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Wing Luke Museum
1992.022.149 Note Note on a half envelope. "I'll be at Wanacutt (Eastern Wash. Okanagan county) Fri Nite - Sun. Afternoon, Brud" "Brud" was the nickname used by Wing's brother and sisters as ashort for "Brother" or more formally "Big Brother" as is the custom in Chinese to address the eldest. This message was clipped to the door of Wing's bedroom and was the last message to the family. It states the destination of that last fateful fishing trip with Sid Gerber and Kay Ladue, before the plane crashed on the trip back to Seattle. (Bettie Luke 3/26/1993)
1992.022.193 Flyer Travel brochure about packages in North America. Tours were guided by Alex Ching and feature beauty queen Cecilia Wai Hing Ching. The trip through Canda, Mexico, and the US was called the "Special Narcissus Queen Mainland Tour." Travel Brochure
1992.022.194 Poster Election poster that congratulates Wing Luke on winning the election for Seattle city councilman. The poster is made on spiral sketchbook paper. The message reads, "WE KNOW/ ALL ALONG/ YOU'D GET IT!/ CONGRATULATIONS!" There is a handpainted drawing of a man in profile, hunched over and staring at a TV. Homemade Election Poster
1992.022.195 Certificate Certificate of Citizenship for Wing Luke. It has a photo of Wing Luke and gives a basic description of his person, his address, and date of naturalization Certificate o Citizenship (Naturalization)
1992.022.264 Article Newspaper article by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on Wing Luke to honor his public services. The article is part of a series of profiles that was time with the bicentennial of the USA. It mentions his political involvement as a student and traces his career from after WWII to his death in 1965. Newspaper Article Commemorating Wing Luke
1992.022.265A-B Flyer Campaign for city councilman bumper sticker. "Wing Luke" printed in flourescent green letters against black background. Champaign for City Councilman Bumper Sticker
1992.022.266A-C Flyer Champaign flyer for Wing Luke, who was running for Seattle city councilman. The flyer is made to look like a ballot and lists the names of other candidates.
1992.022.267A-C Flyer Champaign envelopes for Wing Luke, who is running for Seattle city councilman. The envelope states his address and the position he is running for. Champaign Envelopes for City Councilman
1992.022.268A-B Flyer Champaign stationary for Wing Luke, who was running for Seattle city councilman. Each sheet has a headshot of the candidate, the address of his champaign headquaters, and his qualifications for office. Champaign Stationary for City Councilman
1992.022.269a-b Certificate Certificate that autheniticates Wing Luke as a notary public. The certificate was issued by the state of Washington and is signed by Governor Albert D. Rosellini. The accompanying envelope is included in the file. Certificate for Wing Luke as Notary Public
1992.022.270 Certificate Certificate from the Seattle Public Schools that Wing Luke had a perfect attendance record in 1932. The certificate is signed by the teacher Susan E. Stule and the superintendent of schools. Certificate of Perfect Attendance
1992.022.271a-h Cards School report cards and envelope for Wing Luke from 1931-5/ kindergarden through 3rd grade. The report cards were issused by the University Heights elementary school, a Seattle public school. His teachers during those years were Elsie Oliver, Susan Steele, Hazel McLaughlin, Rose E. Loomis, Mabel L. Bean, E. Kerr, and B. Sully. The manilla envelope are clean of writing, except for Wing Luke's name. School Report Cards from University Heights Elementary School
1992.022.272a-b Cards School report cards for Wing Luke from 1934-6/ grades 4-5. The report cards were issused by the University Heights elementary school, a Seattle public school. His teachers during those years were E. Kerr and Gertrude A. Maynard School Report Cards from University Heights Elementary School
1992.022.273 Card School report card for Wing Luke from January 28, 1938/ grade 7. The report cards were issused by the University Heights elementary school, a Seattle public school. His teachers was Julia Miller School Report Card from University Heights Elementary School
1992.022.274a-l Cards School report cards and envelopes for Wing Luke from April 8 and June 17, 1938. The report cards were issused by the John Marshall junior high school, a Seattle public school. He recieved quaterly reports for art, mechanical drawing, music, English, history, arithmetic, printing, social study, hygiene, and reading. His teachers were B. Moore, Mr. Swanson, Miss. Harshman, E. Gorham, Francis W. Tolles, A. Leboroff, Miss. Zinthen, and Miss. Osten. The envelopes state the name of the student, Wing Luke. School Report Cards from John Marshall Junior High School
1992.022.275a-c Cards School report cards for Wing Luke from January 27, 1939. The report cards were issused by the John Marshall junior high school, a Seattle public school. He recieved quaterly reports for art, mathematic, and wood. His teachers were Alice Kinnear, B. Jackson, and Dewey. School Report Cards from John Marshall Junior High School
1992.022.276a-h Cards School report cards for Wing Luke from November 10, 1939 and January 26, 1940. The reports are issued by John Marshal Junior High School, a Seattle public school. Wing Luke recieved grade reports for the subjects of English and geography, mathematics, mechanical drawing, and science. His teachers were D. Meyers, B. Jackson, Ms. Swanson, Miss. Flock, J. B. Swanson, School Report Cards from John Marshall Junior High School
1992.022.277a-i Cards School report cards and envelope for Wing Luke from March 29 and June 14 1940. The grade reports were issued by John Marshall Junior High School, a Seattle public school. Wing Luke took art, algebra, civics, and composition. His teachers were B. Moore, Nellie B. Sterrett, Miss. Austin, and Miss. Craig. The report card envelope also states the name of the student and subjects he took. School Report Cards from John Marshall Junior High School
1992.022.278a-j Cards School report cards and envelopes for Wing Luke from November 8, 1940 and Janurary 31, 1941. The grade reports were issued by John Marshall Junior High School, a Seattle public school. Wing Luke took the classes algebra II, elementral mechanical drawing, art II, and literature I. His teachers were Nellie B. Sterrett, G. W. Fitzpatrick, B. Moore, Miss. Crowly, and J. M. Speer. The report card manilla envelopes are clean of writing, except for Wing Luke's name. School Report Cards from John Marshall Junior High School
1992.022.279 Card Membersbip card of Wing Luke for the Seattle Junior Safety Patrol, subarm of the police department. According to the description on the card, a member is empower to arbitrate and enforce the law in minor ways. The card is signed by University Height's principal J. G. Petit and police sergeant George W. Timball. Membership Card for the Seattle Juninor Safety Patrol
1992.022.280 Card Public transportation pass card for Seattle's streetcars and buses. The card states that active members of the Seattle Junior Safety Partrol, to which Wing Luke belongs, may ride for free on June 6, 1936. Public Transportation Pass
1992.022.281 Certificate Junior high school diploma for Wing Luke. The certificate authenticates that Wing Luke successfully completed middle school. The document was issued by the Seattle public schools and signed by his principal at John Marshall junior high school M. Knisely and the district superintendent. Junior High School Diploma
1992.022.282 Flyer Nineth-grade assembly program. 9th Grade Assembly Program
1992.022.283a-b Letter A letter and its carbon copy from US District Judge Lloyd L. Black to the US military introducing Wing Luke. In the letter, Black recommends Luke to military service and states his confidence that Luke will serve the country well. He lists Wing Luke's community involvement: president of his high school's student body, president of Seattle's Inter-City High School Council, and member of Seattle's Juvenile Protection Committee. The letter mentions Luke's work with Mayor William F. Devin. Letter from US District Judge Lloyd L. Black
1992.022.284 Card Personal information card of Wing Luke. Luke gave information about his parents, physique, education, skills, extracuricular activities, and work experience. This kind of information was intended to help the government put it citizenry to work for the country. The information card was prepared by the US Office of Education in cooperation with the War Department, the War Manpower Commission, the Department of Agriculture, and the National Associatoin of Secondary-School Principals. Personal Information Card for High School Students
1992.022.285a-b Certificate Certificate of sale for a wrist watch to Wing Luke. The certificate and its carbon copy document this transaction as legal. Luke bought a Elgin, 15 Jewel. Certificate of Sale for Wrist Watch
1992.022.286a-c Receipt G.I. Bill receipt of payment to Wing Luke. The payment was part of the veteran's benefits that the Serviceman's Readjustment Act of 1944, or the G.I. Bill, entitled returning soldiers to. Luke recieved $6.50 in this installment from the Veteran's Administration. The receipt is signed by sergeant colonel William McMillan. The receipt of payment is accompanied by a description of benefits and the sending envelope. G.I. Bill Remittance Receipt
1992.022.287a-b Certificate Certificate of training, 2 copies of employment assignment, and envelope. The certificate is called a "separation qualification record" and was issued by the US Army. It authenticates that Luke was a trained clerk/ typist and that the army trained him, detailing his specific duties and experience. There are two copies of one employment assignment. In this document, the US Treasury Department appointed Wing Luke to work as a typist for the Bureau of Accounts in a regional office. This is a temporary appointment that was not to exceed 6 months. The envelope contained the notification from the Treasury Department to Wing Luke Employment Notification and Certificate of Training
1992.022.288a-c Letters 2 letters about Wing Luke's veteran's benefits and blank affidavit form. The letters from the Veterans Administration awards Wing Luke a larger monthly stipend. Because Luke supported a dependent parent, he was going to receive $90/ monthly. The letter requires Luke to prove this relationship within 60 days or he would lose the stipend increase. The letter is signed by A. P. Allsworth, acting chief of Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Division of the Veterans Administration. The blank affidavit form could certify publicly that Luke has a dependent parent. Letters of Veteran's Benefits and Affidavit Form
1992.022.289a-d Letters Two letters about Wing Luke's veteran's benefits and blank affidavit form. Both letters were from the Veterans Administration. The letter dated September 18, 1946 warned Luke that he would lose some of his veteran's benefits if he dd not submitt an affidavit form. The form was supposed to certify that he supported a dependent parent, which was the reason he was receiving a larger vetern's stipend. The second letter, dated December 2, 1946, informed Luke that his stipend has been reduced because he failed to submitt an affidavit form. It also informs him that he would not recieve the larger stipend again if he did not submitt an affidavid within a year of the letter. Both letters were signed by A. P. Allsworth, chief of Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Division of the Veteran Administration. The blank affidavit letter would publicly certify that he had a dependent parent. 2 Letters about Veteran's Benefits and Affidavit Form
1992.022.290a-c Letters Letter, receipt, and envelope in connection with Wing Luke's naturalization application. The letter from the Immigration and Naturalization Services Bureau informed Luke of his citizenship interview. It stated that the interview would take place at 10:30 am on October 24, 1946. The letter was signed by Edmund C. Morse. The receipt showed that Luke paid the application fee of $5 for the INS to review his application. The envelope contained this letter and receipt. Papers Relating to Application for Naturalization
1992.022.291 Letter Letter in connection with Wing Luke's application for naturalization. It informed Luke that his citizenship interview was scheduled for 2pm, November 4, 1946. It is signed by Edmund C. Morse. Letter about Naturalization Interview
1992.022.292 Card Business card for Silver Dragon Restaurant. The silver card gave the hours of operation, address, telephone number, as well as advterised the restaurant's food and entertainment. It mentions dim sum, dancing, and cocktails. SIlver Dragon Business Card
1992.022.293 Certificate Certificate recognizing Wing Luke for his work as a Seattle Junior Safety Patrolman. Luke earned the Bronze Merit Badge. The certiciate pictures a police officer and a traffic guider. Certificate of Recognition from the Seattle Junior Safety Patrol
1992.022.294a-d Programs Programs of Roosevelt High School's class reunions in 1965. Wing Luke delivered a speech as the president of the alumni association. Other people mentioned in the program were Ray Royal, Bob Cram, Cecil Bullock, Governor Dan Evans, and Judge Frank D. James. Programs were identical and printed on white, letter paper. Class Reunion Program of Roosevelt High School
1992.022.295 Newspaper Two newspaper articles on the all-class reuion of Roosevelt High School. The school newspaper, Roosevelt News, reported on the progam and notable individuals. There is a short paragraph on Wing Luke and a small headshoot. The article also mentions Judge Frank James, Judge Raymond Royal, TV personality Bob Cram, and Mayor Gordon Clinton. School Newspaper Article on Roosevelt High School Reunion
1992.022.296a-b Letter Letter, note, and envelope relating to Governor Albert Rosellini's Public Service Award. The letter is from John F. Gordon to Wing Luke notifying him that he has been awarded the Public Service Award. Luke received this honor for his help with the Job Corps program. Gordon, director of the program, and his co-chairmen Donald Johnson and Joe Davis share their appreciate. The note states that the award, which was once enclosed with the letter, has been lost. The envelope is from the Employment Security Department of Washington to Wing Luke. Award Letter for Governor Rosellini's Public Service Award
1992.022.297 Certificate The certificate authenticates that Wing Luke completed boot camp at Camp Roberts, CA. It was issued by the Infrantry Replacement Training Center of the camp. It certifies that Luke completed 17 weeks of training and was trained in heavy weaponry. As the document states, Luke was private no. 39 471 226 of the 88th Infantry. The certificate was signed by Neil M. Ringrose, captain of the infantry, and authorized by Major General Lawrence. It was printed on light, off-white card stock and features the Camp Roberts' seal. Certificate from Camp Roberts, CA
1992.022.298a Certificate Certificate of participation in a musical concert. The recipient was a member of the "Huff "n" Puff ,"a group for wind instruments, as well as participated in a concert. This concert took place on August 1, 1963 at Al Sheehan's Aqua Follies, Seattle. Certificate of Participate in Music Band
1992.022.299 Certificate Certificate of appointment as attorney of the US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit. Wing Luke was certified as a public attorney by Paul P. O'Brien, clerk of the US Court of Appeals. Certificate of Appointment as US Attorney
1992.022.300 Certificate Certificate of appreciation for assistance in planning the World's Fair. The fair's commission thanked Wing Luke for helping with the Century 21 Exposition. The certificate was issued by the State of Washington's Governor's office and signed by the sitting governor, Albert D. Rosellini. Certificate of Appreciation from Albert D. Rosellini
1992.022.301 Certificate Certificate naming Wing Luke as an honorary member of the Lincoln High School band. The certificate is handmade and signed by the music director Jack Kukak. Certificate of Honorary Membership in High School Band
1992.022.302 Certificate Certificate was issued by the military for completing civilian training courses. The document certifies that Wing Luke completed the "Executive Management of Civil Defense Systems" training course. The training took place over 2 days in Idaho Falls, ID. The certificate was issued by the Western Training Center, Alameda, CA and signed by the director and chairmen. Certificate of Civilian Military Training
1992.022.320 Card Membership card of Wing Luke to the Garfield High School Camera Club. The card is signed by the club president Julie Maxwell and the faculty advisor Joe Marshall. The club's mantra is "We shoot the fastest cameras in the West." Membership Card to Camera Club
1992.022.321 Letter A. Newsletter from Roosevelt High School. The newsletter celebrates past and present students for their military service. Wing Luke is pictured and described on page 4. B. The letter from the donor accompanies this newsletter. The donor, Audrey Robbins, expresses how Luke affected her. Newsletter and Letter from Donor
1992.022.322 Newsletter Newsletter from Roosevelt High School. The newsletter celebrates past and present students for their military service. Wing Luke is pictured and described on page 4. Newsletter from Roosevelt High School
1992.022.323 Card Postcard of Camp Roberts. From Wing Luke to his family. Postcard is a black and white photograph of Camp Roberts, CA. The image is a horizontal view of a military exercise, showing soldiers moving artillery up a slope. Trees and vegetation frame the top left and right corners of the photograph. There is a caption below the image: "Anti-Tank Guns Going into Position--Camp Roberts, California." On the reverse side, Wing Luke wrote this message to his family: "Hellow Family,/ I've sent the commanding/ generals [sic] name and address to grand uncle Leo in Washington/ D.C. here it is:/ Major General Thomas Lawerence/ IRIC Commanding General/ General Headquarters/ Camp Roberts, Cal./ But what good is it anyway?" Wing Luke signs postcard in Chinese. Postcard from Wing Luke to Family from Camp Roberts, CA
1992.022.324 Photo Album Photo Album of the 88th Infantry Training Battalion, Camp Roberts, CA. This is an official photo-documentary of the 88th Infrantry, to which Wing Luke belonged. This booklet is 14 pages long and documents the daily life and the hierarchy of the 88th. There are pictures of officers, platoons, and drill practices. Wing Luke is pictured in the 3rd platoon, row 5, 5th from the right. 88th Infrantry Official Photo Album
1992.022.325 Map Military map of the Philippine Islands. The map shows green and blue arrows, indicating the operations of the sixth and eighth army operations respectively. The map was produced by the Office of the Eighth Army. Sergeant James E. Applegate compiled information for th map and Clyde J. Singer designed it. Military Map of the Philippine Islands
1992.022.326 Certificate Certificate of Military Service in World War II. President Harry S. Truman signed this letter of appreciation to Wing Luke for his military service. This document notes that Wing Luke was a technician, 4th grade. At the head of the letter, there is a seal of the US White House. Certificate of Military Service
1992.022.327 Certificate A. High School Diploma. The document certifies that Wing Luke completed the necessary requirements to graduate from Roosevelt High School. The Diploma is signed by the superintendent of the school district, principal of the high school, and the president and secretary of the board of education. B. Envelope with "Wing Luke" printed in the upper right corner. High School Diploma from Roosevelt High School
1992.022.328 Card Identification card for admission into University of Washington's sporting events. The card belonged to Wing Luke for the school year 1949-50 and entitled him to free admission into university sporting events. The card has a head shoot of Luke. It is signed by Harvey Cassiel, director of intercollegiate athletics at UW. Identification Card for Sporting Events
1992.022.329 Card Identification card for admission into University of Washington's sporting events. The card belonged to Wing Luke for the school year 1950-1 and entitled him to free admission into university sporting events. The card has a head shoot of Luke. It is signed by Mac McCredy. Identification Card for Sporting Events
1992.022.330 Poster Campaign Poster for the national Yong Democrats convention. Wing Luke was running for national committeman. The poster pictures a cartoon donkey exmaining a scroll. The poster reads, "Architect for a Greater State and National Young Demos! Vote for Wing Luke for National Committeeman." The poster is handmade with crayons, watercolor pain and cardboard. Identification Card for Sporting Events
1992.022.331 Letter This is a letter to Wing Luke from Senator John F. Kennedy. In the letter, Kennedy thanks Luke for his hospitality. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy were in Seattle to attend the annual Democratic party fundraiser, which was called the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner. The letter is typed on personalized letterhead for US senators. The ink is blue and paper is standard letter size. Letter from John F. Kennedy
1992.022.332 Document Legal recommendation of Wing Luke in the estate trials of Mabel G. Chinn, deceased. Luke argued in the interest of Jadine Chinn, Mabel's underaged daughter. He was answering a petition by the widower, Quong Duck Chinn. The recommendation was typed on legal-sized, carbon paper. It was not signed by Luke or the public notary. Legal Recommendation in Estate Trials
1992.022.333 Flyer A-J: Biographical sketch of Wing Luke. The sketch briefly lists education, public service, and military service. The information is typed on white carbon paper. There are 3 versions of different length. K: A short, typed note: "Here is your biographical/ sketch--/ also copies of the current one./ I kept copy in file." Biographical Sketch of Wing Luke
1992.022.334 Program A-T: programs for the memorial service of Wing Luke. The service took place at the Seattle Opera House on October 21, 1965. The program included performances of Christian hymns, readings from religious, philosophical texts, prayer, euologies, and instrumental performances. The program was printed on beige linen and in black ink. The cover design is abstract brushstrokes; artist is unknown. Some program were stapled closed, and stamped with a 4cent Lincoln US postage stamp. Memorial Service Programs for Wing Luke
1992.022.335 Receipt The receipt shows that Henry Sing had paid rent for storage space. The rent amounted to $5 and was received by M. McCaskill on Oct April, 1927. Sing was paying back rent on a lease that ended Oct. 18, 1925. The storage location was at the back of building 4143. The receipt handwritten in pencil on a preprinted receipt form.
1992.022.336 Badge A ribbon badge for Wing Luke, stating that he was president (of his high school?) in 1944. The badge is made of black marker, green construction paper and gold ribbon. Presidential Badge
1992.022.3368 Card An index card with the Chinese characters for "history." The characters are sloppily written in blue marker. The characters for history are followed with the letter "B." There a piece of tape on towards the top of the card. Card with Chinese characters for History
1992.022.337 Card Greeting card from Wing Luke to his parents. The message was written at Fort Lewis, WA and reassured his parents that the military training was tolerable. He mentioned that the food was "good" and that the work was "easy." He greeted his parents in Chinese with a formal and polite opening. He signs the card in Chinese. The cover art depicts Mt. St. Helens from Spirit Lake. The image is in color. Greeting Card from Ft. Lewis
1992.022.339 Paper A school essay written by Wing Luke on the topic of Chinese New Year. Luke discusses history of the lunar calendar, rituals of Chinese New Year, and how it is celebrated in Seattle by the Chinese. The paper is 6 pages long , typed on legal paper, and is stapled twice along the left margin. Essay on Chinese New Year
1992.022.341 Newspaper Newspaper clipping on Wing Luke. The article is about Wing Luke wining the Purple Shield. The award goes to outsstanding members of the student body. Luke on as a sophomore at the University of Washington. The article details his public serivce and academic achievements. There is a head shoot of Luke. Newspaper Clipping on Purple Shield Award
1992.022.343 Card Draft card, notice of classification of Wing Luke, information on right to appeal, Wing Luke's address: On one side is the mailing address of "Wing Chang [sic] Luke/ 1313 East 42nd/ City," the stamped return address in the upper left corner of "Local Board No. 3," and a postmarked stamp for March 4, 1943 from Seattle, WA., with another stamp reading "Give/ Read Cross/ War Fund." On the reverse side in the upper right hand corner is the actual draft card. It is issued to Wing Chang [sic] Luke, who has been assigned order no. 12678 and is in class 2-A through June 15, 1943. The local board classified him. The card is signed by a member of the local board on March 4, 1943. Ths is side also give information on the right to appeal and requirements on the law in regards to the draft. Selective Service Notice of Classification
1992.022.344 Card A postcard to Connie Luke from Wing Luke. Wing wrote the card while attending the American Baptist Assembly in Greenlake, WI. In his message, Wing assured Connie of his return and asked her to check on the family business. The postcard is a view of Greenlake from Judson Tower. Postcard from Greenlake, WI
1992.022.345 Invitation A. An invitation to attend President John F. Kennedy's and Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson's inauguration in Washington, D.C. The invitation to Wing Luke was extended by Edward H. Foley, chairman of the inaugural committee. The invitation was printed on cream colored, card stock and in black, cursive font. At the head of the invitation, there is a gold-colored. embossed seal for presidential inauguration. B. Program of activities for the inauguration. On one side there was the schedule of events. There were receptions, a dance, a concert, a gala, a parade, a ball, and the official inaugural ceremony. There was an entrance fee for some of the events. On the reverse side there were descriptions of each event and instructions for getting entrance tickets. C. Envelope that once contained the invitation. The envelope is addressed to the "Honorable Wing Luke" at 550 Mercer St, Seattle, WA and is from the inaugural committee in Washington, D.C. Invitation to Inauguration of John F. Kennedy
1992.022.346 Letter A. This is a letter from Joe De Leon to Wing Luke. The letter states that De Leon was sending Luke 2 photos of him cooking. One photo was meant for Luke's private collection and the other for "Sunset" Magazine. In the note, De Leon thanks Luke for lunch. b. Envelope. This is a photo-mailer, which was probably intended for sending one photograph to "Sunset." The envelope is unused. Letter from Joe De Leon
1992.022.347 Envelope This is the upper left corner of an envelope. 3 stamps adhere to the corner: a 3 cent Thomas Jefferson, 4 cent James Madison, and 20 cent Garfield stamps. Two postmark stamps show that this envelope has been mailed. The date 1946 is handwritten below the stamps. 3 Presidential Stamps
1992.022.348 Coupon This is a discount coupon for Mulholland Studios, a photographer's studio. The advertisement offers discounted portraits. The advertisements is printed in light green, square paper. Coupon for Discount Photograph Portraits
1992.022.349 Letter This is a letter from the Registrar's Office of the University of Washington (UW). The letter informed Wing Luke that he had two ways to gain admittance to UW: complete the course requirements or petition for admission. Luke needed to take either advaced Spanish or complete one year of another foreign language. Mrs. Frances M. Willard, who signed the letter, informed Luke that UW wanted to help Luke meet the requirements. She enclused the pettion for admission forms. The letter printed in UW letterhead. Letter from the Registrar's Office, University of Washington
1992.022.350 Receipt This is a receipt for textbook purchases at the University of Washington bookstore. Wing Luke bought books for courses in political science and probability, as well as studying aides. The receipt was made on a preprinted receipt pad. Textbook Receipt from University of Washington Bookstore
1992.022.351 Receipt A. This is a receipt from the Registrar's Office of the University of Washington (UW). It gives Wing Luke's student status. At the time of the receipt, Luke was a freshman and was studying political science. His grade point average was 3.12 and he was missing a credit in advanced Spanish. The receipt was handwritten on a yellow, preprinted receipt pad. It was written up on May 18, 1946 B. This is a typed receipt that contains the same information as the above receipt, except that it also notes that Luke was a WWII veteran.. It also gives his permanent address as 907 James St., Seattle WA. This receipt was made on May 31, 1946. C. This is a registration card from the University of Washington. It gives Luke's class schedule. He took classes in departments of political science, English, and history. The card also tells that Luke was exempt from the student physical examination. D. This is an envelope from the Registrar's Office of the University of Washington. It was mailed on May 13, 1946. Student Registration Receipts and Card from the University of Washington
1992.022.352 Application A. This is part of an application for admission to the University of Washington (UW). It is a special form for US veterans. It includes information about the G. I. Bill and application proceedures. It has been filled out already. It was printed on off-white, letter size paper. B. This is a map of UW's campus. It was printed on off-white, letter size paper and is stapled to the above sheet. Veteran's Application to the University of Washington
1992.022.353 Newspaper This is an issue of the "University of Washington Daily," a student-run newspaper. There is a frontpage article on the student elections. The article reports that Wing Luke was elected the class president of his sophomore class. There is head shoot of Luke, as well as the other elected officers. In total, this issue is one broadsheet and has 4 pages. The paper is fraying but in sturdy condition. Article about Student Elections of the University of Washington
1992.022.354 Notice A. This is an approval to evict. In this document, Wing Luke was granted the right to evict Ida Mathisen from 914 James St., Seattle, WA. Luke was empowerd by the Office of Price Admission to take over Mathisen's apartment for him and his family. The notice was drawn in response to Luke's petition for eviction and was signed by R. C. Atwood, the rent director. The notice was printed on a preprinted, white form. B. This is an envelope from the Office of Price Admission. Notice of the Right to Evict
1992.022.355 Letter This is a warning letter from the Department of Health and Sanitation of Seattle to ratproof a grocery store of the Luke family. In the letter, Allan J. Butler, the chief sanitation inspector, states that grocery store was rat-infested on the day of the health inspection. Bulter deamands that L. S. Luke install a rat-proof foundation and exterminate the rats within 30 days. The letter was typed on official, municipal letterhead. Warning Letter from the Department of Health
1992.022.356 Contract A. This is a receipt for payment of car insurance. Wing Luke paid $31.50 to North American Life Assurance Company. The receipt is signed on the bottom. B. This is the car insurance policy for a non-commerical vehicle. According to the policy, Wing Luke bought one year of car insurance, from June 4, 1946 to June 4, 1947. He insured a 1937 Graham, 2-drive sedan for $20,500 of liability. Luke reported his occupation as laundry proprietor. He bought the insurance from the Maryland Casuality Company of Baltimore, from an agent named John Lalley. There are 3 1/2 pages of fine print regarding the coverage of the policy. C. This is a blank envelope that is printed with the address for Crawford Anderson, Seattle, WA. Car Insurance Policy
1992.022.357 Receipt A. This is a tax form. With this form, Wing Luke reported to the Tax Commission of Washington that he bought a 1937 Graham sedan. Every purchase in the State of Washington was subject to a sales tax. The reverse side of the sheet gives details on the law. Luke filed the report on March 20, 1946. B. This is a receipt from the Tax Commission. It documents that Wing Luke paid $13.50 of taxes on his 1937 Graham sedan. The receipt was issued on December 13, 1946. State Taxes on Personal Car
1992.022.358 Cartoon This is a political cartoon caricaturing the garbage problem in Seattle. In 1965, the city was running out of landfill space, and the city council had mishandled the situation. Luke had opposed the majority's decision. This cartoon depicts the opposition, which was composed of Luke, councilman Best, Mrs. Edwards and Mr. Eckmann, seeking the "facts." In contrast, the majority of the council is depicted sinking in the "Garbage Problem." The is the original artwork and is done in black and grew ink on press board. The work is done by McCausland, who signed the bottom right corner. Political Cartoon of Garbage Dilemma
1992.022.359 Documents A. This is a biographical sketch of Wing Luke. It was adapted by PLJ from a version that appeared in "Oriental Flavors," a guidebook to Seattle's Chinatown. The life summary covers Luke's public service for public relations purposes. PLJ is probably Luke's secretary. B. This is a note from PLJ to Wing Luke asking him to review the biographical sketch. C. This is a list of Luke's accomplishment and is 2 typed pages. Biographical Sketch
1992.022.360 Article This is a clipped newspaper article on Wing Luke from the "Post-Intelligencer." It details Luke's political accomplisments. The article is part of series that celebrates individuals who had significantly contributed to the state. Newspaper Article Recognizing Luke Posthumously
1992.022.361 Handbill, Political A-B. Identical handbills about Wing Luke. They were made for his champaign for city councilman. Luke's political ideas, public service, and education are highlighted. Political Handbill for City Councilman Election
1992.022.362 Magazine This is an issue of the local magazine "Seattle" from 1965. There is a feature article by James Halpin on the city council. The article, entitled "The Archaic System that Prevails Makes Members Look Pretty Whiggish: Our Musty, Crusty City Council," covers the issues that plague Seattle's public utilities. According to the article, Seattle was running out of landfill space and city council had mismanaged the problem. The article features Wing Luke as the instigator of change in the council's policies. Luke's key partners in the controversy were Board of Public Works, Mrs. Harlan Edwards, and Ted Best. There are two images of Luke on p. 12 and 14. The 8 page article runs from 12-6, and 46-8. Article on the City Council and Public Utilities
1992.022.363 Book This is a guidebook to Seattle's Chinatown and was entitled "Oriental Flavors." The guidebook is aimed at tourists to Seattle's World's Fair (1962). It is a hodgepodge of politics, advertisements, popular histories, and lessons on Chinese culture. The guidebook includes a biographical portrait of Wing Luke. The cover design is red, gold, white, and black. The image features a parade of musicians who are playing under 3 canopies. Chinese Publishing House printed the book, while John T. C. Fang is the publisher. Guidebook to Seattle's Chinatown
1992.022.364 Article A. This is a draft of an article published in the West Seattle Herald. The article is about Wing Luke's scheduled speech at a Boy Scouts meeting, which was was the Eagle Scout Court of Award ceremony of Troop 283. The article was typed on yellow carbon paper. B. Envelope from the Central Association of Asseation to Wing Luke. Newspaper Announcing Luke's Scheduled Speech
1992.022.365 Article This is a newspaper article listing notable accomplishments by Chinese Americans in the Northeast. Wing Luke is mentioned for becoming a licensed attorney. Listing of Notable Accomplishements by Chinese Americans
1992.022.366 Newspaper This is a blurb about Seattle's World's Fair (1962). The short article in "Seattle Wireless" mentions Wing Luke. It commends him on his Seattle spirit. Newnpaper Blurb about Seattle's World's Fair.
1992.022.367 Newspaper 2 sheets of the "Seattle Post-Intelligencer" newspaper. These two sheets comprise pages 3-6 and report international, sports, shipping, and financial, news. There are also adds Sheets from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1992.022.368 Check This is a check made out to Wing Luke for 200 Hong Kong Dollars. The check was signed by Ng See Kong, the manager of Wah Young Co. and was backed by the Bank of Canton, which was headquarted in Hong Kong. Check from Wah Young Co.
1992.022.369 Article This is a clipped newspaper article about Wing Luke. It covers his advocacy of youth programs. At the time, Luke was the president of Roosevelt High School's student body. The article features a headshoot of Luke. The article is in fragile condition. Newspaper source is unknown. Article on Youth Programs
1992.022.370 Newspaper This is an issue of the Roosevelt High School student paper called "Roosevelt News." There is an article about Wing Luke. It quotes Luke at length about his war experiences. Student Paper and Article on War Experiences
1992.022.371 Resume This is a resume of Wing Luke's activities. It was typed on yellow carbon paper, with corrections written in pencil. Resume
1992.022.372 Article This is a clipped newspaper article about the city council race of 1962. The article names the nominees and the various positions they were running for. Luke is mentioned in the headline. The article is from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Article about City Council Election
1992.022.379 Article This is the front page of a newspaper that includes an article about Wing Luke winning a seat on city council. The article is from the University District Herald and covers Luke's involvement in the community. A photograph of Luke and his siblings was published with this article. Newspaper Article on Winning City Council Seat
1992.022.380 Article This is a clipped newspaper from "Seattle Post-Intelligencer" about Lew Fung Hai Luke. Luke is the mother of Wing Luke, a city councilman and the first Asian in the Pacific Northwest to hold public office. The article explains why Luke waited 36 years to naturalize. There is a photo of her and her son as she filled out the naturalization paperwork. Article on the Naturalization of Lew Fing Hai Luke
1992.022.381 Article This is a clipped newspaper article about Seattle's Chinese-English newsletter. This short article claims that the Chinese-community publication is a central to the community. There are 5 accompanying photographs of the newsletter, readers, and the staff at work. Wing Luke is featured in two of the photosgraphs. The photographs also picture Sherry Hing, Mabel Yuen, Don Chin, Sharon Mar, Leslie Chinn, Betty Kan, and Ruth Chinn. The article was written by Bette Loomis and published in the "Seattle Times." The photographs were taken by David Hutchinson. Article about Chinese-English Newsletter
1992.022.382 Article This is clipped article that announced laymen led religious services as part of "Laymen's Sunday." Wing Luke led the service at the First Christian Church. Article on Layman's Sunday
1992.022.383 Article This is a clipped article about Chinatown/ the International District of Seattle. Wing Luke wrote the article for the "Seattle Times." The article is a guide to the quarter, advising readings on what to do and see. There is a headshot of Luke. Article on Chinatown/ International District
1992.022.384 Article This is a clipped photograph from the newspaper "Pacific Citizen" showing Wing Luke. The caption explains that Wing Luke is presenting Senator Warren Magnuson with an award for public service. There is also an article covering the cermony honoring Magnuson. The article notes that President John F. Kennedy was scheduled to appear at the ceremony, but decided to skip the party. Article on Ceremony for Warren Magnuson
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