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Wing Luke Museum
2001.031.001 Poster Poster and flyers for "Unfinished Business: The Japanese American Internment Cases" A Film by Steven Okasaki Unfiinished Business
2001.031.002 Flyer Northwest Asian American Theatre presents "The Wash" The Wash
2001.031.003 Flyer Northwest Asian American Theatre presents Miss Minidoka 1943 Miss Minidoka 1943
2001.031.004 Program Black and white printed program and postcards. Northwest Asian American Theatre presents at the Nippon Kan Theatre Flowers and Household Gods Flowers & Household Gods
2001.031.005 Poster Northwest Asian American theatre presents "Breaking the Silence: Japanese Voices in America" Breaking the Silence
2001.031.006 Flyer Wing Luke Memorial Museum Exhibit Executive Order 9066 Photographs of Dorthea Lange Executive Order 9066 Photograph Exhibit
2001.031.007 Poster 10th Chinatown/ID Summer Festival 1985
2001.031.008 Poster Saga Goryu School of Ikebana Exhibit Saga Goryu School of Ikebana
2001.031.009 Poster Waza Cultural Festival Uwajimaya The Waza Cultural Festival Uwajimaya
2001.031.010 Poster Foster/White GAllery - George Tsutakawa Line and Color in Sumi 1986 George Tsutakawa exhibit
2001.031.011 Poster Shakuhachi Concert by David Wheeler Shakuhachi Concert
2001.031.012 Poster Oshogatsu The Japanese New year at Nippon Kan , Nippon Kan Heritage Association Oshogatsu
2001.031.013 Poster Bamboo and Silk Yamamoto Hozan & Fuji Kunie in concert at Nippon kan
2001.031.014 Poster Remembrance of the 39th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki No More Hiroshimas No More Vietnams
2001.031.015 Flyer Issei Pioneers tribute BANQUET JACL Installation Banquet
2001.032.001 Journal Amerasia Journal Vol. I, No. 1 Lowel Chun-hoon, ed. Amerasia Journal
2001.033.001 Document King County Council recognition of the efforts and achievements of William Kenzo Nakamura as the United States Courthouse in Seattle is named in his honor. Metropolitan King County Council Recognition
2001.034.001 Poster Poster for UW Khmer Student Association Cambodian New Year Celebration Cambodian New Year
2001.034.002 Poster Wing Luke Asian Museum exhibition poster for If Tired Hands Could Talk If Tired Hands Could Talk
2001.035.001 Receipt Receipt for Stamp Book, Orange for Kikijiro Mano 4/8/1944
2001.035.002 Receipt Receipt for Patronage Stamp Book, Lavender
2001.035.003 Receipt Receipt for Blue Patronage Stamp Book to Kikijiro Mano dated 4/7/1945
2001.035.004 Receipt Receipt for Blue Patronage Stamp Book to Kikijiro Mano dated 1/11/1945
2001.035.005 Memo Community Activities - forwarded message through American Red Cross
2001.035.006 Document Co-op By-Laws of the Minidoka Consumer's Co-operative, Hunt, Idaho By-laws
2001.035.007 Receipt REceipt for 5.00 to Kikujiro Mano for membership in the Minidoka Consumer's Coop. Memebership
2001.035.008 Tag, Identification Baggage tag Kikujiro Mano # 16912
2001.035.009 Card, Registration Registration card Kikujiro Mano has completed registration for the Tule Lake Project 3/15/1943 Tule Lake Project
2001.035.010 Receipt Receipt to Kikujiro Mano listing cooperative Patronage refund of $8.60 for April 1, 1943 - March 31, 1944.
2001.035.011 Receipt Receipt to Kikujiro Mano listing Cooperative Patronage refund of $14.52 for March 31, 1945
2001.035.012 Report Card Japanese Language School Kent Report Card.
2001.035.013 Document Additions to the Co-operatives by laws.
2001.037.001 Chart, Geneological Wing Luke family geneological information and chart A: Long sheet with family tree of the Luke family. B: Family history from Huang ti. History and Roots of the Look, Lu and Luke Family
2001.038.001 Calendar Stitched bamboo slat back with colored painting. Calendar attached is Tsubota Steel & Pipe Co., Inc. Plumbing Supplies & Steel Phone AT 2-1755 1805 15th Ave. West. Seattle, WA 98119 Tsubota Steel & Pipe Co., Inc.
2001.046.003.001 Invitation Hand written invitation ot the wedding reception of Willard Jue and Priscilla Chong. Invitation to the wedding reception of Willard Jue and Priscilla Chong
2001.046.003.002 Announcement, Meeting 2 - 6 face cards of Wing Luke Memorial Museum programs and events. Including Asian American Artists exhibition; remembrance of Willard Jue; Preview of New museum; Asian Community Appreciation night Wing Luke memorial Museum program announcement card
2001.046.003.003 Menu Green take out menu, tri fold, for Unicorn Restaurant, Richmond, BC. Unicorn Restaurant
2001.046.003.004 Menu Blue take out, tri-fold menu of Seven Seas Cuisine of China, 8914 Lake City Way NE, Seattle. Seven Seas Cuisine of China
2001.046.003.005 Menu Orange take out menu of King Cafe, 723 So. King St., Seattle King Cafe
2001.046.003.006 Menu Orange paper China Star Restaurant take out menu, 3926 Aurora Avenue North, Seattle, WA. China Star Restaurant
2001.046.003.007 Menu Pink, stapled take out menu for Lee's Garden, 2300 8th Ave., Seattle, WA Lee's Garden
2001.046.003.008 Menu Pink take out menu of China Dragon, 10119 Aurora Ave No., Seattle WA. China Dragon
2001.046.003.009 Menu Pink take out menu page. Written in pen at the bottom is: "Seto Place 7 '82" and Lunch Menu. Seto Place, 3019 Beacon Ave South, Seattle, WA Seto Place
2001.046.003.010 Menu Lantern shaped menu of Chinese Lantern, East Spokane WA. Chinese Lantern
2001.046.003.011 Menu Lantern shaped menu of the Hang Chow Cafe, 1411 8th Ave., Seattle, WA Hang Chow Cafe
2001.046.003.012 Menu Orange menu of the New Butterfly Cafe: Chinese and American Dishes, 664 King Street, Seattle WA. Daily special sheet is dated November 25. New Butterfly Cafe
2001.046.003.013 Menu Green paper menu for the Don Ting Cafe in Chinese. A note is written in pen across the front and dated November 9, 1934. Don Ting Cafe
2001.046.003.014 Card, Advertising Chui Heung Lau Seafood restaurant table advertising card in Chinese. Chui Heung Lau Seafood Restaurant
2001.046.003.015 Menu Guangzhou hotel banquet menu for Overseas tour group.
2001.046.003.016 Menu Light blue paper menu of the Samuel A. Molin Pharmacy, 1625 East Jefferson, 17th and Jefferson. Samuel A. Molin Pharmacy Menu
2001.046.003.017 Menu Lun Ting Restaurant, 4318 University Way, Seattle Lun Ting
2001.046.003.018 Menu Menu and menu cover for House of Hong, House of Hong
2001.046.003.019 Menu Paper copy of Tai Tung restaurant menu, 655 South King St., Seattle in English and Chinese. Tai Tung
2001.046.004.001 Report History and use of Ginseng. Typed copies of articles: Ginseng: A cure All? Korean Ginseng Ginseng - Oriental Root of Life Ginseng
2001.046.004.002 Report Molson - Knob Hill - Chesaw Community Study History Report Okanogan Highland Echoes
2001.046.004.003 Newsletter Bound volumes of the China Clipper newsletter published by the China Stamp Society with information on collecting Chinese stamps. China Clipper
2001.046.004.004 Manual Literacy Teacher's Manual
2001.046.004.005 Document The Juvenile Code
2001.046.004.006 Notebook Programs and proposed buget for King County historic perservation Office of Historic Preservation 1984 Budget Proposal
2001.046.004.007 Notebook Two newsletters of the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Society - 1981 both adressed to "Wing Luke Museum" Snoqualmie Valley Historical society
2001.046.004.008 Notebook Copy of article by Myer Katz as part of a report for the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of biological Survey, Wildlife Leaflet BS-156 Ornamental Woody Plants Attractive to Birds
2001.046.004.009 Notebook Information on toxic plants Notes on Toxic Plants Part I
2001.046.004.010 Notebook Articles and information on toxic plants Poisonous and Doubtful Plants
2001.046.004.011 Notebook Typewritten notes on entomology. Entomology Notes
2001.046.004.012 Notebook Collection of newspaper clippings on Chinese words by Gordon Lew Chinese Word-a Day
2001.046.004.013 Notebook Collection of sermons by Dr. Robert Upholf Dr. Robert Upholf's Sermons
2001.046.004.014 Notebook Notes on plants Salicaceae through Portulacaceae
2001.046.004.015 Notebook Notes on plants Caryophyllaceae through Grossulariaceae
2001.046.004.016 Notebook Notes on plants - Roses Rosaceae Amygdalaceae Malaceae
2001.046.004.017 Notebook Notes on plants Leguminosae through Umbelliferae
2001.046.004.018 Notebook Notes on plants Cornaceae through Rubiaceae
2001.046.004.019 Notebook Notes on plants Caprifoliaceae through Compositae
2001.046.004.020 Notebook Notes on Plants Seaweeds through Ferns
2001.046.004.021 Notebook Typed copy of newspaper article on China's Jewish history. China's Jewish History by Christoper Wren, San Francisco Chronicle Judaism: A Historical Enclave revealed, by Tese Wintz, US-China Review iv-3, 5/6/1980 China's Jewish History
2001.046.004.022 Notebook 2 - volumes of a Collection of newspaper series - "Nature sketches" by Harry W. Higman printed in the Seattle Times Nature Sketches
2001.046.004.023 Notebook Notes on plants Typha through Convallariaceae
2001.046.004.024 Notebook Four volumes of articles on plants, alphabetical by Latin name. Alphabetical catalogue of Plants
2001.046.004.025 Journal Original mock up for the first issue of the journal of the Chinese Historical Society of the Pacific Northwest. Annals of the Chinese Historical Society of the Pacific Northwest
2001.046.004.026 Paper Chinese American archaeological site artifacts. Comprehending the Inscrutable: Unusual Artifacts of Chinese Manufacture
2001.046.004.027 Notebook Recipes and information on cooking eggs Asian style. Eggs
2001.046.004.028 Notebook Receipes and information on using and cooking beans and tofu. Beans
2001.046.004.029 Notebook Recipes and information on fowl. Fowl
2001.046.004.030 Notebook Recipes and information on various fruits. Fruits
2001.046.004.031 Notebook Recipes and information on seafood and fish. Seafood
2001.046.004.032 Notebook Notebook with information on Chinese soups and on edible plants, som ein Chinese. Soups
2001.046.004.033 Notebook Information and recepies on using flowers to cook and eat. Edible Flowers
2001.046.004.034 Notebook Information on wine. Wine & Spirits
2001.046.004.035 Notebook Arts and crafts information. Crafts
2001.046.004.036 Notebook Information on biology. Biology
2001.046.004.037 Document Miscellaneous papers and documents on cooking, historic perservation, local history, botony.
2001.046.004.038 Notebook Two ring binder with Chinese food recipes in Chinese and English. Handwritten and typed. Chinese Recipe Notebook
2001.046.004.039 Booklet Elementary Chinese textbook An Introduction to Mandarin
2001.046.004.040 Pamphlet Short history of the four families - Lew, Quan, Chang and Chew that make up the Lung Kong Association A Concise History of Lung Kong and the Genealogical Origin of the Four Families
2001.046.004.041 Pamphlet List of Asian studies in the United States. A section on the University of Washington Asian law libray is marked in red. Notes on Far Eastern Studies in America
2001.046.004.042 Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1, July August 1971 First issue of the Basement Workshop magazine devoted to bringing together Chinese and all of society. Bridge Magazine
2001.046.004.043 Document Timeline outline of the history of the Chinese in the Pacific Northwest as compiled by Willard Jue. Lists articles from local newspapers with stories on Chinese. Chinese in Pacific Northwest
2001.046.004.044 Bond Liberty Bonds in 10 dollar denomination Gold bonds in 5 & 10 dollar denomination. Republic of China war bonds from 1941 Montana Mammoth Mines Corporation stock certificate, 1926 The 27th Year Gold Loan of the Republic of China (1938)
2001.046.004.045 Journal vol. 1., No. 2 Amerasia Journal
2001.046.004.046 Program The New Chinese Landscape: Six Contemporary Chinese Artists
2001.046.004.047 Magazine Chinese Digest vol. iv, No. viii articles on US Chinatowns. Chinese Digest
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