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Wing Luke Museum
1999.055.002.R magazine A magazine for a Cantonese opera titled the Fairy of Ninth Heaven/ Jiu Tian Xuan Nv (in standard Chinese). The opera was created and performed by the Sing Fung Ming Cantonese Opera Troupe, Hong Kong. The Fairy of Ninth Heaven/ Jiu Tian Xuan Nv (in standard Chinese).
1999.055.002.S magazine A magazine for a Cantonese opera titled the New Madam White Snake/ Bai She Xin Zhuan(in standard Chinese). The opera was created and performed by the Sing Fung Ming Cantonese Opera Troupe, Hong Kong. New Madam White Snake/ Bai She Xin Zhuan(in standard Chinese)
1999.055.002.T magazine
1999.055.002.U envelope
1999.055.002.V transcript Copies of Cantonese opera trasncripts. The original transcripts were made by either Tien Shing Records Co. or Fung Hang Record LTD. Both companies were in Hong Kong.
1999.055.002.W transcript A handmade catalogue of Cantonese opera transcript photocopies titled Li Ti Shen Li Sheng Chang Pian Lu Yin Mu Lu (in standard Chinese). The original transcripts were made by either Tien Shing Records Co. or Fung Hang Record LTD. Both companies were in Hong Kong. Li Ti Shen Li Sheng Chang Pian Lu Yin Mu Lu (in standard Chinese).
1999.055.002.X booklet A catalogue of Cantonese opera musical records. Produced by Flowerland Flowers & Gifts, 4749 Roosevelt Way, Seattle. With handwritten notes inside
1999.055.002.Y advertising flyer An advertising flyer for the Luck Ngai Music Society's 48th anniversary gala. The flyer includes the information of the performance cast, the brief introduction of the performed stories, the date and the location of the performance. Complimentary show. The gala was held at the building of Chong Wa Benevolent Association in Seattle. Luck Ngai Music Society 48th Anniversary Gala
1999.055.002.Z advertising flyer An advertising flyer for the Luck Ngai Music Society's 46th anniversary gala. The flyer includes the information of the performance cast, the brief introduction of the performed stories, the date and the location of the performance. Complimentary show. The gala was held at the building of Chong Wa Benevolent Association in Seattle. Printed in both Chinese language and English language Luck Ngai Music Society 46th Anniversary Gala
1999.055.004 Certificate, Achievement Red lettered certificate for John Woo of the Wing Quong Herb co. training and accomplishments. Two Copies in total, with one printed in color red and another one in color black. Doctor Woo Introduction
1999.055.030 Documents Miscellaneous documents associated with the materials donated by John and Mary Woo. Cards, postcards, electronic brochures, tickets, maps, newsletters.
1999.055.030.A TAPE A cover of Cantonese opera compact cassette. The title of the opera is Zhang Tai Liu (in standard Chinese ). The record was published by Fung Hang Record LTD. Hong Kong Zhang Tai Liu (in standard Chinese )
1999.055.030.B advertising flyer A catalogue for 13 Cantonese opera stories. The catalogue includes the performaning cast and story outline of each title, the product information and rates. The catalogue was created and sent out by Hong Kong Electronic LTD. Address of the company: 2 Chatham Square, New York 38, U.S.A. All written in Chinese, except the company address written in English. Cantonese Opera Record Catalogue
1999.055.030.C advertising flyer An advertising flyer for movie song lyrics. The flyer includes the movies' performaning cast and story outline of each title, the product information and rates. The catalogue was created and sent out by Hong Kong Electronic LTD. Address of the company: 2 Chatham Square, New York 38, U.S.A. All written in Chinese, except the company address written in English. A big area of the flyer was cover by the printed characters from another item (1999.055.030.B?) for unknown reason. Movie Song Lyrics
1999.055.030.N Advertising flyer
1999.056.001 Booklet Glossy paper cover booklet with center staple binding (12" x 9"). Cover is light green and black. It is made up of a black and white photo negative of 2 actors, Ken Mochizuki and Bob Lee in "Song for a Nisei Fisherman," taken by Rick Wong. In the center is a square text panel with the title in white letters. At the bottom right is "Northwest Asian American Theatre 20th Anniversary". 48 - page booklet recounts the history of NWAAT with photos and biographies. Dreams and Promises
1999.058.001 Card, Business A-D: Glossy white business card with black printing (2" x 3.5"). At the top is "Pho Bac Restaurant, 'The best Vietnamese beef noodle soup in town' ". Three different Seattle addresses are printed in the center, with "Mr.& Mrs. Nien Pham" on the bottom right.
1999.060 envelope envelope: opened at top red bar down center with chinese writing badly crushed wrist watchband: 2 piece wrist watch band silver buckle with floral design brown alligator type leather
1999.060.064 b Charm Cloth sheet In red and black ink in Chinese. The receipt was issued by Chee Kung Tong in Seattle. The cloth from top to bottom says: "Seattle, Yixing Co., Golden Mountain, Secret writings Ancestors of Hong Family This receipt proved that we have received a donation of ten big Yuan from Mr. Yaolin from Ning county. The Chee Kung Tong is a Hongmen secret society. They participated in the unsuccessful revolutions before the 1911 one. They were know as the Chinese Freemasons in the west. Taoist Talisman
1999.060.070 Letter Receipt for a US Postal Money Order for $100.00. Issued in Ketchikan, Alaska MOB, Receipt for a postal Money Order
1999.060.074 Envelope Velox developing paper envelope. Manufactured by Eastman Kodak Co. Velox
1999.060.100 Memo Book A small red memo book with red cover and gold lettering. On the cover is: 1950 the 39th Year of the Republic of China; Mister Shang Song Eng; Meetings on the 18th of every month; Group leader - Zishu Cao. Inside is a list of names and the shares the own. Fee is 100 dollars a month. Zi Shu one share Shang Song two shares Lu chang two shares Zhen sheng two shares Wu yu one share Long tu one share Zhao zao one share Zhao huang one share Fang Zhao liang one share Yu Hui yi one share Yu Shi-jing one share Chen Ze-min one share Wu Shang jen one share Li Yong cun one share Lei Du chuan one share 18 members Memo Book
1999.060.1002 Documents Papers from the wallet of Eng Kee Chung A: Certificate of Registration B: 2 - Hong Kong dollar bills C: Photograph of the SS General MC Meigs D: Business Cards: Min Hing Knitting Company Sweater Manufacturers and Dry Goods Retailers E: Business card: Mee Cheung Tailors F: Business Card: Henry H. Nyi G: Business Card: Lee Sik-pang, Manager Chinese Art Gallery Hong Kong H: Letterhead stationary: Island Paint Co., Hong Kong.
1999.060.1004 Music, Sheet Music and lyrics for the song: "Brighten the Corner Where You Are" "The 1916 Convention Song"
1999.060.101 Book Tower of Fragmentary Embriodery: A Classified Guide to Correspomdence Styles. complied by Shen Qi of Yun-jian. Tower of Fragmentary Embroidery: A Classified Guide to Correspondence styles.
1999.060.102 Letter Letter to Mr. Shi lin Eng of Gom Hong in Seattle. One envelope is addressed to Shi lin Eng from Yu Zho Eng of Kwong Lee Wah in Hong Kong. Another envelope is addressed to Mr. Long pei Eng. The letter: "Greeting s to who opens up the letter! On the twenty fifth of the ninth month I received one letter for your family and a piece of red paper with the amount of one thousand and two hundred dollars. Following the instructions on your letter I gathered the money, sent it to Kuang Li Yuan Co. of Xining and delievered it to Mr. Ji da Eng. Two hundred was collected for services and twelve dollars was used for to reimburse the miscellaneous expenses according the current price. There was one thousand dollar left after the deduction. You will see it on the written record. Once we receive a message form your family, we will send it to you quickly to inform you of good news. I hope you can carry out great plans successfully in foreign land, open up various ways of making profits and have everything as you wish. Best wishes for your success. Bandits appeared in our area again. On the 11th of the 9th month. they captured more than 10 men and women at Shi keng kou. Among them there are three or four from Tang xia village, six or seven from Lai shan village. Also on the 16th they captured more than thirty men and women in total at Man-po. They are villagers in the areas of Song zi lang and Da heng village. Fourtunately, there is none of our area. The news in our province: Viceroy Mo resigned on the 18th. Jong Ming Chen (a military leader of a revolt) has returned to the Guangdong area on the 20th. our part is as usual. Since I am not able to inform you of everything, I will wait till next time to present more news to you. To Respectable brother Shilin as face to face on the twenty-eighth day of the ninth month the year of Geng, enclosed by Yu-zho Eng of Kwong Lee Wah, Yong le street Shang-huan, Hong Kong.
1999.060.103 List Board of directors of Chong Wa Benvelolent Assocition and staff list of the Chong Wa school. A: 1951; Staff list; Chairman: Lu Hongkuang, Li Yong cun. Principal: Huang Jin B: 1952; Staff list and Chaimen: Lu Hong kuang, Li Yong cun. Principal: Huang Jin C: 1954; Staff list; Chairmen: Chen yu dian; Li Yong cun; Principal: Chen Z. Chong Wa Benevolent Association
1999.060.104 Notebook a-f: Investment record books, Blue cloth, bound ledger with string, folded pages, red string bindings. a: 1943-5 Ledger b: 1945-6 Ledger c: 1947-8 Ledger d: 1952 Ledger e: 1953 Ledger f: Abstract- Investment record of a business (Min-Xing?) Record of Min-Xing shares Min-Xing: a thousand dollars Gom Hong: a thousand dollars Wu Shi-siu: nine hundred dollars Wu Shang-Ji: five hundred dollars Wu Shang-huai (?): Two hundred adn fifty dollars Wu Long-Pei: two hundred and fifty dollars Wu Qi-Chang: two hundred and fifty dollars Wu Shi-Bao: Two hundred dollars Wu Shang-Xian: two hundred dollars Lo Man (Shi-Zhen): two hundred dollars (Note: Lo Man's share was purchased by Shi-Sui, the the share was again purchased by Shi-Zhen) Wu Shi-Xiang: five hundred dollars Huang Lin-an: one hundred dollars Huang Chuan-Mao: one hundred dollars Wu Shi-li (?): two hundred and fifty dollars Wu Shang-You (?): three hundred dollars
1999.060.1050 Envelope Collection of miscellaneous envelopes To and from: Min Hing Knitting Co. 625 King St.
1999.060.106 Ledger Ledger with names of expenses, personal writings, presecription for Chinese herbal medicine. The inforamtion at 18 Washington St. indicatres that the time period is between 1905 - 1911. Other busnuinesses are mentioned such as Zee Tai Wing in Hong Kong; Gom Hong, Zee Tai in Port Townsend; indicating trade among them. On page 165 there is a record saying that Gom Hong received some items and transferred them to the Zee Tai Co.
1999.060.108 Receipt A: Gom Hong receipt for Mr. Shi he Eng B: Envelopes and paper: Addressed to Ah Fook. From the Treasury Departmetn, US Revenue Cutter Service, USS Perry. C: Addressed to Ah Fook with Zee Tai Co stamps on each.
1999.060.109 Letter A: One letter and two envelopes. ".... I will not present superficial expressions" on the envelope. "Greetings to who opens the letter! I did not realize that it has been months since i bowed to say farewell to you. I suppose you must be dwelling in a glorious state, and the source of money has no obstruction. Pretty soon you will be able to return with glory, which will be something worth cheering and rejoicing. Wheras I come to this ... country. There is neither great opportunities nor ways to make a living . In every harbor there are heavy crowds like ants the labor market is extremely gloomy. In the future there will certainly be lamentations on hunger and coldness. Moreover, in my hometown, I still owe other people money and day after day the interest is getting higher. I will not be able to repay the debt in the future. This situation is really a pity. There is very little good will in the world and I have no way to borrow money but to waste my life here. Once you receive this letter please respond immediately. I hope you can include papers with the trade mark of your place. So .... Lian he is now dwelling in the city of Xining. He is waiting with a sincere heart hoping to follow you when you return. The papers with trade marks and good news you sent earlier I already delievered to him personally.... is now living at the rear tower of Lian's aunt. This is what I want to take this chance to inform you. Paper is too short to contain all my feelings. I will wait till next time to announce more good news. Wish you golden peace. For Shi he to receive and examine. Year of dong (1907) Xue guang. " B: One letter and one envelope. to Mr. Shi he Eng of Zee Tai Co. Port Townsend. "We are close to each other like brothers so I do not present superfical greetings to you who opens the letter. Thinking of you from afar, you are so high above in a glorious state, everything goes as you wish. Hands filled with gold, you are victorious in the east, wealthy and satisfied, this is truly something that should be celebrated. On the 11th of the ninth month I came on board in Seattle and sailed until the 8th of the 10th month. I have arrived at Hong Kong and had been in peace along the way. My brother's young daughter Ya-o has a match with the son of Li Yan nan of Ji an village, Song zi lang. Li Yan nan sent money home from New York and asked for marriage several times. Your family members sent messenger asking me to write a letter immediately to ask you opinion. Do you want them to wait until you return home to marry your daughter? This is what we want to take this chance to inform you. After you receive this letter, please repond so we will not be waiting anxiously. For Shi-he brother to examine. On the 12th day of the 12th month of the year Xin (1912) Seal: "Stationary of Yi zhan Eng" Letters
1999.060.110 Letter 4 - letters to Mr. Eng Shi-he from Eng Shi-run (?) 1911 Three envelopes with the stamp of the Zee Tai Co. in Port Townsend. A: Shi-he my brother, as seeing you. Greetings to who opens the letter! On the twelfth of the third month I received my brother's money which was mailed by Li Tai-bo. As usual, it was recorded in Li Tai-bo's newly recruited Seattle labor payments. From the last ship, I received Yao-yun brother's letter saying Jin-long has grown up, and will get married. He asked that brother's who went abroad to support and make this wonderful thing happen. My brother can send some money over, help to gather enough funds. In the area of Wu-Shiping one stone bridge has collapsed on the 25th of last month. Two persons died. Before long bandits atacked the east gate. My friend a temple guardian was strangled to death. The temple master was so afraid that it might be acquaintence. The rest is as usual. I met with Tai-bo recently, we had a conversation about your current job is not enough to revive your family. Why don't you come back soon and seek better jobs? This is my instruction. On the 20th day of the second month the year of geng-xu (1910) Elder brother Shi-run wrote and sent. B: Shi he my brother as seeing you. Greetings to who opens the letter. I sent you two letters earlier mentioning that the money li Tai lent to you had entered the records as usual. I also mentioned that Jin-long has grown up and will get married, hope my brother can help somehow. I suppose you must have received my messages? I would like to take this chance to inform you of some news. I received a letter from Yao-yun recently, he is repairing pottery kiln. He also mentioned that he is running a rice shop business with Mr. Wan... In Hong Kong. He sent messages that he is waiting for our brother's to join them and share the benefit .... Once I receive a letter for you I will inform you immediatley. I wonder if you have received the previous letters or not? If you did not briefly respond to me as well. This is what I would take the chance to instruct you. Wish you great peace. in the 3rd month of geng xu (1910) Edler Brother Shi run sent. C: For Shi he my brother to learn of, Greetings to who opens the letter. I received your letter of July 13th. I have learned the various things described in your letter. Yao-yun brother and others have established the rice shop. In my last letter to Hong Kong I asked Yao-yun to set up an account under your name... I have received a letter from Yao-yun brother reporting that it has been set up and there is a written record for you to keep. I have included records of your rice shop shares they have received so far, and reports of extra money... The money of your shares with Zee Tai An has been collected and transfered to the Zee Tai Wing in Hong Kong. Hope you do not worry too much. Shi guan, Shi-di, Shi hui and others have arrived at .... They reported to us that they landed safley and are in peace. This is what I wanted to take this chance to inform you. The 21st day of the 6th month of the year geng xu (1910) Elder brother Shi run wrote and sent. Moreover there is a great drought this year in Tang shan. The price of rice is much higher now. D: Shi he my brother as seeing you. greetings to who opens the letter. Now the cargo boat has arrived. The Queen is scheduled to sail in the near future. Hope you can send the money for exporting food supplies over.... Send a letter with the payment to catch the ship immediatley. As for the matter of Jin-long's getting married I also sent letters to Shi-zaoa nd Shi bo. Hope you can manage somehow to help. I will also discuss with those two and asl them to help somehow, so we can settle this thing soon. I wish you wealthy peace herein. 10th Month Gengxu (1910) Elder brother Shi run wrote and sent.
1999.060.111 Letter A: Letter and two envelopes addressed to Shi-he Eng from Yao-yun Eng of the Zee Tai Co. Hong Kong. Greetings to who opens the letter! I received what my brother sent from the Ju-chang store at Lo Province (Los Angeles?) recently: I have received the 100 dollars you enclosed and have known the various things you mentioned. I will follow the instructions in your letter, enclose the 100 dollars to which I add three dollars and sixty cents to make a grand total of one hundred and three .... Sent it to Yi-yuan and delievered it to Guo -chiang for thier expences. Hope you do not mind. As for the matter of Shi jing's building a house ... I thought Shi Jing had report ed to you that is why I did not inform you in detail. Shi-jing built a house last year. He spent about two thousand and five hundred dollars or so of his own money. I suppose he did not use the one thousand dollars you sent back last year either. It was Shi-jing's initial plan to repair the patio of the old house, the walkways of the main gates and small gates and to replae the teak wood doors. Those doors have been purchased, however they they are not to the likings of Guo-chiang's mother. That is why they are not replaced. Now you have separate budgets for your own family expenses. Shi-jing just had a daughter. He went back to little Lu-song around the second or third month last year. The house Ming jie built costs about two thousand dollars. I suppose you are aware of it. Shi-di returned and built a house on the 7th of the 11th month. Shi-hui tore down hhis old house on the second and started to build a ne w one. Feng - o ;must be grown up now? I plan to release her birth infomation maybe send to the Lee's at Shun-nan village. Guo chiang is now studying .... Nowdays everything in Tang shan is getting expensive. Hope you make money saving a priority. Shi-zhu's brother and Gui wen's sister already wondering in the celestial world, which is agreat pity. Family members of all the brothers are dwelling inpeace. Hope you do not worry. I wil inform you of the rest next time. I herein wish you wealthy peace. For Shi-he brother to examine. On the sixteeth day of the tenth month the year of JI (1909) Yao-yun wrote B: Greeings to who opens the letter. I received a letter from brother Shi-run recently which mentioned that my brother would like to wihtdraw three hundred dollars from the money you deposited at the Zee Tai wing Store to invest on the shares of the of the Mantai store. The inforamtion about the shares will take some more days to be done. I will send another letter to inform you. Your family members are dwelling in peace. Guo chiang is studying in local village this year. Shi-jing has not yet returned to little Lu Song. Maybe he will launch forth in the seventh or eighth month. Ya-o has grown up, but has not had any arrangement for her marriage. I already asked your family members to release information on her birth time. The prices for grains and rice are going up this month. Youhad better send more money home for expenses. I selected a date which will be the twenty ninth of the fifth month for installing the beams and constructing the house. This is what I wanted to inform you. I am herein wish you a wealthy peace. For brother Shi-he to examine. On the 18th day of the 5th Month the year of Geng (1910) Letter
1999.060.112 Letter A: Two envelopes addressed to Eng Shi he in Port Townsend from Eng Guo qiang. The return stamp is from: Zee Tai Wing in Hong Kong "Father my great man: Kneeling I gratefully report to you missing you from afar. My great man is in sound health having everything going smoothly, and is meeting all sorts of favorable situations. As your son this is something that should be celebrated and praised. However, recently due to various great household expenses, we are not able to meet our needs. This is what grand parents and mother worry about. ( Note: A space is left before the mention of elders to show respect.) If me great man mas money available at hand please send some more for food and expences immediately. We not only have urgent need of money for food and expences but also have problem due to owing a cuople of hundred dollars to other households. The reason for owing other households money is because we were short of money for food. Also I have been going to school for the last two years. And the tuition is no longer the same as it was. If my great man received my words, trust what I said. send off money to support our household and do not dwell with the people of the Si yao ai (?) The I will enjoy the blessing of our household. At this time both young and old in our household are dwelling in peace. Please do not worry this is what I want to deliever to you. Herin, with great reverence I respectfully wish you golden peace. To father , great man, kneeling. On the 20th day of the third month the year Keng xu (1910) Your young child, Guo qiang, kowtow to make this report." B: One letter addresed to Eng Shi-he from his nephew Eng Shang sheng. the stamps on the envelope are from: Zee Tai Wing of Hong Kong and Zee tai & Co. of Port Townsend, WA. "Eldest young uncle, Salute to you. With revernce the one who is making this report is your ignorant nephew. It has been three or four years since we separated from your excellency. Presently Uncle's family and the second young uncle's are both having a lot of financial burdens because of food. The reason why we don't have sufficient food is that our brilliant sister is now grown up and is in need of new things for her age (?). Our brilliant brother is now studying at the town school. His talentsa nd ambitions are outstanding, which truly demonstrate a great pontential. I sincerely hope my uncle in a foreign land will take every caution to preserve precious health. Once you have your gorgeous plans carried out successfully, please take some time to come back with glory and establish an account. Send money home to privide food for family members. Aunt and brother are both dwelling in peace in the residence. My uncle does not need to worry too much. Now your ignorant nephew is also working at the Hong Kong Zee Tai Wing .... I am not able to express all of my emotions. I will wait until next time to report to you the rest. This is the end of my report, and I would like to take this time to wish you Golden peace. Submitted to Shi-he, eldest young uncle, salute to you. On the 16th day of the 2nd month the year of Keng (1910) Your ignorant nephew Shang sheng." Letters to Eng Shi-he from his son
1999.060.113 Receipt A receipt with red seals of the Chinese Revolutionary Army. "We acknowledge the receipt of five big Yuan for the military fund from Mr. Li Yao-lin. Issued by the fund raising bureau of the Chinese Revolutionary Army fund collected and processed by Li Giong chuan." Dated 15th day of the 10th month of the Xin year in heaven's course. Oct. 11, 1911. From the way the year is indicated this may be a receipt issued by the Hongmen fundraising bureau. Receipt issued from the Chinese Revolutionary Army
1999.060.114 Envelope An envelope with printed symbol of the Republic of China. From Kam Yen of Port Gamble Wash., to Mr. Li Rujiao at Gom Hong Co. (#709 King St, Seattle, Wash.)
1999.060.115 Letter Chinese letter and envelope. The letter head is of the flags of the Kuo Min Tang. The author of the letter in Chinese leaves a space before addressing his brother to show respect. At the end he says there is no need of a seal to deliever good wishes. "Rujiao my brother, Recently there is no good progress at all, so I am not able to return the favor. Moreover, the prices of various things are highly expensive. ... In this failing situation to work as cheap labor is the only way to survive while there is no food supply. Fortunatley my humble body enjoys sound health. Both elders and childern are healthy too. Please do not worry for us. My only hope is that you will have high spirit while dwelling in a noble place and fortune will come from various sources. Hence you can send money home for the use of food supplies and put other people's gossip to silence to save your reputation. There is no need of a seal to deliever auspices. Your inferior brother, Li Rucheng May 13, the first year of the Republic of China." Letter to Li Rujiao from Li Rucheng
1999.060.116 Letter Letter and envelope in Chinese addressed to Li Rujiao from Li Ruzhe in Hong Kong. On the back of the envelope is address of "Kim Hong & Co., Washington St., Seattle, Wash." and a stamp of the "Sam Hing Co., Fine Chinese and Japanese Tea, Imported ware, 1612 Tacoma Ave., Tacoma, Wn.," The letter talks of a ship arriving in Hong Kong, Li's uncle has arrived safely. The items Li sent along will be delievered to his family. Letter to Mr. Li Rujiao from Li Ruzhe
1999.060.117 Letter The letter and envelope was sent from Little Lusong to Seattle. Baiying reported to Li Yaolin the transactions of their businesses and explained why he must wait till he returned to Lusong to return money to Yaolin. Letter to Li Yaolin from Li Mengzan (Baiying)
1999.060.118 Letter The envelope is addressed to "Gom Hong Co., 709 King St., Seattle Washington" with a return stamp in the upper left corner from: "Lee Quong Kee, 826 PA. Ave., NW, Washington, DC." In the letter Mr. Lee Quong Kee informed his nephew Yaolin that he had arrived safely and hoped Yaolin could journey eastwards soon to get together with them. He also mentioned that it would be a while before he could return money to Yalin. The letter is full of literary expressions. Letter to Li Yaolin from Li Kongguan (Lee Quong Kee)
1999.060.119 Letter Envelope and business card. Envelope is addressed to Li Yaolin, Nanking Cafe, 1511 1/2 4th Ave., Seattle, Wash., from: Sun Wah Lung Co., 1117 Tulane Ave., New Orleans, LA., The business card is pink and of Lee Yok of the Sun Wah Lung & Co., Chinese Groceries Medicine and Japanese Fancy goods, 1117 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, La., USA." Envelope and business card.
1999.060.120 Letter Two envelopes and one letter. A: The western envelope is addressed to Mr. Li You, Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash. and the return address is of the Wah Young Company, 416 8th Avenue So., Seattle, WA USA." B: The Chinese envelope is addressed to Li Rujiao in Seattle. C: The letter from Li Denglin to his third son Rujiao asking him to send money home immediatley because his wife is on ill health and other family members were sick. He wants Rujiao to visit his home as soon as he has enough money for a homeword journey. Letter to Li Rujiao from his father.
1999.060.121 Letter Letter "Ever since we shifted loyalty to the side of righteousness bandits act wildly without restraint. They rob everywhere. Rice, wood and oil are much more expensive because merchant ships do not dare to travel owing to the bandits problems. Therefore, every port in our Ning county has no rice for sale. It is difficult for people to survive. Our household is having financial difficulties and the money you sent in the mail was stolen by robbers. hence the budget of our household is extremely tight. It is my hearty hope that you can send money back home immediately to meet the urgent need. At this time both elders and youth in our household are fine. Please do not waste your exquisite thoughts on us. I returned home recently for the New Year, and will depart for business in the first month. Father wrote for the third son Rujiao to read and keep. It was written by me personally without using a seal. On the sixth day of the last month. " Letter to Rujiao from Li Denglin his father.
1999.060.122 Letter Chinese envelope and letter From Huang Shi of Liantang Village to Li Rujiao. "Mother Huangshi's words for my child Rujiao to learn of. It has been a few years since you traveled afar to make money. Our family members think of you often. As your mother I lean against the gate of our village eagerly awaiting your return. If you have accumulated additional money for boarding a ship please return to our village soon to satisfy our family member's longing and comfort mother's heart. You traveled afar to make a living. You should walk along the righteous way, and not indulge yourself in peculiar things. You should be careful in doing everything and be frugal in order to accumulate gold and silver for sending home to support your wife and children. Denglin is still a young newcomer .... You should teach him till he becomes a capable man. You brothers should live in harmony, work together to make a living, so people will not laugh at you." Letter to Li Rujiao form his mother Huang Shi
1999.060.123 Letter A: Letter to Li Rujiao from Li Nongxue in Oakland. The letter asks about Liangxue, Nongxue's cousin who lost contact with him. B: An orange note with one red stamp. It says: For Ah Yao to examine. I received your letter inquiring about Liangxue, but he is not here and I am not aware of the place where he resides. Hope you will know the situation when you see my words. I am not able to mention everything and will wait till next time to bring you some good news. C: One Chinese note with two burgundy stamps. A note in response to Rujio's inquiry about Liangxue saying they will have Ah Huan search for Liangxue. Letter to Li Rujiao and two notes
1999.060.124 Letter A: A Chinese letter with two yang red seals. In the letter Rujiao's son Hongyan reports to him that their fourth uncle mistreated them and forced them to move to their old house. Their grandfather, being not fair to them only took care of their fourth uncle's family and never supported them. Hongyan asked Rujiao to send money to them through uncle Ruzhe and the Huayuan store in Xining. B: Chinese Envelope with two round red seals. C: Chinese Letter with two red seals. Hong yan's mother entrusted him to report to his father that their extended family had separated into different households. Their household was in need of financial support because things were more expensive and since their family are rebuilding their ancestral shrine this year, so every household must send money for the use of gold foil papers, etc. Their second uncle sent money to Grand parents often, and Rujiao never did. They urged Rujiao to send money home so their family members would not be starved. D: Letter to Rujiao from his son Li Hongyan. 1910 His son reports that they have received the mone he sent. He also explains why the had to move to their old house according to what had been arranged by his grandfather years before. Since his mother would like to build a new home for their family they hope Rujiao can send money nore frequently. letter to Li Rujiao from his son Li Hongyan.
1999.060.125 Letter Envelope and letter It is possible that Hongyan entrusted different people to write letters to his father. The calligraphy styles in 1999.60.124 and 125 - 126 are different. In the letter Hong yan reports to his father that members in their households are fine. They have received money from Rujiao. He asks Rujiao not to have a grudge against grandmother and grandfather (who forced them to move) and assures Rujiao that his grandparents are now taking good care of their household. He asks Rujiao to send more money home and not to worry too much. Letter to Li Rujiao from his son Li Hongyan
1999.060.126 Letter Letter A Chinese letter in stylish calligraphy with three yin style red seals. To Li Rujiao from Li Ximing of Anyuan store in Xining, China. In the letter Li Ximing tells Li Rujiao that they have received the money he sent. He says that Rujiao's father probably made the decision (to expel his wife and son from the house) in a rage. His father was actually very fond of Rujiao's wife since she was an obedient daughter-in-law. He also informed Rujiao that perhaps his father's temper has changed while he awas getting old because his father had a lot of arguments with Rujiao's brother too. Letter to Li Rujiao from Li Ximing of the Anyuan store.
1999.060.127 Letter Chinese letter with three red stamps "We have received your letter and two hundred big yuan. As for the issue of moving the household last year, it was initiated by father-in-law and mother-in-law. Please do not have a grudge against them, it is over. At this time, father-in-law is planning to move to Jiang lian li. I hope you take good care of yourself and make more money for us to move together. Father-in-law is fair to us now. Our household is in harmony. However, things in our city are highly expensive and our child Hong yan has contracted a disease with a fever. Hope you can send money and letters home more often. In front of honorable Rujiao, my husband. Written and offered up by your unworthy wife on the third day of the sixth month. Letter from Rujiao's wife.
1999.060.128 Letter A Chinese letter with two laundry stamps. Stamp is "Lee Yuen, 711 3rd St., Washington DC." The letter says: I have received your message. I suppose you must be doing very well in your port. Hope you can come back to our homeland which is looking forward to a great future. I am dwelling in a laundry shop at this time. Nowdays various businesses are having financial depression which I do not know the reason. Please let me know where you are and what you are doing and send me the business card. Letter from Ruliang to Rujiao
1999.060.129 Letter Three envelopes and two letters. The two Chinese letters and envelopes were inside the western envelope which was addressed to Li Rujiao in Port Gamble. D: Letter to Rujiao from his son Hongyan: Both young and old in our household are fine. Please take care of yourself. Hope your business is doing well and making a good fortune. After we became a republic, various things are extremely expensive and bandits appear everywhere. We owe people a lot of money because we do not have enough money to meet the needs of our household. And people are coming frequently to ask for the money we owe them. Hope you can send money back often. E: Letter to Rujiao from his father. the money you sent to us was robbed by bandits. We are in a difficult situation. Please send money back as soon as you receive my words. Letters to Li Jiao from his father and son.
1999.060.130 Letter Two envelopes, one western and one Chinese and one Chinese letter. The western envelope is addressed to Kim Yen in Port Gamble and from Port Townsend Zee Tai Co. C: In the Letter Mr. Eng apologizes for his late response. He mentions that he planned to go back to Seattle for the new year and hoped to meet Mr. Li Yao by that time. Letter to Li Yao from a Mr. Wu or Eng
1999.060.131 Letter Letter and envelope A: Envelope addressed to: Li Rujiao, Gom Hong Co., Seattle, Wa from Kam Yen on Port Gamble. B: Letter: "The letter and materials I sent to you a couple of days ago should be stored carefully. I enclose a letter for Uncle Hongyin. Hope you can deliever it to him. You ask Yiren to do it, do not ask Uncle Hong yin to do it. Inform him privately. Do not say too much." Letter to Li Rujiao from Kam Yen
1999.060.132 Letter 2 Letters and one envelope. A: Envelope B: Letter from Shijin to Li yao. A reponse to your message: I have received your letter and learned all of the messages. However, I do not have savings available at hand, so I am not able to take any actions. My nephew is still young ... let him study at home for one or two more years, then we will plan for him. C: Another reponse to your message: I received your letter again today and have learned all the messages. In the previous letter I mentioned that we must wait one or two more years before we carry out the plan. Moreover, I have no money available at hand now, so I am not able to take any action, not to mention he is still young. Hope you understand. Letter to Mr. Li Yao from Shi-jin Wu or Eng
1999.060.133 Note A & B: Envelopes, one Chinese and one western. To Mr. Li Yao, Port Gamble, from Zee Tai Co., Port Townsend. C: Invoice: 1911, Invoice for Li Yao from the Tower of the Drunken Moon - Zui Yue Lou in Seattle for 34 dollars. D: New Years Greeting Bright pink paper with black Chinese calligraphy. New Year's greeting from Ruzhe in Hong Kong to Rujiao. Red New Year Greeting
1999.060.134 Letter Envelope and letter and invoice A: Envelope from Gom Hong Co., Seattle, Wa. To: Kam Yen, Port Gamble, WA. B: A letter with a red store stamp of Gom Hong Co. You entrusted Shilin to ask for a list of your expenses as well as the amount of meals. You can bring money with you when you come over here again. Small gambling games are not available yet. If you are doing well, you can send money over. I will keep it under you share. At this time, big gambling games are ready. However, owing to the depression it is not opened yet. For newphew Li Rujiao, on the 14th of the 7th month. Gom Hong & Co., in Seattle, Golden Mountain. C: Invoice: You sent a total of one hundred forty and twenty-three cents. The total of your expenses is one hundred forty-three and twenty five cents. the amount of over expense is three dollars and two cents. For nephew Li Rujiao the 3rd year of the Republic of China the 14th of the 7th month. D: Buttons: In the envelope were 6 mother of pearl buttons with metal rings and clips. Letter and invoice to Mr Li Yao from Gom Hong & Co.
1999.060.135 Letter Envelopes: To: Cook House. Port Gamble, Washington. The envelopes tucked inside one envelope indicated that they had traveled more than one stop to reach the recipient. A: From Li Rushe in Hong Kong to Li Rujiao B: From Wing Cheong Kut, Hong Kong, China To: Gom Hong, 709 King St., Seattle, Wash. C: From Gom Hong Co. D: Receipt: We received seventy-five Hong Kong dollars from Li Rujiao through Shilu Eng of Gom Hong Co. to Li Ruzhe of Wing Cheong Kut. This is the proof. The year of Renzi, 29th of the 4th month, Li Ruzhe. E: Letter: "The queen of India arrived in Hong Kong on the twenty nineth of the fourth month. We have learned the good news you sent and received the seventy-five big yuan... At this time our city is selling goods to gather funds for military expenditure. Everyone is enthusiastic. We have nearly a hundred taels. When we are short of some supplies people of every village will provide them. Please do not worry."
1999.060.136 Letter three envelopes and one letter. A: From Zee Tai Co., Port Townsend, Wash., to Kim Yen, Cook House, Port Gamble, Washington, March 11, 1912 B: Chinese envelope To: Li rujiao From: Eng Yarong. C: Printed return envelope to: Zee Tai Co., No. 330 Water Street,Port Townsend, Wash., USA, PO Box 27 D: Letter: To Li Yao from Eng Shibao. "I received one letter from my friend yesterday, and have learned everything. My friend is dwelling in an abundant state, the source of wealth flows smoothly. This is something that should be celebrated. Last month I sent a message through Li Xiangchong brother... He must be busy with his clothes store, so I have not received any response. I asked him about this letter, he said there was no response sometimes... At this time Port Townsend in doing poorly in business, I am sure you are aware of it. For my friend Li Yao to examine. The 10th of the 3rd month, the first year of the Republic. Eng Shibao. " Envelopes and letters to Li Yao
1999.060.137 Letter Envelope and letter A: Western envelope from Zee Tai Co., Port Townsend, Wash., April 15, 1912 To: Lee Yew, Port Gamble. Wash., B: letter: Eng Shibao tells Lee Yew that he has received the letter and money Lee sent to him. He was delighted that Lee was doing well. He told Lee that he was fine and would continue to send Lee more news. Letter and envelope to Li Yew (Li Yao) from Eng shibao
1999.060.138 Letter Envelope and business card A: Western envelope with large Qing dynasty postage stamp, addressed to Lee You Esq (?), Port Gamble, Wash., USA. Cancelation stamp of Canton, China B: Business card in Chinese and English "Hop Yuen Loong, No. 27 Burd Street, Hong Kong, China. In Chinese: He Yuan, Golden Mountain Store, Specializing in buying and selling ginseng, young antlers, delicate cinnamon." Envelope and business card
1999.060.139 Letter Envelope and letter A: Envelope with Canadian postage stamp, To: Gom Hong Co., 418 Washingtron St., Seattle, Wash., Cancelled: April 24, 1909, Victoria BC. From: Ching Wo Yuck Kee Co., Chinese Restaurant, Victoria BC., B: Letter to Li Rujiao from Huang Tingshu. "Great Uncle, Greeting's! Your fortune must be increasing day after day and whatever you encounter will become an an auspicious good thing. I retuned to the foreign land from Hong Kong. I did not realize that it would take eighty dollars to see a foreign eye doctor. At this time I still owe him more than twenty dollars. So I am writing to ask if you would lend me twenty dollars or so. If you trust my words please send money to me immediately. I will really appreciate it. I promise to return the money to you in the near future. The year of Xuanyuan the sixth of the third month. Envelope and letter
1999.060.140 Letter Envelope and letter. A: Envelope To: Get Kee Co., 109 1/2 Adams St. Port Townsend, Wash., B: Letter: Mr Li Yao is planning to quit his job, but he has no other place to live. So he asks Mr. Eng if there is any boarding place for him. Dated the first year of the republic, the fourth day of the eighth month. Letter to Eng YuChuan from Li Yao.
1999.060.141 Letter Envelope and letters A: Envelope: From PAF, Bellingham, Wash., To: Mr Lee You, The Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash., B: Letter to Li Rujiao "Rujiao my brother, I received your letter and have learned the message. As for the business you mentioned I am not able to take any action at this time because I have no funds available. Moreover I am still young and not familiar with the business world. If I have any good opportunity here, I would have been wealthy and would not leave you alone. He Rei is my good friend. Unfortunatley he is a loafer. I am afraid that he will not do well in business. The current situation of this port is not good. It would be three ot four months before the tavern can be reopened. If we can make it there will be some progress in business. I will be leaving soon. You may send letters to Hua Xiang after the fourth. Hope you are well. The first year of the Republic The first of the ninth month." Envelope and two letters to Li Rijiao from Li Denglin
1999.060.142 Letter Envelope and letter to Li Rujiao A: One western envelope with two green one cent stamps, From P.A.F. So. Bellingham. To: Lee You, the Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash. B: Letter: "Rujiao my brother, I have arrived. The fish jobs have started. Although you would like to do it at the end of spring time, the head of the workers has not agreed yet. Moreover, we have too many workers now, so we definitely cannot accept new persons. The current situation of this port is poor. I am not able to talk futher more. The 16th day of the 7th month, Younger brother Denglin." Envelope and letter
1999.060.143 Letter Envelope and letter to Lee Yow A: Western envelope from: Wah Yuen Lung Kee, 426 8th Ave. South, Seattle, Wash., USA To: Lee Yow, Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash. Dated August 19, 1912. B: Letter: "Lew Yow brother, I received your message in regard to investigating if Li Liangxue is here or anywhere else. I asked around, but no one ever heard of this name. There is a person from Portland named Huang wenli. He also helped to ask around, but no one has seen the name Li Liangxue. the first year of the Republic, the seventeenth day of the eighth month. Shiren." Envelope and letter
1999.060.144 Letter Letter to Lee Yaw (Li Yao; Li Rujiao) from Li Xian yong A: Envelope: Li Xian yong. Pacific Dry Goods Co., To: Lee Yaw, Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash., B: Letter: On the letterhead is: "Pacific Coast Dry Goods Co., Manufacturers of Ladies Muslin Underwesr, Waists, Kimonos, Matinees, Fancy Silk garments, Hosiery, Notions, Etc. We make a Speciality of the Finest China dn Japan Silks, Grass Linens, pongee silk, etc., 1335 Third Ave. Seattle, Wash. "My brother entrusted me with finding a job opportunity, but no one is hiring a labor now. At this time, Nanking tower is looking for a receptionist. I wonder if you would like this job or not. The wage is forty-six dollars per month plus some miscellaneous benefits. If you like to toke it please come soon. Please respond to me quickly even if you cannot take it. For my brother Li Rujiao, the 16th day of the 8th month, Your ignorant, Liu Xianyong" Envelope and letter
1999.060.145 Letter Envelope and letter Letter to Lee Yaw (Li Yao) from Liu Xian yong A: Envelope to: Lee Yao, Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash., From: Pacific Coast Dry Goods Co., 1335 Third Ave., Seattle, Wash. Dated August 19, 1912 B: Letter: On Pacifc Coast Dry Good Co., letterhead. "Letter in response to your message. I have received your letter and learned the message. I will notify Nanking tower as you instructed. I am afraid that they are not able to wait for you to take this position. I am not certain about the other position of receptionist. I will let you know if there is any opening available. Fr Li Rujiao brother the nineteenth day of the eighth month. Envelope and letter
1999.060.146 Letter Envelope and letter to Lee Yaw A: Envelope addressed to: Lee Yaw, Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash. Dated August 29, 1912 From: Pacific Coast Dry Goods, 1335 Third Ave., Seattle, Wash., USA. B: Letter: on Pacific Coast Dry Goods letterhead. "In response to your message, I received you letter that mentioned that Li Hongrong got on a ship on the twenty-fifth of the sixth month. However, I have not seen him arrived, and it is already the twenty ninth of the eighth month. If there is a new comer the customs will notify us. Perhaps there is a delay of the departure time. But Li Shengce has arrived at the Customs. Ruzhe should have notified Uncle Xihuai about it, but I am not sure about it. So I will inform Uncle Xihuai immediately that a new comer has arived. He should come to the court immediatley to prevent any further delay. For Li Rujiao, the twenty-ninth of the eighth month, yours ignorant, Li Xianyong" Letter and envelope.
1999.060.147 Letter Two Envelopes and two letters A: Western envelope to Gom Hong Co., 709 King St., Seattle, Wash., From: Wing Cheong Kut, 135 Connaught Rd., Hong Kong, China. B: Envelope to Mr. Li Jujiao from Li Juzhe, Wing Cheong Kut, Hong Kong. C: Letter: a list of measures for making western style suits. Information on sleeve length, width and waist in two styles in western measurements. D: Letter: "I received the letter you sent on the eleventh of the tenth month in the new calendar on the twenty ninth of the ninth month from the ship "Queen" I have learned all messages and received the twenty dollars and sixteen cents. I will ask brother Huayin to deliever the letter and money to your family immediately. I have enclosed the measure for making suits with my letter... I will return to the United States to make money in future years. At tihs time, bandits are causing a lot of chaos and robbery is getting wild. This is for your information. The year of Ren the seventh month of the tenth Brother Ruzhe." Envelopes and letters
1999.060.148 Letter Envelopes and letters A: Western envelope from: Woy Ying Yuen, 66 Wing Lock St., Hong Kong, China. To: Gom Hong Co., King St., Between 8 & 7th , Seattle, Wash., B: Chinese Envelope From: Li Rudun, to: Li Rujiao C: Letter from Li Rudun to LiRujiao "Since I returned home in September, I have seen our familuy members. Both young and old are fine. However, after we shifted to a new politcal systembandits appear everytwhere robbing people. It is very difficut to travel along water ways. Grains are getting expensive... Now we are very short of money and hav enowhere to borrow it. Hope you can gather two or three hundred dollars for me to meet the very urgent need. Do not give me any excuse. We are brothers. I will not say it unless it is an emergency. If you care about your siblings please do it for me and send it directly to Hong Kong. As for our fifth brother Denglin, please do your best to promote him. Lee York Wong Ying Yuen Co. 66 Wing Lock St. Hong Kong, China for Rujiao my younger brother Your ignorant older brother Rudan wrote and sent the seventeenth of the second month Envelopes and letters
1999.060.149 Envelope A-E five Chinese Envelopes F- K western style envelopes A: From Li Rujiao . Port Gamble to Li Mengren B: From: Li Ruzhe, Wing Cheong Kut, Hong Kong to Li Rujiao C: From: Xinning to Li Rujiao, Gom Hong Co. D: To: Li Yao E: To: Li Rujiao, From: Ruliang. Washington F: To: Li Rujiao, Gom Hong Co.709 King St., From: Ruliang G: From: Lee Yun, Port Gamble, To: Lui Wo Ching Co. PO Box 22, Guaymas, Mexico H: To: On Yuen Co., Nom Ching St., Sai Ning See, Sun Ning City, Canton, China, From: Lee Yew, Cook House Port Gamble, Wash. I: To: Shizhen Eng, Gom Hong, 709 King St., J: To: Quong Kee & Co., 323 PaAve., NW Washington DC K: To: On Yuen &Co., Li Ximing, Sun Ning City Canton, China. L: From: Get Kee & Co., 109 1/2 Adamas St., PO Box 205 Port Townsend, Wash., M: From Pacific Coast Dry Goods Co, 1335 Third Ave., Seattle To: Lee Yau. Cook House. Port Gamble Washington. N: From: Pacific Coast Dry Goods Co., O: From Gom Hong Co., To: Kan Yen, Port Gamble. P: From: Gom Hong to Kim Yen, Port Gamble. Q: From Zee Tai & Co. PO Box 27, 330 Water St., Port Townsend, Wash., To: Kam Yen, Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash. R: From: P.A. F, Bellingham, Wash., To: Lee Yaw, Cook House Port Gamble., S: To: Gom Hong Co., 709 King St., Wash., T: From: Tie Fung Wo Co., Wines and Liquors, Oakland, CA, To: Li Rujiao, Pacific Coast Dry Goods August 10, 1912 U: From: Wing Cheong Kut, Hong Kong, To: Li Rujiao, Mo Rongjun, Pacific Coast Dry Goods. V: From: Wing Cheong Kut, To: Gom Hong Co. W: From: Canton, China, To: Gom Hong & Co. X: From: Sun Ning City, Canton, China, To: Gom Hong. Y: Lay Wo Ching & Co., Guaymas, Mexico. May 16, 1913, To: 418 8th St., Seattle, Wash. Z: Per SS Empress of Japan, To: Gom Hong & Co., 418 Wash. St., Seattle, Wash., Envelopes from/ to Mr. Li Rujiao
1999.060.150 Letter Letter to Li Rujiao from Shizhen (Eng) at Gom Hong Co., 22nd of the ninth month, the year of Xinhai, (1911). Shizhen had received the fifty dollars Rujiao sent to him through uncle Yuheng. Letter
1999.060.151 Envelope Unused Chinese envelopes, white with red band down the center.
1999.060.152 Card, business One business card printed in blue with drawing of a young woman on the front. "Pacific Dry Goods & Co., (Telephone Elliot 3991J) 1335 Third Ave., Seattle, Wash., Manufacturers of Fine Ladies' Muslins, Underware Waists, Kimonos, Dresses, fancy Silk Garments of All Kinds. Hosiery, Notions, Silks, etc.. Pacific Coast Dry Goods Co.
1999.060.153 Receipt A printed receipt with a blue stamp of the date and hand written name and amount. From Port Gamble, Aug. 31, 1911 stating that "The balance of your credit is $26.00..." REceipt to Lee Yew from the Puget Mill Co.
1999.060.154 Check A First National Bank of Seattle Check made payable to Lee Gee Jack for the sum of $20.16. in Hong Kong currency. It is a duplicate check. First National Bank of Seattle
1999.060.155 Note A list of names with small sums, a record without any indication about what it is.
1999.060.156 Invoice A store receipt to Mr. Li Yao from Gom Hong Co. Written in Chinese with a store stamp, and two decorative stamps. Issued to Li Yao from Gom Hong Co. in Seattle on the 19th of the 12th month in 1911 the year of Xinhai. Receipt
1999.060.157 Invoice An invoice on a portion of writing paper to Mr. Li Yao from the Drunk Moon Tower (Zuiyuelou) in Seattle dated the 25th of the last month of the year Geng for $21.00 Invoice from Drunk Moon Tower
1999.060.158 Invoice An invoice written in Chinese with one personal stamp and two decorative stamps. The invoice lists the amount of money Li (Lee)Yao sent to the store and the amount of various expenses (money forwarded to Hong Lang, Shizao, Drunk Moon Tower, etc.) Li Yao owes a total of two dollars and twenty cents. There isa n instruction from Shibao Eng on the back of the invoice asking Li to send money to the Zee Tai Co. Dated the 30th of the last month of the first year of the Republic of China. Zee Tai Co.
1999.060.159 Envelope One opened western style envelope with small black squares of an unknow substance in it. Possibly Chinese herbal medicine
1999.060.160 Paper Red papers 11 rectangular sheets 10 x 4.5" of red colored paper. Probably used at New Years and were pasted to the top of an entrance to bring auspicious positive energy to the household.
1999.060.161 Lyrics Chinese Opera Lyrics The lyrics depict the tragic ending of a famous Chiense love story "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" Liang Shanbo fell sick and died after he learned that Yingtai was arranged to marry into another family. On the day of her wedding Yingtai visited Liang's grave to offer sacrifices and mourn over her lover's death. According to legend the grave opened upon hearing her wailing and she jumped in to join her lover. Xinxijiao Yingtai ji dian
1999.060.162 Currency 12 pieces of Chinese paper money in a wrapper. Each "piece" of money is a paper square folder with a piece of gold foil inside. This ghost money was burned as an offering to various spirits. Chinese Paper Money
1999.060.163 Ticket One Chinese lottery ticket Printed in green ink it has the opening lines of the Thousand Character Classic and has several holes punched in it. At the top is a black stamp "Sheng Chang" Lottery Ticket
1999.060.164 Document A Handmade booklet of 13 pages. On the cover is Shijibu, "division of times and dates". This geneology contains information about Lee You Lim's family members including birth dates and times of his ancestors as well as the locations and directions they were buried. Couples information was written on the same page with words Tong Yuan -( Same Fate). Geneology of Li Rujiao's (Lee You Lim )Family
1999.060.165 Prescription Chinese Medicine Prescriptions A: Prescription for male to enrich Yang energy with Gejie and YinYanghuo. B: Prescription for female to regulate yin functions wtih Baishao and Cuscuta Seeds. Chinese Medicine Prescription
1999.060.166 Prescription Two identical prescriptions for cooking with pork feet.
1999.060.167 Horoscope Chinese Horoscope A handmade booklet with white paper and string binding. The text predicts the life of a man's life. The man was born in 1877 (the year of Dingmao) He was 55 years old when the horoscope was produced. Gaoxuanjing (A Mirror Hanging High) Chinese Horoscope
1999.060.168 Horoscope Two Chinese Horoscopes A: A handmade booklet with white paper and string binding. The text predicts the life of a man. The man was born in 1897 (the year of Dingyou) He was 24 years old when the horoscope was produced. B: Also a Horoscope but for a woman 45 at the time and was probably born in 1877. It is written on a single piece of paper. Gao Xuan Jing (A Mirror Hanging High) Chinese Horoscope
1999.060.169 Note A note with a name and address. In English and Chinese. In English is: H R Yaung 824 8th Ave So. Minneapolis, Minn. In Chinese is: "Tan Guanghao"
1999.060.170 Letter Letter to Gom Hong from Fan Yick Co. in Cuba. A: Envelope to Gom Hong Co., 709 King Street, Seattle, Wash., USA. From: "Fan Yick Co., Ciego deAvila Cuba." B: letter: To: Shanglian Wu (Eng) from his father in law. "Shanglian's Father in law said he developed a chronic headache after living in Cuba for 8 - 9 years. He hoped Shanglian could send him 20-30 dollars to meet his urgent need." C: Invoice: Invoice to Yutang Wu (Eng) 1928 from the Guangxinglong store in Seattle.
1999.060.171 Envelope Western style envelope with purple stamped address: Li Long Say, San Jose No. 28 Altos, Habana, Cuba"
1999.060.172 Letter Letter to Yutang Wu (Eng) A: Western Style envelope to: Goey Cong Yeck , 413 Trent Alley, Spokane Washington, USA. From: Jam Ka Kon Sol, Dragones No. 70 (Bajos) Habana, Cuba B: Letter: August 1928, To: YuTang Wu (Eng) "Yutang my nephew, I am now living on the Island of Cuba. It is very difficult to make a living while we are having a financial depression here. I spent months to seek a position, yet there is no way to find it... I have developed a chronic cough for months and have had to spend all of my money seeking treatments. Wanderding to a foreign land and living with illness, my sufferings are beyond description ... Hope my nephew can lend me a hundred dollars or so for me to seek urgent medical treatments... I will return the money after I recover and attain employment August 16, 1928 Ignorant Juewen Sent from Cuba" Letter and Envelope from Cuba
1999.060.173 Invoice Invoice to Gom Hong from Kobe Japan From: Xinhehe Zhengji in Kobe Japan Items will be shipped by the "President McKinley" Items include: Chinese ink, Kaiming Brand, 4 boxes. meduim size River Scallops, Canned Abalone, 6 boxes, canned shrimp, 4 boxes. Invoice to Gom Hong Co.
1999.060.174 Invoice Invoice to the Gom Hong from Kobe Japan From Xinhehe Zhengji in Kobe, Japan Items will be shipped by the SS African Maru Items included: Bean sauce, 30 buckets, one hundred and two dollars. Invoice has amounts for various expenses.
1999.060.175 Receipt Receipt to Shunliyuan store, From: Heng Fong on the eighth of the tenth month of the year of Yi Chou. Heng Fong were manufacturers of cooking oil. Receipt from Heng Fong Store
1999.060.176 Receipt Receipt to Mr. Shanglian Wu (Eng) issued by Xushan Gong so. A printed receipt in Chinese for a donation.
1999.060.177 Document List of Shareholders In Chinese a business record produced by Shanglian and Shidi with 31 names. Shareholders
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