entitled "National Officer Visits", Seattle times, March 23, 1953 AM: File card, 3.25 x 5.5", typewritten "Installation for officers of Cathay Unit #186" AN: Newspaper clipping, 9 x 4", entitled "Seattleite Heads State Legion Auxiliary" AO: Newsletter, 2 newsprint pages fold to form four 11 x 8" pages, "The Unit, Department of Washington, American Legion Auxiliary", August 1953 AP: Newsletter, 3 - 11 x 8.5" mimeographed white pages with purple carbon, entitled "Cathay Post" AQ: Ticket, 3 x 4", orange cardstock with black printing "The American Legion Cathay Post 186 & Auxiliary presents Annual 'Moon Festival', Saturday, May 16, 1953" AR: Ticket, 2 x 3", gray cardstock with black printing "American Legion, 25 c, Cathay Post 186", on the back, written in pencil "May 16, 1953, Cathay Post & Aux. Moon Festival" AS: Newsletter, 11 x 8.5" mimeographed white page with purple carbon, entitled "Cathay Unit #186, American Legion Auxiliary Bulletin", Summer 1952 The above was removed from the original scrapbook because the acidic pages were deteriorating, it had an inexpensive brown hard textured cover with an embossed dog's head and "Scrapbook" in gold colored printing
1994.040 Newsletters Series of Seattle Chinese American Community Newsletters Mimeographed on legal size paper, typed in English and handwritten in Chinese, dated May 1961 - Apr. 1962 (Vol. 1), May 1962 - May 1963 (Vol. 2), June 1963 - April 1964 (Vol. 3, missing #12), June 1964 - May 1965 (Vol. 4, missing #10), July 1965 - April 1966 (Vol. 5, missing #4, #6, #11, #12), July 1966 - April 1967 (Vol. 6, only first 6 issues), "Chong Wa Chinese Newsletter" Jan.-Dec. 1970 (Vol. 1, #1-11).
1994.040.002 Newsletter Newsletter - Asian Family Affair - printed on white paper with black and white photographs. Front and backpage missing. Centeral article on pp. 5 - 8 is on the Minidoka Relocation Center. Asian Family Affair
1994.041 Magazine Chinese Canadian News Magazine written in English and published in Vancouver, B.C., Canada White paper with blue printed front cover, black ink interior, "Chinatown News, vol. 8-22, August 3, 1961", photograph of a Chinese American woman wearing a white dress and crown, below "Miss Seattle Chinese Community, see page 17"
1994.044 Letterhead Stationary Letterhead Stationary for Mar Dong & Co. White paper letterhead with black ink. In the upper left corner is etching of the Mar Building, with Chinese characters to its left (Mar Dong Building), three rows of Chinese characters below the etching. In the center top are large Chinese characters and below this is: "MAR DONG & CO., Chinese and American Merchandise, 509 Maynard Avenue (Near King Street) MAin 3531, Seattle, Washington U.S.A." In the upper right hand corner is: "AGENTS; AMERICAN MAIL LINE, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE AND ST.PAUL RAILWAY, UNITED AIRLINES, PAN-AMERICAN AIRLINES, NORTHWEST AIRLINES," and then Chinese characters. Paper is yellowing especially on the bottom. On the back written in pencil is: "Al Mar Dong, 3/14/94"
1994.045.001 Booklet Commemorative booklet for the opening of the Chong Wa Benevolent Association building at 522 7th Ave S. Seattle, WA Chong Wa Benevolent Association
1994.200.001 Tape, cassette Karmun, Mamie Moto
1994.200.002 Tape, cassette Fujioka, Tad and Cherry
1994.200.003 Tape, cassette Terashita, Ethel and Walter Fukuyama
1994.200.004 Tape, cassette Hagiwara, Pat
1994.200.005 Tape, cassette Kangas, Hana Yasuda
1994.200.006 Tape, cassette Kangas, Hana Yasuda
1994.200.007 Tape, cassette Kimura, William Y.
1994.200.008 Tape, cassette Mori, Mack and Harue
1994.200.009 Tape, cassette Nash, Marie Matsuno
1994.200.010 Tape, cassette Ohashi, Komatsu
1994.200.011 Tape, cassette Ohashi, Robert
1994.200.012 Tape, cassette Snodgrass, Alice Mikami
1994.200.013 Tape, cassette Taguchi, Sam
1994.200.014 Tape, cassette Takizawa, Irene and Helen Nakashima
1994.200.015 Tape, cassette Tatsuda, Bill
1994.200.016 Tape, cassette Yanagimachi, George
1995.009.007 Document, lease 2 Carbon Copies of Property Lease Typed 5 page lease issued on April 10, 1958 for 9417 Rainier Ave. for $100/month. The Lessor is Edward Friedberg and the Lessees are Silk Y. Mar, Teong Wong, Tom F. Wong and Hing H. Wong. The place was rented for the purpose of a restaurant. Both copies are signed by the lessor and lessees on the last page. Both copies are also notarized with the signatures and seal of Harold J. Miller. The lease is for May 1, 1958 to October 31, 1967. The onion-skin pages are stapled together in two places at the top. The pages are slightly yellowed and have some slightly tattered edges.
1995.009.008 Document: lease 3 Copies of 5 page Lease A-C: Original and two carbon copies of a typewritten contract on onion-skin paper. Lease issued on September 26, 1957 for 9413-9415 Rainier Ave. for $200/month. The Lessor is Edward Friedberg and the Lessees are Silk Y. Mar, Teong Wong, Tom F. Wong and Hing H. Wong. The address was to be rented for purpose of a restaurant. All copies are signed by the lessor only. All copies are also notarized with the signature and seal of Harold J. Miller. The lease was to be from November 1, 1957 to October 31, 1967. The first page of each copy has changes make in blue ink to the address and the dates of the term of the lease. The pages are stapled together at the top in two places. Pages are slightly yellowed with tattered edges.
1995.009.009 Notebook Pocket sized Notebook with stiff green cover. The front cover has a circular gold printed emblem with a sword and an "R" and "S" intertwined. The pages are blue-lined and they also have 3 lines in pink cutting across the blue lines. The latter half of the book has a series of addresses writtein in green ink. The addresses have both English writing and Chinese characters. The addresses are for various family associations, companies and business in Canada, China and the United States.
1995.009.010 Document: Receipt Receipt from K.C.W. Furniture Co. Inc., located at 624 S. Deaborn St. to Hing Wong (705 1/2 S. King) for a Queen Sleeper. The receipt is dated 6/8/81, printed in black on yellow paper (customer copy), filled in with handwriting (carbon); two holes along left edge, stamped "Paid". A receipt from Sears in white paper is stapled to the upper right corner.
1995.009.011 Envelope Paper envelope printed in black with "Savings Account" for United Savings and Loan Association (627 Jackson St.) on one side and an advertisement for banking-by-mail on the reverse side. The top of the envelope is slightly tattered and torn and the paper has yellowed.
1995.009.012 Paper bag Small brown paper bag for Rhodes Ten Cent Store. The store's logo, catch phrase "A Friendly Store for Thrifty People" and address "1313-1317 2nd Ave., Arcade Square, Seattle" are printed on the bag in black within a thin double lined rectangular border. The bag appears quite wrinkled though has been flattened.
1995.009.013 Business Card Business Card for "Yick Fung & Company, Importers and Exporters, Wholesale and Retail" with the name "James Malcolm Mar" and "705 King Street, Seattle 4, Washington, Phone Main 3-5966 - Res. East 2-5038" printed in blue on the white card separated by two horizontal lines. Blue printing is smudged and back has been stained pink.
1995.009.014 Envelope Small Red Paper Envelope (Lai-see) Gold printing has turned dark; illustration of two peaches with leaves, 3 carp and 4 Chinese characters within a rectangular border on the front. Printed on the flap "Made in Hong Kong". Inside flap is bright purpley pink.
1995.009.015 Cards Four small cards with numbers A: H: 3.25", W: 1.5", white card stock with 2 Chinese characters and a telephone number on each side written in blue pen. B: H: 1.75", W: 2.75", orange card stock with a row of Chinese characters written on one side and a series of numbers on the other side. Both written in black ink. C: H: 1.75", W: 2.5", orange card stock with Chinese characters and two telephone numbers on one side and a series of numbers and a few Chinese characters on the other side, all written in black ink. D: H: 1", W: 2.5", red card stock with a series of numbers, Chinese characters, "Seafirst Bank WA" and a zip code written on one side in black ink.
1995.009.016 Documents: Travel 3 Travel Documents from China to U.S.A. A: H: 5.5", W: 3.875", People's Republic of China travel Permit, # 1006 on the lower front cover. The permit is issued to "Yook Quoon Mar", born Sept. 19, 1921 in Guangdong. Her photograph and an embossed stamp appear on p. 1 of the permit booklet. P. 3 has a red circular stamp and a blue stamp fo the Consulate General of the P.R.C. in San Francisco. P. 5 has a series of stamps and is dated March 16, 1981. The booklet is printed on pape with a thin lined orange pattern. (image is similar to that found in 1995.9.18 a-b). B: H: 7.5", W: 5", Passenger's Health Declaration printed in black text on white paper. The text is printed in both Chinese and English. Various information including name, sex, nationality, occupation, place of departure and destination of journey have been filled in with Chinese text written in blue ink. The Date of Birth "Sept. 19, 1921", Date of Entry "1-5-81" and Date of Departure "19-4-81" also have been written in. The paper was once vertically folded in half. C: H: 2", W: 3", Immigration Department of Hong Kong Arrival Card, # 939628 with black text printedon white paper with a pink field at the top. The card also has some black print on the back of the carbon paper. The card is in Chinese and English and has not been filled out. The card has a piece of yellow carbon paper attached to the back. The lower right corner has been purposefully cut off at a diagonal.
1995.009.017 Card: Identity U.S. Immigration Identity Card for "Yook Quoon Mar". One side shows a black and white copy of her portrait next to text printed in black with information on address reports and border crossing cards. The other side of the card certifies Yook Qyoon Mar's admission to the U.S. as an immigrant on 8/18/1956. Her registration number printed in the upper left corner "A-10440888". (Image is similar to 1995.9.21).
1995.009.020 Notepaper White Notepaper for City Produce Co. Printed in black at the top "City Produce Co., Fruits--Produce--Staples, MU 2-0320, Phone: MU 2-0321, 710 - 7th Ave. So., Seattle, Wash. 98104". Five columns of Chinese characters are written in blue ink. Edges are yellowed.
1995.009.022 Identification Card Identification card printed in black on whtie paper; the back of the card is red and has an image of two animals facing each other behind a blue sign for "Renwick". The card's information includes name, address and telephone number of the holder, "Hing Haw Hong, 705 So. King St., Seattle, WA 98104, 682-1824" and name, address and telephone number of an emergency contact, "2690 Trinity St., Vancouver, B.C. V5K 1Z4, Canada, (604) 255-5804". The card is printed in both English and French. The information is written in blue ink.
1995.009.023 Identification Card City of Seattle Senior Citizen Identification Card printed in black on white paper. The card includes information of the holder's name, address, zip "Hing H. Wong, 705 1/2 S. King St., #G, 98104". The card also has Hing H. Wong's signature. "65375" appears in red in the lower area of the card which is laminated.
1995.009.024 Permit Card Reginal Reduced Fare Permit Card printed in green. The card includes the holder's name and address "Hing H. Wong, 705 1/2 So. King, Sea. 98104". His photograph, a bust length, frontal view with red background, appears in the upper left area. The card is numbered "16656" and is laminated. The back of the card is printed in black on green paper. It provides information about Metro's reduced fare permit.
1995.009.025 Membership Cards A, B: Two American Legion membership cards for 1987 and 1988. The 1987 card (A) has primarily a pink background and is issued to "Hing Haw Wong" of Seattle. It indicates his membership for 39 years. Card # WA7-0186-0152. The 1988 card (B) has primarily a blue background, also issued to Hing Haw Wong and indicates his membership for 40 years. Card #WA8-0186-0145. Both cards are signed by Ray Lew and have a U.S. flag in the upper left corner. The 1988 card is also signed by Hing Haw Wong. The back of both cards have text printed in blue.
1995.009.026 Membership Cards Two Kay Ying Senior Citizen Club Membership Cards printed in black on pink card stock. A: Member No. 553 (written in blue ink) B: Member No. 552 (written in blue ink) Both cards have a red stamp of 4 Chinese characters on the lower left corner. They also have "MW 2-1824 - written blue ink on the line above "signature". The lower right corner of each card has 3 Chinese characters written in blue ink. The back of each card has a red stamp of an oval with 3 Chinese characters and the words "Kay Ying Club" inside.
1995.009.027 Luggage Tag Luggage tag composed of a black imitation leather, rectangular sleeve, with strap. The sleeve has a clear plastic window showing a paper insert. The paper insert, printed in black with the specific information written in blue, reads: "Name: Wong H.H., Address: 358 King St., City: Seattle 4, Washington". The sleeve has black sewing around its outer edge. The strap has a metal buckle. The paper has yellowed with age. Part of the area where the strap attaches to the sleeve has been torn.
1995.009.028 Card, metal Brass metal card with rounded corners, image of eagle with spread wings on the front. The words "Social Security" appear raised in brass at the top of the card above the eagle's wings. A brass banner appears below the stamp cut with the number 536-16-2665. The card has a background colored red, white, and blue. The back of the card shows the reverse impression of the number; name stamped into the front. Exept for some small scratches, the card is in good condition.
1995.016.001 Cookbook Red paperback cookbook held together with three red plastic rings. Cover title in black lettering "Oriental Flavors" with a graphic of a steaming cup, a bowl of rice and chopsticks underneath it. Inside cover indicates it was printed in "September 1952. Sponsored by St. Peter's Sunday School and St. Mary's Guild, 1610 King Street, Seattle 44, Wash." The inner white pages contain mimeographed Chinese and Japanese recipes.
1995.018.001 Card US Alien Registration Card For Yuka Nakata Address listed as 128 NW 3rd Ave., Portland OR.
1995.018.002 Passport Yuka Nakata's Japanese Passport In Japanese, English and French Dated January 20, 1927 Photograph included.
1995.018.003 Card Atsuo Nakata's US Alien registration card. Alien Registration Receipt Card
1995.018.004 Notice Atsuo Nakata's postal notice to deliver contents to him only and to see identification. Notice, postal
1995.018.005 Certificate Atsuo Nakata's US Alien certificate of identification. Certificate of Identification
1995.018.006 Document Photocopy of document from Japanese consulate in Seattle requesting documents of Atsuo Nakata. Document
1995.018.007 Passport Atsuo Nakata's Japanese passport. Document
1995.018.008 Certificate Atsuo Nakata's Japanese Certificate of death. Certificate of death
1995.024 Poster Poster of white glossy paper with purple printing. Text announces a performance by Chinese opera singers to celebrate the reunion of a Chinese American Tang Hop Sing Tong in Seattle. Five half - tone photos of the singers are on the front of the poster. Chinese text on the front and back of the poster. Event is sponsored by the Luck Ngi Musical Club and the Hip Sing Tong. The photos are of Su Shao- tang, I Fei-yien, Lao Yuen Long, Tsai Gi-yuen, Cho Shao - ping. North America Hop Sing Tong, 16th Reunion Cantonese Opera Performance Program
1995.026.001 Poster Thin white paper poster with blue front and illustration of a zebra. "Warrented Highest Quality Flashlight Firecracker, ZEBRA BRAND" Zebra
1995.027.022 Program Program for the 1st and 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiment's Fourth Reunion. Bolo News
1995.027.023 Scrapbook A scrapbook of Newspaper articles and two holiday party invitations relating to the 1st. Filipino Infantry Regiment. Book has brown cover with embossed gold military motifs.
1995.032.001 Newspaper Tabloid newpaper, 28 pages, front cover has pink background, inset photo of illustration of Statue of Liberty and Washington Refugee Day 2-28-85 logo. Title in red square at top left: "Dat Moi" Dat Moi
1995.033.001 Newspaper Tabloid newspaper main title in black line frame, red background, white letters. Next to this is : "Vietnamese, WEEKLEY NEWS, EVERY FRIDAY NGUOI VIET NEWS, INC. " Nguoi Viet Tay Bac
1995.034 magazine Glossy large format magazine. Front cover is painting reproduction of classroom. Elderly treacher sits on the floor at a desk and instructs the children in calligraphy. Xuan Quy Dau 1993 Nguoi Viet
1995.036 Documents Gordon K. Hirabayashi Coram Nobis Case
1995.036.001 Documents Notes and research in preparation for court case of legal team, circa 1985. Folder 8: "Writ of Error Corum Nobis, File #1 Korematsu Team" Legal Issues; Letter from Dale to Peggy Folder 9: Hirabayashi/Korematsu/Yasui Japanese-American Files Folder 19: "Miscellaneous Papers/Hirabayashi Writ of Error" Affidavit Documents in Box #1
1995.036.002 Documents Folder 3 all Folder 4 - memo of points and authorities Petition for writ of Error Coram Nobis Report McCloy Letter Coram Nobis, Hirabayashi v. U.S.
1995.036.003 Documents Coram Nobis, Hirabayashi v. U.S.
1995.036.004 Documents Coram Nobis, Hirabayashi v. U.S.
1995.036.006 Documents
1995.036.008 Document Hirabayashi Corum Nobis documents
1995.036.010 Document Hirabayashi Corum Nobis documents
1995.036.011 Document Hirabayashi Corum Nobis documents
1995.036.012 Document
1995.036.013 Documents
1995.036.014 Documents
1995.036.015 Documents
1995.036.016 Documents
1995.036.017 Documents
1995.036.018 Document
1995.036.019 Document Documents used by the Coram Nobis Legal Team to have the Supreme Court of the US overturn the ruling against Gordon Hirabayashi.
1995.036.020 Document
1995.036.021 Document
1995.036.022 Document
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