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Wing Luke Museum
1996.006.152 stationary letterhead paper for the Kuomingtang of China, Chinese Nationalist party, Spokane branch letterhead
1996.006.153 Document Contrast format for leasing land in Japan, 11 articles or conditions to be met, blank form, written in Japanese space for lessor, lessee and address of property, folded in eighths, liquid spot and pink streak on lower right side. Document
1996.006.154 letter written entirely in Chinese, letter is tissue paper, folded in eights, envelope has chinese writing in front with red ink band down middle, made in Hong Kong. Contents of the letter are to Tang Feng De from Tang De Guei in Minneapolis in 1963 regarding clearing up some business matter because of confusino from a financial statement and ask that Tan feng de to come to the city to clear things up. letter and envelope
1996.006.155 letter letter written on Nov 30, 1942 by a woman Hsiang zi to a man, either her husband or brother Gi Hsang, saying she had arrived at a camp on Nov. 29, its lika a jail there are many men there who will be sent back, she isn't sure she will be staying and there is an insurance paper attached to this letter but not included here. letter sent from china to the us air mail in Chinese, in purple ink, folded in thirds. letter
1996.006.156 advertising card for printing co. bock ngar chy co. of san fransisco, made for a blotter that has been used, card is written in chinese with a picture of a printing press in the middle. advertising card
1996.006.157 booklet three booklets with wrap around cover, these are best essays for beginners published in Shanghai in 1933, written in Chinese, cover has red printing booklets have red printing on outside, black printing inside, folded pages, some drawings, tissue paper, string binding. booklet
1996.006.158 booklet booklet written in Chinese, story book, sting binding, torn in upper left corner, syas "Made in China" on cover, folded pages, tissue paper, block printing. booklet
1996.006.159 booklet booklet, written in Chinese, story book, string binding says, "Made in China" on the cover, folded pages, tissue paper, black printing, cover is tearing and a bit frayed. booklet
1996.006.162 booklet booklet, heroes from war stories in the ming and ching dynasties, string binding, front cover says "Made in China" written in Chinese on folded pages. booklet
1996.006.163 booklets booklet, six a listing of peole's names alphabetically and describing the good deedsthey have done, string binding, written in chinese on folded pages in black ink, tissue paper, string is unraveling on "e" covers are tearing and frayed. booklet
1996.006.164 book set 4 plus wrapper, war stories of the ching dynasty, string binding, written in Chinese in black ink on folded tissue paper, wrapper has writing in Chinese and English. booklet
1996.006.165 book chapter booklet, oath of office of Yuan Shi Kai, first president of the republic of China, plus comments and criticisms about him from overseas Chinese students, a british newspaper, Japanese newspaper and other newspapers as well as Chinese in the provinces, published around 1911, written in Chinese on discolored white paper in black ink. book chapter
1996.006.166 book booklet, almanac or encyclopedia type book that tells you things like how to make things for writing ( ink, paint, glue) and especially things on health, medicine and well being. booklet
1996.006.170 booklet booklet, ledger type, possibly used in a book store, pink print, vertical lines, printed in 1926, Chinese Headings and some chinese writing no entries, string binding. booklet
1996.006.171 booklet booklet war stories in Eastern Zou period, 3rd chapter in the series, printed in Shanghai, color cover of a man falling backwards from a rampart, while down booklet
1996.006.172 book math, instructions, written entirely in Chinese on folded pages, string binding, "dog eared" coners. booklet
1996.006.173 book booklet, a novel, "Revenge of Ms. In" published in Shanghai in 1925, written in Chinese booklet
1996.006.174 booklet booklet, a standard of writing letters for business, written in Chinese on folded pages, on tissue paper, string binding. booklet
1996.006.175 book set standard of writing an essay for 5th and 6th graders b) how to write and essay for elementry school students, chapter 3 c)standard of how to write and essay for elementary school students, chapter 3 printed in chinese. booklet
1996.006.176 book written in Chinese, has poems, short articles and tour information, folklore and other stores about the famous lake. booklet"A flower in the West lake"
1996.006.177 book booklet, a collection of 300 poems of the Tang Dynasty, compiled by men in the early ching dynasty, now revised, printed in 1919, illustrations on every page of poetry, string binding, cover is frayed and torn. booklet
1996.006.178 book standard of writing letters to congratulate comfort people who are ill, whose loved ones have passed, ect.) and other matters of etiquette, written in chinese on folded tissue paper, string binding, spotted and corners creased. booklet
1996.006.179 book booklet, chinese history textbook for high school students, chapter 4, this chapter is from the ching dynasty to the beginning of the chinese republic. booklet
1996.006.180 book booklet on how to write a letter, gray cover, written in Chinese on folded pages, printed in China by china book co. booklet
1996.006.181 financial register booklet, financial book of Hip Sing Co. In 1946, written in Chinese on folded pages, 15 pages of writing, other pages have no writing, red printing inside, there was a letter or message on a slip of paper inside written in Chinese. financial register and letter
1996.006.182 booklet booklet, financial report of stock from each stockholder, of hip sing assoc. in 1946, 11 pages, of writing in Chinese on folded pages, red printing inside string binding, chinese brush writing on front cover. booklet of financial register and documents
1996.006.183 membership register booklet, membership of Hop sing Association of Spokane Wa, 12 pages of writing on folded pages in Chinese, red printing inside. membership register
1996.006.184 book Booklet, a Chinese Moral/Essay. Yellow cover, folded inside pages, large block printing of Chinese characters, binding is loose and pages are torn and frayed. book
1996.006.185 book booklet, elementary school booklets, published in Shanghai in 1927, cover shows three girls and three boys seated with open books against a backdrop of a sun and its rays, cover says "property of Josephine Chinn" booklet
1996.006.186 book booklet, "digest of laws, rules and court desicions governing the Chinese in America. published in the us in 1928. written in Chinese book
1996.006.187 book booklet "written national language" a middle school text book. published in 1933, cover says printed in China booklet
1996.006.188 book booklet, "Newest National Language Reader" published in Shanghai in 1917, written in Chinese on folded pages with illustrations, string binding, has spots on front and back covers. book
1996.006.189 book booklet, "spring and autumn period commentary" published in Shanghai late 19th or early 20th century, written in Chinese on folded pages, string binding. booklet
1996.006.191 booklet "Beginner's primer on letter writing" published in Shanghai in 1917, written in Chinese booklet
1996.006.192 booklet Booklet, " Chinese prediction on seven different kind of predictions, written in Chinese with illustrations, printed April 1, 1939 in hong kong booklet
1996.006.193 book blue soft cover, "The three principles of the people" written in chinese, written in pencil on cover printed in China on back. book
1996.006.194 book written in Chinese in 1924, and published in Shaghai, by Tai Dong. Backround of the sotry is Qing Dynasty, red, white and blue cover shows a Chinese woman with a dagger in her left hand and left leg raised booklet, "revenge of ms. eng"
1996.006.195 book Chu Ge's military strategy on war affairs to be used to figure out the good and bad around them and therefore how to gain better contron of one's life, written in Chinese, published in 1918 in China, string binding. booklet
1996.006.196 booklet "How to write a letter, " written in Chinese, published in 1923 by world book co. Shanghai booklet
1996.006.198 booklet "how to treat a girl" by Ch'ang Ging Sheng, published in 1929 in hong kong and shanghai, written in chinese, cover shows a caricature of a woman, back cover has the word "China" stamped in the upper right hand corner. booklet
1996.006.199 Booklet "The book of odes" four booklets wrapped in plain brown wrapping paper, written in Chinese with string binding, booket a has a vertical lable in Chinese, "China" is stamped on each booklet on front pages are folded tissue paper, from Tian Bao Book store in Shanghai booklet
1996.006.200 booklet financial report of Du zong co. ltd. form 1920 to and including 1926, report indicates who borrowed money and how much, the company's expenses for things like utilities, plumbing and other daily expenses, maroon cover, stapled, written in Chinese, folded pages printed on January 1927, pages on bottom left have gotten dog eared. booklet
1996.006.201 booklet building property stock book of Du Zong Co. Ltd, booklet belonged to Cheng Ri u of seatle includes names of stockholders and how much they invested, printed in 1927, written in Chinese, the total stock is $48, 600. booklet
1996.006.202 booklet bookle, regulations of the third annual meeting of the Chi Sao Du Ching association in seattle for the year 1925-1926, written in Chinese, folded page. booklet
1996.006.203 booklet booklet, Chan Shi'Mei's story, four chapters, printed sometime between 1909-1911, written in chinese, folded pages, aqua cover. booklet
1996.006.204 booklet booklet, math problems, chapters 1 and 2, published in 1911, in China or hong kong, written in chinese, folded pages, string binding, coming unraveled, cover is discolored, back cover is frayed. booklet
1996.006.205 booklet booklet, Chinese history in the tang dynasty, chapters 23-25, pulbished in Shaghai, written in Chinese, folded pages, string binding cover is discolored. booklet
1996.006.206 booklet Booklet, a) the third chapter of writing standards in the republic of China and b) the sixth chapter on writing a letter, greeting and the temporary laws and regulations of the republic of china, published around 1911, written in Chinese. booklet
1996.006.207 booklet booklet, first anniversary and first annual meeting of the chinese national welfare society in america June24-26, 1920 in San Fransisco, gray cover with blue ink printing in Chinese, gold seal at top of cover, individual pictures of men inside booklet, possibly oficers and or board of directors, one page has fold-out pictures of people at a banquet and another is a group picture in front of buildings. booklet
1996.006.208 booklet booklet, gospel of Mark written in Chinese, printed in shanghai, string binding, tissue paper cover, folded pages, cover is tearing and back cover is discoloring. booklet
1996.006.209 booklet a lady by the name of Feng Guan's love letters by Tao Lu Gong, published in Shangha in 1928, written in Chinese, gray cover, red design with blue chinese writing on cover. booklet
1996.006.210 booklet booklet, The regulations of Huang and Luao family comittees on safely and protection of the communites in Toisan, Canton, China in 1935 booklet formerly belonged to Luao Ray Yao, lavendar cover. booklet
1996.006.211 booklet booklet, a teacher's guidebook for sunday school lessons on Christianity, published by North Fukien religious tract society in 1936, written, in Chinese except an introduction in English and also half a page of the second to the last page in English. booklet
1996.006.214 booklet booklet, "confucius's book of rites" written in Chinese, in lined columns, string binding. booklet
1996.006.215 booklet bookets, novel 11 copies new edition of the story of getting back the official robe that means one is in a high official job, at beginning of each paragraph is a two sentence saying which introduces the story, story style, written in Chinese, folded pages, has a fading blue cover with 3 Chinese sages with tablets in their hands, printed in the early 1900's. booklet
1996.006.216 book booklet, Chinese martial arts novel, dated 1952, written in Chinese cover shows man with sword with two other men with swords running toward him, green cover with red and black printing, tp has red border on cover, cover has water spots as does back page spine is torn. booklet
1996.006.218 book booklet, "Standard procedures for commercial business writing" printed in shanghai 1923, written in Chinese, a few words in English, some illustrations cover has there columns of Chinese writing in blue inside an egg-shaped diesing with floral border. booklet
1996.006.219 booklet booklet, "The Christian family, illustrated lessons for little children at home" by miss l.s.hammond, BA, American Church mission, nanking, written in Chinese with illustrations, teal green cover has 4 chinese characters in black written vertically. booklet
1996.006.220 booklet a commentary of China's communism, pulbished by the an overseas publisher on Sept 1957 in Taiwan, written in Chinese, cover is yellow shows a white clipper ship. booklet
1996.006.221 bank register deposit and withdrawal book, written in Chinese, perforated near the middle same informantion written on both sides of the perforation in Chinese, stapled on left side with 2 staples, manila cover, no writing on cover. booklet
1996.006.222 Booklet thoughts of Sun Yat Sen, written in Chinese by Cho Fo hai in 1925 (1st edition) published in Shanghai, light blue cover, warped with oil spots. booklet
1996.006.223 booklet behavior book on giving and accepting love, published in 1932 in Shanghai written in Chinese, faded beige cover shows a drawing row of women seated on a bench with arms resting on the shoulder of the woman in front of them. booklet
1996.006.224 booklet Booklet, " Ming and Ching: two state's records" a historical novel, chapters 2 and 3, written in Chinese on folded pages, pink front cover with black design, stamped "printed in china" on front cover, cover is tearing along spine. booklet
1996.006.225 booklet children's publication, chapters 2 and 5, inside back cover says in English, "Readers for children, commercial press limited, all rights reserved. written in chinese on folded pages. booklet
1996.006.226 book school textbook. booklet, textbook for the revival of the abc's of natural and social sciences, the 8th textbook in the chinese language series, published in 1933 in Shanghai, book formerly belonged to chen U Ch'ou in 1938, written Chinese with illustrations booklet
1996.006.227 booklet novels written in Chinese on folded pages with string binding that's coming loose, split in two front cover has Chinese block print title, cover is fraying booklet
1996.006.228 booklet booklet, standard and formal words for writing a letter, written in Chinese, string binding, blue and white label with chinese writing on left side of front cover, cover is spotted and corners are curling. booklet
1996.006.229 booklet a catalog published by Kway yih Book store on honan Road in Shanghai in 1922, written in Chinese on folded pages, string binding, red white and green cover, piece cut out from middle of front cover booklet
1996.006.230 book booklet, guidline of new inventions in agriculutre, written in Chinese in 1918 in Shanghai, chartreuse cover with blue printing shows a drawing of a lake with two boats. booklet
1996.006.231 flyer announcement and invitation to a funeral to wat sing star co. written in Chinese, re strip with Chinese writingin upper left corner, crease in middle running veritically. flyer
1996.006.232 booklet The third Chinese Language textbook published in 1923, 55th edition published in 1926, written in Chinese brown cover written on inside of back cover in english it states, "new method series Chinese language readers" booklet
1996.006.233 booklet geography book edited in 1884, author from England, written in Chinese on folded tissue pages, 8 consectuive pages of illustrations. booklet
1996.006.235 adress book adress book, listing of flip sing associations addresses in many states and in China, cloth-covered with floral design. CLoth handle on right side. booklet
1996.006.236 scratch pad from China restraunt, western scratch pad No.90, blue band at top, beige writing paper. notebook
1996.006.237 notebook notebook, pocket size, lined white paper with two rings holding paper, "Made in U.S.A" Genuine Trussell, Poughkeepsie, black cover, 10 pages written in Chinese with brush and ink, metal spine. notebook
1996.006.238 herb prescription herb prescription book, using Dallas City Bank, Dalla, Oregon bankbook, book says, "In Accoutn with Charlie Inglin" 5 pages in back of Chinese writing Chinese Herbal prescription medicine. book
1996.006.239 adress book previously used as a bank book syas "State Nat. Bank, El Paso Texas." In acoutn with Dr. F.T. Sam' Shows bank entry from June 30.1910 to Jan 4,1911, rest of the pages have names or companies written in English and Chinese in the back, first page has writing in Chinese in pecil cover has writing in Chinese in Black ink, rear inside cover has writing in Chinese in pencil as well as 20322 and box 131. Rear cover has the name "CH Norton" written in pencil. stains or prints on front cover. adress book
1996.006.240 almanac almanac and date book, 1928, black cover, covers the period form sept.25,1927 to Jan. 5th 1929, includes items such as postal rates, cities, and state's populations, maps of the united states and its territories, weights and measures, ect. computations in pencil written on inside of front cover and first page, some pencil writing on certain dates. almanac
1996.006.241 notebook financial booklet, maroon color, Chinese writing in pencil on front cover as well as inside, also Chinese brush writing on inside pages, pages are lined in Blue and red, numbers 10 and1325 are stamped on the inside cover and first page. notebook
1996.006.242 address book "Ong SIng Wah" written on the inside cover, phonetic chinese writing at american and canadian cities, listed, also the addresses of the hip sing tung associations in the US,and names of Idaho and Monatana immigration/customs inspectors in Chinese and English, pges lined in red and blue, light brown blank cover. notebook
1996.006.243 booklet financial booklet, pocketbook size, maroon color, pages, blue lined, cover has one Chinese Character written on it, pages have Chinese writing in pencil or brush or crayon. First page has a drawing of a diamond inside a cube drawn with blue pencil financial booklet
1996.006.244 booklet financial booklet, belonging to Uan Li's ticket house, for 1932, black coer syas "Notes" on front and "Germany" on back. booklet
1996.006.245 notebook note booklet pheasant school series, pocket notes no. 167, picture of a pheasant on the cover, own was Dick Eng, Chinese writing in ink on cover, writing in Chinese in pencil inside, blue ilined pages, first page has in English. notebook
1996.006.246 wallet billfold with "Union National Bank of Seattle" logo inside, folded with an upper compartment and lower compartment. wallet
1996.006.247 notebook pocket book, mostly written in Chinese dealing mostly with monetary matters and a few notes on a ship and a 3 and 5 years old arrival, a slip of paper indiecates money was borrowed, writing in book is in pencil and brush and ink, writing in English says Pot latch notebook
1996.006.248 tablet cover has a drawing of a chinese soldier with a sword thrust forward and a line of soldiers at his feet cover also has a picture of a commander Tsai Ting Kai. writing tablet
1996.006.249 program four page folded sheets, cover says "I amd the Resurrection and the life" flora cover, July 1, 1984, was date of service memorial service program for willard Jue
1996.006.250 writing tablet used for writing letters, cover shows a drawing of a pagoda, birds, tree, moon, sun and a house with a picture of a pagoda, houses, trees, and a amna riding a horse also on the cover superimposed on thedrawing. writing tablet
1996.006.251 sheet indicating some kinds of receipts for a donation or investment or trade, people's names and some companies' names are included as well as the money, in 1946 sheets of paper
1996.006.252 letter for writing letter and correspondence it says at the top, "Wa Chon Co. Importers, wholesale and retail dealers in fine tea, rice, and all kinds of chinese merchandise, union fire works co. letterhead and stationary
1996.006.255 shipping order China merchans steam navigaiont co. to transport one case of musical instruments only from Shanghai to Foochow on steamer called S.S. Hainchi shipping order
1996.006.256 flyer schedule for Isabella Yen's cooking class on 8.5" x 11" paper titled "Isabella Yen's Cuisine" gives address as 5230 university way Ne cooking class flyer
1996.006.257 tablet writing tablet to practice, chinese calligraphy, tissue paper with string bindin on top,brush paint used for the calligraphy, water mark on cover, edges are fraying some pages pices torn off calligraphy tablet
1996.006.258 herb prescription a prescription for chinese herbs written on tissue paper with brush and ink entirely in Chinese seven colunms of writing, folded in fourths. herb prescription
1996.006.259 greeting card used for Christmas shaped as a crescent, says " a jolly christmas" scene shows a church with a moon above with trees around and a brook running by. greeting card
1996.006.260 receipt receipt of goods sent by U Chang Long CO. Of San Fransisco to Ueng Hoo Long Co. (possibly in SEattle) written with brush painting in Chinese with vertical pink column lines. 23 columns of writing, two orange block imprint stamps on lower left side, one orange stamp printing in Chinese in last column, folded in fourths. sales receipt
1996.006.261 note sheet of proberbs, those that deal with nature and natural phenomenon, pritned in green ink in Macao, 10 columns of writing all in Chinese, back side had writing with black ink brush, supposedly prices, folded in fourths, "dog-eared" in corners. note on lottery ticket
1996.006.262 prescription Chinese herb prescription, written in Chinese with brush and black ink, 12 coumns of writing, folded accordian style has spots on paper. Herb prescription
1996.006.263 financial statement a written financial and expenses statement from Aug. to Oct. in 1916 or 1926 from Gin Hsiam Hao Co. of Seattle and San Fransisco to Woo U Cheng, written entirely in Chinese with ink and brush, 20 columns of writing, has a block stamp in three places and one orange print stamp of Chinese writing; folded accordian style. financial statement
1996.006.264 prescription A sheet of chinese herb presscription written in Chinese in six columns with brush and black ink, red vertical column lines, folded into sixteenth, on tissue type paper. Chinese Herb prescription
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