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Wing Luke Museum
Higo.109 Article Articles Rafu Shimpo 12/13/1996 on the Higo store John Reddin Faces of the City On the vote to repeal the Alien land laws forbidding aliens from owning property.
Higo.110 Booklet Notebook In Japanese Japanese Language Learning composition book
Higo.111 Paper Paper A letter from Ayako in Japan to the family in Seattle. enclosed is a sample of cusom Higo wrapping paper.
Higo.112 Affidavit Affidavit Kazuichi Murakami for supporting the visit of Teruo Takahashi for 2 years.
Higo.113 Print, photographic Christmas card from former student Miriam Koyama 1976
Higo.114 Print, Photographic Photo of Matsuyo Murakami in 1956 visit to the England
Higo.115 Diary Notebook Diary of Ayako Murakami for 1931
Higo.116 Document Autograph book Masa'a autograph book from Minidoka,
Higo.117 Notebook Notebook of Masa Murakami, Minidoka
Higo.118 Notebook Notes regarding Loyalty Discussion
Higo.119 Telegram Telegrams with condolences for the death of Sanzo Murakami
Higo.120 Telegram Telegrams with condolences for the death of Sanzo Murakami
Higo.121 Article Articles on the Higo Store
Higo.122 Certificate Certificate of formation of Murakami Family LLC
Higo.123 Document Copies of the Last Wills and Testament of Ayako and Masa Murakami
Higo.124 Document Document Annual income statements for the Pacific Corporate Investment Co. from 1938 - 1956
Higo.125 Document Lease To the Nakat Packing Corp for the lease of rooms 116 - 117 to store furniture in 1940
Higo.126 Report Specifications for the alterations to Higo Store Building Pacific Corporate Investment Co. Specifications
Higo.127 Blueprint copy of the bluprint for alterations of the floor plan to the Higo Variety Store in 1957
Higo.128 Card Birthday and Valentine cards
Higo.129 Sampler Paper Cross Stitch Child's Sampler from Needlework Dept. to B. Murakami Minidoka, Hunts Branch Twin Falls
Higo.130 Pattern Needle point pattern from The American Weekly To B. Murakami , Minidoka WRA Hunt Branch, Twin Falls
Higo.131 Notebook 2 - notebooks Elementary teaching notebooks of Betty Murakami
Higo.132 Booklet Booklet In Japanese On the Mary C. Colby School Shoshin Jogakko in Japan
Higo.133 Print Print Color print of the cherry trees and Washington monument on the tidal basin in Washington DC. wrapped in a copy of Juniors' Pleasure
Higo.134 Notebook Notebook List of items mailed from the Higo Store
Higo.135 Invoice Invoice From Mongomery Ward to Betty Murakami For lipstick, tooth powder, galoshes, boots, sent to the Minidoka WRA camp.
Higo.136 Notebook Notebook and business cards from Betty's stay in Japan
Higo.137 Newsletter Newsletter Clarion November 1938 Clarion
Higo.138 Letter Letters From former students now residing outside of camp. 3 - from Betty Kato whose family moved to Chicago and 1 - from Jim Tsugawa now in Boise.
Higo.139 Document Printed and written notes on elementary school instruction. Betty Murakami's from Hunt Idaho
Higo.140 Document Printed educational materials for Stafford school teachers
Higo.141 Song Sheet Christmas song sheets
Higo.142 Report Reports Second Quarterly Report - War Relocation Authority July 1 - September 30, 1942 War Relocation Authority Causes of Unrest at Relocation Centers War Relocation Autority - Japanese Holidays Japanese Groups and Associations in the United States Minidoka Project Schools Bulletin No. 6 Minidoka Project Schools Bulletin No. 7
Higo.143 Report Report Minidoka Project Schools Information on the students and teachers of the Stafford and Huntville schools in Minidoka
Higo.144 Program Program 2 - on the 11th annual Northwest YPCC
Higo.145 Document Documents WRA reports and Minidoka Project Schools reports
Higo.146 Newsletter Stafford Press Newsletters.
Higo.147 Report Reports Educational materials for the Stafford school teachers.
Higo.148 Booklet Booklet Minidoka Consumer's Co-operative by Laws. Minidoka Consumer's Co-operative
Higo.149 Booklet Booklet Segregation of Persons of Japanese Ancestry in Relocation Centers explains the segregation of persons not deemed to be loyal to the United States to the Tule Lake Relocation Center. Segregation of Persons of Japanese Ancestry in Relocation Centers
Higo.150 Report Report War Relocation Authority Community Analysis Report No. 6 Nisei Assimilation War Relocation Authority Community Analysis Report No. 6 Nisei Assimilation
Higo.151 Map Map Minidoka Relocation Center
Higo.152 Report Minutes of the Huntsville PTA Initial Meeting Betty Murakami secretary
Higo.153 Handbook Handbook Minidoka Project Schools Elementary Teacher's Handbook Elementary Teacher's Handbook
Higo.154 Poem Poems Poems to stimulate the imagination of students
Higo.155 Document Elementary School Quiz
Higo.156 Letter Letters from former students of the Stafford School to Betty and Masa Murakami.
Higo.157 Magazine The Living Church Editorial - Our Dept to the Japanese Americans Our Dept to the Japanese Americans
Higo.158 Letter Letters From Edith Kleinkoff of the Stafford school and 6th grade students thanking Betty and Masa Murakami for the candy and penents they sent to the remaining students in Minidoka after their return to Seattle. Many letters mention relocation events.
Higo.160 Scrapbook Scrapbook YPCC 1934 articles Young People's Christian Conference 1934 Betty Murakami was a delegate and editor of the YPCC pamphlet
Higo.161 Notebook Notebook 3 ring binder with sewing dress patterns
Higo.162 Notebook Notebook Stafford School information on teaching and class lists Valentine to Miss Murakami from shizuko
Higo.163 Magazine Magazine Suppliment to the Osaka Mainichi Japanese reporting on the increasing war with Japanese occupied Manchuria and China in 1937 The China Emergency
Higo.164 Program Program Banquet honoring Block 38 placing second in the 1944 Christmas Dining Hall Contest
Higo.165 Notice Notice Carbon copy Notice of Assignment Masako Murakami To Internal Security - Stenographer at $16.00
Higo.166 Notebook Notebook Betty Murakami's Fourth Grade Pupil Growth Report Students grades March1 - April 30, 1943
Higo.167 Bulletin Bulletin Mimeograph copy of Teacher Training Department Special Bulletin on teaching units on display for one week at Recreation hall 23. Masako Murakami's name at the top.
Higo.168 Document Family Registry Murakami Family Tatsuda Village A koseki is a Japanese family registry. Japanese law requires all Japanese households (ie) to report births, acknowledgements of paternity, adoptions, disruptions of adoptions, deaths, marriages and divorces of Japanese citizens to their local authority, which compiles such records encompassing all Japanese citizens within their jurisdiction. Marriages, adoptions and acknowledgements of paternity become legally effective only when such events are recorded in the koseki. Births and deaths became legally effective as they happen, but such events must be filed by family members.
Higo.169 Book Book Japanese Kanji Primer for teaching characters
Higo.170 Card, business Business Card Higo Business cards 10 Cents Store 671-3-5 Weller St Sanzo Murakami Proprietor
Higo.171 Certificate Certified Copy of Birth Certificate Ayako Murakami
Higo.172 Letter Letter In Japanese To Matsuyo Murakami From her brother (unreadable)kuma in Japan 11/9/1918 It is getting colder here. The cold wind is blowing from the river to the open field. Leaves have changed their color to yellow and were blown to the ground. (untraslable) I trust that you and all your family members, Ayako and Chiyo-chan are doing well. Is Ayako-chan's injury healing OK? Mother is worring her so much about it. Sister, you might have heard about it, but in Japan, the disease, so called "Influenza" is going around. I have to be careful not to get it. (untranslable) Schools are all closed. Even myself got this flu. It has been nine days but still I haven't completely healed from it yet. I had fever of 41.2 Centigrade (106.16 Fahrenheit) when worst. Luckily, in my family, I am the only one who got it, nobody else did. Surely this year is such a strange year. ___ after all the leaves are gone and when it is getting colder, end of the year is coming near. December will be around the corner, in 20 days or so. Again, we got to make some Mochi and Soba. We have to endure the difficulties to the end of the year. Everybody is looking forward to Shogatsu (New Year), but you will never know how hard it is if you were parents (to get through this hardship at this time of the year.) (untranslable) Everytime I see our parents, I cannot help by shedding tears. They got old, but they still are working very hard in dirty car (rice or flour mill ?). They pound such as two to three "hyo" of rice (265 to 397 lbs) and mill the flour, with their face frowned, worried face and at night they sleep like a log. I assume that is really tough for them. If you are parents, you have to worry about providing food on the table everyday. When they didn't have enough money, they wonder how they could manage to borrow rice from somebody to prepare tomorrow's bento-lunch. I never can forget their grateful consideration for us.
Higo.173 Bankbook Bankbook Savings Account book of Sanzo Murakami at the Japanese Commercial Bank
Higo.174 Certificate Certificate From the Seattle japanese School To Masa and Kazuichi Murakami for perfect attendance
Higo.175 Bill Tax Statement King County Tax statement for the Pacific Corporate Investment Co for 1944
Higo.176 Letter Letter To Mrs. Murakami From: Mrs. N. Nishimoto Hunt Idaho In Japanese
Higo.177 Telegram Western Union Telegrams To Matsuyo Murakami From Nichiren Church in Minidoka Condolences on the death of Sanzo Murakami
Higo.178 Letter Letter To: Mrs. Murakami From: Tokumasu Family
Higo.179 Letter Letters Series of letters from Japan from 1946 - 1949 See Higoletter 386, 387
Higo.180 Directory Directory Japanese Presbyterian Church July 1, 1950 Japanese Presbyterian Church directory
Higo.181 Passport Matsuyo's Imperial Japanese Government passport
Higo.183 Certificate Shigaki School of Costume Designing Graduation Certificate Ayako Murakami
Higo.184 Summons Subpoena Ayako Murakami in case against Kenji Ito
Higo.185 Document Evacuation Order Pamphlet
Higo.186 Tag Tag Ayako Murakami's evacuation tag
Higo.187 Telegram Telegram
Higo.188 Pamphlet Pamphlet The War Relocation Work Corps The War Relocation Work Corps
Higo.189 Newsletter Newsletter Camp Harmony Souvenir Edition Camp Harmony
Higo.190 Badge Paper Badge Welcome to Minidoka
Higo.191 Memo Classification Transfer Ayako Murakami to Assistant Teacher
Higo.192 Document Achievement Test results for Ayako Betty Murakami's class at Minidoka Stanford Achievement Test
Higo.193 Drawing Drawing Pencil on paper Pheasant hunting by Shokichi Tokita
Higo.194 Drawing Drawing Dogwood blossoms by Ayako Jean Fujii
Higo.195 Book Autograph Book Betty's and Masa'a autograph books from students
Higo.196 Newsletter Newsletter Calvary's Fellowship Easter publication Betty Murakami one associate editors
Higo.197 Document Correspondence Extension Service Idaho State Department of Education
Higo.198 Document Correspondence Extension Service Idaho State Department of Education The Development of Personality Lesson X
Higo.199 Sculpture wooden heart with photograph Kenji Hirata
Higo.201 Letter Prayer Betty Murakami
Higo.202 Letter Letter WRA Welcome to Minidoka Schools
Higo.203 Cover Elementary Teacher's Handbook cover
Higo.204 Document Elementary school handbook Philosophy of the elementary schools
Higo.205 Document Page from Elementary Techer's Handbook on Daily Schdule
Higo.206 Letter Letter From Ethel Fitzsimons to Murakami's and students thanking them for the corn and gardening activities.
Higo.207 Newsletter Stafford Press School Newsletter
Higo.208 Report Report Teacher Training at Minidoka
Higo.209 Poem Gifts of God
Higo.213 Record Masa's Identity Record
Higo.214 Card ID cards for Sanzo, Matsuyo and Kay Murakami
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