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Wing Luke Museum
2005.084.047 Handbill Chinese language film flyer for Kokusai Theater. Advertising two movies: Li Jie Hua Xin Xue Ding San San Qi Feng Li Hua "Li Jie Hua" is about how two lovers get their freedom back from the man who controls them. Li Jie Hua Xin Xue Ding San San Qi Feng Li Hua
2005.084.048 Handbill Chinese language film flyer for Kokusai Theater. Advertising two movies: Nan Ce Nu Er Xin (Women's heart is unpredictable) Niao Yu Hua Xiang "Nan Ce Nu Er Xin "(Women's heart is unpredictable), is a story of three sisters. Nan Ce Nu Er Xin (Women's heart is unpredictable) Niao Yu Hua Xiang
2005.084.049 Handbill Chinese language film flyer for Kokusai Theater. Advertising two movies: Er Nu En Chou Qin Han San Dao She Hun Ling Er Nu En Chou Qin Han San Dao She Hun Ling
2005.084.050 Handbill Chinese language film flyer for Kokusai Theater. Advertising six movies: Ye Lin Yue Wan Lao Hu Qiang QIn Chu Jia Chong Qi Feng Zhu Shao Can Lei Wei Gan Tian Lun Qin Lei Kuo Feng Cheng Long Ye Lin Yue Wan Lao Hu Qiang QIn Chu Jia Chong Qi Feng Zhu Shao Can Lei Wei Gan Tian Lun Qin Lei Kuo Feng Cheng Long
2005.084.051 Handbill Chinese language film flyer for Kokusai Theater.
2005.088.001 Menu Bush Garden Japanese Restaurant Seattle Color postcard and menu Four color imaes of the interior of the restaurant and cuisine. Bush Garden
2005.088.002 Chopsticks Wooden chopsticks in paper envelope - Bush Garden Bush Garden
2005.090.001 Booklet Trade promotion booklet Compilied by Mr. Nakashima. This is the 5th edition and was found In Japan by the donor. Contains adds for Japanese owned businesses and maps of Seattle and King county with locations of Japanese owned businesses. Seattle 1919
2005.091.001 flyer Flyer advertising the Tacoma Dragon Boat Association. Includes mission of organization, activities available, history, and directions to location. Black print on white paper, with green paper insert advertising Seattle location. Tacoma Dragon Boat Association
2005.092.001 flyer Journal of the China Club of Seattle. Contains short articles and black and white photographs. Eight pages. Chung Hua (China) Vol.V, No.3
2005.092.002 flyer Journal of the China Club of Seattle. Contains short articles and black and white photographs. Eight pages. Chung Hua (China) Vol.VI, No.2
2005.093.001 booklet Booklet published by Minnisei Printers, Inc. for Minnihon Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN. Contains text divided into sections and black and white photographs. Details experiences of graduates of the Military Service Language School at Camp Savage and Camp Snelling in Minnesota during WWII. Thirty-nine pages. America's Human Secret Weapon
2005.094.001 documents Green Maritime Hertiage Center folder containing articles and photographs concerning the historic Seattle 1897 schooner, the Wawona. Contains business cards for Wayne A. Palsson of the Wawona Ship Council, Alice Winship of Wawona Ship Council, Shannon Fitzgerald of Wawona Ship Council; two orignal photograph sheets of the Wawona; one, two page color photocopy of an August 28, 2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer article on the Wawona; black and white photocopy of an unlabeld photo of fourteen men and women; one color photocopy of an undated Seattle Post-Intelligencer article and one black and white photocopy of an undated Seattle Post article, both concerning Paul Allen donation to South Lake Union Park; two color flyers titled, "Northwest Seaport;" one legal envelope addressed to "Northwest Seaport;" Maritime Heritage Center Mission Statement, single sheet; Northwest Seaport Wawona history flyer, one sheet; Martime Heritage Center "New Tours for 2005," one sheet; Northwest Seaport Educational Programs color photograph flyer, one sheet; Northwest Seaport volunteer information flyer, one sheet; Northwest Seaport Maritime Concert Series 2005 flyer, one sheet; Northwest Seaport Maritime Music flyer, one sheet; history of 1963 Wawona purchase and connection with Wing Luke, by John Ross, 25 pages (front and back numbered). 1897 Schooner Wawona
2005.095.001 booklet Booklet containing description and black and white photographs of the Chinese Foo Hsing Opera School production of "The Beautful Bait." Twenty-one pages. Foo Hsing Theater
2005.096.001 documents 2005.096.001a.i - .vi, Six cardstock tags titled, "Bainbridge Island World War II Nikei Internment and Exclusion Memorial Dedication Ceremony, March 30, 2002" attached to white string; 2005.096.001b, one brochure printed on tan and maroon paper, with black and white photographs, on the Bainbridge Island WWII Nikkei Exclusion Memorial; 2005.096.001c.i-iii, three event programs from the Japanese internment 60th annivery commemoration ceremony on March 30, 2002, gray cover with white paper insert. Nidoto Nai Yoni "Let it not happen again."
2005.097 flyer Single sheet flyer, red ink printed on white paper. Collector's name written in Chinese in black ink calligraphy. Your Name in Chinese; Souvenir of FREE CHINA display
2005.098.001 brochure Two red, yellow, and white brochures, fish design on cover. Business listings and maps of International District (includes Chintatown, Japantown, and Little Saigon) in Seattle, WA. 47 pages. Pocketguide to the International District
2005.099.001 documents Red folder created for the Organization of Chinese Americans 23rd Annual National Convention, July 26-29, 2001 held in Seattle, Washington, containing one two-page printed event schedule; one yellow single sheet flyer concerning the July 28, 2001 torchlight parade; one single sheet blue flyer titled, "Things to Do and See;" one single-sheet pink flyer titled, "Eating Out in Seattle;" one single sheet green flyer titled, "Some Friendly Conference Tips;" one single sheet white flyer titled, "Ehibitor's Bingo;" one 19 page booklet concerning registration information; two copies of a four page, paperclipped schedule and process questions for OCA youth day; one white single sheet flyer titled, "Exhibit Booth Bingo;" one green single sheet flyer titled, "OCA Souvenirs;" one stapled 22 page booklet titled, "White Papers, OCA Summer 2001;" one white single sheet flyer titled, "OCA Membership Form." "Continuing Our Odyssey For Full Equality," OCA 23rd Annual National Convention
2005.100.001 Postcard Four French postcards featuring East Asian subjects. 2005.100.001a, titled "The Lombart," features tea container and robed male Chinese figure; 2005.100.001b, titled "Veritable China-China Liquer de Dessert," features bottle of alcohol with female Chinese figure; 2005.100.001c, titled "Savon Pur," features East Asian landscape and male East Asian warrior figure; 2005.100.001d, titled "Savon Miradol," features East Asian landscape and a female figure dressed in Japanese kimono. French postcards
2005.101.001 booklet Two recipe booklets containing recipes for Japanese food. 2005.101.001a is 20 pages, written by Tatsuji Tada, former head chef at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C. Cover is in black and white and depicts stylized cooking pans, bowls and a fish. Page 2 features a black and white photograph of the author, Tatsuji Tada. Page 20 features a listing of the contact information for the embassies and consulate generals of Japan located in the United States. 2005.101.001b is 19 pages and features the same recipes as 2005.101.100a. Cover is black and white and depicts stylized food and serving items. From the 1960 Japan Food Show in San Francisco, CA. Japanese Recipes
2005.102.001 booklet Booklet in comic book format. Collected works of eight youths who participated in the Wing Luke TeensWAY program. Booklet is end project of five weeks of drawing sessions with Seattle area artist, Justin Norman. 33 pages. TeensWAY at the Wing Luke Asian Museum
2005.103.001 newspaper 12 page newspaper, featuring black and white photos and text concerning Pacific Americans in the Pacific NW. Vol 2 Issue 8. Hale Pai Pacific American-News Journal
2005.107.001 booklet Wooden box, sealed with brown ribbon tie. Contains blue fabric covered, hard cover booklet with gold label on front. Booklet is fold-out style, text written in Japanese, black ink. Contains drawn color maps. Second half of booklet reserves space to record owner's family history (blank). Features the University of Library number *221698. Family Record. Chronology of historical periods since the reign of Emperor Jimmu.
2005.108.001 document One page document, white paper, gold leaf, text printed in black ink. Text from congress proceedings concerning Asian Pacific Amerian Heritage Month (May). Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates of the 109th Congree, First Session. Vol. 151; No. 62
2005.109.001 document Black and white xerox copies of a scrapbook containing clippings from Project Newspaper "Irragator." 53 pages. Articles and photos concern Japanese Americans in World War II combat, internment camps, and "Nisei" experiences in the United States and while abroad. Focused on the Pacific Northwest. Scrapbook - clippings from Project Newspaper "Irragator"
2005.110.001 document Black and white photocopy of a journal. contains vertical listings of names and figures. Renton, Washington. Talbot Mine Journal Scrapbook #54
2005.111.001 documents Eight identical single sheet white pages, Japanese calligraphy printed with black ink, raised seal on each reads "Imperial Consulate of Japan, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A." Imperial Consulate of Japan, Seattle, Washington
2005.112.001 documents Six identical white sheets of stationary, vertical lines printed and Japanese writing printed in red ink.
2005.113.001 postcard Nineteen color, unwritten postcards depicting images from Hong Kong, created by Hong Kong Government Information Services. Picture descriptions written in both English and Chinese. 2005.113.001a is The Silver Dragon at a Hong Kong festival; 2005.113.001b is celebrations of the Dragon Boat Race in Hong Kong; 2005.113.001c is farmers watering vegetables in the New Territories; 2005.113.001d is rice harvesting in the New Territories, done by hand with a sickle; 2005.113.001e is harvesting in Hong Kong; 2005.113.001f is ceremony before a dragon boat race; 2005.113.001g is laterns for sale for the Moon Festival; 2005.113.001h is laterns displayed for the Moon Festival; 2005.113.001i is preparations for the Chinese New Year; 2005.113.001j is a toy stall during Chinese New Year; 2005.113.001k is effigies of gods; 2005.113.001l is celebrations of the Bun Festival; 2005.113.001m is celebrations of the Bun Festival; 2005.113.001n is preparations for the Moon Festival; 2005.113.001o is preparations for the Tin Hau Festival; 2005.113.001p is celebrations of the Tin Hau Festival; 2005.113.001q is celebrations of the Yue Lan Festival; 2005.113.001r is celebrations of the Festival of Maidens; 2005.113.001s is an alter in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Government Information Services
2005.113.002 brochure 2005.113.002a is a brochure printed on white paper with black ink and color/black and white photographs. Subject is Chinese Calligraphy, "The Heritage Series - 3, Traditional Chinese Culture in R.O.C. in Taiwan;" history, technique, and examples of calligraphy in China. 2005.113.002b is a 17 page booklet, white paper with black type, color/black and white photographs, "Sichuan University Museum, A Brife (sic) Introduction;" overview of museum's holdings in English and Chinese with some example photographs from the collection. Chinese Calligraphy; Sichuan University Museum
2005.113.003 pattern Two large folded textile patterns, printed on newsprint. 2005.113.003a is printed in blue ink, children's Western-style clothing patterns. 2005.113.003b is printed in brown ink, women's Western-style clothing patterns. Instructions and other written script in Chinese.
2005.114.001 flyer Two copies of a McDonald's restaurant advertising flyer, in English and Chinese, color/black and white print. Promotion of Premium Chicken Sandwiches and six coupons for various McDonald's food items. McDonald's Premium Chicken Sandwiches
2005.115.001 documents Documents affliated with the Central Youth and Family Services (CYFS) of Seattle, WA Asian American Heritage Community Celebration. One business card for Kathy Cox, executive secretary, black ink with company logo, on white card; one single sheet, folded flyer, black ink on blue paper, detailing outreach programs available at the CYFS; one single sheet flyer, black ink on green paper, advertising the CYFS Asian American Heritage Community Celebration on May 11, 2005; one single sheet program of events, black ink on green stationary, flower and butterfly design, from the May 11, 2005 CYFS Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration. Central Youth and Family Services
2005.116.001 Booklet Single sheet folded "take home guide," green and black ink, from the "If Tired Hands Could Talk" exhibit (May 3, 2001 - February, 2002) at the Wing Luke Asian Museum in Seattle, WA. Exhibit context, textile industry historical timeline, word search activity, and list of recommended reading. If Tired Hands Could Talk: Stories of Asian Garment Workers
2005.117.001 documents Documents associated with the National Japanese American Memorial Foundation. One "National Memorial Millennium Legacy" brochure, color, folded single sheet; one "National Memorial" product brochure and order form, color, folded single sheet; one newspaper clipping, unknown source, dated 2/17/00 by donor, "Commentary: Rebuttal to Yamada Letter of January 7, 2000," information highlighted by donor; one newspaper clipping, unknown source, dated 6/24/00 by donor, "National Japanese American Memorial Foundation Board Members Speak Out About Memorial Inscription Controvery," information highlighted by donor; one six page booklet, red and blue print on white paper, "National Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism Dedication, November 9, 2001;" one single sheet letter addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Yutaka D. Takekawa on National Japanese American Memorial Foundation letterhead, thanking the Takekawas for their donation, information highlighted by donor; one eight page National Japanese American Memorial Foundation newsletter, fall 2000, color ink and photos on white paper, addressed to the Takekawas, "Freedom, Justice, Decency, 8/31/00" written in black ink by donor; one 40 page National Japanese American Memorial Foundation newsletter, spring 2000, color ink and photos on white paper, addressed to the Takekawas, information highlighted by donor; one 50 page National Japanese American Memorial Foundation newsletter, winter 2000, color ink and photos on white paper, addressed to the Takekawas, information highlighted by donor; one 39 page booklet, "The American Memorial: A Story of Patriotism," color photos from decidication and list of donors, Takekawa donation information highlighted by donor; one newspaper clipping, "Disputed text will remain on Japanese American memorial," dated 7/20/00 by donor; one single sheet dedication registrant information letter, dated October 3, 2000, printed on National Japanese American Memorial Foundation letterhead; one newspaper clipping, unknown source, "Twofold Monument Dedicated in DC," dated 11/18/00 by donor, information highlighted by donor; one newspaper photo, unknown source, of "Members of National Japanese American Memorial Committee," dated 11/18/00 by donor; one newspaper article, unknown source, "National Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism Opens," dated 12/2000 by donor. National Japanese Memorial American Foundation
2005.118.001 documents Documents associated with the March 1, 2001 ceremonial induction of Takuji Yamashita to the Washington State Bar. One single sheet flyer, black ink on blue and white paper, "Asian Pacific Islander Community Reception for the family of Takuji Yamashita;" one each Seattle Post-Intelligencier February 5, 2001 photo journal, timeline, and article, printed from online version, "Victim of Racism will gain posthumous bar membership;" one invitation to the ceremonial induction, single sheet pink and brown ink on white tri-folded paper, with envelope, two lapel pins, "Takuji Yamashita, UW Law 1902," and Japanese print, one attached to invitation envelope, one sealed in plastic sleeve. Takuji Yamashita Washington State Bar ceremonial induction
2005.119.003 Documents 65-page stapled document that includes the following introduction: Call to Action: Platform for Asian Pacific Americans National Policy Priorities is a project of the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans. Founded in 1996, NCAPA is a coalition of the nation's leading Asian Pacific American organizations. Based in Washington, D.C., NCAPA represents the interests of the greater APA community and provides a national voice on APA issues. Issues covered: Asian Pacific American Women Data collection and statistics on APA APA Senior Citizens Poverty Education Health (Primary and Mental) Affirmative Action Patriot Act Equity for Veterans Hawaiian self-determination Immigration Language Right to organize at work, free form discrimination Call to Action: Platform for Asian Pacific Americans National Policy Priorities 2004
2005.119.004 Documents Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church Centennial Celebration, July 17-18, 2004 3001 24th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98144 Program Folder Contents of folder (11 documents total) 1. Remembrance Rev. Thomas J. Machida 2. Program 3. Congratulatory letter from House Majority Whip (WA State HoR) Sharon Tomiko (Miyake) Santos 4. Congratulatory letter from Ron Sims 5. Congratulatory etter from former parishioners Mary and Bill Shimasaki 6. Centennial Remembrances 7. Centennial Hymnbook 8. Map of Blaine Church 9. Story of Junko Nishiguchi Cheng 10. Centennial memorabilia order form 11. Butterfly Dedications (in celebration, in memoriam, etc.) Centennial Celebration July 17-18, 2004: Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church
2005.119.005 Documents Japanese American Citizens League JACL 75th Anniversary , 38th Biennial National Convention Commemorative Deluxe Convention Book (Held in Honolulu, HI) Includes: Congratulatory letters from prominent politicians, including George W. Bush. National award winners. JACL Chapter Biographies Record of locations of all previous JACL national conventions. JACL National Convention: August 10-14, 2004, 75th Anniversary
2005.119.006 Documents Hate Zone Free Campaign of WA Public hearing, conceived and implemented by a coalition of almost one hundred immigrant, peace, civic, and religious community groups and modeled after the redress hearings held around the Japanese internment in the early 1980s. Community residents came before a panel of elected and appointed officials to tell their stories of harassment, profiling, and racial discrimination. Justice For All: The Aftermath of September 11th, Report from the Public Hearing, September 21, 2002, Seattle, Washington
2005.119.007 Documents Two copys Panorama Hood River News, 1994 The articles relate to the Japanese Americans and Immigrants' challenges. Panorama
2005.119.008 Documents Kaleidoscope, Hood River News, June 1, 1994 II The article is about a class visited an exhibit of Japanese ancestry in Hood River County and throughout Oregon. History Lessons
2005.119.009 Documents Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the University Student Club (1922-1997). The event was held at Husky Union Building at UW campus, August 16-18, 1997. University of Washington, Nikkei Reunion
2005.119.010 Documents Asian American Film Festival Catologue, 1981 Asian American Film Festival
2005.119.011 Documents Asian American Film Festival Catologue, 1981 Marcos Regime on Trail
2005.119.012 Documents A performance brochure. 'Life of the Land' was presented at the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre, June 2-20, 1987 Life of the Land
2005.119.013 Documents A film event brochure. The Films of Shohei Imamura (1959-81)
2005.119.014 Documents An event brochure of the 20th Annual Convention of National Association Asian American Professionals. 20th Annual NAAAP National Convention
2005.119.015 Documents An invitation of the membership of the Asian Pacific American Women's Leadership Institute The Founding Sisters 100 of A.P.A.W.L.I.
2005.119.016 Documents The annual report of Asian Americans/ Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy Building Bridges...2003 Annual Report AAPIP
2005.119.017 Documents The nesletter was presented by Puget Sound Business Journal and Junior Achievement of Washington. One of the Puget Sound business leader is Tomio Moriguchi, the owner of Uwajimaya Inc. 2008 Junior Achievement Puget Sound Business Hall of Fame
2005.119.018 Documents An event brochure of the 9th Annual Graduation Dinner of the Executive Development Institute at November 12, 2002. The EDI was founded in 1994 under the guidance and direction of the Japanese American Chamber of Commerce. It was created to attract culturally diverse leaders, focusing initially on Asian Pacific professionals. 9th Annual EDI Graduation Dinner
2005.119.019 Documents An event brochure of the 11th Annual American Courage Awards, presented by Asian American Justice Center. The event was held at The National Press Club, Washington DC, October 10, 2007. 11th Annual American Courage Awards
2005.119.020 Documents Story by Robert Shimabukuro. Sanpshots of Actua Reality: A Salute to a Brother with AIDS
2005.119.021 Documents A conference newsletter. The conference was held by National Association of Professional Asian American Women at Bethesda, Maryland, April 12-14, 1995. 9th National Training Conference
2005.119.022 Documents The event brochure of the Center for Career Alternatives (CCA), which is an institution to provide education and employment trainning for the culturally diverse population. "Building A Better Community" 28th Annual Dinner
2005.119.023 Documents A benefit concert brochure. The event was held at May 17, 2002 and the proceeds from this event will go towards building a new community center for the Filipino Community of Seattle. . Building for the Future
2005.119.024 Documents The brochure was published in Engage/ Social Action, April, 1983. Pacific and Asian Americans
2005.119.025 Documents Two reports in one newsletter. The reports are presented by National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium, with the assistance of Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Asian Law Caucus. ###############################################################################################################################################################################################################################################################
2005.119.026 Documents A newsletter of Japanese American Citizens League JACL/ 79th Anniversary, 1921-2000 JACL: A History of the Seattle Chapter: 1921-2000
2005.119.027 Documents Two member magazines, 2001 and 2002, one event brochure: Treasured Images for the Future Initiative, and one publication for donors, winter 2003. Newsletters of Japanese American National Museum
2005.119.028 Documents Article is written by Kenneth J. Dale, 1998 Why the Slow Growth of the Japanese Church?
2005.119.029 Documents November 2002, Vol. 52, Issue 10. Nisei Veterans Newsletter
2005.119.030 Documents One brochure and documents of the NWAAT(the Northwest Asian American Theatre) 30th anniversary celebration, honoring Tama Tokuda for her life long contribution to the arts. 30 Something
2005.120.001 document State of Washington proclamation, mounted in a dark blue folder. "State of Washington" and seal of the state of Washington printed in gold on folder cover. Proclamation announces the creation of a national day of remembrance for February 19, 2001 to acknowledge the February 19, 1942 order to incarcerate Japanese Americans in internment camps. Features gold seal and signature of Governor Gary Locke of Washington state. The State of Washington Proclamation - Day of Remembrance
2005.122.001 documents Bound cover containing documents related to the Japanese American Citizen's League. Cover is brown with gold lettering reading "Seiichi Hara." certificate presented to Seiichi Hara, as recognized by the Japanese American Citizen's League and signed by Frank F. Chuman, National president, mounted in cover. Contains one Issei Pioneer Testimonial Banquet program of events, dated July 26-30, 1962, color and black ink on light blue paper; one white paper with Japanese writing in black ink; three clippings from Japanese newspaper; one name placecard, "Mr Seiichi Hara," black ink underlined with blue, on white cardstock with gold border trim; one invitation, black ink on white paper, to the Issei Pioneer Testimonial Banquet. Seiichi Hara
2005.123.001 document Association report written in Chinese, blue and red ink on white paper. Association report
2005.124.001 documents Documents associated with the Chinese Reconciliation Park. One printed sheet from the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation website (; one photocopy of an undated International Examiner article, "Tacoma planning park to remember 'dishonor' to Chinese," one photocopy of one undated article from Northwest Asian Weekly, "Tacoma Park to redress Chinese expulsion;" one two sheet site plan of proposed Chinese Reconciliation Park, sheet one is a color map with labeled features, sheet two depicts color photographs, labled "Images from ohter successful gardens." Chinese recociliation project
2005.125.001 proclamation Proclamation mounted in hardcover. Cover is dark blue and features "The State of Washington" and the seal of the state of Washingon in gold. Proclamation is printed with green and black ink on white paper, marking March 16th as Wing Luke Asian Museum Day, signed by Governor Gary Locke in blue ink, features gold seal from the executive department, state of Washington, Olympia. Proclamation - Wing Luke Asain Museum Day
2005.128.001 card, greeting Three color greeting cards, with envelopes, marking celebration of the Hindu new year Diwali. 2005.128.001a reads "Diwali greetings" in gold ink, depicts a woman's hands, with bracelets and rings, lighting a clay oil light from a larger standing light, blue background, inside message in red ink is "Diwali greetings and best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year." b reads "Diwali greetings" in gold ink, depicts five unpainted clay oil lamps arranged on white lace, one larger brass "Om" symbol oil lamp, all are lit, inside message in red ink is "wishing you a happy Diwali and a properous new year." c reads "Diwali Greetings" in white ink, depicits white and gold-colored Ganesh and Lakshmi figures, smaller brass lit oil lamp, book in background printed in Hindi, fruit and flowers in foreground; inside message in red ink is "With all good wishes for a happy Diwali and a prosperous new year." Diwali Greetings
2005.129.001 Drawing 51 sheets of Japanese calligraphy, black ink on thin white paper. Sayings and individual characters are indentified in English in pencil on each page.
2005.130.001 documents Calligraphy and documents associated with the Wing Luke Asian Museum Kiosk project. One copy of an email sent from John Pai to Lynn Lee, requesting assistance in writing in calligraphy the translation for 38 listed English words, includes print examples of character for each word; 38 black ink calligraphy on white paper, English translation written in black ink on each page; printed pronounciation guide for 36 words.
2005.136.001 Document Printed petition form to Congress to forbid the returns of Japanese Americans to the Pacific Coast for the duration of the war because of possible sabotage and turmoil among the people. Petition
2006.005.058 Postcard The Chausuyama, Osaka. Black and white.
2006.013.001 Program Garden established at Seattle University dedicated to the remembrance of the Japanese American community which once flourished there. Seattle University Japanese American Remembrance Garden Memory Book
2006.015.001 Booklet Survival stories of folks in the Gay community who had had abusive partners. A Breath of Fresh Air
2006.017 Short Japanese language guide for US military personel during WW II Japanese Language Guide
2006.020.001 2 - copies of the July 11, 1978 Firewatch memo. In this memo, Negotiations, Fire Alarms, Fundraising, new staff. Milwaukee Hotel Firewatch Memo
2006.020.002 Series of letters between the City of Seattle and International District Improvement Association regaring shutting down the Milwaukee Hotel. due to building violations. A list of the violations is supplied. Milwaukee Hotel Renovation
2006.021.001 Pamphlet Overview of the life and art of Paul Horiuchi The Light From Within: Following the Art of Paul Horiuchi
2006.022.001 Flyer 12th Annual Walk for Rice flyer and donation form. Walk for Rice
2006.023.001 Program 8th Annual Filipino American Arts Exposition Yerba Buena Gardens San Francisco Pistahan Festival: Filipino American Arts Exposition
2006.024.001 Flyer Commercial Linen Company flyer and order form for commercial coats, jackets, aprons, uniforms. 1920s Commercial Linen Company
2006.025 Map A: The International District: Chinatown and Little Saigon Businesses and what to see in the ID B: Laminated map of the ID with the origianl location of the Wing Luke Asian Museum or Wing Luke Memorial Museum marked in red. ID
2006.027.001 Poster World War II anti-waste metal recycle poster with stereotypical iamge of Japanese soldier. "Hon. Spy Say: Thanks for the Can you throw away!" Wartime Propaganda
2006.028.001 Tape, Video A Century of Sikhs in Canada
2006.029.001 Calendar Calendar in Chinese in western calendar form and citation. 2006 Chinese Calendar
2006.034.001 Document
2006.034.004 Newspaper 7 - Bound bundle of Pacific Citizen Pacific Citizen
2006.034.005 Newspaper JACL Reporter Monthly publication begun January 1945 Salt Lake City Vol I No 1,2,3 Vol III No 1,2,3,4,5 JACL Reporter
2006.034.006 Newspaper California Daily News Kashu Mainichi
2006.034.010 Ledger Ledger of names and clothing Sun Clothing Company
2006.036.005 Program Annual remebrance program this one commemorating WW II veterans. Honoring Japanese American Veterans of World War II
2006.036.006 Flyer Flyer Political flyer for Hong Tran candidate for US Senate
2006.036.007 Postcard Dance classes offered at Senshin Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles by Nobuko Miyamoto and Great Leap Dance with Nobuko
2006.036.008 Postcard Postcard Advertising exhibition of works by Margo Machida and Charles Yuen at the Asian Arts Institute in New York. Orientalism
2006.036.009 Postcard Postcard Advertising for a film by Renee Cho on Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz is my Native Language: A Portrait of Toshiko Akiyoshi
2006.036.010 Postcard Postcard Invitation to the celebration of the nomination of Steven Okazaki's film "Unfinished Business" for an Academy Award
2006.036.011 Flyer Pink paper flyer Day of the Lotus Great Leap presentation of Music by Nobuko Miyamoto Dancer/mime Louise Kawabata Los Angeles Day of the Lotus
2006.036.012 Postcard Postcard Red paper advertisment for Loni Ding's film "With Silk Wings: On New Ground" a look at ten Asian American women who are on new ground in their work.
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