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Wing Luke Museum
2000.039.013 Poster Three copies: Olive green poster with a large color photograph of two Chinese terra cotta figures. The photograph is by Don Hamilton, on the top it says "Wing Luke Asian Museum Presents". From November 19th- December 19, 1987 "China" three american perspectives
2000.039.014 Poster The poster is white with a design in purple of flowers in a grid. The writing is in purple. "The Wing Luke Memorial Museum presents the annual Asian American Art Exhibition for 1983, 'One sense of beauty'"
2000.039.015 Poster The poster is on white glossy paper with writing in red and photograph of two Asian actors, one in a mask acting in a scene. A special slide presentation by Dr. Jack Chen. The date is December 2, 1983 - February 4, 1984. " A Pear Garden in the West" America's Chinese theater."
2000.039.016 Poster The poster is red with black writing. It says "May I have your attention please!" 14th annual Asian American Art exhibition presented by the Wing Luke Memorial Museum, July 6-August 11, 1984. "May I have your attention please!" 14th Annual Asian American Art Exhibition.
2000.039.017 Poster A white hand drawn poster with images depicting a piece of cloth, maroon with a design from Cambodia, a golden duck from Thailand, misc. object Laos (multi-colored) a vase from Vietnam has horses on it. Hand drawn poster with images from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.
2000.039.018 Poster The poster is filled up with a picture of an Asian girl with an internment camp tag on her coat. It is a black and white photo with a dotted finish. "They did me a great wrong" across the bottom in black letters. This poster is by Paul Goldstein @1985 - executive order 9066. The internment of 10,000 Japanese Americans Ca historical society , photo by Dorothea Lange. "They did me a great wrong"
2000.039.019 Poster The poster has a beige textured backround, black lettering says " Pok Chi Lau's Photographs." A photograph of an elderly Asian couple in their home, march 1980. " Pok chi Lau's Photographs, Mountains of Gold"
2000.039.020 Poster Three copies of the poster: It is red and blue with a gray border says 1892 in White on top and 1992 on the bottom. It is from February 19- Aug. 31 1992. Two photographs, one of a family in 1892, one of the bottom of two elderly people and a young child. " Executive order 9066: 50 years before and 50 years after, A local history of Japanese Americans in photographs, words and artifacts.
2000.039.021 Poster the poster has photographs, one large one of a man playing the violin , underneath and to the left is a photo of women's hands on a flute. the photos are by Daran Kravanh, lynn Ogdon, John Pat, Elmer Ogawa, Brad Weeks, Dean Wong " A bridge home: music in the lives of Asian Pacific Americans"
2000.039.022 Poster The poster is purple, orange and white. It is a new permanent exhibit spanning 200 yrs of community in Wa. state: Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Koreans, Pacific Islanders, South Asians, Vietnamese, Cambodians, and other Southeast Asians. Opens May 1, 1993, there is a photo of an Asian family farming, photo fo a mother and two children, photo of an instrument. " One song many voices, the asian pacific american experience"
2000.039.023 Poster Posters a-n: the poster has a white backround with three black and white posters. The lettering is maroon, with English and Chinese writings. The dates are from March 17 - August 28,1994. " An exhibit of original stories and portraits." The photographs show an Asian family portrait, a graduating woman , and a couple getting married. " The First 100 years, Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans"
2000.039.024 Poster Just the same as 2000.039.024, but smaller " The first 100 years, reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans"
2000.039.025 Poster Blue poster with cloth in a beige, red, and green design. There are five photos in color of different pieces of clothing. From September 19th 1996- January 5th 1997. "woven legacies, Following clothing from East Asia to Seattle"
2000.039.026 Poster Hand drawn poster by Margaret Davidson. English and Chinese red backround and golden dragons with roses and pots and streamers. "Silk Dragons"
2000.039.027 Poster The poster is in beige and brown, a sun and a star in brown. The design is by Regina Ramos, Elmer P. Dela Cruz illustration: Regina Ramos. The date is May 1st - Sept. 6 1998. "P.I." Made in America, Filipino American Artists in the Pacific Northwest
2000.039.028 Poster "Head and Foot adrornment from across Asia 'From Head to Toe" April 2 - June 14, 1987. The Year of the Rabbit. The poster is a grey photograph of a woman in a hat with a sandal touching a rabbit. " From Head to Toe" head and foot adornment from across Asia"
2000.039.029 Poster The poster is in black and red, the writing in white says, " Joyce Aiko Morinaka, Tom Tanaka, Stephen Tse, Gerald Tsutakawa" June 18-August 2, 1987. A drawing of a child's upper half tied to a box with a mirror image of a face. " In the west coast's annual Asian American Artist exhibition"
2000.039.030 Poster The poster is grey and it says "1942-1945, 1985, Scotty Sapiro, Wing Luke Asian Museum. January 29th - March 14, 1987. It has a big photograph of an old man with a beard wearing old fashioned clothing, design by Johnson and Sheffield. "Yunnan, A Photographic Odyssey"
2000.039.031 Poster the poster is yellow and red with a green cartoon dragon, with uncolored children riding on it- bottom is red, "Grand Opening"February 14, 1987. Noon to 4pm. (three copies of the poster) "Grand Opening" For Neighbors of the museum and children, sponsored by the Seattle Times
2000.039.032 Poster Poster board with yellow and orange hand prints. It says " imagination celebration, March 16-22 1987" Taiko drummers origami demonstrations. "strut your stuff art exhibit"
2000.039.033 Poster White border with a pictue of a tea pot with flowers, " an eye for perfection, a flair for the creative, the artistic elements of Ikebana and Japan airlines "Japan"
2000.039.034 Poster Hand painted, drawn poster with a picture of a pink decorated apron. April -May 1981 " Indochinese folk art" old patterns, new beginnings"
2000.039.035 Poster September 25, 1998 through April 11, 1999. Two patchwork quilts on upper corners. Diamond in middle with red, green, lime green, and purple with photographs of Koreans, bottom has yellow, orange, purple, green, blue stripes - brown flowers in backround. Posters a-d. "Golden Roots, Korean Americans in WA state
2000.039.036 Poster Photograph of a house with stairs wa a fence and a meadow full of purple and white irises. It says "Japan" a-d "Early summer sees a forest of irises blooming in the gardens of Mejji shrine, Tokyo"
2000.039.037 Poster Ink drawing on poster board of people from different ethnicities. no author "community Portrait"
2000.039.038 Poster light blue paper with black writing in chinese characters. (a-b) poster
2000.039.039 Poster Photocopy and enlargement of newspaper, an article says, " seattle's Chinese are ideal citizens" includes many photos of Chinese americans "Seattle's Chinese in Public and Private life"
2000.039.040 Poster Black and white with photograph of ink and different types of paintbrushes. "Wing Luke invitational Art exhibition 1979"
2000.039.041 Poster The poster has a golden backround with a picture of three fish in blue and pink against an intertwined flowered backround. November 12, 1983. The 15th annual art auction
2000.039.042 Poster Black poster iwth gold and red backround with black outlined dragons, golden dragons in the four corners. February 17-April 28, 1984 (a-e) "In the Gold mountain" chinese medicine in washington and the Northwest past and present
2000.039.043 Poster Poster of the Wing Luke memorial Museum, white poster board with cartoon designs in ink. poster of the Wing Luke memorial museum
2000.039.044 Poster red backround framed ink drawing fo a man on a kite reaching for a creature on the corner of a roof. b. two boys flying a kite poster of an ink drawing of people and kites
2000.039.045 Poster Purple mat board with white and purple picture of a distorted face. " The Newest Americans" wood block print series by artist alix Benzaler. November 16, 1984 - January 26, 1985. "The Newest Americans" wood block print series
2000.039.046 Poster Map of the Pacific Northwest Map of the pacific northwest
2000.039.047 Poster Chinese Folk Art, essence of a people, April - May 1980. Hand drawn/painted - red backround with black designs, two dolls in yellow clothing by Margaret Davidson. Chinese Folk Art - Essence of a People
2000.039.048 Poster Seattle on the silk road, 1896-1920, July - August 1979. Handmade poster of silk bundles and spools of thread by Margaret Davidson. " Seattle: On the silk road 1896-1920"
2000.039.049 Poster A handpainted poster of a basket with a brush and painted picures by Margaret Davidson. December 20 - January 18 "children's art from the People's Republic of China"
2000.039.050 Poster The poster is red bordered with blue and darker blue design with flowers and gold. The exhibition was from November 8, 1982 by Margaret Davidson. " wing luke memorial museum art auction preview"
2000.039.051 Poster Hand drawn poster, shirt striped with a picture of a woman from the 20's or 30's in a photograph, burgandy backround. "Pioneer history of the seattle chinese"
2000.039.052 Poster A white poster with a picture of a soldier with a blue uniform wearing glasses, writing in a beige color. A-B male C-D female. May 21, 1999- April 9, 2000. " A different battle stories of Asian Pacific American Veterans"
2000.039.053 Poster White poster with a photograph of an asian man reflecting on a bench. he is wearing blue clothing and hat with red emblem he is leaning up against a textured wall. " Don Hamilton, Photographer"
2000.039.054 Poster Poster says " October 2-4, 1987 at Kane hall U of W. The design is a yello and green circle wtih a yellow and green star with a 2 in the middle , presented by the international examiner and kingstreet media. " second asian american film festival"
2000.039.055 Poster A white poster with purple and green writing, in English and Korean. Purple drawing of gas works park in the upper center. From May 6, 1995 Sat 12:00 noon - 5pm. "The 3rd annual Juried pacific N.W. Student art competition
2000.039.056 Poster the poster is green, purple with white writing in time line form. Photographs line the top right of the poster, big pink box with maroon writing with photographs. " Asian Pacific Islander American Historical Timeline"
2000.039.057 Poster Grey poster with writing in teal, with an eye in teal in a square in the middle. "Wing Luke Asian Museum" written in teal in the lower right hand corner. "Through our eyes" 2oth century Asian American Photography of the Pacific Northwest
2000.039.058 Poster White poster with there black and white photographs, 1) basketball team 2) violin players, 3) Asian American veteran Executive order 9066, 50 years before and 50 years after. A historical exhibition on Japanese Americans in Washington
2000.039.059 Poster Off white poster with a design shaded in brown. Friday August 6, 1999 "From Hiroshima to Hope" In rememberance of the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings and all the victims of war and violence.
2000.039.060 Poster The exhibit explores the experiences of immigrants and refugees arriving in the U.S. after 1965, the year when U.S. immigration laws radically changed. The writing in blue and red - map of the United States filled with photos of Asian Americans. ( A-I) " Renewal of American, voices of recent Asian Pacific immigrants through intimate stories and photographs.
2000.039.061 Poster The poster is in the form of a film strip with photos of china town in it. Tuesday, September 22 at 7 pm - Saturday September 26th a 1pm 1998. Finding Home in Chinatown: The Kong Yick Building" A special look at the heart of Seattle's Chinatown
2000.039.062 Poster the poster says, " Art, music, martial arts, demonstrations..." It is a white poster with a pink stripe down the left side. Pink and black writing, color photos of Asian New Years festivities. " Second Annual Asia Pacific New Year celebration 2000"
2000.039.063 Poster Color diagram of human muscles color coded with a row of diagrams of exercise suggestions - Published by Iokai Siatsu center. circa 1970. "Shiatsu Meridian Chart"
2000.039.064 Poster Brown writing - design is a photo of Anne Frank in green, orange, purple, and blue, red framing a painting of her looking in a window. November 16, 1995 - January 18, 1996, design by Susan Picatti " Anne Frank and Friends Coalition Presents Anne Frank in the world 1929-1945 Plus Uniting in Diverstiy"
2000.039.065 Poster A black and white poster, photocopy, a timeline of Asian Americans- significant events with black and white photographs. " Asian Pacific Heritage Month"
2000.039.066 Poster On sunday August 6, 2000, in rememberence of the victims of the atomic bombins of Hiroshima and Nagsaki and all the victims of war and violence. The poster is grey and blue with photo of an outline of a boy watching the lanterns. "from hiroshima to hope" lantern floating ceremony
2000.039.067 Poster Backround of an asian statue with photographs of the festival. The photos are by Harry Conrad and the design is by Alice Phounsaven. " celebrating 25th anniversary, chinatown - international district summer festival
2000.039.068 Poster a) three children with a chinese writing in black, red, green. b) green backround with chinese dolls with a red emblem in the middle of the bottom
2000.039.069 Poster Large black and white photo with a timeline on a maroon backround with small photos highlighting significant events Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
2000.039.070 Poster The poster is hand drawn and colored by Margaret Davidson. It has red lettering and drawings of various herbs. "Chinese Herbs"
2000.039.071 Poster The poster is done on brown paper backround, it has three Asian men outlined in black with white accents. November 15- December 21, 1984 aaae winners, " Dennis Morinua, Chi-ling Chan, Arthur Okanzaki." "Best of the West"
2000.039.072 Poster Four posters, one with a large orange/red circle, one with an ocean scene with a moon in black, white and golden tones. Poster
2000.039.073 Poster Cream paper with black ink, red stamps, thick brush strokes one labeled "Earth" Three Ink Drawings
2000.039.074 Poster 6 - Posters Native Hawaii'an exhibit at WLAM December 2008 - August 2009 3 signed. Ho'omau Ka Huaka'i The Voyage Continues: Native Hawaii'ans in the PNW
2000.039.075 Poster Poster Walk for Rice Walk for Rice
2000.041.022 Documents Miscellaneous documents of Edgar Montegut merchant sailor. Hisa documents included a number of photographs of the Philippines and of his various girlfriends. All photographs are in Philippine photograph binder.
2000.043.002 Ration Book Three Ration Books United States office of Price Administration War Ration Book Four Some Stamps are missing. Issued to: A: Koisa Endo B: Toray Endo C: Miyoko Endo War Ration Book Four
2000.052 Map Series of maps made and traced of the International District. Master outline of the map of Japanese farms in the White River valley. Blueprints of the Bush Annex which houses the WLAM. Labels from photos of ID circa 1995. International District
2000.116.001 Print Print of a pencil drawing Image of Vietnamese man and woman lifting a rock with a bomb cloud behind them. it is for a demonstration in support of the 7 Point Peace Plan. Drawn by Selma Waldman Support Vietnamese 7-Point Peace Plan
2000.118.001 Newspaper Chinese Newspapers A: Chung Sai Yat Po (china Wester Daily News) April 16, 1943 B: The Chinese Nationalist Daily, May 11, 1934 C: Guo Min Ri Bai (Nationalist Daily) April 11, 1928 Chung Sai Yat Po The Chinese National Daily Guo Min Ri Bai
2000.121.001 Sermons A: Past Mercies A Pledge of Future Good. 9/23/1906 - 9/10/1916 B: Presciousness of Temptation, 12 pages, 10/29/1905 - 4/30/1922 C: Prize, the Greatest in the World, 1 page, 45/27/1913 D: Procurator's Question, 18pages, E: Untried Experiences; 15 pages, 10/1/1905 - 10/18/1914 F: Mind That was in Christ: 10 pages, G: Message An Angel's 18 pages, 4/8/1917 H: Motive and Pupose; 17 pages, 9/28/1913 I: The Intellectual Man: 6 pages, 11/21/1909 J: The Spiritual Man, 16 pages, 12/12/1909 K: Moses and the Serpent Representing Christ: 10 pages, L: Offering of Thanksgiving, 42 pages, 11/29/1906 - 11/298/1923 M: Things God Winkled At, 1 page, 3/4/1906 N: A barrier against Sin, No sermon O: Wisdom of Winning Souls, 2 pages, P: The unimpeachable and all knowing Witness, 22 pages, 3/20/1907 Q: Witness, 2 pages, 10/7/1906 R: What is Your Life? 6 pages, S: Wha t is A Christian? 9 pages, 1/16/1910 T: Th eBest Object in the Best Place Producing the Best Results, 15 pages, U: The Opening Year, 14 pages, V: What is Religion? 30 pages, 6/18/1916 W: We Build Our Own Monuments, Empty X: Three in One, 1 page, 9/23/1906 Y: True Service; Empty Z: The Christian Passover; 8 pages, 9/7/1924 AA: Spiritual Life of the Pastor: 8 pages, April 1920 BB: Permanece of the Gospel; 2 pages, 4/18/1909 CC: Pillar and Ground of the Truth, 7 pages, 6/7/1908 DD: Pledging God's Presence; 10 pages, 3/25/1906 EE: A Pointed Personal Question; 1 page 6/18/1911 FF: Human Element in the Post Bellum Church; 2/3/1919. GG: Partnership with God; 6/11/1916 HH: The Moral Man; 11/28/1909 II: Marching Orders; 8 pages, 4/1/1906 - 2/19/1922 JJ: Missions, 17 pages, 4/15/1906 - 4/4/1908 KK: Ministry if Reconciliation; 12 pages, LL: Needful, the One Thing; 8 pages in English. MM: Nothing Without Jesus, 24 pages, 11/12//1905. NN: Vision; Prayer for Enlarged, 1 page, 9/9/1906. OO: Views of Life, Empty PP: A Vision of Jesus, 23 pages; 3/7/1909 QQ: Victory, Death Swallowed Up In; 14 pages, 6/13/1909. RR: ChiChi, four newspaper clippings in Japanese, 6/18/1934 SS: Universal Dominion; 3 pages, 10/21/1906 TT: Prohibition; Signs of the Times, pamphlet, in English, 5/3/1932, newspaper clippings in Japanese 3/15/1933. UU: The Secret of Self Control; 6/23/1912 one clipping in English. VV: Saving the Lost: 1 page, 1/23/1910, in English. WW: Jesus the Light of the World; empty XX: Good Cheers for Workers; 23 pages, 2/25/1906; YY: Taking up the Cross for Jesus; 12 pages, ZZ: Tempted as We Are: 1 booklet, 12/23/1883 AAA: Song Service, 3/11/1906 empty BBB: Your Resonable Services; 12 pages3/10/1907 CCC: Certain Conversions of the World; 40 pages; 7/14/1907 DDD: True Wisdom; 10 pages; 10/22/1905 EEE: Uplifting Power of Christ; 22 pages; 11/05/1905 FFF: Value of Vision; empty GGG: Two newspaper clippings; 7/2/1913 HHH: Not title; 8 pages. Sermons
2000.121.004 Receipt Business receipts from Family Dairy Store Family Dairy Store
2000.121.005 Receipt Business receipts from Central Hotel
2000.121.010 Ledger Business Ledgers See Container List
2000.121.290 Document US Food administration documents on rationing during WW II for individuals and restaurants. United States Food Administration
2000.121.291 Invoice Invoices for the Washington Produce Company
2000.121.292 Document Documents related to the Oriental American Bank
2000.121.293 Album 4 - copies of printed photo albums of Japanese American families. 2 are duplicates and the other 2 focus on children.
2000.125.001 Poster 1 - manila colored poster for the 2000 Miss Chinatown pagent. Black and white photographs of the contestants. Miss Seattle Chinatown Scholarship Pagent 2000 poster
2000.126.001 Album, Autograph Book of card stock pages with autographs of classmates. On the interior title page is: listed the Name, School, Principal, Teacher, date. "George Yoshida, Washimgton. A.Sears. Mrs. B. Reiner, June 12, 1936 Schoolday Memories
2000.126.002 Letter Letter to George Yoshida from J. Hamanaka. Describes the authors life events from January 1940 - 1941. Includes ticket stub from "Seattle Basball Club, Inc. Pacific Coast League, Rain Check"
2000.126.003 Letter Letter to G. Yoshida from J. Hamanaka. Two page typed letter.
2000.126.004 Letter Hand written letter and envelope consisiting of one page front and back. To G. Yoshida from J. Hamanaka. June 17, 1940
2000.126.005 Article, Newspaper Four newspaper clippings A: List of faculty form Bailey Gatzert B: Photo of Jum Yoshida C: Photo of Bill Yamaguchi D: "Prep Patter" about Broadway & Garfield H.S.
2000.126.006 Program 55th Broadway High School Commencement Program , June 1940 Broadway H.S. Commencement
2000.128.001 Proof, Printing 7 - pages of the pasted images and text or "flats" for the publication "Shared Dreams" 12 - copies of the printed version. Shared Dreams
2000.129.005 Magazine Large ad and photo heavy magazine Published by Mainichi Press issue No. 4. New Japan
2000.129.006 Magazine October 1955 edition of magazine This is Japan. Published by Asahi Shimbun. This is Japan
2000.129.008 Calendar Calendar pad. Orange pad with a small black frame at the top for an image which is missing. Below this is: "Minidoka Consumer's co-operative Hunt, Idaho" One calendar page is still there - December, 1945. Minidoka Consumer's Co-operative
2000.129.8 Calender Calender from Minidoka Consumers' Co-operative of Hunt, Idaho. Only calender sheet shows December 1945, picture is missing. Small amount of Asian writing is pencil.
2000.131.001 Guide, Visitor's Guide published by the International Examiner about the International District. Walking Tour map Family Businesses History APEC Chinatown/International District Visitor's guide
2000.133.001 Booklet, Instruction Black binder with the introduction and Technical information on photography. In two parts. Part I is on Ethics. Introduction Serving the People Asian Artist - Classism Community Artist - Politics Community Artist - Community Ethics & Photography Part II is on Techniques The Camera Light Meters Lenses Films Film Developing Print Developing Filters Asian Photo Workshop
2000.134.001 Certificate, Stock Capital Stock certificate for three shares of the Nippon Kan Co. for Imataro Danjo. The Nippon Kan Company
2000.135.001 Poster, Political Poster: Red, white and blue: "re-elect Governor Locke D." Re-elect Governor Locke
2000.135.002 Sticker window sticker Red, white and blue: "Re-elect Governor Locke D." Re-elect Governor Locke
2000.135.003 Sticker Sticker, 2.5" x 4" Red, white and blue: "re-elect Governor Locke D." re-elect Governor Locke
2000.135.004 Button Button Metal disk 3" in diameter. Red, white and blue: "re-elect Governor Locke D."
2000.135.005 Sticker, Bumper Bumper sticker 3" x 11" Red, white and blue APIA 2000 Asian Pacific Islander Americans Vote Democratic 2000 Our Vote is Our Voice APIA 2000
2000.135.006 Sticker, bumper Bumper sticker Asian Pacific Islander Americans for Gore Liberman 2000
2000.135.007 Sticker, Bumper Red, white and blue bumper sticker "Elect Norm Mineta Our Congressman/15th District." Elect Norm Mineta
2000.135.008 Poster Red, white and blue poster with color photograph. "Our Vote is our Voice: Let's make Sure Asian Pacific American Voices are heard. for generations Democratic policies have helped Asian pacific American families. let's keep Asian Pacific American Families Moving Forward. Vote Democrat. November 7, 2000" Our Vote is Our Voice
2000.135.009 Poster Red and blue on white poster "Asian Pacific Americans for Gore Liberman 2000" Asian Pacific American for Gore Liberman 2000
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