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Wing Luke Museum
2004.037.167 Records Large business records notebook; metal hinge with two prongs. Business Records
2004.037.168 Records Bank records from Seattle-First National Bank, International Branch. Bank Records
2004.037.169 Records Mics business records and receipts Mics business records and receipts
2004.037.170 Receipts Receipts from 7th Ave Service.
2004.037.171 Invoice a: Invoice and shipping records from Ajinomoto USA INC. b-h: Invoice papers from Albee Dray-King; originally wrapped and tied in brown paper. i: Invoice papers from Almac Refrigeration Co. j: American Mail Line shipping instructions blank forms. k: Invoice papers from Arts Trading Co. L: Invoice papers from AT&T.
2004.037.172 Invoice a: Two invoice papers from Bergman's Lock & Key Service b: Invoice papers from Blue Banner Foods INC. c: Invoice papers from Broadmoor Enterprises. d: Invoice papers from Brokerage West Inc. e: Business and Industry Newspaper; June 26, 1976.
2004.037.173 Records a: Invoice papers from Cathay Internatioal Sales INC. b: Statement from China Flowers. c: Chinese Business Journal Newspaper, March 15, 1991. d: Invoice papers from Chin's Import Export Co INC. e: Chong Wa Benevolent Association papers. f: Chong Wa School Spring Dinner Dance tickets. g: City of Seattle Utility bills. h: Cresent Foods INC. i: Invoice papers from Coast Bruch Manufacturing Co. j: Tai Chi papers from Columbia College k: Invoice papers from Comet Rice, INC.
2004.037.174 Records a: Directory of Chinese Communities. b: Invoice paper from Dole.
2004.037.175 Records a: East is East Newspaper, January 1991. b: Invoice papers from Eastern Bakery. c: Invoice papers from Eckroat Seed Co.
2004.037.176 Invoice a: Invoice papers from Filipino-American Herald. b: Invoice papers from First Food International Corp. c: Invoice papers from Food Services of America.
2004.037.177 Records a: Documents from Geo S Bush & Co., INC. b: Invoice papers from Golden International Import & Export Co. c: Invoice papers from Golden Pheasant Noodle Company. d: Invoice papers from Gom Hong Co. e: Documents from Greenlake Grill. f: Invoice papers from Gunter Bros. INC. g and h: Invoice papers from Hullin Transfer Co.
2004.037.178 Invoice a: Invoice papers and documents from International Examiner. b: Invoice papers from International Products INC.
2004.037.179 Invoice a: Invoice papers from JC Wright Sales Co. b: Invoice papers from January Company. c: Invoice papers from Jing Keung Trading Co. INC. d: Invoice papers from Johanson Transportation Service.
2004.037.180 Records a: Invoice papers from Kikkoman International INC. b: Invoice papers from King Cheong Hong Co., Ltd. c: Klaveness Line shipping forms. d: Kong Yick Investment Co. receipts.
2004.037.181 Invoice a: Invoice papers from L & W International INC. b: Invoice papers from Leslie Salt Company.
2004.037.182 Invoice a: Invoice papers from MCI. b: Invoice papers from Minn-Dak Growers LTD.
2004.037.183 Records a: Invoice papers from Northwest Scale Systems. b: National Bank of Commerce deposit slips and checks.
2004.037.184 Invoice a: Pacific NW Bell statements. b: Invoice papers from Papercraft INC. c: Invoice papers from Pro Packaging Supply Co. d: Order forms from Puget Sound Navigation Co.
2004.037.185 Invoice Invoice from Quong Hop & Co.
2004.037.186 Invoice a: Invoice papers from Richards Brush Co. b: Statement from Roetcisoender & Tannesen, Attorneys at Law.
2004.037.187 Records a: Invoice papers from S.K. Produce Co., INC. b: Invoice papers from Sam Wylde Flour Co., INC. c: Invoice papers from Seasia. d: Greeting cards from Seattle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. e: Records and misc papers from Seattle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. f: Papers in folder labeled Seattle Chinatown Public Corp. g: Seattle Chinese Post Newspapers. h: Bill from Seattle Disposal Co. i: Documents and permits from Seattle Engineering Department. j: Documents from Seattle First National Bank. k: Seattle Times Review of The King Cafe. l: Invoice papers from Sprague. m: Invoice papers from Stevecon INC. n: Invoice papers from Sun Giant INC. o: Price list for Sunley Imports.
2004.037.188 Records a: Invoice papers from T.M. Duche Nut Co., INC. b: Invoice papers and documents from Tenneco West. c: Invoice papers and records from Tsue Chong Co.
2004.037.189 Records a: Invoice papers and receipts from Unocal 76. b: US Department of Agriculture forms. c: Billing papers from US West Communications. d-f: Utility bills and business papers.
2004.037.190 Invoice a: Invoice papers from Washington Inventory Service. b: Invoice papers from Washington Natural Gas. c: Business Records from Wei-Chuan Foods. d: Invoice papers from West Coast Grocery Cash+Carry. e-h: Invoice and business papers from Western Cartage INC. i: Invoice papers from Western Temp SVCS, INC. i: Billing papers from Western Union. k: Invoice papers from Wilsey Foods, INC. l: Invoice papers from Wing Nien Company. m: Invoice papers from Wing Sing Chong Co., INC. n: Invoice papers from Wing Wing Co., Limited.
2004.037.191 Records a: Records and papers from Yee Benevolent Association. b: Records and papers from Yee Fung Toy Association. c: Records from Yee, Mr. K.F. d: Billing papers from Your Seattle City Light.
2004.037.192 Invoice Invoice papers from Zaloom Brothers Co., INC.
2004.037.208 Bond 1938 United States dollars bonds. United States dollars bonds
2004.037.209 Checkbook International Branch, Seattle-First National Bank checkbook; leather-like black cardboard cover. Checkbook
2004.037.210 Pad a+b: Two Seattle Lee's Association pad with carbon copies.
2004.037.211 Notebook a-k: Eleven notebooks bound by string with receipts attached and Chinese writing. Notebooks
2004.037.212 Notebook a-i: Nine notebooks with Chinese writing. Notebook
2004.037.213 Envelope a-e: 73 white envelopes with red stripe down center. Envelopes
2004.037.214 Game, Card 10 red game drawing cards; Texas Lee Association Youth Recreation Fund. Game Card
2004.037.254 Map 13 Seattle's Chinatown, International District maps.
2004.037.258 Pad a-g: Seven note pads with carbon copy; printed Chinese writing on pages
2004.037.259 Notebook a-c: Three Notebooks- one green and two pink; Chinese writing on cover and first few pages, then note pages for the rest of book.
2004.037.262 Map Puget Sound Ferry map. Ferry Cruises on Puget Sound, The Sheltered Inland Sea, Scenic guide and map of the land of Enchantment
2004.037.263 Notebook a+b: Two notebooks with Chinese writting
2004.037.269 File Box File folder with misc items: a: Expandible File; Yee Fung Toy Family Association card taped and stapled to front flap. b: Chinese book with black and white photos, 1958; white and pink cover c: Chinese book with black and white photos, beige cover. d: A guide to U.S. Immigration Laws, Chinese edition. e: Badge, Yee Fung Toy Family Association, 9th National Convention, August 12, 1962. f: misc papers, letters, and cards.
2004.037.270 Paper 19 sheets of paper with Chinese writing, red stamp seal on lower left corner of papers.
2004.037.271 Directory, Telephone Chinese directiory with Seattle area restaurants and businesses.
2004.037.272 Booklet Fung Toy Monthly booklet; green paperback cover; Chinese writing with color photos.
2004.037.274 List Address and phone list, 1989, ten copies.
2004.037.275 Booklet 1988.11.24 booklet; photo of Seattle and Chinese building on cover; Tai-Shan Jr. & Sr. High School, Seattle Alumni Association stamp on cover.
2004.037.277 Receipt Used receipt roll.
2004.037.281 Records a: Wah Young Co business records; brown notebook. b: Cash Book, from Oct 1, 1955- Dec 31, 1967. c: Purchase Journal from Sept 1, 1961- Feb 21, 1966. d: Purchase Journal from Feb 14, 1966- March 31, 1970. e: Import Purchase Journal from Oct 1, 1955- Mar 20, 1963. f: Import Purchase Journal from Mar 29, 1963- Feb 26, 1969. g: Sales Jounal from Aug 1, 1961- Apr 29, 1962. h: Sales Jounal from Apr 30, 1962- Feb 17, 1963. i: Sales Jounal from Feb 18, 1963- Dec 25, 1963. j: Sales Jounal from Aug, 18, 1969- Mar 19, 1970. k: Sales Jounal from Mar 20, 1970- Oct 25 1970. l: Sales Jounal from Oct 26, 1970- Jun 8, 1971. m: Sales Jounal from Jun 9, 1971- Jan 23, 1972.
2004.037.282 Notebook Paragon Duplicating Merchandise Order Book; Import Orders/ Import Sales written on cover; brown notebook.
2004.037.283 Notebook American Repeating Order Book; blank brown notebook with carbon paper.
2004.037.284 Records Wah Young Co. business records; originally in folder labled Canandian Invoice.
2004.037.285 Records Wah Young Business papers; blank forms labled Office Export Record.
2004.037.286 Records Wah Young Co. business papers; original folder labled Export Lisense Application.
2004.037.287 Records Wah Young Co. business papers; original folder labeled Phillipine Consular Invoice.
2004.037.288 Records Wah Young Co. business papers; Millie Products Corporation papers and envelopes.
2004.037.289 Notebook Wah Young Co. Notebook.
2004.037.290 Records Wah Young Co. business papers; three folded sheets.
2004.037.291 Records Wah Young Co business records; Original folder labeled 1956.
2004.037.292 Records Wah Young Co. business records; original folder labeled 1957.
2004.037.293 Records Wah Young Co. business records; original folder labeled 1958.
2004.037.294 Records Wah Young Co. business records; original folder labeled 1959.
2004.037.295 Records Wah Young Co. business records; original folder labeled 1960.
2004.037.297 Statement, Bank a-c: Wah Young Co. black statement paper.
2004.037.299 Book a+b: Two blank Chinese writing notebooks
2004.037.300 Notepad Blank notepad for Chinese writing.
2004.037.301 Notepad Barber Blue Sea notepad; two pages remaining.
2004.037.302 Book, Address Hardback address book; additional notes and papers tucked in book; cover is torn and pealing.
2004.037.305 Paper Guay L. Lee blank writing paper; stored in original box.
2004.037.306 Notebook a: Blank notebook; blue cover and ruled for Chinese writing. b: Blue cover notebook; Chinese writing on first several pages.
2004.037.307 Notepad Blank notepad; pages torn off from the front of notepad.
2004.037.308 Records a-q: Seventeen business record books.
2004.037.309 Notebook a+b: Two used notebooks.
2004.037.313 Newsletter Fung Toy News Letter Fung Toy News Letter
2004.037.314 Newspaper a-e: Five newspapers from Seattle Chinese Post, International Examiner, and Asia Today. Chinese Newspapers
2004.037.315 Calender Yick Fung Company 1990 Calender. Yick Fung Company 1990 Calender.
2004.037.316 Map Washington State Highway Map, Tourist Guide Washington State Highway Map, Tourist Guide
2004.037.317 Booklet Chinese booklet. Chinese booklet
2004.037.318 Notebook Notebook with Chinese writing. Notebook with Chinese writing
2004.037.319 Invoice a-l: Twelve envelopes with invoice records for each month. January- December 1982 Invoices in envelopes.
2004.037.320 Bills a-l: Twelve envelopes of freight bills for each month in 1982. Freight Bills from January-December 1982.
2004.037.334 Book Documentary book with certifications, insurance titles, contracts, and misc business related papers attached; green hardback book with blank white pages; most documents are taped around edges to the page.
2004.037.335 Card, Greeting Red cards with gold Chinese characters and gold border.
2004.037.354 Book Book with Bank of Canton and Wa Chong Company records.
2004.037.470 Records Business jounals; similar to 2004.037.281 in Wah Young Box 17. a: Sale Journal Jan 1 1955 written on cover of notebook. b: Sales Journal, Jun 26 1956- Dec 31 1956 written on cover. c: Import Journal, Jan 1953 written on cover. d: Jan. 1, 1955 written on cover. e: Jounal with no writing on cover.
2004.037.471 Record Business journal from 10/01/55 to 6/25/56; green and burgundy cover.
2004.037.472 Notebook a+b: Two white notebooks with Chinese writing.
2004.037.473 Notebook READY spiral bound notebook; Chinese writing in notebook.
2004.037.474 Book, Account Black binder style account book; alphabetized tabs from a-z.
2004.037.475 Book, Account a-c: Three hardback account books; black and burgundy cover.
2004.037.476 Notebook Black three ring notebook with store merchandise list; organized alphabetically.
2004.037.477 Notebook a-c: Brown spiral bound notebooks with Chinese writing. a: Chinese writing on cover. b: 1955 EXPENSE BOOK 1 written on cover. c: 1954 EXPENSE BOOK 1 written on cover.
2004.037.478 Journal Brown notebook with "Jounal 14310" printed on front cover; business records from Wah Young Co.
2004.037.479 Book, Account Account book; "DAYBOOK" printed on front cover; gray with burgundy corners.
2004.037.521 Brochure Seattle World's Fair 1962 brochure.
2004.037.528 Brochure Japanese Pavilion/ 1962, Century 21 Exposition brochure.
2004.037.549 Map a+b: City Directory Map of Shanghai.
2004.037.586 Notebook Spiral notebook with newspapers clippings attached.
2004.037.587 Records Wah Young Business Records; "Restaurant-Grocery Directory of Washington."
2004.037.588 Booklet Wah Young Business Records; Price list booklets; a: Plant Maintenance Equipment, Inc. b: F.S. Louie & Co. c: Kuang Ta Hsiang Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. d: Jackson Import Corporation. e: Jackson Import Corporation. f: Monterey Enterprises. g: Jackson Import Corporation. h: Jackson Import Corporation. i: Nash Metalware Co., Inc.
2004.037.589 Notebook a+b: One blue and one brown vinyl notebook with a-z tabs; writing in Chinese; pricelist from Atlas Metal Spinning Co. and Wing Nien Soy Sauce Manufacturing Co. inserted in back of blue notebook.
2004.037.590 Notebook a+b: Two black vinyl notebooks; writing in Chinese.
2004.037.591 Records Wah Young Co. business records.
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