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Wing Luke Museum
1999.060.979 Booklet Four booklet Instruction Papers Laces, Silks, and Linens Remodeling and Inovating Embroidery Stitches Essential Stitches. From Gom Hong Box 25 Women's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences.
1999.060.980 Booklet Piano Instruction and music books
1999.060.981 Scapbook Gloria Eng's scrap book of a trip across the US in 1946. Programs from New York on ballet, broadway, circus and zoo. Restaurant menus, guides. Scrap Book
1999.060.982 Article Mrs. Wanda Eng wins back US citizenship after losing it in 1929 when she married Jack Eng. They lived in Canton and Hong Kong and returned to the US in 1946. They settled in Seattle. American Wife of Chinese Chemical engineer reclaims lost citizenship in Saginaw court
1999.060.998 Notebook Notebook with English Chinese translation notes. Written on the interior is: Fred Eng dated 1914 Small leather bound notebook
1999.064 Newspaper Glossy white tabloid style newspaper, "Asian Family Affair" The paper has black and white photographs and black printing. This issue, Vol. 1, No. 9 is titled 'On the March" on focuses on the November 1972 rally against the Kingdome by Asian American activists. Additional covers from 1984 with stories on I D boom; Becon Hill Boys movie; Ike Ikeda; Naomi Iwata Sanchez; Ruthanne Kurose.
1999.065 Program Glossy cover, multi-page program: "Wing Luke Invitational Art Exhibition '79" The front cover has a tan colored reproduction of Alan Lau's "Muddy Waters" The program lists all invilved with setting up and the artists displayed at the exhibition. There are some black and white reproductions of the works.
1999.066 Program Glossy white paper cover program with black printing: "Made in America: Annual Asian American Art Exhibition" There are black and white photographs of the art and short bios of the artists.
1999.066 Program Glossy white paper cover program with black printing: "Made in America: Annual Asian American Art Exhibition" There are black and white photographs of the art and short bios of the artists.
1999.067 Booklet Glossy blue covered booklet: "Seattle Chinatown International District: An Investment Guide" The front cover had three black and white photographs of the district. It was published by the Seattle Department of Community Development and has maps and investment information inside.
1999.068 Report Spiral bound, manilla paper cover report: "The Potential for Economic Development and the Creation of a Cultural Center within Seattle's International District." Prepared for City of Seattle, INTERIM, IDEA, by John Houston. 71 single side pages with appendices.
1999.069 Booklet Glossy paper booklet: "Seattle's Other History: Our Asian-American Heritage," by Edward and Elizabeth Burke. The front cover has six color photographs of the Asian American community in the International District. The text has photos and text about the history of the International District.
1999.070 Directory Green paper cover directory: "Washington State Chinese Community Directory, 1971" has black printing, green illustration of Washington state, a list of the names of the cities listed, a red circle with a draon illustration and a row of Chinese characters along the left side. There is an addendum with a listing of businesses. Washington State Chinese Community Directory
1999.071 Booklet White paper cover, green plastic spiral binding booklet: "Getting Drunk on King Street," by Mary Gibson-Hatten, published by Midnight Cat Press, 1985
1999.077 Schedule 1 - large wall schedule for the Canadian Pacific Ocean Services, Ltd. On white paper with green and red printing. The text is in Chinese. There is a photo of a passenger ship on the center top. Along the bottom are the names of the agents: E.F.L. Sturdee, Seattle; Seto More, Vancouver, W.G.annable, Montreal.
1999.078.001 Scrapbook 20 paper pages of scrap book - "Cathay Unit, Seattle Washington, 1947" This has to do with the women's auxiliary of the Cathay Post 186. A: There is a title page in black and red. B: is a preamble, typed, "For God and Country ..." C: is a listing of officers for 1947, D: an introduction page - "Auxiliary Inaugural, February 10, 1947, Chinese Baptist Church". E: 5 - Articles on the formation of the auxiliary, two dates are mentioned. February 10, 1947 at the Chinese Baptist Church and September 29, 1947 at Chong Wa Association. F: One program for the Cathay Post sponsored Moon Festival.
1999.079.001 Magazine East Wind Magazine: Politics and Culture of Asians in the US A: Vol. 1, No. 1, cover has stylized images of cherry blossoms with purple tint, and an orange - yellow sun in right corner. Articles include: Internment Camps, Chinese American history, Women, Racism, Asian American studies, Hawaii, Philippines, Asian National Movements. B: Vol. 2, No. 2, Yellow cover with grid pattern in white and parts of Hokusai print with photo of Asian student protesters. Articles: Anti-Asian violence, Aquino assasination, Gene Viernes & Silme Domingo, Deems Tsutakawa, theater, poetry. C: Vol. 3, No. 1, Asians and Political Power. D: Vol. 4, No. 1, Black cover with red and yellow image of people on the belly of a flying eagle. Affirmation & Resistance,
1999.079.002 Ad, Magazine Louis Vuitton Press Document and Images for luggage promotion: "Les Voyages Imaginaires de Louis Vuitton" The ad is in three parts, a box cover, a booklet of the ads and a booklet with slides of the ads. A: Box cover is cardboard covered with red stripped paper with the title printed in gold on the spine. B: Booklet with cover of the same red stripped paper design, glossy white pages, staple binding. C: Stiff red paper folder, opens in the front with a separate sheet holding 7 slides. The stereotypical image is of a German toy consisting of two pig tailed Chinese men carrying a box on a litter.
1999.080 Collage Thin brown paper sheet with water colored scene in the center and intricate collage decorative margin around it. The scene is multiple colored showing a family looking from their house to a court yard. In the court yard is a man with two water buckets on a pole, next to him is a woman holding a fan. Behind them looking out of a window are two women, next to a man looking out another window. along the right side are tow people, a man and a woman seated at a table, kneeling in front of them is a man holding up his hands. Two young women stand next to the people at the table. Around the margin in multiple colors are images of ducks, a horse, butterflies, eagles and alternating Chinese characters made with mirrors on the behind and cut-out paper in front.
1999.085.001 Poster Brown paper poster with black and white printing. there are the portraits of the three featured artists; Dennis Morinaka, Chi-ling Chan and Arthur Okazaki. It was for the Wing Luke Memorial Museum Best of the West exhibition, November 15 - December 21, 1985. Designed by Jesse Reyes. Best of the West
1999.087.005 Magazine Paper cover magazine with black and white photographs through-out. Chapters on Martial Arts and on Bruce Lee. Separate color poster of Bruce Lee inside. Bruce Lee: My Martial Arts Training Guide 'Jeet Kune-Do'
1999.087.007 Magazine Compilation of articles and photographs on Bruce Lee Bruce Lee: 1940 - 1973
1999.087.008 Calendar Pink, fuschia and black wall calendar with black and white photographs of Bruce Lee on each monthly page. Bruce Lee: a legend.... 1975 Memorial Calendar
1999.087.009 Magazine Series of articles in English and Chinese on nunchaku techniques with black and white drawings and photographs. Bruce Lee's Nunchaku in Action Complete Nunchaku Know - How's presented by Bruce Lee; 17 Different Techniques for You Study At Home Instant Success
1999.087.011 Magazine 9 - issues of the magazine many with articles on Bruce Lee. Fighting Stars: Celebrities in the Art of Self-Defense
1999.087.012 Magazine Glossy magazine in English and Chinese on Hong Long films. Back cover is torn off. Golden Movie News, No. 28
1999.087.013 Magazine Glossy cover magazine with photos of Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - "It was a 'Game of Death'" on the cover. Karate Illustrated
1999.087.014 Magazine A Poster magazine with glossy photos and illustrations which folds out into a large poster. Four issues, No. 1,2,3,5. Kung-Fu Monthly
1999.087.015 Magazine Karate tournament magazine with interview with Linda Lee and Back cover painting of Bruce Lee Professional Karate
1999.087.016 Magazine Chinese magazine published by ;The Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune-do Club No. 188, Hong Kong. Studies on Jeet Kune do
1999.087.017 Magazine Glossy black and white photograph magazine "tracing the career of the most phenominal martial artist ever through a collection o freprinted articles from 'Black Belt,' 'Karate Illustrated' and 'Fighting Stars' magazines" The Best of Bruce Lee
1999.087.018 Magazine Comic and media magazine with article on 'Enter the Dragon' The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
1999.087.019 Magazine Series of copied photographs on the film career of Bruce Lee. The Secrets of Bruce Lee's Kung Fu by Chun Fan Poui
1999.087.020 Book, Comic Color comic in Chinese on exploits of Bruce Lee Bruce Lee
1999.087.021 Magazine Magazine in Chinese on techniques of Bruce Lee ?
1999.087.022 Magazine Magazine in Chinese on Bruce Lee ?
1999.087.023 Articles 17 - newspaper and magazine articles on Bruce Lee: A Life worth Remembering, by Richard Seven Bruce Lee in Scenes from Return of the Dragon Bruce Lee cutout photograph Bruce Lee Cutout photograph Hawaii's Kung Fu and other Martial Arts, June, 1974. Drugs Cited in Lee's Death Bruce Lee, Kung fu idol laid to rest, Seattle Times, July 31, 1973 Actor died of 'Misadventure' Bruce Lee;s Widow Testifies September 17, 1973, Seattle Times Lee died of Brain Disease Celebrity question on Bruce Lee Bruce Lee Warned about pot says doctor Bruce Lee: His legend still lives, July 21, 1979 Playing the late Bruce Lee's leading lady 'eerie', June 10, 1979 Bruce Lee: He was the Boy-god indestructable, John Owen April 6, 1975 Bruce Lee in 'Game of Death' poster
1999.087.024 Magazine Contains photo of Bruce Lee Oriental Flavors: A Guide to Seattle's Chinatown
1999.089.001 Album Red and black leather scrap book with manilla pages with documents and letters of the Filipino Community Club House. Signed by V.N. Sarusal, V.O. Navea. J. Dionision, Placida De Cano, U. Canesal, and G.N. Perez before notary and by Pio de Cano, V.M. Laigo, Eugeni P. Resos. Filipino Community Club House
1999.089.003 Documents Filipino Community Club House
1999.091.001 Booklet Booklet celebrating the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Seattle Kung Fu club. The booklet has photos and articles on the history of the club and its founder John Leong. Seattle Kung-Fu Club 30 Year Anniversary
1999.091.001 B Booklet Benefit exhibition of martial arts organized by John Leong of the Seattle Kung fu Club in 1993. Seattle Kung Fu Club Presents the 1993 Northwest Martial Arts Benefit
1999.091.001 C Booklet Program for the United Kung-fu Federation of North America 1995 International Open Championship held in Seattle, WA August 18 - 19, 1995. 1st Annual 1995 International Open Kung-Fu Championship Tournament & Exhibition
1999.091.002 Catalog Exhibit catalog for the Poston III Reunion held May 3 - 5, 1991 in San Diego, CA. A Time for Reflection
1999.091.003 A Booklet Tan cover booklet of writings by the Asian students Association of University of Washington. Pieces by Donna Lou, Raji Ramulu, David Cassie, Ticiang Diangson, Chris Miyamoto, Bee Bee Tan, Elana Eng, Connie Sugahara, Tina Koyama, Gary Iwamoto, Dean Wong, Kathryn Chinn. Home Grown: Asian American Experiences From the Pacific Northwest
1999.091.003 B Booklet The second collection of writings by the Asian Student Association of the University of Washington, 1984. Writers include: Shirley Lim, Cathy Song, Tina Koyama, Sharon Hashimoto, Leslie Shinsato, Genny Lim, Kathy Wong, Laureen Mar, Roger Tang, Maria Batayola, Lonny Kaneko, Gary Beck, Homegrown 2
1999.091.004 Program Wing Luke Asian Museum art auction catalog from November 9, 1990. Twenty Second Annual Art Auction
1999.091.005 Directory Paper directory of University of Washington Chinese Students 1979 - 1980. Chinese Student Association Directory 1979-1980
1999.091.006 Directory Chinese Information Center Social Service Directory Selected Seattle Social Service Directory 1973
1999.091.007 Program Exhibit program for WLAM exhibition Kago: A Woven Dialog, an exhibiton of the basketry of Master Takesono the utilitarian basketry tradition of Japan and the Pacific NW Contemporary Basket Exhibit. KAGO: A Woven Dialog
1999.091.008 Newspaper Vol. 3, No. 8 of Asian Family Affair focusing on the building of the King dome in 1974. Asian Family Affair
1999.092.001 Engraving Water colored engraving of an outside market scene in Canton, China. From the London Illustrated News. "Sale of English Goods, Canton"
1999.092.002 Magazine German edition of Puck illustrated newspaper with front cover illustration of the Chinese being squeezed by the Republican and Democrat party planks. Die situation des nidht fimmberedtigten Chinesen
1999.092.003 Magazine Black and white engraving of a ship attack from Harper's Weekly. Article is on reverse side. Chinese Pirates Attacking a Trader
1999.092.004 Magazine Colored engraving from Puck Illustrated showing various racist scenes concerning the Sunday school attendance of Chinese men. The Chinese Sunday School Silliness
1999.092.005 Magazine Black and white engraving from Harper's Weekly showing a Chinese figure, (Confucius) observing white politicians eating at "Kearney's Senatorial Restaurant" with a list of those voting for the anti-Chinese legislation. A Matter of Taste
1999.092.006 Magazine Colored engraving of the attack of Chinese miners by a mob in Rock Springs, Wyoming from Harper's Weekly drawn by T. de Thulstrup from photographs by Lieut. C.A. Booth, Seventh Infantry. The Massacre of the Chinese at Rock Springs, Wyoming
1999.092.007 Magazine Black and white engraving of Chinese men handing out books to orphan children. A German edition of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. "Gin minefifmer Feuerwerthandler"
1999.092.008 Magazine Colorized photograph printed on a magazine page. Photo shows Chinese merchants standing in their storefronts. Racist description at the bottom. Chinatown, San Francisco
1999.092.009 Magazine Colored engravings of Chinese workers in San Francisco within text. From Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper California - Phases of Chinese Labor in San Francisco
1999.092.010 Magazine Black and white engraving of group of Chinese playing music at an outside picnic. Cover of Harper's Weekly. The Chinese picnic, Iona Island
1999.092.011 Magazine Black and white engravings of a street in Chinatown, four portraits of Chinese men, Wong Ah Bang, Chu Ah Lung, Chung Ah Kit, Lee Ah Fook, and at the top illustration of "Highbinder's favorite weapons" The Chinese Highbinders in San Francisco
1999.092.012 Magazine Black and white engraving of a Chinese funeral and internment from Harper's Weekly. A Chinese Burial
1999.092.013 Magazine Four black and white engravings from photographs and one photograph of scenes in Chinatown from Harper's Weekly The Chinese in San Francisco
1999.092.014 Engraving Black and white engraving, two pages glued together, of two women and a man showing their dress. Habit du Roi de la Chine
1999.092.015 Magazine Colored engraving across two pages of Harper's Weekly, subtitled "Sketch on board the Pacific mail steamship "Alaska" Chinese immigration to America
1999.092.016 Magazine Bottom half of page is a black and white engraving of Chinese being searched in San Francisco from Harper's Weekly. Searching Chinese Immigrants for Opium
1999.092.017 Magazine Black and white engraving from Harper's Weekly showing Columbia defending Chinese workers from the mob. The Chinese Question
1999.092.018 Magazine Black and white engraving on the cover of Harper's Weekly showing Dennis Kearney hoping to be a martyr on the Chinese question. The Ides of March
1999.092.019 Magazine Two black and white engravings from Harper's Weekly. One shows a theatre scene and the other a memorial to the dead. Chinese sketches in San Francisco
1999.092.020 Magazine Black and white engraving of a temple altar from a photograph in Harper's Weekly. Interior of a Joss House
1999.092.021 Newspaper Various newspaper articles on China and the Chinese. A: Front page of Sunday supplement to San Francisco Chronicle, December 8, 1901, "Prince Chun Goes a Journeying" B: The San Francisco Call Feb. 20, 1901, "America Has no reason for Aggressive Action in China and So Notifies the Powers" C: The San Francisco Call June 8, 1902, "Governor Gage Paroles Mah Noon" D: The San Francisco Chronicle, September 18, 1904, "One Member of Chinese ring Placed in Prison" E: The San Francisco Chronicle, September 25, 1901, "Mongolian Hordes Pour into the Country Across the Mexican Border" F: The San Francisco Call, Sunday Magazine, January 13, 1901, A Chinese Pirate Colony in San Francisco" G: The San Francisco Chronicle, September 4, 1904, "Is the lopping off of Ques in S.F. the First Slash at the cord Holding the Millstone to China's Neck" H: The San Francisco Chronicle, May 5, 1901, "A Real Missionary" I: The San Francisco Call, Sunday Magazine, April 21, 1901, "How I was Made a General in the Chinese Army." J: San Francisco Call, Friday June 6, 1902, "Says Chinese Must Be Good: Ho Yow is Out with a Proclamation in Big Letters" "Tries to Kill Cellmate: Wong Ah See Attempts to Murder Fellow Prisoner"
1999.092.022 Newspaper Color front page of the The San Francisco Sunday Call Magazine part II. What a Chinese New Woman has Done
1999.092.023 Newspaper Black and white page of the The San Francisco Call on the niece of the Chinese counsul. The Chinese Belle of America
1999.092.024 Newspaper The San Francisco Chronicle article on the wife of the Chinese minister, Mne. Wu Ting Fang. The Newest Woman in China
1999.092.025 Newspaper Color page of the The San Francisco Sunday Call. How August Chamot of San Francisco was Made a Mandarin
1999.092.026 Music, Sheet Sheet music for the song "In a Chinese Temple Garden" by Albert Ketelbey, published by Bosworth & Co. New York. It has a color cover of a man standing looking out at a Chinese garden. In A Chinese Temple Garden
1999.092.027 Music, Sheet Sheet music Chong He Come From Hong Kong by Harold Weeks. Published by Leo Feist, New York. Blue cover with title in large yellow letters with an illustration of a man in Chinese cloths with a long hair queue. Chong He Come From Hong Kong
1999.092.029 Card, Souvenir Yellow folder for holding photographs. Printed on the front is: Charlie Low's "Forbidden City" America's World Renown all Chinese Supper Club 363 Sutter St. San Francisco. Souvenir Photographs. No photograph inside. Souvenir Photographs
1999.092.032 Receipt 2 - booklet of receipts. The pages are repeated twice with a perforated line doen the center. The cover is a brown paper on the front with a single Chinese character, (9).
1999.092.033 Booklet Orange covered booklet published for the Golden Gate International Exposition of 1939, and sponsored by Nanking Co. and Hi Wo Hong Co. The booklet lists the instructions for the corresponding number on a box of 100 sticks. Cha Gar Chinese Best Oldest Fortune Teller
1999.093.002 Documents Exhibition documents, grant applications, text and design for the Pride and Shame exhibition. Pride and Shame
1999.093.003 Binder White paper binder with Pride and shame exhibition format and text on notebook pages. Pride and Shame
1999.093.004 Binder Green plastic binder with Pride and Shame exhibition text and notes for installation. Pride and Shame
1999.095.002 Poster Two tan and brown poster with images of Bruce Lee and two other Asian men. the conference waqs held at Pigott Hall in Seattle. Refocusing: A Conference On Asian Stereotypes in the Media
1999.095.003 Poster Glossy gray poster with black and white photograph of four Asian American children with cameras. Challenges of the 90's: Asian American Journalists Association 1990 National Convention, New York City-
1999.095.004 Poster Large white poster with a large closeup of an Asian American woman. Red and blue lettering. Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Equality, empowerment, Excellence
1999.095.005 Poster White glossy poster with blue to pink graph design and an image of an Asian American woman knelling with hands out stretched. For a multi media Asian American work Breaking Out
1999.095.006 Poster 3 - Black and white copies of the poster with instructions to evacuate Bainbridge Island, WA by persons of Japanese descent by March 30, 1942. Issued by the Western Defense Command and Fourth Army Civil Control Administration. Instructions to All Japanese Living on Bainbridge Island
1999.095.007 Poster Black and white poster with the Plege of Allegiance at the top and an illustration of a Japanese American boy and girl behind barbed wire and then "I wonder who the next exceptions will be". Justice is a Matter of Continuing Education
1999.095.008 Poster 2 - black and white double sided posters for the Bainbridge Island Historical Society exhibition on: Americans of Japanese Ancestry: 100 Years on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Black and white photographs on both sides. Kodomo No Tame Ni
1999.095.009 Calendar Long calendar with Chinese landscape painting. Small tear off months at the bottom. San Francisco Federal Savings
1999.095.010 Calendar Color backing with image of a bird and small tear off months at the bottom. San Francisco Federal Savings
1999.095.011 Calendar Cardboard backing with color image of emperor and small boy with New Year's offereings. Red Chinese characters to each side. The calendar pages are missing. Metal rim at the top. Art's Trading Company
1999.095.012 Calendar Long cream colored calendar with a Chinese landscape painting. At the bottom is is a pull off monthly page section. Canton Market
1999.095.013 Calendar Large single piece of cardboard with small tear off pages at the bottom. Color reproduction of Chinese painting of flowers. San Francisco Federal Savings
1999.095.014 Calendar Long 12 page calendar with cover page. Large color illustrations of famous Chinese women. China Airlines
1999.095.015 Calendar Large single piece with color illustration of detail of Chinese painting. Small tear off pages at the bottom. Fidelity Savings
1999.095.016 Calendar Large color six page calendar with color photographs of Japan. Uwajimaya
1999.095.017 Calendar Two identical pages, of calendar with color illustration of bird in a tree. King Chong Lung
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