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Wing Luke Museum
2006.063.009 Oral History Interview Bachan Chawla
2006.063.010 Oral History Interview
2006.063.011 Oral History Interview
2006.063.012 Oral History Interview
2006.063.013 Oral History Interview
2006.063.014 Oral History Interview
2006.063.015 Oral History Interview
2006.063.016 Oral History Interview
2006.063.017 Oral History Interview
2006.063.018 Oral History Interview
2006.065.001 Card, business Business Card Sing Fat & Co. Chinese and Japanese Bazaar 614 Dupont St San Francisco CA Est. 1866 Tel. CHINA 33 Sing Fat & Co.
2006.078 Oral History Interview Kirk Honda interview with his grandmother Kazuko Okamoto Honda Interviews with my Grandmother
2006.082.001 DVD DVD film The Story of Spirits by Tien Nguyen Vietnamese American film maker tells story of her family's exodus from Vietnanam in 1975. Funding by Women Make Movies. The Story of Spirits
2006.083.001 Contract Reproduction Memorandum of Agreement OLAA Sugar Co and Miyashita Haruemon January 11, 1900 OLAA Sugar Co
2007.003.001 Certificate Canadian Pacfiic Ocean Services medical certificate for Mrs. Hong Joy from Nam Hoi China Arriving on SS El Asia voyage 18, February 14, 1918 To Seattle Photograph included. Medical Certificate
2007.013.001 Directory Seattle and area directory 1977 Japanese Community Telephone Directory
2007.018.003 Notebook Military Intelligence Services notebook on Japanese Military vocabulary. Military Vocabulary (Japanese)
2007.023 Directory 1999 JACL Japanese American Community Directory for Seattle Greater Seattle & Vicinity Japanese American Community Directory
2007.024 Directory Indo-American Business Pages Washington 2005
2007.025 Document Notice of possible grafitti tagging. 4 Real B-Boyz "SMEREONE" Coming at you soon. 4 Real Boyz
2007.059.002 Box Mulan McDonald's Happy Meal Box Happy Meal
2007.062.001 Ticket, lottery 3 laminated from original ID exhibit Unused: Canton Co American Co. 4 PM Hong Fook Co NT Boston Co., 2 PM Card of breakdown of winning amounts
2007.065.001 Article 12 page history of the Chinatown/International District of Seattle Washington By Doug Chin and Peter Bacho Published by the International Examiner International District: History of an Urban, Ethnic Neighborhood in Seattle
2007.074 Document
2007.074.001 Document Documents Letters, pictures, essays and other written materials from Peggy Araki on behalf of Shosuke Sasaki
2008.001.319 Stamp 13 stamps. 1 of Patrick Henry, 1 of Washington, 11 of Sun Yat-Sen.
2008.001.320 Card, Business 3 business card of Peter Louie, Owner & Mgr., Civic Center Motel.
2008.001.321 Card Red card for Chinese New Year, 1967, with a picture of a ram.
2008.001.322 Calendar 12 page calendar of 12 months of year 1960, with people's images and pictures on every page.
2008.001.323 Envelope 20 via-air-mail envelopes.
2008.001.324 Red and white envelope with Chinese characters stating "lucky ritual."
2008.001.325 Document Financial documents from 1975 with a note from Nancy Jang dated April 24, 1976
2008.001.326 Book Blue cloth-cover accounting book, with Chinese characters at the bottom.
2008.001.327 Book 10 receipt books wraped in paper, with a sample reciept on top.
2008.001.356 Book Small, green autograph book, pages contain handwritten notes in Chinese and English, regarding end of year at college in China. Includes photographs of signers.
2008.001.361 Envelope Brown envelope from Carlton Studio, Chinese handwritten on envelope
2008.001.372 Business Card Business cards of James Mar
2008.001.373 Business Card Business cards collected in Yick Fung.
2008.001.374 Document Various documents relating to Yick Fung Co.
2008.001.375 Document Letters relating to Yick Fung Co. and James Mar.
2008.001.376 Document Documents regarding food selling licenses of Yick Fung Co.
2008.001.377 Document Documents regarding taxes of Yick Fung Co.
2008.001.378 Document Various documents relating Yick Fung Co.
2008.001.382 Document Business licenses for the Yick Fung Co. from the City of Seattle. Multiple years in brown, wooden frame.
2008.001.383 Document Food Service Establishment Permit from the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health for the Yick Fung Co. Multiple years contained in wooden frame.
2008.001.400 Directory Telephone numbers on poster board Pasted and printed phone numbers from Yick Fung office.
2008.001.401 Document Blue Funnel Line Sailing notice Blue Funnel Line
2008.001.402 Flyer Blue Funel Line Flyer in English and Chinese Sailing Schedule Translation: Page 1: * Our company has 3 oceanliners, "Tantalus", "Ixion", and "Talthybius". * All ships are very sturdy and steady; even there are gales and huge waves, they still sail smoothly passing through Hokohama, Kobe, Shanghai, then arrive at Hong Kong. *Room in the second class could accommodate 2, 4 or 6 people in each room, they are all located at the middle of upper level. Those rooms have nice air circulation, plenty light, and equipped with heaters. Foods are all delicious Chinese cuisine. * Rooms in the 3rd class are all located at upper level, spacious, air and light are adequate, also have heaters, floors are made of wood, beds are newly made using metals. Very clean and comfortable. Passengers may take a walk any where they want to breathe the fresh air. (Note: in 1930s, Chinese were not allowed to take the first class rooms. Those are British lines. Liang) * All ships have certified doctors to take care of patients with no extra charge. *All ships provide delicious foods made by experienced cooks. Menus are different from day to day. * All passengers should get on board at Vancouver. Before boarding, passengers, once arrived at Vancouver, please give the lug gages with tags and the temporary tickets to our agents so that the agents could transport the lugages to respect rooms, and exchange for the official tickets. * The recent improvements are the addition of first class meals and all plates and bowls have been changed to china (I think in the earlier days, those plates & bowls are made of metals with enamel paintings) Local Agent ______________________________ _______________________________ Page 2: Blue Funnel LIne Republic of China year 26 (1937), sailing dates of the first schedule between Seattle, Vancouver, and Hong Kong. Leaving HK Arriving at Vancouver Name of the Ship Leaving Vancouver Arriving at HK Dec. 12 Jan. 6 Ixion Jan 30 Feb. 28 Jan. 12 Feb. 8 Talthybius Feb. 27 Mar. 28 Feb. 9 Mar. 8 Tantalus Mar. 27 Apr. 26 Mar. 18 Apr. 14 Ixion May 1 June 1 Apr. 15 May 12 Talthybius May 29 June 30 May. 13 June 9 Tantalus June 26 July 26 June 17 July 14 Ixion July 31 Aug. 30 July 15 Aug. 11 Talthybius Aug. 28 Sept. 28 Aug. 12 Sept. 8 Tantalus Sept 25 Oct. 24 Sept. 16 Oct. 13 Ixion Oct. 30 Nov. 30 Oct. 14 Nov. 11 Talthybius Nov. 27 Dec. 27 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The recent improvements: Increase top delicious dishes and using china for plates & bowls ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TO Hong Kong: Second class price: from VC or Victoria: $75 (no service charge) from Seattle: 75 ($5 for service charge) Third class price: from VC or Victoria: $55 (no service charge) from Seattle: $55 ($3 for service charge) If you want to know the cost from Far Eastern port etc. to HK, please contact our local agents. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Agency at Victoria Special agent Agent at Seattle Fu-Qing Mah Agency at VC Quon On Co Frank Mah Yick Fung Co Quon On Co. LTD 529 Cormorant Street Traveling Agent 705 King Street 254 1/2 Pender St. East Phone Garden 6914 Dodwell & Co., LTD Seattle, Wash. Vancouver, BC Victoria, BC Vancouver, BC Pa 1025 DODWELL & COMPANY LIMITED General Agents SEATTLE, WASH. VANCOUVER, B.C. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (sailing dates could be changed at times) Blue Funnel Line
2008.002.001 Articles Miscellaneous newspaper articles and documents about the theatre.
2008.002.002 Document
2008.002.003 Document
2008.002.004 Document
2008.002.005 Document
2008.002.006 Document
2008.002.007 Document
2008.002.008 Document
2008.002.009 Document
2008.002.010 Document
2008.002.011 Document
2008.002.012 Document
2008.002.013 Document
2008.002.014 Documents
2008.002.015 Document
2008.002.016 Document
2008.002.017 Document
2008.002.019 Document Documents of the Northwest Asian American Theatre
2008.006.002 Advertisement Foster White Gallery Advertisement
2008.006.003 Program Seattle Gallery Exhibitions Catalogue
2008.006.004 Postcard Foster White Gallery Postcard Tom Burrows
2008.006.007 List Foster White Gallery list Works on display April 2004
2008.007.001 Chart Color Racial Identity Chart
2008.008.002 Menu
2008.009.001 Script Cookies for Sale
2008.009.002 Storyboard
2008.013.003.001 Sticker, Bumper Strip of 6 round bumper stickers "Democrat at Heart" White
2008.013.003.002 Sticker, Bumper Strip with two rectangle bumper sticker - one larger, one smaller Larger is level on horizontal axis, smaller is level on vertical axis "Vote Democrat " Red & Blue
2008.013.003.003 Sticker, Bumper Rectangle bumper sticker - Robert Kennedy Presidential Campaign "Kennedy" White
2008.013.003.004 Sticker, Bumper Rectangle bumper sticker "Democrat at Heart" White
2008.013.003.005 Handbill, Political Trifold brochure "Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS)" 2002 general organizational brochure including programs, scheduled events, and board/staff roster Sage green & Natural fiber color
2008.013.003.006 Handbill, Political Quad-fold brochure "Rocky Chin for New York City Council" Candidate multilingual brochure for Rocy Chin's 2001 bid for NY City council. Some content translated in Chinese and Spanish Blue & White
2008.013.003.007 Handbill, Political Bi-fold brochure "Alicia" Candidate English language brochure for Alicia Wong's bid for San Francisco City Supervisor. Teal & White
2008.013.003.008 Handbill, Political Tri-fold brochure "The Beginning of Change - The Difference is Us" 1994 Clinton-Gore administration summary brochure of activity relating to APIAs, including the text of the Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month bill. White
2008.013.003.009 Handbill, Political Bi-fold brochure "Nemesio Domingo - Leadership for the Future" Campaign brochure for Nemesio Domingo's run for Renton School Board Position Tan
2008.013.003.010 Handbill, Political Bi-fold brochure "OCA & JACL Reception - in honor of OCA/JACL Leadership Participants and APA Appontees of the Clinton Administration" Event program for 1994 reception, including general organizational information Red
2008.013.003.011 Handbill, Political Invitation "OCA & JACL Reception - in honor of OCA/JACL Leadership Participants and APA Appontees of the Clinton Administration" Lavender
2008.013.003.012 Handbill, Political Invitation "Congressman Jim McDermott & The Jim McDermott Legal Expense Trust" Invitation to 2005 event White
2008.013.003.013 Handbill, Political Invitation "Democratic National Committeet" Invitation to 1994 event celebrating President Bill Clinton's birthday in Maryland White
2008.013.003.014 Handbill, Political Even program "Holidays at the White House 1994" Invitation to 1994 event 12 pages White
2008.013.003.015 Handbill, Political Campaign photo "2004 Presidential Campaign Photograph" "Registered Photo Number 160116964 & 120044038 Excusively for Ms. Haron Maeda
2008.013.004.001 Newsletter "Survey Says..." Volume 1, No. 1 Asian Pacific American Legal Center A Report of the Asian Pacific American Legal Center's Exhit Poll Project and the March 2000 Elections
2008.013.004.002 Roll, Muster Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies 2002 Asian Pacific American Candidates As of August 5, 2002 List of State and Congressional APIA elected officials
2008.013.004.003 Documents Highest percent of APA congressional districts of the 107th Congress from census 2000 data. Compiled by Organization of Chinese Americans
2008.013.004.004 Documents US States with Largest Asian American Population, 2000 Prepared by Pei-te Lien, Associate Professor, University of Utah
2008.013.004.005 Letter Letter to Sharon Maeda from William Kaneko. In support of Susan Oki Mollway, candidate for District Judge for the District of Hawaii. July 24, 1995
2008.013.004.006 Letter Press release from the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium. Reporting expanded language assistance jurisdictions for elections based off of 2000 census Voting Language Assistance Juridictions Announced
2008.013.004.007 Documents Published by the National Institute For Women of Color. Issue Number One. Major Contributors: Suzanne R. Brooks; Aileen C. Hernandez; Marta P. Cotera; Victoria Siu Moving Mountains Past, Present and Future: The Role of Women of Color in the American Political System
2008.013.004.008 Release, News National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium Reporting changes concerning language written and oral assitance in certain voting districts. FACT SHEET: 2000 Census Update of Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act
2008.013.004.009 Speech Asian Pacific American Hertiage Month Celebration at Botanical Gardens Talking Points Prepared for Secretary Henry G. Cisneros
2008.013.004.010 Documents Asian American Legal Defence And Education Fund An assessment of the NYC Board of Elections compliance with the language Assistance Provisions of the Voting Rights Act Asian American Access to Democracy in the NYC 2001 Elections
2008.013.004.011 Speech Speech delivered at the Rotunda, National Archives Affirmative Action Address delivered by President William Jefferson Clinton
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