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Wing Luke Museum
2009.012.005 Letter Letter to Huang Shuo Zhang (Wong Sek Cheung) from his brother in Stockton, California (address as printed on the envelop: "Chang Wah Co., Inc., INPORTED DRESS GOODS, ORIENTAL & DOMESTIC MERCHANDISE, 133 S. EL DORADO ST., STOCKTON, CALF., PHONE 2610") on December 27th, 1927. Letter discusses business and personal issues. Letter is written in Chinese. To Shuo Zhang my elder brother, as if we meet in person, I have already received the letter from you. Please let Fu Hun get familiar with the business and get necessary experiences. Then there can be a discussion on salary increase. I have been here for over ten years and make a thousand Yuan per month. When he is here for over three months, it will become necessary to increase his salary. He is only qualified when he get the business in the store and stuff. The store's yearly cash flow is no more than 70 thousand, enough for self-use. Sales at storefront are scarce. I have been overtiring myself. Since I had this disease last time, I have not been able to recover yet. I was forced to hire new hand to handle the business, as I have discussed with brother Fu Dong. Just because I am in shortage of hands, I asked brother Xiang Zhang. I have in earlier year asked, but got no response. What I see daily here is just some trivial profit. He does not know very well about business, plus I cannot handle the whole situation single-handedly. December 27, Year 16 of China Republic From Huan Zhang (Seal in red ink: Chang Wah (Zhen Hua ) Co., Inc Stockton City)
2009.012.006 Letter Letter to Wong Sek Cheung (Huang Shou Zhang ) and Wong Kat Yan (Huang Ji Ren) from the latter's brother, regarding a business deal to purchase another company. Letter sent from Stockton, CA on December 29th, 1927 and is written in Chinese. Brother Sek Cheung and Brother Kat Yan, I have received your letter that says that someone wishes to purchase the real estate property at ??? city. The offer matches the previous purchase price. Kept losing the prices of two properties at (Shi Guang ???) as much as one thousand and five or six hundred Yuan. It is the mistake of Shuo Xin. But as to the money spent on purchasing this property before, it amounts to more than 30,000 Yuan including the principal. Moreover, there is the mortgage of a couple of five thousand Yuan to Westerner debt owners done some days ago. Not counting the value of the two properties at Shi Guang, the total is within one thousand and five or six hundred Yuan. I have independently borrowed three thousand Yuan with success. But it happens that Brother Xiang stayed in Seattle at the time, the cost of restoring the house and factory has depleted this amount. So there is no money left. If right now the discussion on the sale price of the property goes well, the amount of a couple of thousand Yuan that was borrowed should be deducted from it. It is unknown if there are other items too. Plus, about the interest money to the debt owners, how much is it still unpaid. After making it clear of all those different expenditures and making the full payment of the mortgage, we only got over six thousand Yuan at hand. December 27
2009.012.007 Letter Letter to Huang Shou Zhang (Wong Sek Cheung) from his nephew Lai Beng in Portland, OR. Sent on October 5th, 1927. Letter is personal and written in Chinese.
2009.012.008 Letter Letter to Wong Sek Cheung (Huang Shou Zhang) from his nephew Ming Wun in Cosmopolis, WA, sent on September 27th, 1927. Letter deals with business and personal issues and is written in Chinese. Respectually brought to the attention of Uncle Shuo Zhang, This is to remind you that please pay the doctor bill on my behalf. It is a great trouble for you and I deeply appreciate it. What I, your nephew, got from London Co. please still place it there. On a later day I will come fetch it and put it to uses. and, season's greetings, respectually written by your nephew Ming Wun on September 27.
2009.012.009 Letter Letter to Wong Sek Cheung (Huang Shou Zhang) and Wong Kat Yan (Huang Ji Ren) from the former's brother, Kowng Man (Guang Wen), in Butte, Montana. Sent on October 7th, 1927. Letter is personal and written in Chinese. Sek Cheung, brother, I have arrived here (Butte) from Seattle safely. If there are letters for Pekin Cafe, you can open them for me. If I need any other help from you, I will let know you. Wish you good health, Brother Kowng Man
2009.012.010 Letter Letter to Wong Sek Cheung (Huang Shou Zhang) from one of his sons regarding business. Sent on September 22nd, 1927 from Yakima, Washington. It is written in Chinese. Dear Father, I respectfully report to you that Kwong Yuen Long Co. has now already got the word that Huang Ji Ming's brother will pay a visit to Seattle tomorrow to discuss with his brother about renting. If he does come for discussion, please let him that monthly rental payment is ten dollars. About the old utensils and furniture stuff, you can just say that they will be taken back and should not be included. He only gets to rent one side of Kwong Yuen Long, not the whole Kwong Yuen Long. Please bring this message to the attention of my three big brothers. Your son, Yuan Fa
2009.012.011 Letter Letter to Wong Kat Yan (Huang Ji Ren) from his brother, sent from Yakima, WA on December 28th, 1927, regarding business. Letter is written in Chinese. To all my elder brothers, This week (?) will go to Liqinguan and discuss issues of buying land with lawyers. Right now he has left for Seattle so there was no chance of a face-to-face discussion. But he had previously left for Seattle and discussed with you my brothers. Has he already met you or not? Upon his arrival, we can then discuss. Your Brother, Ji Xian
2009.012.012 Letter Letter to Wong Kat Yan (Huang Ji Ren) and two other people from a friend in Ogden, Utah (stamped the store's business seal: Wing Hing Lung, 2459 Grant St. Ogden, Utah) on October 14th, 1927 and it was written in Chinese. Dear Brothers Ji Ren, Yan Fa and Zao Qi, My youngest son has just finished without degree from Pui Cheng Middle School as he was supposed to graduate with a diploma in June this year. Yesterday I have just received the letter from Brother Zhen Zhang that there is a ship leaving Hong Kong to Seattle on October 10th. But earlier than that, I learned from his letter that he would take the Matheson Ship on October 5th and that he should arrive in Seattle on the 24th. He is holding a visa issued by the American Embassy and a letter from a principle of an oriental college here, so naturally he should be able to get in the port. But since he is in a strange land without people knowing him, he has to need someone to help him out. I most eagerly hope that you could find some time in your busy schedule to go fetch him at Seattle port and help him to find accommodation. I am enclosing one hundred Yuan and please use it for this purpose. And, when my son applied for the visa here at the province, he claimed that his father does business in China and not in America. I hope you could be discreet about it.
2009.012.013 Letter Letter not sent through US Post Office, sent to Wong Kat Yan (Huang Ji Ren). Written in Chinese Brother Kat Yuan, It is been several weeks since our last meeting. I am here thinking that you are healthy and that everything goes well with you, then I feel relieved inside. Recently what is going on with the store, I think that brother Bing Kung should be able to tell you in details. So I am not getting into it in this letter. Within the property line of the address Lian Yi Co., the city Public Business Bureau plans to dig a tunnel. If this happens, then definitely the value of this property will be reduced in the future. I have decided to meet with an attorney to sue the city Public Business Bureau for monetary compensation. But I have not get the authorization from the land owner Huang Qi Zhen, so I can not do it for him. Plus I still need to discuss more with the city attorney before I can decide which way to proceed. If something gets worked out, I will probably leave town later, so we can have a discussion together. What is your opinion on this matter? Please respond to my letter. May you have good health, and my greetings to Suo Zhang and your wife and family. On 27th, Your brother, Guang Chu
2009.012.014 Letter Letter Wong Sek Cheung (Hunag Shou Zhang) from his nephew Wah Fat (Hua Fa) in Canton, China, Feb 12, 1926. Letter is regarding possible immigration to the US by a family member and the goings-on of many other family members. Written in Chinese. To my most respectable Uncle Sek Cheung, Earlier, uncle Yau Cheung has told me that he would like to take me to America to make a living but he did not find the chance yet. Therefore, he has asked you my uncle to find a visa and hand it to me so that I can come to America. Now, I have heard that Uncle Kwong Man has two birth certificates that suit cousin Kwok Ching and Kwok Ming's ages. Since Kwok Ming had already used Lai Bun's visa to get into America, Uncle Kwong Man's papers can then be used by both Kwok Ching and me to enter America to make a living. I beg that you my uncle can discuss this matter as soon as possible with Unlce Kwong Man and let this passport so that I, your humble nephew, can enter America and make a living in the future. All this will be a blessing from you, my dear uncle, to me. If uncle Kwong Man is willing to let me has this visa, I beg that you my Uncle please make sure to ask for his testimony. If there are things not clear, please confirm with him so we won't get into trouble at the time. Uncle, please pay attention to this issue (PLEASE) and I will let you know any other matters. Best wishes to you, And please share this letter for the view of Uncle Fu Zhuang. , Nephew, Wah Fat Feb 12, Year 15 of China Republic
2009.012.015 Letter Letter to Wong Sek Cheung (Huang Shou Zhang) and Wong Kat Yan (Huang Ji Ren) from Kwok Ching (Sek Cheung's grandson and Kat Yan's son) in China. Discussion of his marriage and the great expense of the wedding, as well as his wish for immigration. Letter is from 1926 and is written in Chinese. Dear Grandfather and Father, Following Grandmother and Mother's will, I have married daughter of Sito Chun Sum from Gaau Hau place. The wedding spent us a lot of money. We rented 18 houses in Ting Sai village for the three generations of relatives and friends who attended the wedding. We spent about 3000 Yuan for treating relatives. I have borrowed money from other friends, but I do not wish to be in debt, so I plan to sell some farming lands. I hope you can send some money home, so I can pay all the money back. Wish you health, Grandson Kwok Ching with Kwok Ming One more thing, Uncle Kwong Man got me a birth certificate and a prepared statement for the use of my immigration. Wish Grandfather and Father can have a conversation with Uncle Kwong Man, so that you can help son to get to America as soon as possible, in order to avoid wasting time. There is a growing unrest in the Mainland, and the theifs and robbers are rampant, it is dangerous to go around. Kwong Ching
2009.012.016 Ticket Stack of 36 lottery tickets. Written in Chinese, with "Sun Set Co., 8 P.M." and "$12,000 Limited" in English. The characters on the tickets are excerpted from ancient Chinese literature "The Thousand Character Classic" which is a one-thousand-character poem, used as a primer for teaching Chinese characters to children. The excerption is the same on every lottery ticket, and the meaning is: The sky was black and the earth was yellow, The universe was vast and had a dark whole. The sun rises and sets and the moon is regularly round, Stars spread high above without a toll. Cold and heat come and go, Fall harvest and storing for winter people know. Intercalary days and months are fixed to make a year, When clouds rise and meet cold, there will soon be a rain, When dew drops congeal, they become frost in the main. Gold is found in the Li River, Jade is found in the Kunlun Mountains. The most famous sword is called Juque, The most precious pearl is known as Yueguang. Plum and a certain kind of apple are among best fruits, Important vegetables include mustard and ginger. Sea water is salty while river water is fresh, Fishes swim in water while birds fly in the air. Longshi, Huodi, Niaoguan and Renhuang, as legend goes, Were celebrities of China's remote ages.
2009.012.017 Insurance Policy Fire Insurance Policy for the W. J. London Company, issued by the Great American Insurance Company. Total coverage was $2,000 in case of loss of merchandise (specified as dry goods and haberdashery) for the Seattle, WA store. Policy applied from October 2nd of 1923 to October 2nd of 1924. Policy number 432584
2009.012.018 Letter Letter from the Seattle Japanese Chamber of Commerce to George Wong Moon of Seattle. Letter is regarding the closure of the Pacific Commercial Bank in 1931, and asks the addressee to waive 50% of his deposit with the bank in order to facilite liquidation. Agreement is not signed. Second page of letter outlines agreement in English and Japanese.
2009.012.019 Notebook Small black notebook with "Notes" printed on cover. First few pages contain scribbled notes in an Asian language, rest are blank.
2009.012.020 Business Card Four business cards (a-d) a: Lee Yuen & Co. of Portland, OR. b: Sing Chong & Co. of Portland, OR. c: Wong Chung-Pok of Yaumati, Hong Kong d: Hotel Belmont of Los Angeles, CA.
2009.012.021 Newspaper Article Articles from an unknown newspaper(s) describing the death of a 16 year old Chines girl, May Louie. (a+b) a: Details arrest of Hugh Chang, the victim's boyfriend, in relation to case. b: Photo of victim and accusation that the boyfriend gave her drugs.
2009.012.022 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 664 King St. A letter from the recipient's son, talking about some family money issues. Father, I have sent you several letters to ask you to mail home some money. However, we still have not yet received anything, I'm wondering if you got my letters. Nowadays, everything is expensive, I beg Father send home some money. I didn't know that aunt is leaving for America, she did not come to our house to tell us a word, now Mother is really upset about it, and I cannot bear this. If any unfortuness happened to her, and you decided to help her, that would bring our family unfortuness and disgrace; if Father would not trust her, then son would not be victimized. There is a man from PingYueng who got birth certificates which suit the age of Mother and brother. Mother also wants to go there, but she is not sure how is your business going. You mentioned that you can counterfeit the paper for me, but haven't heard back from you. I thus beg you once again. And please send home some money so that I can handle expenses of the family. Wish you health, Your son Kwok Ching
2009.012.023 Letter Letter regarding to some documents mailing. In Chinese From: Chang Wah Co., Inc, Oriental and Domestic Merchandise 133 S. El Dorado Street Stockton, Cal. To: J. London 664 King St., Seattle, WA A letter to sender's father Wong Sik Cheung (Huang Shuo Zhang).
2009.012.024 Letter Letter in Chinese written with a pencil. To: Wong Sik Cheung (Huang Shuo Zhang) W. J. London 664 King St., Seattle, WA From his brother Wong Kwong Man (Huang Guang Wen) in Cleveland, Ohio. Written on June 25, sent on June 27, 1924. Dear brother Sik Cheung, I have safely arrived in Cleveland from Seattle by car. The restaurant business in Cleveland is really bad, and therefore I still have not found a job yet. I will let you know if I go somewhere else for job hunting. By the way, please go to Wing Wo Chang to collect my letters. Brother Kwong Man
2009.012.025 Letter Letter in Chinese regarding immigration. Sent on June 22, 1924. From: Sai Lun, 123C Pender St E, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. To: Wong Sik Cheung (Huang Shuo Zhang) Kwong Hnun Yuen, 901 King St., Seattle, WA
2009.012.026 Letter Letter In Chinese From: Duck On Jan Co. 917 China Alley, Fresno, Cal. To: Wong Sik Cheung (Huang Shuo Zhang) W.J. London 664 King St., Seattle, Washington A letter to sender's cousin, talking about the immigration of the sender's wife from China to America. The sender mentioned that he mailed home some money for his wife to take passport photos, but he heard that the immigration of businessmen's spouses may need to use a lawyer, otherwise, the immigration might be rejected. He hoped that Wong Sik Cheung could provide him some help.
2009.012.027 Letter Letter in Chinese, with a peony print on the paper. Written on April 28th (Lunar Calendar), To Wong Kat Yin (Huang Ji Xian) from his wife Wu Syut Ching (Hu Xue Zhen) in China. The wife told her husband that she was pregnant and she planned to go to America by ship from Hong Kong in May with her families. She told her husband to fetch them at the pier.
2009.012.028 Letter Letter In Chinese From: Duck On Jan Co. 917 China Alley, Fresno, Cal. To: Wong Sik Cheung (Huang Shuo Zhang) W.J. London 664 King St., Seattle, Washington A letter from recipient's cousin, asking for help to bring his 18-year-old son to United States.
2009.012.029 Letter Letter written in Chinese to Wong Sik Cheung (Huang Shuo Zhang) from Wong Hong Man (Huang Kang Wen), Wang Fat Lun Co., Des Voeux Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Wong Hong Man, friend of the recipient, discusses in details of the recipient's daughter-in-law arriving in U.S. from Hong Kong by ship. Wong Hong Man mentioned that she did not put her real age when she applied for the visa.
2009.012.030 Letter Three letters sent to Wong Sik Cheung (Huang Shuo Zhang), handed in by Wong Kat Seon (Huang Ji Xin). - One letter (the longest one with smaller hand writing characters) is from recipient's nephew Kei Geoi (Qi Ju) asking for financial help: Dear Uncle Sik Cheung, I hope that your health is good and am wondering if your dinning is normal there. I am struggling to find a way to make a living here in our hometown. Moreover, I am already twenty one years old. Although a life may last a hundred years, time flies! (I know that) Uncle has a good business in a promising land with gold, and I also know that Uncle is the most generous man. I hope Uncle could offer me some help for the sake of our relation. Please forgive me if my request is inappropriate. I will be deeply grateful for everything. -One letter is from recipient's brother Yan Man (Ren Wen). Brother Sik Cheung, My son Kei Wai is 16-year-old this year, and Kei Yeoi is 12-year-old. But Kei Wai is not tall, he looks like 12 or 13. We plan to send Kei Wai to America. Mang Cheung has already sent me four passports to his nephews for the use of immigration. I am wondering if you learned that nobody could offer financial help for the children's trip to America. The life here is getting difficult day by day, the harvest has been poor these years, the political situation is bad, the traffic by water has been blocked, everything is expensive, and thus I have a hard time in taking care of the family. Brother, please try your best to help Kei Wai and his brothers to America, I am deeply in debt for your help. I had sent you Kei Geoi's photo, I wonder if you received it yet. Now Kei Geoi is jobless, we don't have enough money to let him learn any skill. If you know any opportunity there, please try to send him to America so that he can make a living. Everyone else is doing well in the family, no need to worry about us. Please write me back soon. Your brother, Yan Man - The shortest letter is from the recipient's daughter-in-law (surname Wu), talking about the day she would be arriving in America. Dear father-in-law, It is said that there would be no ship leaving on July 1 of solar calendar, so we plan to leave for America on May 8 of lunar calendar. We are taking the ship from Hong Kong.
2009.012.031 Letter Letter sent from Canton, China. Written on April 19th, 1924. Written by the recipient's brother. To: Wong Sik Cheung (Huang Shuo Zhang) W.J. London 664 King St., Seattle, WA
2009.012.032 Letter Letter in Chinese, written and sent on April 18, 1926. Seng Cheung (sender's nephew) was reporting visa application with Sik Cheung. Seng Cheung mentioned that they were seeking advice from a lawyer and preparing for passport photos. From: Kuo Kong Silk Co. 47 Pender St., Vancounver, B.C. To: Wong Sik Cheung, W. J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA
2009.012.033 Letter Letter in Chinese. From Duk Cheong Co., Canton, China to Wong Sik Cheung, W.J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA. Written on January 17th (lunar calendar; year unknown). Regarding to a possible immigration of the sender's son. Dear Sik Cheung, It has been a long time, I apologize that I did not keep in touch with you more often. I heard that you are now living in America and your business is making good profits. This is admirable and I feel happy for you. I recieved a letter from Kwong Zeon earlier, he said you might have some application papers. I want to send my 20-year-old son to America, I am wondering if you have suitable paper for him. And I hope that you kindly let me know what is the procedure of application. I will be the most grateful if you could find accommodation for my young son. Wish you well, Your humble Duk Mau January 17th
2009.012.034 Letter Letter in Chinese. From: Stockton, Calif. (sent on Mar 12, 1926) To: Wong Sik Cheung, W.J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA Letter from the recipient's friend asking the recipient to help his family to come to America.
2009.012.035 Letter Letter in Chinese, written by pen. To: Wong Sik Cheung, W.J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Canton, China. A letter from recipient's nephew, telling the recipient about his itinerary from Hong Kong to Vancouver via Seattle. Uncle Sik Cheung, I have received my father's note yesterday, he knew that I would be going to America soon, he told me travel to Vancouver via the entrance in Seattle, America. He said Uncle Sik Cheung would be there to fetch me. I also received a letter from Uncle Zi Cheung, saying that I will be boarding the boat on Feb 4 (lunar calendar), it's the giant British boat "Garland". I may trouble you to take care of me when I get there. Thank you in advance. Your nephew Zoek Wing January 10 (lunar calendar)
2009.012.036 Letter From: Duck On Jan Co. 917 China Alley, Fresno, Cal. To Wong Sik Cheung, W.J. London 664 King St., Seattle, Washington From Duck On Jan Co., 917 China Alley Fresno, Cal. 3 Letters to Wong Sik Cheung from his younger cousin Zok Fu. Letter sent on Jan 28, Feb 13 and Mar 3, 1926 respectively. Letters are all regarding to the immigration issues and doing business in the States. Letter #1 talks about looking for a referee for Zok Fu''s son's visa application. Zok Fu said: "I have sent the passport to my son for his application to come to America. I need to find a referee in Washington State just to be on the safe side. I heard people who worked at the customs said that a referee should be able to prove that the applicant's father got enough money. However, the referee that I found didn't mention about this. Now I need to find another referee. I heard you mentioned that you had prepared passport for Kat Yan's son to come. Has he arrived yet? It it said that business licenses now cost a deposit of hundreds of dolloars. I don't know if it's true, maybe Chinese factories in Washington have to stop again. Soeng Cheung's Western restaurant has never been open, because it is too far away from Washington, it cannot compete with the other restaurants, therefore it has to be closed down for now. " _____________________ Letter#2 Cousin Sik Cheung, I have heard from Soeng Cheung, he planned to get Seng Cheung to come over, but he was not sure about the situation at the customs now, hoped that you can inquire about it. If there is anyone selling legal business license, please let Soeng Cheung know. I heard that Soeng Cheung would be paying all the fees of Seng's immigration. As for my son's application, I still have not yet found the suitable referee yet. ____________________ Letter#3 Dear cousin Sik Cheung, A friend of mine is going to America, and he is willing to be my son's referee. However, I am afraid that my son's application won't be done before he leaves. I have prepared money for the referee already. The day before yesterday, I heard that Ma Zoek had returned home couple years ago. This man is my relative, I think my son can use his name. I am not sure if there is enough time, and I don't know what name Ma Zoek used when he got through the customs.
2009.012.037 Letter To Wong Sik Cheung, W. J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA From Sang Lung Company 2466 Lincoln Ave. Oden, Utah. Sent on Jan 30th, 1926. The recipient was the sender's second elder brother. Letter talks about how the prohibition affected their business. Brother Sik Cheung, The prohibition is getting stricter under the governing of the new major. This made the business of buying the Wujiapi wine factory more difficult. A couple weeks ago, my poor restaurant was searched by the police. They found only two cups of Wujiapi, but they extorted 500 dollars from me. The case will not be closed until I paid the fine, and therefore we should not buy in any alcohol. This noon I have visited Uncle Yuk Gong, his new restaurant Wan Yi Kwun is not getting good business. He told me there were some new and old customers who wanted to get business licenses, if you know anyone working on this, you may directly or indirectly introduce me to them. Uncle Fat Mou's son wants to come to America. I have sent him the address of London Co., hoping to receive his reply in a month or two. By the way, Tai Zoen has a customer wants to apply to go back to China, he will send you more details later. Burn after reading, in order to prevent from getting into troubles. Your brother, Kwong Zoen Jan 30, Year 15 of the Republic
2009.012.038 Letter To W.J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA One letter to Kat Yan (#1), two letters to Kat Gong (#2 & #3) and two letters to Sik Cheung (#4 & #5). By Sitou (surname), wife of Sik Cheung and mother of Kat Yan and Kat Gong. All letters to son are regarding to the family's financial issues. #1 To my son Kat Yan, The children and grandchildren in this family are growing old, you should send some money back home every year to help them support the family. Mother, Sitou December 20th #2 To my son Kat Gong, I know that you are holding a share in Yu Long Co. and you have made some money, what are you going to do with this money? You should send some money home. Mother, Sitou December 20th #3 Kat Gong, We just received your money yesterday. Although it was a little late, everyone in the family was so happy. I hope you are safe and well in the far away place. Mother, Sitou December 26th #4 To my husband Sik Cheung, The money that you sent has arrived, please do not worry. Now the new house is almost finished, we moved in on December 19th. However, your money still cannot cover all the expense, hope you can send us some more for the expense on the bathroom and the old house. Now you are already old, and not suitable to travel. After a year or two, you should come home for good with Chong San. Wish you well, Your wife Sitou, December 20th #5 To my husband Sik Cheung, We have received the two thousand Yuan that you sent. I only hope that you are healthy and happy in the foreign country. I am wondering what kind of work is Chong San doing. Please urge Chong San to send letters home, we miss him a lot. Your wife Sitou December 26th
2009.012.039 Letter From: Canton, China To: Wong Sik Cheung, W.J. London Co. 417 Maynard Alley, Seattle, WA Two letters to Wong Sik Cheung from Chiu Chung, his great grandson, and daughter-in-law Deng (surname) respectively; one letter to Wong Sik Cheung's son from Chiu Chung. Letters are about requesting for money to help pay for the school tuitions and household expenses. #1 Dear Great Grandfather, Great grandson has received your letter and is happy to learned that you are healthy. I am still studying in the village, my tuition fee is more than 20 Yuan. I hope that Great Grandfather can mail me some money for my tuition fees earlier next year. The families, from young children up to Great Grandmother have been doing well, no need to worry about us. Regards, Great grandson Chiu Chung Oct 29th, 1935 (Republic 24 year) #2 Dear Grandfather, Grandson has received your letter and is happy to learned that you are healthy. I am still studying in the village, my tuition fee is more than 20 Yuan. I hope that Grandfather can mail me some money for my tuition fees earlier next year. Grandmother is not very well this year, she is often sick and weak, hope you can mail home some money for her to get some ginseng. The families, from young children up to Great Grandmother have been doing well, no need to worry about us. Regards, Grandson Chiu Chung Oct 30th, 1935 (Republic 24 year) #3 Dear Father-in-law, I have received the letter of guarantee from Kat Chun along with 50 Yuan inside. I have kept them well, please do not worry. However, the ginseng from Hong Man is still not arrived yet. Chiu Chung got sick on July 29th and had been feeling bad until the beginning of October. He is better now, but skinny as a thread. As for his study, he is regarded to be diligent and quiet. Yester, his father-in-law Kwok Ming passed away, he was told to donate more than 30 Yuan for the funeral. Moreover, my little daugther-in-law is going to give birth to her baby, if it is a boy, it will be costing a lot more money. In addition, the two daughters-in-law's maiden family will have a wedding during Spring Festival, they will need two loads of wine an rice, two wedding bed curtains. Our family will pay for this and it will cost a big fortune. Please let Kat Yan know about this, such things are needed money beforehand. It is said that Uncle Fong Man joined you for business in San Francisco and he was holding some shares. How much profit left from that business? Kei Seoi has a few thousands, are those money still in your hand? Please write back to clarify about the money. Uncle Fong Man's wife and Kei Seoi's wife angrily accused that you and your son had no conscience, you both owned his money. I don't know if this is all true, please make it clear so that our family would not be suffered from other people's words. Uncle Yan Man passed away on 22nd October. Chiu Yip did not have enough money for his new house, so their family's land is now holding by other people until he has money to pay. Speaking of Chiu Yip, he has no savings at all. Also, Kowk Chu is now staying at home using family's money and does not want to study medicine. He idles his time and smokes a lot of opium. But I am just letting you know, please do not rebuke him. The families, young or old, are all doing well. Do not worry. Daughter-in-law, Deng Oct 30th, 1935 (Republic 24 year)
2009.012.040 Letter To Wong Sik Cheung from Zan Leng Tong Co., San Francisco, Cal. A letter to ensure the recipient that the ginsengs from mountains in Jilin City (Northwest China) their company imported were of high quality, he also informed the price of the ginsengs in this letter.
2009.012.041 Letter Letter/receipt In Chinese receipt of newspaper subscription from October to December, 1938. From: Chung Sai Yat Po, 716 Sacramento Street San Francisco, Cal., USA To: W.J. London Co. 417 Maynard Alley Seattle, WA Letter sent on Dec 20, 1938.
2009.012.042 Letter Letter In Chinese From: 8 1/2 E. Chedstnut California To: W.J. London Co, Seattle, WA A letter from son to father, sent on Nov 1927. The letter is regarding the son's business involving with gambling.
2009.012.043 Letter Letter In Chinese From: Lai Hing & Co. 956 Grant Ave. San Francisco, Cal To: W. J. London Co., 664 King St., Seattle, WA Sent on Nov 13, 1927. The letter is regarding to an legal issue that the sender's friend Wu Yiu Bo, had been involved, Wu got fined and his company was shut down.
2009.012.044 Letter Letter in Chinese From: Fu Bong, West Village Chong Wo Lei. To: W.J. London Co., 664 King St., Co. Seattle, WA A letter from a nephew to the recipient, talking about business deals they are working together. Dear Uncle Kat Yan, Yu Long Bo Co. closed up on November 27 (lunar calendar). Nephew I heard that the share holders did not want to pay for their earlier purchases. I heard there are some new medicines, I will have to trouble Uncle to inform the doctor about my payment later. Wish you happy new year. Nephew Fu Bong January 2, 1925 (Republic 14 Year)
2009.012.045 Letter From Wu Chun Wo, Mow Wo Hing Kee, No. 68 Jeavois St., P.O. Box 1469, Hong Kong China To: W. J. London Co. 664 Weller St., Seattle, WA Letter in Chinese printed on bring pink paper (except the signature and date). The sender thanks the recipient for his hospitatlity when he visited the in the U.S. The letter also mentioned that the sender had safely arrived in Hong Kong.
2009.012.046 Letter To Wong Kat Yan, from So Hong Street, Hong Kong 3 business letters (including 2 financial notes) specify the loans.
2009.012.047 Letter Letter In Chinese From: Wong Chiu Wan, Chang Wah Company, 133 S. El Dorado Street, Stockton, California To: Wong Git Yuen, c/o W.J. London Co., 417 Maynard Alley, Seattle, WA Sent on Oct 23, 1937 The letter is from Chiu Wan, Git Yuen's brother. He told his brother that he lent more than ten thousand dollars to Wong Yun Cheung, but he did not mention it at all when local police officer came ask him questions, since it might cause a lot of troubles according to Chiu Wan. He hoped that his brother could be discrete if people asked about it.
2009.012.048 Letter Letter In Chinese From: Chang Wah Co., Inc. Imported Dress Goods 133 S. El Dorado Street, Stockton, CAL To: W. J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA Uncle Sik Cheung, Please let everyone in the family know that Aunt Wu Mu has arrived with her children safely. My brother-in-law Deng Sai Zeon said that you had a birth certificate for a ten something year-old, he inquired that if he could have the certificate for the use of his son's immigration. The building of Toyko Restaurant will be completed next month, it will be open soon. Mung Cheung July 10, 1924 (Republic 13 Year)
2009.012.049 Letter Letter In Chinese; written in pen; sent on Jul 7, 1924 From: S.S. Chu, 944 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, Ohio To: Wong Sik Cheung & Wong Git Yuen W.J. London Co., 664 King St., Seattle, WA The sender, who was the recipient's friend, explained in details that why he was not able to pay back the money that he owed the recipients. The sender also promised he was going to pay in seperate installments starting in Sept.
2009.012.050 Letter Letter In Chinese -One letter was from the recipient's son. -One letter was from a diff. sender to the same recipient. Both letters are for Wong Sik Cheung. The letters talk about the immigration plan of Wong Shu Kau, who used to have a business in Luzon, Philippine, however, the business there was not good, and he hoped that Sik Cheung could help him to get to America.
2009.012.051 Letter Letter in Chinese; written by pen, on July 6, 1924. To: Wong Sik Cheung, London Company 664 King St., Seattle, WA The sender, Wong Sik Cheung's nephew, told Sik Cheung that he knew someone who got opium, but he also reminded Sik Cheung to beware the goverment inspection.
2009.012.052 Letter Both letters are for Wong Sik Cheung, written on May the 5th (year unknown), and probably all written by the same person based on the handwriting. One letter is from Sik Cheung's two grandsons. The other is from his nephew. Dear Grandfather, We have received your letter and the 200 Yuan that you sent us. The money has distributed to everyone in the family. The boat to America, which was supposed to leave in late April, has delayed and it will not be set off until May 5th. The lawyer said it would be impossible to send Grandmother to the U.S.. Grandmother is traditional and she decided not to go to America, so you do not have to worry about that. Grandmother wants to remind you that please pay back the money that you owned other people some time ago. Now, apart from the family expenses, the other debts are gradually paid back. Grandmother always worries a lot, and she has been upset as well. We talked to her, and she is now more open-minded and showing smiles. Grandfather should return home to visit in a few years, so that Grandmother would not worry too much, or it might have bad influence on her health. Best wishes, Grandsons Kwok Chin, Kowk Ming and Kwok Syun _______________________________ Dear Uncle, Based on the time and the pressure, please do forgive the inappropriate words occured. You helped us paid back the debts and educated us to be away from opium, I thus feel ashamed on myself. This thing is a bane for the country and people, it should be banned. My friend has said that opium wasted money and youth, and it made our people lose their will. I determine to stop doing it. I am grateful to receive 10 Yuan family expense from you. My heartless father only gives us 10 or 20 Yuan per year, it makes me sad everytime when I talk about him. However, you treat me like your son, send me tens of Yuans every year, replied every letter. I am not complaining about my father, but my mother has felt ashamed to face other people. That man is even doing all the stealingand harassing. He came home and stole hundreds of Yuans to gamble. If he bothers you in the future, please do not pay any attention. Now everyone in the family is healthy, no need to worry about us in the far away land. Nephew, Git Ping
2009.012.053 Letter Letter from Wong Sik Cheung's son. It discusses business issues, epecially an Uncle's business failure. Sent on June 20, 1924. From: Chang Wah Co., Inc. Imported Dress Code 133 S. El Dorado Street, Stockton, CA To: W. J. London Co., 664 King St., Seattle, WA Dear Father, I have received your letter, but have not informed anybody else yet. I need to negociate with Sei Suk (the forth uncle) first then decide how to deal with it. However, based on the current situation, I am afraid it cannot be solved, because Tsat Suk (the seventh uncle) is holding all the powers, even Sei Suk would agree, it does not really matter. Son heard the Sei Suk hardly had any ability, even he appeared to be a decent businessman. He came to find me the other day and told me that he regretted to over-trust Tsat Suk which lead to this bad consequence today. What's worse, there was a Westerner won thousands of dollars last week at his casino, Sei Suk thus had no money to maintain his place anymore. Sei Suk is now still hiding at home, not even step out of his house for once. Tsat Suk learned that, and he immediately stopped running his casino. Sei Suk had searched his house and now all he got is nine hundred dollars. Yet he wants some more cash to sustain his business, but he could hardly find anyone to lend him money. Son has already spread the words for him. I will wait for your words before I make any decision. Please send my regards to my brother. Son June 20, 1924
2009.012.054 Letter Letter in Chinese; sent on June 24, 1931. From: 417 N. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, CA To: W.J. London Co., 664 King Street, Seattle, WA The sender told Wong Sik Cheung to be discreet about the money that Sik Cheung raised earlier. He also talked about the Chinese School in Los Angeles. He informed Sik Cheung that his son, who did not finish school in China, was coming to Seattle, he hoped Sik Cheung could help his son.
2009.012.055 Letter Letter United of States, Certificate of Residence (issused to Charlie Wong) From: Tong King Hming (?) St., Lodi, CA To: Wong Sik Cheung W. J. London Co., 664 King St., Seattle, WA
2009.012.056 Letter Letter In Chinese, written with pencil. Sent on Mar 15, 1926. From: Envelop with "Hotel Arbuckle" heading To: Wong Sik Fu and Wong Sik Cheung, W. J. London Co., 664 King St., Seattle, WA The letter discussed the sender's son's birth certificate: Wong Sik Fu and Sik Cheung, I have business licence in the US, now I want to go home but do not wish to do the paperworks again. Nine years ago, I brought my son here, he was eleven at that time. Now I wish to send him home and let him get married and study Chinese for several years as well. Now he needs a birth certificate, age about 17 to 19 would be fine. His English is good, he can communicate without others' help. Could you please ask people if how to get the certificate, and let me know if pay a bit money can make it go well. Sorry to trouble you. Thanks. Deng
2009.012.057 Letter Letter In Chinese From: Billy Key Laundry, Minot, North Dakota To: Wong Sik Cheung, W. J. London 664 King St, Seattle, WA The sender discussed about the construction of watchtowers and dams in their hometown, Zong Wo Lei, Canton. He also mentioned borrowing money for the construction as well as the purchase of spotlights.
2009.012.058 Letter Letter to Wong Sik Cheung on his grandson's immigration materials. Envelope is sealed with a stamp in both Chinese and English saying "No.8 Young Yan Sai St. Canton" which might be the sender's business address. Dear Sik Cheung, I have received your letter enclosed with a letter of guarantee and a check with 200 Yuan from Canton Bank. I have safely placed them. Your grandson Syun Kowk Ching's letter has been handed in, so you can set your mind at rest. You can save some small amount cash for him to use as his tuition fees and other expenses. Ask him about his expense often, and warn him to be thrifty, since nowadays, everything is expensive and the fees have raised a lot. The purchase of spotlight will have to wait after the construction of the watchtower. It is commendable that you and others are still maintaining the import and outport business, however, the ports are not open to foreign countries, we have to get approved by the government before we can export any goods. The application procedure is difficult and time consuming. But you can decide on your own will.
2009.012.059 Letter Letter In Chinese From: Woo Boo Restaurant, Cleveland, Ohio To: W.J. London Co., 664 King St., Seattle, WA Sent on May 26, 1927. A letter from son to his father. The letter discussed family business as well as his brother (Chong San)'s immigration.
2009.012.060 Letter Letter In Chinese From: Wong Chong San (Song-Shen Huang), Cleveland, Ohio To: W.J. London Co., 664 King St., Seattle, WA Dear Father, I have received a letter earlier, it is said that my four brother were planning to open a casino together, and you also would like to join them. I am wondering if it's open now. By the way, Uncle Dun Cheung has mailed big brother some money last month, has he received it yet? I am now in the post office sending you money for you to use in casino games and the food expenses for your birthday which is passed. Eleder sister has been busy with houseworks, that's why she could not send you money earlier, there is no other reason, please do not blame her. I am doing well here, sister and the other people are all well. I will write to you later. Son, Chong San
2009.012.061 Letter Letter In Chinese From: Moma Co. Pou Sar, Canton, China To: W.J. London Company 664 King Street, Seattle, WA Letter from Wong Sik Cheung's nephew Lei Beng. The latter discussed the immigration of a friend's family.
2009.012.062 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London Company 664 King St., Seattle, WA 98006 From: Yakima, WA Sent on Sep 26, 1927 A son sent the letter to his father talking about work and money issues. The son, Yuen Hou planned to open a new shop since he did not earn any money in his old business even though he was holding a share. His friend was running a good business, Yuen Hou was thinking about joining him, but did not dare to make decision before his father Wong Sik Cheung's approvement. Also, Yuen Hou mentioned that a customer wanted to buy his old shop with several thousand dollars and a wheat field. Yuen Hou said that he would have to look at the field before he replied the customer.
2009.012.063 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: F. Wong Kee Ocean Falls, BC Oct 7, 1927 Uncle Sik Cheung, greeting! I recieved your letter about the donation of the town.But I come to U.S.A and put this thing to Hoi Gei (Kaiji), I was busy with my work, so I am not sure if he had gathered all the money. Please write to Min Hing (Minxing) and ask him about brother Hoi Gei (Kaiji), he should be able to tell you the news from the village. Our life is as usual, do not worry about us. Nephew Kee Envelope and letter
2009.012.064 Letter 2 Letters In English To: Mr. Wong Fat 664 King Street, Seattle, WA From: McBurney & O' Brien Lawyers Marion Building, Seattle, WA Edward H. Chavelle, Attorney at Law Lyon Building, Seattle, WA Bill of $460 and inofrmation of paying rent.
2009.012.065 Letter Letter In Chinese To: London Co. 664 King Street, Seattle, WA From: Chicago Cafe 214 Broadway, Fargo, North Dakota Sent on March 6th, 1926 Brother Sik Cheung (Shuozhang), greeting! I was deeply shocked when I saw your letter saying that you had not yet received Bo Seng (Baocheng)'s mail. The mail had arrived in 20th June last year and it was given to Kat Yan (Jiren).There were people presented include Uncle Fong Man (Fengwen) and two or three other brothers. The mail was sent by the post office. You company might have handed it to you or they stored the mail but forgot to tell you about it. If the mail was lost, I hope brother can be honest with me. You may ask your people to search with you together. Younger brother Chiu Cheung (Qiaozhang) Envelope and letter
2009.012.066 Letter Letter In Chinese To: Hong Chong 701 King St., Seattle, WA From: Harry Hing 80 Radford St., Yonkers, NY Sik Cheung (Shuozhang) brother, I learned that there were three birth certificate for sale.Last month, the visitor named Kwun Gwai (Kunji) came here to talk about the certificates, the visitor was looking for a certificates for people who were aged between 20 to 30 years old. I have sent a letter to ask about this a month ago, but have not yet heard anything. I hope you can help me to ask about it, if there is no suitable certificate, I will tell him to find another seller. Chung Yin ( Zhongxian) Envelope and letter
2009.012.067 Letter Letter, total 3 In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 417 Maynard Alley, Seattle, WA From: A. B. C. Mill 1099 Connaught Road, Shanghai, China Letter 1 Brother Kwok Ching (Guozhen), I received your letter on the 23rd last month. I am happy to learn about your life and that you earned 25 Yuan per month. Please be frugal all the time. Now that your Mother has been recovered from her illness, however, the other family members are sick due to the weather, not sure when they will be fully recovered. Also, I have been ill from August 14th, still not feeling well today, my son Chiu Chung (Chaozong) is sick since July 29th, his head aches, his body is burning hot, his limbs heavy and weak; he does not want to eat but he is as light as cotton. It hurts me everytime I look at him. I don't know if he can still carry on, I am really worried. We asked doctor to come look at him four or five times, but it did not work. Since July, his illness has cost the family more than 70 Yuan. But our family's money is limited, and we cannot think of anyone that we can borrow money from, I think you should know this well, our life is hard. Could you please send us some money if you got your recent salary, no matter how much, just to take care of Chiu Chung. P.S. The following is still about the family, so I cut it in order to avoid overweight letter charge. Letter 2 is a letter to Sik Cheung from his grandson Kwok Ching, the letter talks about similiar issues as letter 1, mainly about Chiu Chung's illness and the wish of receiving money from their family members living in America. Letter 3 is a letter from brother Hing Po (Qingpu), who worked in A. B. C. Mill., Connaught Road, Shanghai, sending his regards to Sik Cheung. Letter 2 &3 were written on Oct 5, Republic 24 Year (1935). Envelope and letter
2009.012.068 Letter Two letters and a bill from Fong San (Phoenix Mountain) Cemetery. One letter was written on Oct 26h (lunar calendar), Republic 23 Year (1934); the other letter was written on Nov 5, 1934. To: W. J. London Co., 417 Maynard Alley, Seattle, WA From: Canton, China The two letters were both written by Sik Cheung's brother Meng Cheung. The letters detailed a financial dispute of Fong San Cemetery and listed the money that the cemetery construction cost.
2009.012.069 Letter Letter without envelope In Chinese Dear Aunt, Wah Fat (Huafa) is arriving in Seattle next week, he might trouble you to offer him some help. As his reference, you can tell the customs that my wedding day is coming, just like the testimony you gave earlier. You can have a discussion with Sik Cheung, please let Sik Cheung send me a letter as soon as possible so that I know what to do. Kwong Man (Guang Wen)
2009.012.070 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Canton, China Dear Grandfather, I have received a letter and learned that you are coming home at the end of the year, I don't know if it's true. But my Father has also been living abroad for more than 10 years, if Grandfather you are coming home, please persuade my Father to go with you. When I mentioned my study, he did not mail any money back as my tuition fees, I don't know why he did that. Since you are the head of the family, if Father does not want to leave America, please help me to talk to him. Grandson Si Kei (Shiqi)
2009.012.070a Letter
2009.012.071 Letter To: W.J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Hong Kong A friend writes to the recipient about a passport application details. Dear Sik Cheung, I have received a letter saying that Choek WIng got the passport to America. Please let him know that he needs to hand in the photos. Also, please prepare for the personal statement earlier.
2009.012.072 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 664 Weller St., Seattle, WA From: Mow Wo Hing Kee No. 68 Jervois st. P.O. Box 1469, Hong Kong, China Sik Cheung Grandfather-in-law, Since we waved you goodbye in America, it has been half year. When I was traveling abroad, I was happy that everything was well there. I have been working on the application since I returned home, not it is finished, I think that the day for me to go to the States will not be far. However, I learned that America is now strict towards Chinese immigrants, I don't know if it's true. I know that you know many people there, please use your contacts to inquire the customs situation for me. Sorry to bother you, I really appreciate your help. We have not seen for half year and I am long to see again.When in abroad, I am very delighted that everything is well.As I went back home, everything has down well.The date back to U.S.A maybe not long.I heard that American laws about the immigration has changed, please tell me information about this, include the tax and other things.These things bother you.Thank you very much. Your grandson-in-law, Wu Yu-Bat (Hu Rubi) Envelope and letter
2009.012.073 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Woo Boo Restaurant , 651 E. 152 St., Cleveland, Ohio Abstract: writes to his father-in-law that he has received the variety of dry food he sent. Content: To Shuozang father-in-law
2009.012.074 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: The Mandarin Cafe, 515-517 4th St., Sioux, Iowa
2009.012.075 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Pui Ching Baptist Academy, Tungshan, Canton, China
2009.012.076 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Canton, China A grandson writes to his grandfather asking him to send in the money soon.
2009.012.077 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Ying Mee Yuen, 291 Des Voeux Road, Hong Kong, China Letter with squibbles and cross out marks.
2009.012.078 Letter Letter In Chinese To: Mr. Georege Wong 415-7th ave., Seattle, WA From: Canton, China
2009.012.079 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: 133 S. Eldorado St., Stockton, California
2009.012.080 Letter Letter In Chinese To: Mr. Hong 423 12th Ave. So, Seattle, WA From: Michigan State Automobile School, 3729 Woodward Ave. Detriot, Michigan
2009.012.081 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Chang Wah Co., Inc. 133 S El Dorado St., Stockton, Cal.
2009.012.082 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Canton, China Envelope and letter
2009.012.083 Letter Receipt of newspaper subcription In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: United Publishing Co., Inc. 119 Waverly Place, San Francisco, California The receipt of newspaper, the money in all 1920 yuan from London Company. Envelope and receipt
2009.012.084 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Hotel Republic 708 Grant Ave, San Francisco, California
2009.012.085 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Clevand, Ohio "Mr. Shuozhang, I received the letter said that cowboy, as Hu Lebo,not get the ship as the traffic reason.When the time of the ship set off, please tell me. Envelope and letter
2009.012.086 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Wong Wing, 91 Posr Exchange, Kelly Field No.2, San Antonio, Texas letter 1 "Jiren uncle, greeting! It has many monthes since we met last time.Hope your everything well. Now I have owed your money not pay back in time.Just I have many debts, please give me some time that I could pay back the money.In your letter that the things about the watchtower.It is really hard to me.If you have other thing, please write to me. nephew Fubang letter 2 "Shuozhang, greeting! I received your letter yesterday.I will do as your letter says, send 50 yuan with letter as my donation.Now my restaurant's business not well, just a little benefit and less money.Maybe not take over such work.Now just myself in our town of the people in Seattle.So if the money not enough, please let other uncles and brothers to get more. nephew Fubang Envelope and letter
2009.012.087 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Wong Wing, 91 Posr Exchange, Kelly Field No.2, San Antonio, Texas letter 1 "Jiren brother, greeting! From April 16th, we say a goodbye and I arrived safety in Shanghai at May 3th, then from Shanghai to Guangzhou by ship at May 14th.I remembered you give me help and Mr. Li let me take the goods and money have all send to people as ordered.Now the city very peace, the news as usual.If has other thing.Please write to me. brother Dizong letter 2 "Adoptive father, greeting! I have not seen you for a long time and very longing for you.Now I in home not have a fit job and heard that the date of the ship.You in foreign did the business, I in home may not have chance to make a business.My father did not ask about my study and not have a skill how to work.You in foreigh must know this thing.So I asked you for a help.If you could give me some money and my father could pay back.This is my luck.When you received the letter, please re-write soon. Shiji Letter
2009.012.088 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: China "Husband, greeting! The family are all well, do not worry about Envelope and letter
2009.012.089 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Ying Mee Yuen 291 Des Voeux Rd., C. Hong Kong, China
2009.012.090 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA "Shuozhang uncle, greeting! As we said good-bye at April 16th, I was safty on the road and arrived in Shanghai at May 3th and from Shanghai shipped to Guangzhou at May 14.I recalled Mr. Li give me a good help was very thankful.Now the city peace, the news as usual.If has other things, I would write to you. May 14 Letter
2009.012.091 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London , 624 King St., Seattle, WA Contains 4 letters. One of them was from recipient's brother, the other three from a grandson asking for money, watch and pens. letter 1 "Shuozhang brother, Yesterday I received your letter that Qizhang would take Qishu to the U.S.A.Just I have not seen Qizhang at city and wrote to him.He replied that as his high age, so tell son could not take Qishu to U.S.A and tell to find another man do this thing.Mother said to Jiren there are therr che back.I want to know who could take over these money.Could put these money to Fa Xishu.If could, I am very thankful.Please rewrite soon. Renwen letter 2 (include 3 pages) "Grandfather,greeting! I received your lettes yesterday.One is from Guang Xiang Wenli Gong, the other from Guan Hua Qizhi uncle.The letter from Wenli Gong include one chech with 100 yuan.The letter from Qizhi uncle is about ask your letter and last year frome Guanhua post the letter when received.I also forgot the date and grandfather asked which time.As I got out province, you send two times money.One is 100 yuan from Qizhi, the other frome Wenli.If has the third time, he could not write the letter to ask.Your words I would all follow.Your letter asked my wife and I go to school with letter.I discussed with mother and grandmother about this thing.They were all agreeded.If you received letter please send money soon to afford the fees of school. grandson Guozhen Envelope and letter
2009.012.092 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London, 664 Weller St., Seattle WA From: Paul Sujo, Empedrado 2b, Habana Cuba Contains two letters, one from recipient's friend, theother one from recipient's nephews. letter 1 "Thired, fourth, sixth uncle! We have not seen for many years.I am very sorry that not write letters to you.I was busy doing at home, neither well nor bad.Everything as usual.I still remembered your words. Letter 2 "Shuozhang brother! Please give your relative's letter to him.This is bother you.Hope you everything well. Envelope and letter
2009.012.093 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London Co. , 664 King Street, Seattle, WA From: Canton, China Letters from recipient's sons asking the money to be sent out soon for school tuition and wedding ceremony cost.
2009.012.094 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co., 664 King Street, Seattle, WA From: Stockton, California Contains two letters letter 1 "Jiren nephew! We have not maken a face for a long time.I am very long for you.Hope you everything well in foreign and business well.Just I lived in a poor condition and have no idea to make a living.What's more, the field not well, it is hard to plant crops.So I hope you give me a help, let my son go to U.S.A to making a live.We all family will thankful your help.I heard that there are still three checks not used.If put these money on my son Qishu to making a live.If you agreed, I am very thankful.Please re-write soon. uncle Renwen Envelope and letter
2009.012.095 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 664 King Street., Seattle, WA From: Wong, 1326 Broadway Ave. ??, WA
2009.012.096 Letter Letter In Chinese To: J.W. London, 664 King Street, Seattle, WA From: Chang Wah Co., 133 S. Eldorado St., Stockton, CA
2009.012.097 Letter Letter In Chinese To: Mr. Huang Ji-Ren
2009.012.098 Letter Letter In Chinese Letter from daughte-in-law and a friend asking for monetary help. letter 1 "father, greeting The thing that uncle come to U.S.A not succed, I felt so sadly.If this thing could come true, not only avoid the different places, but also the whole family can get together.I can not say more about this thing.Aunt let me come here, so some thing need to ask you.Please make some help to Guozhen's marriage which had cost more than 2000 yuan.Some money borrowed from others.Now everything more expenseive and the fees not enough.Please send more money to afford these cost.Everyone in family are all well. Hu Letter
2009.012.099 Letter Letter In Chinese
2009.012.100 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co., 664 King Street, Seattle, WA -Letter from recipients' sister, asking her brothers' help to get her sons to come to US for better opportunities. -Letter from a friend letter 1 "Fuzhang, Shuozhang brother and Jiren nephew, I had sent letter for some days, but you not re-writte.I wanted to know if you received the letter.I received fifth brother's letter include the money.I am very thankful.You are all busy at foreign, I just hope everything well.Now I am busy doing many thing at home, looking after the children until they becaome adult.But my two sons are all over the age of study.I thought they need to find a job, but the condition in China very bad, it is hard to look a job.Our Guangdong's people of course know about this thing.So often go abroad like southeast Asia, Canada, U.S.A and so on.As my pool family and thought about your ability, I want to let two sons to U.S.A, please give me a help.I will thankful your help and my sons also remember your kindness.I think you will give me a hand about this thing. Hope everything well! Huang Caiyun
2009.012.101 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 624 King Street, Seattle, WA
2009.012.102 Letter Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co., 664 King Street., Seattle, WA From: Chang Wah Co., 133 Eldorado Street., Stockton, CA
2009.012.103 Letter Envelope and letter A:Envelope to w.g. London 664 King St Seattle Wash.From:113 S. El Dorado St. Stockton, Cal. B:Letter to Huang Shuozhang "Shuozhang brother! I received your letter and knew all the things.Just Mr. Luo said Shan Yu Hao get money, if not offered the ship fees include witness.If not, they could not go ashore.And all the fees and company still need money.Please tell me your opinions and if this things could do.My son just arrived please look after him.Thank you very much! little brother Envelope and letter
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