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Wing Luke Museum
2003.030.001 Booklet Two glossy cover booklets of sayings, such as "Perseverance: don't give up until the goal is reached" and "Beauty: True beauty is so pure that even the birds and wildlife stare in wonder" each accompanied by an inked drawing of idealized "ancient" "exotic" image of historic China. State Farm Shares Chinese Poetic Expressions with You.
2003.034.001 Pamphlet Speech given on the problems of hiring Chinese immigrants for labor. Speech of Chas. P. Kimball, esq., of Portland Before the Democratic State Convention at Bangor, on the Chinese Question
2003.036.005 Pamphlet Report prepared for the Women's Board of Domestic Missions on the treatment of Japanese Americans during WWII The Story of Our Fellow Americans of Japanese Heritage
2003.045.001 Document Interview transcripts of the Asian Pacific American Worker's History Project. Journey for Justice
2003.045.002 CD Three CDs with graphics of Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance exhibit Journey to Justice based on their oral history project Asian Pacific American Workers History Project. Journey to Justice
2003.045.003 Tape, cassette Oral History interview from Jill Beppu Beppu, Jill
2003.045.004 Tape, cassette Oral History Interview with Rhonda Farrar by C. Malia Lowenberg Transcript in binder Asian Pacific American Workers' History Project
2003.045.005 Tape, Cassette 3 - tapes of oral History interview with Ron Ho Asian Pacific American Workers' History Project
2003.045.006 Tape, Cassette Oral history interview with Robert T. Mizukami. 2 - tapes. First tape missing. Asian Pacific American Workers' History Project
2003.045.007 Tape, Cassette Oral History Interview with Sheryl Ray and Kim Evey. Two tapes. Asian Pacific American Workers' History Project
2003.045.008 Tape, Cassette Oral history interview with Laurie Yamamura. Three tapes. Transcript in binder Asian Pacific American Workers' History Project
2003.045.009 Tape, Cassette Oral history interview with Eiichi Yamashita Two tapes Transcript in binder Asian Pacific American Workers' History Project
2003.045.010 Tape, Cassette Oral history interview with David Yao Three tapes Transcript in binder Asian Pacific American Workers' History Project
2003.050.007 Records 3 - score cards for Greater Seattle Women's Travelling League. Team and Individual Average Record Card.
2003.050.008 Book, Account small red cover booklet with bowling scores for Miye Ishikawa. Book produced by Imperial Lanes 2101 22nd Ave S., Seattle Imperial Lanes Bowlers Record Book
2003.050.018 Card Miye Ishikawa, Queen City League score card American Bowling Congress
2003.050.019 Card Miye Ishikawa Ideal Women's Major League record card. Women's International Bowling Congress
2003.050.021 Article Seattle Times, December 20, 1953 with photo of the Main Bowl team in the Majorettes League at Seattle Recreation. Attached is typed card refering to dentures? Nippons Show Real Bowling Promise
2003.050.022 Newspaper Honolulu Hawaii bowling newspaper with cover photo of the Imperial Lanes women's team at the 1st Annual Aloha Bowling festival at Bowling City, 1960 Bowling Herald
2003.051.001 Drawing Architectural drawings of proposed front entrance redesign by Stuart Wong as part of the Pathways to Pride Project - 2001 - 2002. Front Entrance Redesign
2003.051.002 Plan Architectural plans for the installation of the four plaques on four sites in the Chinatown/International District created by Annex Design. Pathways to Pride Art Installation
2003.052.001 Magazine Magazine for veterans of the China Burma India theatre in WW II Ex_CBI Roundup
2003.053.001 Tape, cassette Two 60 Minute Cassette tapes and transcript of Fred Cordova giving a tour of the Chinatown/International District. Cordova Tour
2003.055.002 Card Adult vocational night school card given to Saburo Hayashida for work done as an apprentice auto mechanic at Minidoka Night School. Vocational Training Record Card
2003.055.003 Card Membership card for Mrs. F. Hayashida of Hunt Idaho in the Stafford school PTA. National Congress of Parents and Teachers
2003.060.001 Certificate, Stock Stock certificate to Goon Dip for 46 7/8 shares of Horse Thief Petroleum Corp. Horse Thief Petroleum Corporation
2003.060.002 Certificate, Stock 2 - Stock certificates to Goon Dip for 500 shares of scratch Gravel Mining Company. Scratch Gravel Mining Company
2003.060.003 Certificate, Stock Stock certificates to Goon Dip for 5 shares of Birdseye Coal Co. Birdseye Coal Co.
2003.062.001 Program 2003 Pac Asian Tennis Championship
2003.064.034 Documents 2 - Advertising proposals for Hong Kong and Ocean City Restaurants by Mark Hoffman Associates Mimeographed Hong Kong flyer in Chinese Letter from Seasia on new products Letter on resignation of Paul Yip as pastor of St. James. Hong Kong /Ocean City Restaurants
2003.064.035 Sign Station board for Hong Kong restaurant staff. Names on paper tags can be moved around to scedule wait staff for times and stations. Hong Kong Restaurant
2003.064.036 Program Program for a Chinese Opera show sponsored in part by the Ocean City/Hong Kong restaurants. Chinese Opera Program
2003.064.037 Directory Directory of members of the Chinese Students Association of the University of Washington Chinese Student Association University of Washington
2003.064.038 Directory 2 - Directories of Chinese Business in Seattle 1985-86; 1986-87 Seattle Chinese Business Directory (2)
2003.064.039 Booklet 2 -issues of Bill Speidel's Seattle Guide Dec. 30, 1983 - 1984; Jan. 20 - 28, 1984. with ads for the Hong Kong restaurant. Bill Speidel's Seattle Guide
2003.064.040 Matchcover 3 - Hong Kong Restaurant Match Books 1 - Ocean City Match Box Hong Kong Restaurant Match Books
2003.064.041 Documents Employee Documents Applications and employee documentation for workers at the Hong Kong Restaurant. Some include photographs. Hong Kong Restaurant Employee documents
2003.068.008 Newspaper Premier issue, The New Asian Times, and issue #2 of monthly newspaper. Published in New York The New Asian Times
2003.068.009 Newspaper Vol. III, No. 7 The Florida Asian American The Florida Asian American
2003.068.010 Tape, Video Toisanese Muk Ngui (Mu Yu) poems and stories. Singing to Remember
2003.070.001 Document List in Chinese of phone numbers of locals in gambling club. Phone list
2003.070.002 Document Framed Rules from gambling club in Milwaukee Hotel. Text in Chinese: "Every Gentleman here please use cash to gamble. If you have larger bills please show them. If you do not show larger bills they will be treated as $20.00 Please announce when you throw dice to get cards. Everyone will will take turns to deal. Everyone will have an opportunity to deal . Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely announced by Our Club. Rules
2003.073.002 Document Basement Workshop production of various Asian American artists. Yellow Pearl
2003.077.002 Documents Documents relating to the Wing Luke Asian Museum board and auction as collected the donor and board member. Primarily dated around 1990. Wing Luke Asian Museum Board and Auction documents
2003.300.022 Documents
2003.300.023 Documents
2003.300.024 Documents Documents
2003.300.026 Documents Documents
2003.300.027 Documents Old Administrative Files: Collections Loans Exhibits Correspondence
2003.300.028 Disk, Compact Compact Disk WLAM Institutional Marketing Plan in PDF format Wing Luke Asian Museum Institutional Marketing Plan
2003.400.001 Tape, Cassette Oral history interview with DJ D-Double DJ D-Double
2003.400.002 Tape, Cassette Oral history interview with Danny Kogita Kogita, Danny
2003.400.003 Tape, Cassette Oral history interview with Karim Panni Karim Panni
2003.400.004 Tape, Cassette Oral history interview with Marc Matsui Marc Matsui
2003.400.005 Tape, Cassette KUOW interview with George Quibuyen by Dave Beck. George Quibuyen
2003.400.006 Tape, Cassette Oral history interview with various artists Various Video Interviews
2003.400.007 Tape, Cassette Oral history interview with Paul Javier. Paul Javier
2003.400.008 Tape, cassette Oral History interview with Patrick Holigores by George Quibuyen Patrick Holigores
2003.48.001 Drawing
2003.48.002 Drawing
2003.48.003 Drawing
2003.48.004 Drawing
2003.48.005 Drawing
2003.48.006 Drawing
2003.48.007 Drawing
2003.48.008 Drawing
2003.48.009 Drawing
2003.48.010 Drawing
2003.48.011 Drawing
2003.48.012 Drawing
2003.48.013 Drawing
2003.48.014 Drawing
2003.48.015 Drawing
2003.48.016 Drawing
2003.48.017 Drawing
2003.48.018 Drawing
2003.48.019 Drawing
2003.48.020 Drawing
2003.48.021 Drawing
2003.48.022 Drawing
2003.48.023 Drawing
2003.48.024 Drawing
2003.48.025 Drawing
2003.48.026 Drawing
2003.48.027 Drawing
2003.48.028 Drawing
2003.48.029 Drawing
2003.48.030 Drawing
2003.48.031 Drawing
2003.48.032 Drawing
2003.48.033 Drawing
2003.600.001 Document
2004.002.002 Letter Copy of letter from Dan Chang to Virginia Clark, 1949.
2004.004.001 Program Souvenir program at Seattle College Gymnasium, co-sponsored by Cathay Post 186, American Legion and Nisei veterans Committee. 1947 Oriental - American Basketball tournament
2004.005.019 Calendar 2 - bar calendars Ted's Tavern Red Front Tavern
2004.006.009 Menu 2 - South China Cafe menus from restaurant owned by Hing Lee South China Cafe
2004.006.010 Menu 5 - Lunch menus and 5 take-out menus from Perry Ko's South China Restaurant menu. Lunch menus inplastic jackets. 1 - laminated bar menu for the Dragon Room South China Restaurant Lunch Menu
2004.006.011 Menu 5 - South China Restaurant Dinner menus in Jacket 5 - Paper take out dinner menus. South China Restaurant Dinner Menu
2004.011.023 correspondence Six pieces of correnspondence. 2004.011.023a is a salmon-colored business-reply postcard, addressed to Mee Jun Mercantile Co.; Chinese writing on reverse. 2004.011.023b is an envelope addressed to Pacific Tailoring Co, from Tsue Chong Co; postmarked Feb 20, 1919, Seattle, WA; contains message written in Chinese, printed on Tsue Chong Co. stationery. 2004.011.023c is an envelope addressed to Pacific Tailoring Co. from Kong Shang & Co.; postmarked Feb 2, 1911, Butte, Montana; envelope is empty. 2004.011.023d is an envelope addressed to T.A. Yok Co, from Norris Safe & Lock Co.; postmarked July 1, 1907, Seattle, WA.; contains a bill for $10.35 and a self-addressed return envelope. 2004.011.023e is an envelope with clear plastic window addressed to T.A. Yok from The Army and Navy Magazine; postmarked June 21, 1911 (?); contains a receipt for $5.00. 2004.011.023f is an envelope addressed to T.A. Yok from Wah Shang Lung Co.; postmarked Oct 13, 190?; contains a letter written in Chinese calligraphy.
2004.011.024 documents 2004.011.024a is a salmon-colored single sheet correspondence, addressed to City Cafe in Eugene Oregon, from Chong Kee Jan Co. in San Francisco, California. Front is a line drawing of a Chinese woman in traditional dress, holding a banner with Chinese writing; in background are pictured boxes, crates, and bottles with Chinese labels. Back is Chinese writing separated into boxed sections. 2004.011.024b is a tan-colored single sheet, Chinese writing separated into boxed sections.
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