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Wing Luke Museum
NVC.012.017 Scrapbook Page 17 The north american Post community memorial day service
NVC.012.018 Scrapbook Page 18 NVC Newsletter
NVC.012.019 Scrapbook Page 19 Article on Hawaiian Hospitality
NVC.012.020 Scrapbook Page 20 NVC newsletter sports
NVC.012.021 Scrapbook Page 21 black and white photographs
NVC.012.022 Scrapbook Page 22 SPORTS article on NVC
NVC.012.023 Scrapbook Page 23 Black and white photographs of Kaseguma, Nakanishi, Teshima, BEPPU
NVC.012.024 Scrapbook Page 24 Black and white photographs of Takeuchi, Hata, Tomita, Kashino, Yorozu
NVC.012.025 Scrapbook Page 25 Suyama, Morishita, mano, Hamanaka
NVC.012.026 Scrapbook Page 26 NVC Article
NVC.012.027 Scrapbook Page 27 NVC Newsletter
NVC.012.028 Scrapbook Page 28 NVC Newsletter
NVC.012.029 Scrapbook Page 29 NVC Newsletter
NVC.012.030 Scrapbook Page 30 Black and White photograph
NVC.012.031 Scrapbook Page 31 NVC Newsletter
NVC.012.032 Scrapbook Page 32 NVC Newsletter on Kashino
NVC.012.033 Scrapbook Page 33 Black and white photograph
NVC.012.034 Scrapbook Page 34 NVC Newsletter
NVC.013.001 Scrapbook Page 1 Seattle times NISEI VETS' LEADER SPEAKS AT MEMORIAL
NVC.013.002 Scrapbook Page 2 Chef Justive Matthew memorial day
NVC.013.003 Scrapbook Page 3 Photograph of Tsutomu Kunishi
NVC.013.004 Scrapbook Page 4 Justice Hill
NVC.013.005 Scrapbook Page 5 Memorial day Mr. seiichi Hara
NVC.013.006 Scrapbook Page 6 Photograph of Gary Yamashita Delegate to Boys State
NVC.013.007 Scrapbook Page 7 Black and white photograph
NVC.013.008 Scrapbook Page 8 Sports page newpaper article
NVC.013.009 Scrapbook Page 9 NVC Newsletter
NVC.013.010 Scrapbook Page 10 NVC newsletter NVC acquires over 200 army army wartime photos
NVC.013.011 Scrapbook Page 11 Sports page old timers capture fourth straight to lead NVC community basketball league teams
NVC.013.012 Scrapbook Page 12 Kim miyoshi, marjorie nishijima installed at oregon dinner dance
NVC.013.013 Scrapbook Page 13 NVC Newsletter Yosh teshima beats seiji hata in NVC gold title playoff match sports page community basketball league to open season play in december
NVC.013.014 Scrapbook Page 14 Photograph of making rice
NVC.013.015 Scrapbook Page 15 Photograph of japanese rice making
NVC.013.016 Scrapbook Page 16 Japanese rice making photograph
NVC.013.017 Scrapbook Page 17 Photograph of carnival
NVC.013.018 Scrapbook Page 18 sushi making photograph
NVC.013.019 Scrapbook Page 19 Sushi making photograph
NVC.013.020 Scrapbook Page 20 Sushi preperation
NVC.013.021 Scrapbook Page 21 black and photo photograph
NVC.013.022 Scrapbook Page 22 Joe Fujita GEo Hayashi Bazaar NVC
NVC.013.023 Scrapbook Page 23 Food preparation photograph
NVC.013.024 Scrapbook Page 24 Dinner photograph
NVC.013.025 Scrapbook Page 25 Photograph of Bazaar
NVC.013.026 Scrapbook Page 26 Bazaar photoghraph
NVC.013.027 Scrapbook Page 27 NVC newsletter Bozo cartoons, santa featured at annual party
NVC.013.028 Scrapbook Page 28 Sports page article
NVC.013.029 Scrapbook Page 29 Photographs of NVC community hoop circuit
NVC.013.030 Scrapbook Page 30 Sports page article
NVC.013.031 Scrapbook Page 31 Black and white photograph with article
NVC.013.032 Scrapbook Page 32 Black and white photograph
NVC.013.033 Scrapbook Page 33 NVC Newsletter
NVC.013.034 Scrapbook Page 34 memorial pictures
NVC.013.035 Scrapbook Page 35 memorial pictures
NVC.013.036 Scrapbook Page 36 memorial pictures
NVC.013.037 Scrapbook Page 37 memorial pictures
NVC.013.038 Scrapbook Page 38 memorial pictures
NVC.013.039 Scrapbook Page 39 NVC newsletter on sasaki
NVC.013.040 Scrapbook Page 40 NVC Bowline league
NVC.013.041 Scrapbook Page 41 NVC NEwsletter on ogishima
NVC.013.042 Scrapbook Page 42 Black and white picture with article of Fred Ida
NVC.013.043 Scrapbook Page 43 NVC Newsletter on Col. Hanley, wife head for San Diego
NVC.013.044 Scrapbook Page 44
NVC.013.045 Scrapbook Page 45 NVC Newsletter Islanders show Mainlanders: preview of 1961 trunion staged here with movies, hula dancing, talk, prizes
NVC.013.046 Scrapbook Page 46 Reunion Preview photograph
NVC.013.047 Scrapbook Page 47 The north american post on suzuki
NVC.013.048 Scrapbook Page 48 Photograph
NVC.013.049 Scrapbook Page 49 Christmas party photograph Sandra & Janis Fujita Pam Miltara Joni Morishita Janet Shibuya Santa
NVC.013.050 Scrapbook Page 50 Photograph Anne Denise Watanabe Santa Betti Jane Anne Denise Natabe Troop 1325
NVC.013.051 Scrapbook Page 51 Portland Hospitality stil overflows Newspaper article
NVC.013.052 Scrapbook Page 52
NVC.013.053 Scrapbook Page 53 NVC Newsletter Lotus Spartans Sweep Thru 1st round unbeaten in NVC Basketball League
NVC.013.054 Scrapbook Page 54 Newspaper Article
NVC.013.055 Scrapbook Page 55 "Lover" Aoyama George Tom Onishi Nelson Matsuda
NVC.013.056 Scrapbook Page 56 Photograph Bill Kunituzu Frank Hori
NVC.013.057 Scrapbook Page 57 Photograph Tom ONishi Pat
NVC.014 Scrapbook Women's Auxiliary Scrapbook 1957 - 1961
NVC.015 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.016 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.017 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.018 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.019 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.020 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.021 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.022 Document NVC Children's Christmas Party NVC
NVC.023 Document NVC Chowmein Teriyaki Dinner NVC
NVC.024 Document NVC Senior Citizen Luncheon New Year's Eve Party '76 Bicentennial Essay Contest NVC
NVC.025 Document NVC Auxiliary Club NVC
NVC.026 Document NVC Women's Auxiliary Club NVC
NVC.027 Document NVC Auxiliary Club NVC
NVC.028 Document NVC Auxiliary Club NVC
NVC.029 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.030 Document NVC Auxiliary Club NVC
NVC.031 Document NVC Auxiliary Club NVC
NVC.032 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.033 Document NVC Auxiliary Club NVC
NVC.034 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.035 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.036 Document NVC Bazaar Auxiliary Reports NVC Bazaar
NVC.037 Document NVC Auxiliary Club NVC
NVC.038 Document NVC Auxiliary Club NVC
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