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Wing Luke Museum
2005.119.023 Documents A benefit concert brochure. The event was held at May 17, 2002 and the proceeds from this event will go towards building a new community center for the Filipino Community of Seattle. . Building for the Future
2005.119.024 Documents The brochure was published in Engage/ Social Action, April, 1983. Pacific and Asian Americans
2005.119.025 Documents Two reports in one newsletter. The reports are presented by National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium, with the assistance of Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Asian Law Caucus. ###############################################################################################################################################################################################################################################################
2005.119.026 Documents A newsletter of Japanese American Citizens League JACL/ 79th Anniversary, 1921-2000 JACL: A History of the Seattle Chapter: 1921-2000
2005.119.027 Documents Two member magazines, 2001 and 2002, one event brochure: Treasured Images for the Future Initiative, and one publication for donors, winter 2003. Newsletters of Japanese American National Museum
2005.119.028 Documents Article is written by Kenneth J. Dale, 1998 Why the Slow Growth of the Japanese Church?
2005.119.029 Documents November 2002, Vol. 52, Issue 10. Nisei Veterans Newsletter
2005.119.030 Documents One brochure and documents of the NWAAT(the Northwest Asian American Theatre) 30th anniversary celebration, honoring Tama Tokuda for her life long contribution to the arts. 30 Something
2005.120.001 document State of Washington proclamation, mounted in a dark blue folder. "State of Washington" and seal of the state of Washington printed in gold on folder cover. Proclamation announces the creation of a national day of remembrance for February 19, 2001 to acknowledge the February 19, 1942 order to incarcerate Japanese Americans in internment camps. Features gold seal and signature of Governor Gary Locke of Washington state. The State of Washington Proclamation - Day of Remembrance
2005.122.001 documents Bound cover containing documents related to the Japanese American Citizen's League. Cover is brown with gold lettering reading "Seiichi Hara." certificate presented to Seiichi Hara, as recognized by the Japanese American Citizen's League and signed by Frank F. Chuman, National president, mounted in cover. Contains one Issei Pioneer Testimonial Banquet program of events, dated July 26-30, 1962, color and black ink on light blue paper; one white paper with Japanese writing in black ink; three clippings from Japanese newspaper; one name placecard, "Mr Seiichi Hara," black ink underlined with blue, on white cardstock with gold border trim; one invitation, black ink on white paper, to the Issei Pioneer Testimonial Banquet. Seiichi Hara
2005.123.001 document Association report written in Chinese, blue and red ink on white paper. Association report
2005.124.001 documents Documents associated with the Chinese Reconciliation Park. One printed sheet from the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation website (; one photocopy of an undated International Examiner article, "Tacoma planning park to remember 'dishonor' to Chinese," one photocopy of one undated article from Northwest Asian Weekly, "Tacoma Park to redress Chinese expulsion;" one two sheet site plan of proposed Chinese Reconciliation Park, sheet one is a color map with labeled features, sheet two depicts color photographs, labled "Images from ohter successful gardens." Chinese recociliation project
2005.125.001 proclamation Proclamation mounted in hardcover. Cover is dark blue and features "The State of Washington" and the seal of the state of Washingon in gold. Proclamation is printed with green and black ink on white paper, marking March 16th as Wing Luke Asian Museum Day, signed by Governor Gary Locke in blue ink, features gold seal from the executive department, state of Washington, Olympia. Proclamation - Wing Luke Asain Museum Day
2005.128.001 card, greeting Three color greeting cards, with envelopes, marking celebration of the Hindu new year Diwali. 2005.128.001a reads "Diwali greetings" in gold ink, depicts a woman's hands, with bracelets and rings, lighting a clay oil light from a larger standing light, blue background, inside message in red ink is "Diwali greetings and best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year." b reads "Diwali greetings" in gold ink, depicts five unpainted clay oil lamps arranged on white lace, one larger brass "Om" symbol oil lamp, all are lit, inside message in red ink is "wishing you a happy Diwali and a properous new year." c reads "Diwali Greetings" in white ink, depicits white and gold-colored Ganesh and Lakshmi figures, smaller brass lit oil lamp, book in background printed in Hindi, fruit and flowers in foreground; inside message in red ink is "With all good wishes for a happy Diwali and a prosperous new year." Diwali Greetings
2005.129.001 Drawing 51 sheets of Japanese calligraphy, black ink on thin white paper. Sayings and individual characters are indentified in English in pencil on each page.
2005.130.001 documents Calligraphy and documents associated with the Wing Luke Asian Museum Kiosk project. One copy of an email sent from John Pai to Lynn Lee, requesting assistance in writing in calligraphy the translation for 38 listed English words, includes print examples of character for each word; 38 black ink calligraphy on white paper, English translation written in black ink on each page; printed pronounciation guide for 36 words.
2005.136.001 Document Printed petition form to Congress to forbid the returns of Japanese Americans to the Pacific Coast for the duration of the war because of possible sabotage and turmoil among the people. Petition
2006.005.058 Postcard The Chausuyama, Osaka. Black and white.
2006.013.001 Program Garden established at Seattle University dedicated to the remembrance of the Japanese American community which once flourished there. Seattle University Japanese American Remembrance Garden Memory Book
2006.015.001 Booklet Survival stories of folks in the Gay community who had had abusive partners. A Breath of Fresh Air
2006.017 Short Japanese language guide for US military personel during WW II Japanese Language Guide
2006.020.001 2 - copies of the July 11, 1978 Firewatch memo. In this memo, Negotiations, Fire Alarms, Fundraising, new staff. Milwaukee Hotel Firewatch Memo
2006.020.002 Series of letters between the City of Seattle and International District Improvement Association regaring shutting down the Milwaukee Hotel. due to building violations. A list of the violations is supplied. Milwaukee Hotel Renovation
2006.021.001 Pamphlet Overview of the life and art of Paul Horiuchi The Light From Within: Following the Art of Paul Horiuchi
2006.022.001 Flyer 12th Annual Walk for Rice flyer and donation form. Walk for Rice
2006.023.001 Program 8th Annual Filipino American Arts Exposition Yerba Buena Gardens San Francisco Pistahan Festival: Filipino American Arts Exposition
2006.024.001 Flyer Commercial Linen Company flyer and order form for commercial coats, jackets, aprons, uniforms. 1920s Commercial Linen Company
2006.025 Map A: The International District: Chinatown and Little Saigon Businesses and what to see in the ID B: Laminated map of the ID with the origianl location of the Wing Luke Asian Museum or Wing Luke Memorial Museum marked in red. ID
2006.027.001 Poster World War II anti-waste metal recycle poster with stereotypical iamge of Japanese soldier. "Hon. Spy Say: Thanks for the Can you throw away!" Wartime Propaganda
2006.028.001 Tape, Video A Century of Sikhs in Canada
2006.029.001 Calendar Calendar in Chinese in western calendar form and citation. 2006 Chinese Calendar
2006.034.001 Document
2006.034.004 Newspaper 7 - Bound bundle of Pacific Citizen Pacific Citizen
2006.034.005 Newspaper JACL Reporter Monthly publication begun January 1945 Salt Lake City Vol I No 1,2,3 Vol III No 1,2,3,4,5 JACL Reporter
2006.034.006 Newspaper California Daily News Kashu Mainichi
2006.034.010 Ledger Sun Clothing Company
2006.036.005 Program Annual remebrance program this one commemorating WW II veterans. Honoring Japanese American Veterans of World War II
2006.036.006 Flyer Flyer Political flyer for Hong Tran candidate for US Senate
2006.036.007 Postcard Dance classes offered at Senshin Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles by Nobuko Miyamoto and Great Leap Dance with Nobuko
2006.036.008 Postcard Postcard Advertising exhibition of works by Margo Machida and Charles Yuen at the Asian Arts Institute in New York. Orientalism
2006.036.009 Postcard Postcard Advertising for a film by Renee Cho on Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz is my Native Language: A Portrait of Toshiko Akiyoshi
2006.036.010 Postcard Postcard Invitation to the celebration of the nomination of Steven Okazaki's film "Unfinished Business" for an Academy Award
2006.036.011 Flyer Pink paper flyer Day of the Lotus Great Leap presentation of Music by Nobuko Miyamoto Dancer/mime Louise Kawabata Los Angeles Day of the Lotus
2006.036.012 Postcard Postcard Red paper advertisment for Loni Ding's film "With Silk Wings: On New Ground" a look at ten Asian American women who are on new ground in their work.
2006.038.002 Binder Binders of information on Japan and Japanese culture and Japanese American history
2006.038.002.001 Binder 3- volumes of articles and copies of articles on the history of Japanese Americans. Volume 3 holds short typed oral history interviews. JA History
2006.038.002.002 Binder Binder of information on the Japanese American exhibit at the Wing Luke Asian Museum, Executive Order 9066, fifty years before and fifty years after in 1992.
2006.038.002.003 Binder Copies of portions of books on Japan by Lafcadio Hearn. Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan In Ghostly Japan Out of the East Japanese Lyrics Shadowings Also: Studies in Japanese Folklore ed by Richard Dorson article on Japanese songs and Kabuki theatre.
2006.038.002.004 Binder Collection of information on exhibition on Japanese American history by Ryo Tsai and the Nippon Kan Heritage Association for presentation at the Seattle Public Library in 1980 as part of its This City Seattle - Asian Seattle program.
2006.038.002.005 Binder Nippon Kan Heritage Association Photo Exhibition The Way it Was: Northwest Issei and Nissei before 1942 Project articles, letters, publications.
2006.038.002.006 Binder Nippon Kan Heritage Association Photo Exhibition The Way it Was: Northwest Issei and Nissei before 1942 Project articles, letters, publications presented a the Seattle Public Library in 1986
2006.038.002.007 Binder Nippon Kan Heritage Association Photo Exhibition The Way it Was: Northwest Issei and Nissei before 1942 Signed consent forms for photographs and artifacts.
2006.038.002.008 Binder Nippon Kan Heritage Association Photo Exhibition The Way it Was: Northwest Issei and Nissei before 1942 Miscellaneous letters and information
2006.038.002.009 Folder, File Information on the proposed Japanese Heritage Historical Society
2006.038.002.010 Folder, file Information on other local historical societies and museums
2006.038.002.011 Binder Binder with photocopies of information on Japanese folk songs and children's songs.
2006.038.002.012 Binder Information on Japan
2006.038.002.013 Binder Information on Japanese literature
2006.038.003 Diary Daily dairy in Japanese From February 20, 1912 - July 21, 1915 Written in fountain pen from page 1 - 190 in Japanese in vertical columns from right to left. Begins with mayoral election day in Seattle; proposal of marriage to Miss Itsuye; congratulations on a birth; visit to Providence Hospital and to the Japanese Congregational Church. Daiji Miyagawa
2006.038.004 Documents Collection of miscellaneous ephemera.
2006.038.005 Poem 2 - Japanese style poems created at the Minidoka Internment Camp during WW II in Poetry Clubs. Strips of paper with Senryu poems. Poems were brushed on strips called "Tanzaku" sometimes on commercial products and sometimes on pieces of scrap cardboard with illustrations either by the poet or another person skilled in drawing. This group of poems was retrieved from the estate of Mrs. Katsuko Hirata who passed away in 1957. Many poets used pseudonymns but Mrs. Hirata used her first name - Katsuko. Image 1 (A) is translated as: To Endless heartache and pain, We resign ourselves to our fate, Again and again. Katsuko Image 2 (B) is translated as: "Crying My Sorrows to the Infant, I Distract Myself" Katsuko Image 3 (C) is translated as: "When They Realize It Was a Misunderstanding, We Shall Regain Our Voices" Dogu Image 4 is translated as: "Simply Holding Fast to Pride of Blood, I Wait for Tomorrow." Chari
2006.038.006 Poem 4 - cardboard pieces (Shikishi) with ink calligraphy and or illustrations. Possibly created at Minidoka Internment camp. The first card was created by the Haiku Club of Minidoka. Members gathered in the barrack room of Mrs. Hideyo Hata and wrote their poems on this square. Written diagonally from right to left is the teacher's composition, Dr. Kyo Banjin Koike.
2006.038.008 Paper Reminisces of life at Minidoka Internment Camp focusing on religious activities. A REport of My Work at Minidoka RElocation Center
2006.038.009 Bibliography Bibliography Japanese American and Japanese Canadian Evacuation and Resettlement: A Bibliography by Tetsuden Kashima, UW. Japanese Americans in the Pacific Northwest: A bibliography prepared by the staff of the Tacoma Public Library from Materials found in the collections of the Library. August 1971 Issei, Nissei, Sansei, Yonsei: A Bibliography of Japanese Holdings Tacoma Community College Library, Lorraine Hildebrand, November 1972. Japanese American Bibliography
2006.038.300 Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 3, 5 6, 7, 8, 9, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, Vol. 4, No. 2, 3, 4, 8, 10 Vol. 5, No. 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, Vol. 7, No. 6 Vol. 12, No. 1 Asian Family Affair
2006.038.301 Newspaper Santa Anita Assembly Center newsletter Arcadia California Vol. I, No. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 25, 26, 27, 37 Santa Anita Pacemaker
2006.038.302 Newspaper Petrifired News Newspaper of the Poston III Internment Camp High School Petrified News, the
2006.038.303 Newspaper Parker Valley High School Poston III Class of 1944 publication Hi-Times Senior Edition
2006.038.400 Magazine Special Issue: Asians in America Shikata Ga Nai: Legal Justice and the Asian American by Dale Minami Pacific Islanders: A Perplexed, Neglected Minority by Faye Untalan Munoz Success Through Education: The Asian American Myth by Florence Yoshiwara Asian Politics and the Churches by Hak-won Sunoo Asian American Churches and Social Involvement by Nicholas Iyoya Why an Asian American Theology of Liberation? by Dennis Loo Church and Society
2006.038.401 Magazine Article by Ryo Morikawa Tsai As American as Hot Dogs and Coca-Cola Discrimination and its effects based on personal experience. Advance
2006.038.402 Program Program of activities of Japanese Cultural Festival Japanese Cultural Festival Seattle Center July 12,13,14, 1968
2006.038.406 Document Japanese language letters Unknown
2006.040.012 Program Program honoring 4 founding Kendo Sensei: Paul Kurose Sensei Pat Murosako Sensei Rod Omoto Sensei Kiyoshi Yasui Sensei Shionkai
2006.042.004 Poster Yellow and red silk screened poster with poem "The Company You Keep" by Lawson Fusao Inada. "The Company You Keep"
2006.042.005 Brochure Event to begin expansion of Keiro Kampai! A Celebration of The Generations
2006.042.006 Book Asian American/ Canadian art works Yellow Peril Reconsidered
2006.046.001 Poster Poster A: Instructions to persons of Japanese Ancestry for evacuation of the area deemed off limits during WW II B: NOTICE, Civilan Exclusion Order No. 80 Instructions to All Persons of Japanese Descent
2006.051.009 Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1; No. 2 Vol. 2, No. 1 Vol. 3, No. 1 Vol. 4, No. 1 Vol. 7, No. 1 East Wind Magazine
2006.051.011 Magazine Vol. 5, No. 3 Jade: An Asian American Magazine
2006.051.012 Magazine Newsprint magazine January 1971, Vol. III, No. 1 April 1971, Vol. III, No. 4 September 1971, Vol. III, NO. 9 October 1971, Vol. III, No 10 March 1972, Vol. IV, No 3 April 1972 Vol. IV, No 4 May 1972 Vol. IV, No 5 June 1972, Vol. IV, No. 6 Gidra: Monthly of the Asian American Experience
2006.051.013 Magazine Asian Family Affair Seattle Asian American magazine Vol. 5, No. 4 Vol. 5, No. 6 Vol. 6, No. 1 Asian Family Affair
2006.051.015 Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1 Dare To Struggle
2006.051.016 Magazine SDS pamphlet Jensenism: A Closer Look
2006.051.017 Journal Journal Stanford University Asian American Women
2006.052.025 Pamphlet Hawaii 1970 A Chronology
2006.052.026 Pamphlet The Songs of Hiroshima
2006.052.027 Pamphlet In commemorataion of the birth of Lenin by the editors of the People's Daily. Leninism or Social Imperialism?
2006.052.028 Pamphlet Down with Revived Japanese Militarism
2006.052.030 Document Yellow Pearl
2006.053 Booklet Family history and lineage of the Chow Family Produced for the reunion, July 22, 2006 at Cloverdale British Columbia, Canada. Chow Family Reunion
2006.054.001 Paper Chiyogami Explaination and example sheet. Chiyogami Isetatsu
2006.054.002 Paper
2006.054.003 Paper
2006.063.001 DVD The Sikh Next Door
2006.063.002 DVD Kuldeep
2006.063.003 DVD Durbar Sahib of Amritsar, the
2006.063.004 DVD DASTAAR: DEFENDING SIKH IDENTITY presents the struggle of the Sikh American community against discrimination and violence caused by ignorance of an essential symbol of the Sikh faith -- the dastaar , or turban. The documentary begins by observing the simple, quiet act of putting on the dastaar, a daily ritual imbued with the Sikh values of honor, discipline and faith. The solemnity of this ritual contrasts with recent incidents of violence and discrimination against Sikhs due to the wearing of the dastaar , which all Sikh men are required to wear at all times in public. Such incidents include the vicious attack on Gurcharan Singh and Rajinder Singh Khalsa by five men after being accused of being terrorists, two NYPD officers who left the force after refusing the order to remove their dastaars while on duty, and a subway operator who wore his dastaar for 20 years until being recently ordered to remove his dastaar. Even though Sikhs have no relationship with the terrorist networks of the Middle East, they are often mistaken as terrorists due to their wearing turbans. The film explores how images in the media fuel the association of the turban with terrorism, leading to the widespread discrimination against Sikhs. The film also shows the efforts made by the Sikh community to counter this discrimination through a combination of community activism, legal action, legislation and education. Presented by Third World Newsreel Produced and Directed by Kevin Lee Associate Producer: Josh Weisbrot Editor: Helen Yum Production made possible through the support of Third World Newsreel (J.T. Takagi, Series Producer) Ravinder S. Gulati. Dastaar: Defending Sikh Identitiy
2006.063.005 DVD Sunny: The Proud Sikh
2006.063.006 DVD Khalsa 300
2006.063.007 Tape, Video A Century of Sikhs in Canada
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