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Wing Luke Museum
1998.023 Newspaper Japanese American Newspaper "Great Northern Daily News" published in Seattle. One page folded over; written in Japanese except title and advertisements written in English: M. Furuya Co., New Central Hotel, Hirade, Miyagawa, Gosho Drugs, Fujii Hotel, Panama Hotel, Oriental American Bank, Main Drug Co., J.T. Kikutake 417 Maynard Alley, Adams Hotel, Yamato & Co. advertisements. Yellowed paper, stains, torn across the front and edges, very brittle
1998.028 Map Chinese Map Paper map mounted to rectangular cardboard; printed with red, yellow, blue and black striped border, on each side is a vertical black band with white Chinese characters; topographical map is printed in green, yellow and black and shows a panorama scene of the Western Lake; each of the map features is labeled with Chinese characters. In the upper right hand corner is the title of the map in large Chinese characters, one small row of red Chinese characters and two rows of small black Chinese characters. "Jit Kong #1 Panorama, Newest (or Updated) Map of the Western Lake Area", Zhejiang, July 1922. Torn on sides, some water damage.
1998.031 Buddhist Sutra and envelope Large Buddhist inscription with envelope A: Long rectangular white paper in two sheets pasted together with red ink print of a pagoda with 7 levels, flame at top and at each level, image of Buddhist figures (Boddhisatvas?) at each level; entire pagoda is filled with Chinese characters which comprise the Sutra (religious text), 4 large Chinese characters across the top of the paper and a column of Chinese characters on the right side. The inscription indicates that Wan Shu a Boddhisatva (pu sa) brought this Sutra from India to China. Printer's inscription indicates a connection with Tibet. B: Envelope, 14.25" x 10.25", white paper with red wood block printing on front of 3 Buddhist figures with halos standing on a cloud in front of the sun; to the right in red Chinese characters is the title of the print; on the left side is the name of the temple where it originated.
1998.032 Stationery Single rectangular piece of letterhead stationery on "onionskin" paper. Page has black printing along the top including a horizontal row of Chinese characters, below "Yee Chong Co., Importers and Exporters", three thin horizontal lines and the address "414 Eighth Ave. S., Seattle 4, Washington, U.S.A."; upper right hand corner has "Cable Address: YEECHONG", below that "Telephone: ELliott 3261"; horizontal row of Chinese characters and below that "Agents: --Northwest Airlines, Inc., Canadian Pacific Steamship, Ltd., and Northern Pacific Railway, Co."
1998.035 Check stub Check Stub and Check Rectangular paper book with stapled top bound with black paper, check stubs and last check is whole and perforated; the stubs have black printing including the number 8, date, paid, right side has a balance forward column, all but last stub filled in with black ink writing. First stub "Seattle Gas Co., 7/23/36" for $14.37. Last blank check is from "National Bank of Commerce, Seattle", watermark "Marine Bank Corporation". Paper has horizontal lines interspersed with watermark. On the back of last check written in pencil and ink shows date and balance of his account. Cardboard backing attached to binding.
1998.036 Advertisement Single sheet of letterhead stationery; letterhead consists of a logo in brown ink--a portrait of George Washington surrounded by laurel leaves, in green ink written over the logo "Washington Wood and Coal Co., Dealer in wood and coal, 157 Holgate Street, Seattle, Wash.", to the left "Wholesale and Retail", on the right "Phone: ELLIOTT 1518 and ELLIOTT 6394". Below is a black ink mimeograph advertisement "BLOCK WOOD, all inside clean mill ends can be used right away for stove or range, 12 in. to 16 in., $8 per double load, $4.50 for single load". Written on the back in black pencil undecipherable letters and numbers.
1998.037 Menu Orange card stock menu, fold in half, American and Chinese menu from the "Chinese Garden Restaurant" printed in black ink. On the front are 3 Chinese characters with a floral design, "Chinese Garden, American and Chinese Menu, Music and dancing every night, Phone: SEneca 9087, 516 7th Ave. S., Seattle, Washington". On the inside on the left side is the American menu and on the right side is the Chinese menu.
1998.039.002 Good Luck Posters 4 rectangular sheets of yellow tissue paper folded in half with red ink stamped on each half with good luck inscriptions, illustration of dragon head at the top and floral designs along either side, down the middle are Chinese characters. A-D each have a different saying including: longevity, prosperity, etc., but are too faded to read
1998.043 Invitation Pink card folded in half lengthwise, opens to the right. On front is red ink in stylized column with two printed Chinese characters on the bottom. World Kwang Tung Community Association inauguration of officers. Kwang Tung Community Association
1998.044 Book Hand Made Book on Chinese costume by Dorothy Jue Made for Costume Design Class Cover is red card stock stapled together. On the front is a separate white paper sheet stapled on to it. It has an ink title " Chinese Costume" and an ink drawing of three adults and one child in traditional Chinese clothes. This is colored in pencil with blue, pink, yellow and orange. Signed at the bottom by Dorothy Jue. Pages have ink drawings of Chinese cloths with ink descriptions. The illustrations are colored In pencil.
1998.045 Program Heavy 11 X 8" paper folded in half. Service program for George Tsutakawa On the front is a black and white photo of George Tsutakawa taken in 1982 by Marsha Burns. Below this in black lettering is "George Tsutakawa, Februrary 22, 1910 - December 18, 1997 December 29, 1997 Seattle Asian Art Museum On the inside is a bio of George Tsutakawa and the order of the service. On the back are three personal messages.
1998.046 Receipts White paper billing statements from the Chinese Star Printing Co. Black ink printing on white paper. Across the top of the page in English is "Statement". Below this is a red Nationalist sun emblem and there are two Chinese characters also in red ink in the center. To either side are Chinese characters in black ink. The next line in English is in large black letters - "The Chinese Star Printing PHONE ELliott 2572 711 KING STREET SEATTLE, WASH., U.S.A." Then there are three black lines, a double black line and on the left side - "Balance" and on the right "Terms: Net" and then another solid black line. The second half of the page is blank.
1998.047 Business Card Chinese Restaurant Business Card White card with blue lettering. Along the top is "PHONE CA.3 - 3289 ORDERS TO TAKE OUT". Then in the middle in large letters - "Lotus Gardens American and Chinese Foods" then on the left is "OPEN 11 A.M. to 1:30 A.M. Daily, 11 A.M. to 3 A.M. Saturday, CLOSED MONDAYS". To the right is "2101 WEST BURNSIDE, PORTLAND 10, OREGON" On the back written in blue ink is - "Elks".
1998.048 Book Paperback book commemorating Association anniversary Book opens from the left to the right. On the cover is photo of the city of Seattle. There are red Chinese characters on front, a circle of red characters and then a yellow long octagonal inset with black lettering and zig - zag frame. It says: "Gee How Oak Tin Association 90th Anniversary and Building Re - inauguration Journal 1900 - 1990 Seattle, USA." On the back is a tall octagon with an elephant, a red circular logo and "Seattle, USA." and three Chinese characters which phonetically stand for "Seattle". An inset picture of the Association building is in the top left. Second copy in BOOKS 30. Gee How Oak Tin Association 90th Anniversary .. Journal
1998.048.002 Book Gee How Oak Tin Association convention journal. Photographs and advertisements of members. This copy donated by Donnie Chin Gee How Oak tin Journal 1964
1998.049 Flier Room rate flier hand bill for the Kamakura Kaihin Hotel Single sheet of newsprint with black lettering in English with prices given in Yen. The sheet reads: "Kamakura Kaihin Hotel Amended Tariff _________ Rooms Back rooms Single Double Nos. 26, 46, 47, 48 Y 3.00 Y 4.00 Room with verandah " 3.50 " 5.00 Nos. 18,20,22,24 " 4.00 " 6.00 rooms with Bath " 5.00 " 7.50 Nos. 14,15 " 7.00 " 10.00 Nos. 1, 2 " 8.00 " 12.00 Meals Breakfast Table d'Hote Y 1.50 or Ala Carte Tiffin " " 2.00 Dinner " " 2.50 Tea with cakes and toast sen .50 Special discount will be arranged for a long stay"
1998.050 Invitation Card stock invitation to the Wing Luke Asian Museum's exhibit P.I. (Made in America): Filipino American Artists in the Pacific Northwest. Brown speckled card folded into three sections so that the ends fold and are the same width as the back of the card when together. In the background in various shades of brown or words for various Filipino identities: Pilipino, Pinay, Nasirib, Pahiwatig, Guni guni, Panakailawawag." On the front, which are the folded ends of the card, in black is "P.I." in large print and then the rest of the title in brown letering. Opening the card the background is Filipino art and then the list of the sponsers, endorsers and contributors.
1998.051 Book Scroll Wooden Covered Book version of Sesshu's Long Scroll The covers are constructed like a frame with four pieces joining at the corners and a fifth piece is in the middle. The book is one piece of paper folded back and forth to fit the cover. It opens right to left and begins at the end of the scroll. The title is printed on the cover in black ink. In the bottom left corner are three kanji characters and a red seal. The book was published by Charles E. Tuttle and manufactured in Japan.
1998.052 Chopsticks Pair of wooden chopsticks in white paper wrapper from Bush Garden restaurant. A: The pair of chopsticks is new and hasn't been split apart yet. B: The wrapper is a single sheet of white paper that is folded into three equal parts so that a center pocket is created to hold the chopsticks. The ends are additionally folded back so that the chopsticks do not slip out of the envelope. There is no glue used on the wrapper. It is printed with black ink, "Bush Garden Seattle Washington Phone MUtual3163" on the front. There is also an image of a red tori gate to the left of the restaurant's name and a gree pine tree with red mountains and black birds in the distance to the right.
1998.055.001 Stationary Lun Kong Ten (Tin) Yee Association A: Envelope, white paper, H: 4.125", W: 9.5", with a red stamped return address in the upper left hand corner. The top line is in Chinese and then: "Lung Kong Tin Yee Association 709 1/2 So. King Street Seattle, Washington 98104" B: Invitation to the New Year Banquet, 3-15-1998 C-E: Tickets, to the banquet. Lun Kong Tin Yee Association
1998.060.001 Travel Permit Alaska Travel Control Permit for Hipolito Roldan Peralta Stained white card with red outline of Alaska and specified zones. Printed on the card is: "Alaska Department, Alaska Travel Control, Permit to Enter, Travel within and Depart Zone A of the Territory of Alaska, Keep in your possession at all times - Good until revoked" Then typed in printed categories of Name: "Hipolito Roldan Peralta", Occupation: "Cook", Employed by: "Ellamor Packing Co.", Permit issued: 13 June 1944", No. "21166", and then "By Authority Commanding General, Alaskan Department, Alaskan Travel Control." Two signatures at the bottom. Reverse side has stapled black and white photo, right Index Finger Print, signature and typed description: Age: "54", Date of Birth: "8-13-1888", Height: "5'5", Comp: "Dark", Hair: "Grey", Weight: "150", Eyes: "Brown", build: "Medium", Sex: 'F", Race: "Brown", Nationality: "Filipino". The card is in a plastic enclosure.
1998.060.002 Certificate Certificate of medical examination and identity of Matias Lagunalla heavy card stock is covered by strips of scotch tape horizontally. Printed on top : "Certificate of Medical Examination and Identity, Issued by U.S. Public Health Service, Quarantine Service, Manila, P.I., No. C 2976." Typed in these categories: Passengers Name: Citizen of Philippine Islands: "MATIAS LAGUNALLA", Name of Ship: "EMPRESS OF RUSSIA", Date of Departure: "APRIL 26, 1929", Bacteriologically negative for cholera: Date: (Stamped) "APR 25 1929", Vaccinated against Small Pox: Date: (Stamped) "APR 25 1929". Faded signature over the space labeled: "Surgeon U.S.P.H.S.". On the back many small notes written in ink. The most prominent is "DATE OF ARRIVAL IN THE UNITED STATES MAY 18, 1929".
1998.060.003 ILWU Constitution Constitution of the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union Brown card stock cover with staple binding. Title printed in black ink: "CONSTITUTION of the INTERNATIONAL LONGSHOREMEN'S & WAREHOUSEMEN'S UNION." At the bottom of the front cover is: "As Amended to April 9, 1965." In the center of the front is an image of a globe with "ILWU" across the front. 29 pages. Published by ILWU 150 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco 2, Calif. Printed in USA.
1998.060.004 Flyer Election flyer for Chris Mensalvas Orange paper flyer with black printing says: "Elect" and in a black outline: "Chris Mensalvas Secretary Treasurer Local 37 - ILWU". Gives a bio of his labor experience and then says: "Thanks For Your Support 1972". On the back written in ink is: MRS. AMELIA PERALTA & SONS, 111 W. DEL AMO BLVD. APT 2, LONG BEACH, Cal. 90805, tel - 428-4945 or 423-8327.
1998.060.005 Newspaper Clipping Newspaper Clipping with letter to editor about Steve Glumaz Titled "Letters to the Editor" and then titled "Steve Glumaz Dies" it is a letter written by Jerry Tyler ( retired) ILWU Local 19, Seattle, remembering the life of Steve Glumaz.
1998.060.006 Newspaper Clipping Newspaper Clipping Obituary of Chris Mensalvas Newspaper clipping from The Dispatcher, page 6, April 21, 1978, the title reads: "Chris Mensalvas, Headed Local 37". It is under the section entitled: "the ILWU is People', and has a black and white photograph of Mensalvas and an obituary. Paper is yellowing.
1998.060.007 Certificate Certificate of War Risk Policy of Peter Carbornay Certificate is white paper with black ink printing and scrolled outline around the information. Information is a written carbon copy of a document made in triplicate. The title is: "Certificate of Designation or Change of Beneficiary Second Seamen's War Risk Policy United States of America War Shipping Administration." The number is "BD 410454" and it is the "Crew Member's Copy". Insured's name is: Peter G. Cabornay", primary beneficiary is "Briccio Vellanuevd" the holder's nephew. Dated in Portland Oregon "Nov. 9, 1944". Carbonay was in the SS West Celeron as "2nd Cook."
1998.060.008 Certificate Copy of Baptism Certificate for Peter Carbornay Letter size white paper typed in Spanish with spaces filled in blue fountain pen. An embossed seal with a blue document stamp in the center is in the left lower corner. It is a copy of the information from the original document for Pedro Carbornay. No. 21, folio 189, dated August 4, 1892, This copy of the information is dated January 13, 1941.
1998.060.009 Memorandum Memorandum From Local 37 to ILWU International Officers Typed and carbon copy on pink legal size paper. Memorandum From: Local 37-ILWU Executive Board. To: ILWU International Officers. Subject: The Question of Local 37 per Capita Tax. The memo questions the payment of 5 months of tax per year when the members had only agreed to 2 months payments. Also mention of the payment by ILWU International of $5,000 for the bail bond for Chris Mensalvas in 1952. The two documents were held by rusting paper clip (removed) and there are some notes made in blue pen on the documents.
1998.060.010 Poem Poem of Carlos Bulosan Xerox copy on white paper of "Song For Chris Mensalvas' Birthday" by Carlos Bulosan. The text was originally typed on two pages and signed by Carlos Bulosan at the bottom of the second page. The first page is heavily shadowed by the xerox process.
1998.060.011 Letter Letter to Chris Mensalvas From Carey McWilliams Typed letter on letterhead manila paper. The letterhead is a gray 1.625" border along the top of the page with "The Nation" in white and the address - "333 SIXTH AVENUE * NEW YORK, N.Y. 10014, 242-8400" - and a solid black line underneath this. The letter is typed and dated December 22, 1972, requesting more information on Chris and more on the Alaska fish cannery union.
1998.060.012 Letter Letter from Chris Mensalvas to Carey McWilliams Carbon copy of letter sent to Carey McWilliams. Two onion skin paper pages with purple ink. Return address in upper right hand corner "Downtown Hotel, Apt 927, Seattle, Wash 98104, 12-20-72." It is a response to McWilliams request of December 8 for information on Carlos Bulosan for an introduction McWilliams is writing to a new edition of one of Bulosan's books by the University of Washington Press.
1998.060.013 Flier Flier promoting "Letters in Exile" Heavy tan paper with dark brown ink and brown photograph. It is promoting the book - "Letters in Exile: An Introductory Reader on the History of Pilipinos in America." The photograph on the bottom third is of two Filipino - American men standing in front of an automobile. Flier is stained and has remnants of masking tape on the top and bottom corners.
1998.060.014 Newspaper Clipping Newspaper Clipping of Photograph of Fish Cannery Labor Leaders The caption reads: " Fish Cannery leaders appeared before the FTA International Executive Board in San Francisco in January to discuss Local 7 problems. Seated L - R Vincent Pilien, Dispatcher; Chris Mensalvas, Portland Branch Agent; Prudencio P. Mori, Pres.; Cornelio Briones, Business Agent, Standing: Pete Bonilla and Pete Gutierrez of the Local's San Francisco Branch; N.V. Mariano and Benny Flores, Portland Branch; Dave Teitlebaum International Organizer in Portland; Pablo S. Valdez, San Francisco Branch Agent; and Sgt. Marcelo Ovalles, former cannery delegate from Portland. Local 7's Political Action Committee has been very active recently in the local Seattle election campaign. All of the officers of the local are active members of the King County PAC.
1998.060.015 Report Mimeograph Copy of Report White paper with black printing copy of the "International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union, San Francisco, California" It is the "SECRETARY-TREASURER'S REPORT for the period ended June 30, 1953" Louis Goldblatt Secretary Treasurer. 15 pages of financial reports.
1998.060.016 Obituary Obituary of Carlos Bulosan The article is entitled "Seasoned To Taste", on white paper with faded brown ink printing. It is by Harry C. Bauer the director of the University of Washington Libraries and was published in the Wilson library Bulletin January 1957. It is folded, and stained and a pen mark is on the right side.
1998.060.017 Article Typed draft of Article "A Short Diary of a Filipino Immigrant" Four white paper pages. The first has the Roman numeral I written at the top and begins with "June 24, 1927", then there is a section entitled "Breakfast in Chinatown". The second page has the Roman numeral II at the top and begins with the section entitled: "Seattle Interlude", and includes one called: "July - Summer 1927." the third page has the Roman numeral III written at the top and has two sections: "Came the Americans - White Women" and "Then The Vigilantes Rode into Town: 1934" the last page .17iv is onion skin paper and is entitled "The Youth and Elderly".
1998.060.018 Poem Mimeographed Copy of "I Want the Wide American Earth" by Carlos Bulosan Two legal size white paper pages. The poem covers the front page and half of the second. The other half of the second page is addressed: "To All Friends of Democracy" as a fund raiser for the Chris Mensalvas and Ernesto Mangaoang Defense Fund. Any amount donated would suffice for a copy of the poem. This one is signed at the top just under the title by "Carlos Bulosan (120)". The pages are stapled in the upper right corner and have three perforations along the left side.
1998.060.019 Story Short Story by Chris Mensalvas - The Most Unforgettable Character I Ever Met Seven white xerox pages, stapled in upper left corner, of short story. At the top is "Christopher D. Mensalvas, 1820 Ahuula Street, Honolulu 17, Hawaii" and at the right it says: "Approximately 2400 Words". The story begins 1/4 of the page down with the title: "THE MOST UNFORGETABLE CHARACTER I EVER MET" and is the story of his great great grandfather. On the back of the last page is a hand written letter in ink to Patsy from her step mother, Chris Mensalvas's second wife, Irene Mensalvas.
1998.060.020 Bibliography Carbon copy of Philippine Dialect Document Four Onion skin carbon copied pages, typed, entitled "Language and Dialects of the Philippine Islands ( A bibliography)" the second to fourth pages are a bibliography. On the first page the section on the left is entitled: "Principal Languages and Dialects in the Philippines" to the right of this is a section written in blue pen with additional dialects. Then there is a typed section : "Phillipine (sic) dialects listed by the census." and then "Other lesser Phillippine (sic) dialects." In the left hand margin written horizontally in red pencil is "L 287" and P511" which is scratched out. A stamp in the upper right hand corner in blue ink reads: "World Book Encyclopedia Reference Library, FIELD ENTERPRISES INC. EDUCATIONAL DIV., 35 EAST WACKER DRIVE, CHICAGO 1, -- ILLINOIS." the pages are stapled in upper left corner.
1998.060.021 Play Mimeographed copy of the play "Isuda Ti Immuna, " "Those Who Came First" A: 13 white typed pages, Scene I, stapled together. The front page has a handwritten title "Isuda Ti Immuna" and then "Those Who Came First". Written near the bottom is: "May 6, 7, 8, 1976 Norse Auditorium" and "Copyright Pending." Written in blue ink in upper right hand corner is "# 87." The text of the play is typed and goes through Scene I. Paper is yellowing and there is a brown paint smudge on the front left. A stain on the back upper left and a folded corner. The two back pages are creased. B: Seven pages stapled together entitled: "Scene II, Hawaii, A Plantation in Hanapepe, 1924" C: Eight pages stapled together entitled: "Scene 3, Stockton, MANILATOWN" D: Six pages stapled together entitled: "Scene Iva, THE WATSONVILLE RIOTS AND THE DEATH OF FERMIN TOBERA" E: Fifteen pages clipped together entitled: "Scene Va, Manila Town" F: Seven pages stapled together entitled: "Scene 6 (a), Seattle, Manilatown, 1 year later"
1998.060.022 Play Mimeographed Play, 24 white pages entitled "tagatupad" "Those who must carry on" Mimeographed copy in black ink on white paper. The front page title is written in black cursive letters "tagatupad" and then typed is "THOSE WHO MUST CARRY ON. A DRAMA IN FOUR SCENES WITH POETRY, DANCE AND MUSIC." At the bottom left is "For the Cultural Evening of the 1976 PPFWC (Pilipino People's Far West Convention) Pag - isahin Ng Sambayanan -- Unite the People, Seattle, Washington, September 3-5, 1976." at the right of this is: "August 2, 1976 copyright pending PPFWC Program Committee N. Timbang and L. Asis" and at the bottom center: P.O. Box 4245, Seattle, Wa. 98104." pages 9 - 11 are missing. The remaining pages have two perforations in the left side and rust stain from binder.
1998.060.023 Labor Writing Two white pages one typed and one carbon copy The title is "HIGHLITES - MAY DAY L(& 1976". Both proclaim May Day 1976 as labor significant in the struggle for social justice.
1998.060.024 Letter Letter Onion skin paper carbon copy. The letter is addressed to Louis Goldblatt, Secretary Treasurer International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union in San Francisco. It is from Matt Lagunalla and Chris Mensalvas. Cc to Bill Settings and John Caughlan. No date but June 13 is mentioned in the letter. In the upper left corner is stamped "COPY". The letter asks for funding to appeal a court ruling in Seattle on the Walter -McCarren Act regarding screening of men coming back from Alaska.
1998.060.025 Letter Typed Letter on Onion Skin Paper White paper with address in upper right corner: "87-125 Meipela Street, Maili, Oahu Hawaii, December 8, 1962." It is addressed to: "Chris" [Mensalvas], From "Dave." the letter is signed in blue ink and there is a blue ink scribble on the right bottom center.
1998.060.026 Program Photo copied paper Program, faded light blue, folded in half lengthwise. The front is one half of a page. Around the parameter is a faux bamboo frame with corner braces. Two branches of bamboo flair up and out to the title: "1976 P.P.F.W.C. fundraiser Dinner and Dance Saturday, March 6th, 7 - 12 pm, Pag-isahin ang Sambayanan, 'Unite the People'." Inside is a description of the PPFWC, program and on the back future events.
1998.060.027 Journal ASUW Cultural - Arts Journal Cover-less copy of journal with stapled binding. On page 8 is an autobiography by Chris Mensalvas "Exiled in America." There is a black and white photograph of him in the upper right corner. The story covers a part of page nine also and then there is a reprint of Carlos Bulosan's "Epilogue: Unknown Soldier" from "The Voice of Bataan."
1998.060.028 Writings Two page typed white paper. Title is "The Nixon's Credo." At the conclusion is "Signed:" and a red ink X.
1998.060.029 Campaign Card Xerox copy of Campaign Card, H: 2.5", W: 6", for Carlos Bulosan On the front of the card is "Vote for CARLOS BULOSAN for Publicity and Educational Director, ILWU Local 37." There is a photo of Bulosan on the right side of the card.
1998.060.030 Program Brown paper four page printed Program for the Play "Isuda ti Immuna" Front cover has large central etching of filipino man invegetated area with Golden Gate bridge in the background. The title aboe the picture is: "ISUDA TI IMMUDA, (They Who Were First)" and below the picture is "NORSE AUDITORIUM, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA May 7 and 8, 1976." the inside pages contain credits and a scene by scene synopsis. It is stained and has masking tape marks on the front.
1998.060.031 Report Four white mimeograph pages, stapled together. The title is: "Local 37 Team: Caucus's Proposa.l" It is a proposal to reform the union through the rank and file. The front is discolored and stained
1998.060.032 Letter Letter on white paper with black ink printing, typed in spaces The letter is from the "United States Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service. Seattle, Washington." Title of paper: "Notice to Petitioner of the Proposed Recommendation of Denial of Petition for Naturalization." and it is to: "Mr. Mathias J. Langunilla 213 Main St. Seattle, Washington, October 28, 1955, Petition No. 40816." petition denied for want of prosecution." Signed by examiner in blue ink pen.
1998.060.033 Letter Carbon copy letter on turquoise onion skin paper dated November 30, 1959. The letter is to "Mr Morris Watson, Editor, the Dispatcher, 150 Golden Gate San Francisco, California." Mary Gibson of the Bulosan Manuscript Committee writing at suggestion of Chris Mensalvas to ask if there are any Bulsan manuscripts available. They are being collected to send to the University of the Philippines. Copies sent to University of Washington Manuscript Collection.
1998.060.034 Letter Letter on white paper with blue typed ink and blue printed heading. The letter is from the "Alaska Salmon Industry, Inc. Seattle 4, U.S.A." and is addressed to "I.L.W.U. Local 37, Ernesto Mangaoang" requesting changing the date of the dispatching of workers to Fidalgo Island Packing Co. Signed in black ink pen.
1998.060.035 Letter Letter on white paper with "The Nation" letterhead in black. The letter is typed. The letter is to "Chris Mensalvas" from "Carey McWilliams" thanking him for the letter and photo from Mary Gibson. It is signed in blue pen.
1998.060.036 Letter Letter on white paper with "The Nation" letterhead in black. The letter is typed. The letter is to "Chris Mensalvas" from "Carey McWilliams" requesting " .. Your impressions of Carlos, the importance of his work and some details about your own friendship with him." For a University of Washington Press reissue of one of Carlos Bulosan's works. It is signed inblue ink. At the bottom written in ink is: "Please return this to me - Chris"
1998.060.037 Letter A: Letter on white parchment with letterhead. The letterhead is from the "Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born." Chris mensalvas has written asking for their help in obtaining citizenship. He has sent his receipt for his Immigration card and it was returned stapled to the left top of the letter. Signed in blue ink by Rose Chernin, Executive Director. B: Reciept, H: 5", W: 8.125", To "Chris Mensalvas," typed carbon copy. Dated 2-18-53, and says born: "June 24, 1909, P.I." and then Immigrated: "June 1927 Los Angeles, Cal."
1998.060.038 Letter Letter, carbon copy, typed on onion skin paper. The letter is to Carey McWilliams from Mary Gibson sending the negative of Carlos Bulosan and saying that most of the material they collected is at the University of Washington.
1998.060.039 Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes on eight white paper pages stapled together, printed by black mimeograph ink. The minutes are from an International Longshoremen's ans Warehousemen's Union meeting dated June 16 & 17, 1955.
1998.060.041 Newspaper A: International Examiner with article by Gene Viernes on "Chris Mensalvas: daring to dream", May 1978. Consists of 2 pages with a photograph and illustration by Jeff Hanada. B: Second copy of just the article.
1998.060.042 Newspaper Copy of "The Weekly" newspaper. The cover story is " Death and Triumph: The Martyrdom of Two Filipino Labor Reformers and the Long Crusade to Redress Unfair Practices in the Alaskan Canneries." on Page 20, by .
1998.060.043 Writings Two drafts of a chapter for "Ang Bayani" A: 9 white pages, typed and clipped together. ( Metal clip removed) this is entitled Chapter 1 and is crossed out in pen and labeled "Introduction." The third page is is titled "Chapter One" and from there the pages are numbered 1 - 7. There are various corrections in blue ink. B: 8 white pages, typed and clipped together. (metal clip removed) At the top of the page is " ANG BAYANI" and then "Chapter 1 Historical Background." "Historical Background" is crossed out with blue pen. A note clipped to the pages says: Retyped 7 -31 - 60." There are various pen corrections throughout the manuscript. C: Single typed white page entitled: SCENE: AT THE OVAL OFFICE; DONTOWNER (sic) (TQPE RECORDED) (sic).
1998.060.045 Article Essay by Patsy Martell written for the P.I. Filipino American Art Exhibition about her father Chris Mensalves Chris Mensalves
1998.063 Poster Large Color Poster of Asian American Anti-Homophobia Group Black and white group photo of predominantly Asian American men and women, standing on tiers. The background of the poster is white and in large block letters at the bottom of the photo is: UNITE AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA" in red with gold shadow. Along the edges of the poster is the same message in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Khmer, Korean, Tagalie, Hindi, and Tamil in red or black with gold squares in between them with white gender symbols on them representing homosexual or heterosexual. The sponsors are listed in the lower right. It was produced by Asian & Pacific Islander Communities of Seattle.
1998.064.001 Menu A:Eight page menu with Kiang Nam Cafe on the front and "Chinese Dishes" and "Chop Suey and Noodles" 674 King St. Seattle, Inside the front cover is a Dinner prix fix menu glued in and the the ala carte menu. B: Part of the paper insert of another Kiang Nam Cafe menu with prexfix special Chinese dinners and then ala carte items. Kiang Nam Cafe
1998.064.002 Menu A: Chinese and American dishes B - D: Business Cards, Riverside Inn, Seattle's Finest Suburban Restaurant. 10315 East Marginal Way. Riverside Inn Menu
1998.064.003 Menu Riverside Inn Opening Menu Grand OPening Saturday October 26, 1935 Inside is a one page menu of Chinese and American prix fix dinner for $1.50. At the bottom is "Tommy Smithern's Orchestra" Riverside Inn Opening Menu
1998.064.004 Menu Horse Shoe Inn Midway between Seattle and Tacoma on the New Highway. Inside is white with black printing on the left are ala carte dishes and on the right are prix fix dinners. It appears another menu was pasted on the left side and torn off. Horseshoe Inn
1998.064.005 Menu Capitol Cafe, American and Chinese Dishes, Short orders at all hours, 214 E. Sixth St., Olympia Wash., Capitol Cafe
1998.064.006 Menu Two copies of Rainbow menu with a cover in color of a rainbow over fuschias. Inside on the left is the American style and on the right is the Chinese style. a Table d'hote dinner is on the bottom right corner. Rainbow
1998.064.007 Menu Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of the Arrival SS Miike Maru at Seattle, August 31, 1896. Single page menu with dishes named after priciple players in the shipping business. Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of the Arrival SS Miike Maru at Seattle, August 31, 1896
1998.064.008 Menu Series of luncheon menus from the SS President Taft a ship of the American Mail Line. Six printed menus and three blank ones. Each has a black and white photograph of an Asian scene - Asian Elephant; terraced fields; Chinese gate. SS President Taft menus
1998.064.009 menu Tan cover menu with pink and green printing. 8- interior pages 674 King St. Kiang Nam Cafe
1998.064.010 Menu Tan menu with black printing Folds out to two pages 667 Jackson Hankow Cafe and Annex
1998.065.001 Documents Collection of documents relating the the Goon Dip Company collected by Mr & Mrs. Luther Weedin, Commissioner of the Chinese Immigration Office. A: Newspaper article "Goon Dip Chinese Consul Dies and all Seattle Mourns passing" Seattle Times, September 13, 1933 B: Christmas Card and envelope to Mr & Mrs. Luther Weedin, from Frank Han Kee". C: Thank you note and envelope thanking Commissioner Weedin for a letter and sent with the book, "A Collection of Pearls" D: Greetings Card, 5.5 x 4", folded tan paper with scrollmaker image from Admiral Oriental Line, General Passenger Agent, 1925 - 26. E: Book, "A Collection of Pearls" 1919, excerpts form Lao tzu. F: Book, "Chinese Jade: Why Called Lucky Stone", 1922. G: 3 - Christmas Gift Cards, from Chin Tan, Eng Hing, Gee Jung Co. H: 8-Business Cards, "Mr. David Young" (Goon Dips Secretary), "Goon Dip, Chinese Consul", "Lun P. Woo" (Dan woo's brother), "Hehm K. Chin", (father of Robert Chin), "Lew G. Kay" (Manager Goon Dip Co.), "Mr. Ly Hoi Sang", "Quong Tuck co." , "Chishau S. Lee" (Canton Christian College), I: Blue cardboard box, " Long Sang Ti, Chinese Curio Importers"
1998.066 Book 50th Anniversary book of St. Peter's Episcopal Church and related news articles A: The book has a heavy cardstock cover, the top third is red and then a white band and then black. Across the red in white letters is: "50th Anniversary 1908 - 1958 SEATTLE, WASHINGTON". On the white band in red lettering is: "ST. PETER'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH". To the left of this is a gold cross with two gold keys across it. Rays of gold emanate from it and out across the black on the bottom half of the book. Inside are black and white photos of the church members and functions including a photo of the congregation at the Minidoka Relocation camp. On the back of the book is the title in Japanese. The cover of the book is worn, and the ink has worn off in places. B: Newspaper Article, H: 15", W: 3.75", headline is: "Mission's Golden Year Recalls Canon Shoji's Long Service". A black and white photo of H.H. Gowen and Canon Gennosuke Shoji in 1958. The article relates the history of the church and was written by Lane Smith. C: Newspaper Article, H: 10.875", W: 7.25", Photo of Revered Lincoln P. Eng, Janice Shoji, Reverend Michael Yashiro of Kobe, Japan, Reverend Gennosuke Shoji and Reverend Stephen Bayne. D: Newspaper Article, H: 6", W: 3.75", Photo of Rev. Lincoln Eng, Michael Yashiro, Anglican bishop of Japan, and Reverend Canon Shoji. E: Newspaper Article, H: 5.25", W: 12.875", Japanese language article dated May 15, 1961, folded widthwise, no printing on back, found inside Anniversary book. F: Mimeograph copy of newsletter H: 8.5", W: 14", Japanese language, dated May 14, 1961
1998.067 Menu Paper menu from "New Chinatown" Restaurant Heavy cardstock embossed faux leather design. Indentations on cover are filled with silver color. Three Black Chinese characters are vertically written on upper half. There is then a multi-colored dragon in green, yellow, fuschia and black. On the left of the Dragon is: "A Souvenir From Daniel Woo's", then on a curved black banner in red faux brush strokes is: "New Chinatown" and in smaller black letters: "Seattle's Most Unique Supper Club 6th SO. & MAIN. The menu is folded twice. On the inside left is: "American Menu". In the center is: "Chinese Dishes", and on the half page on the right are the Prix fix dinners.
1998.068 War Ration Book War Ration Book with Coupons Brown Card Stock covered booklet with black printing. Printed across the top is: "WAR RATION BOOK No. 3" and then written in in ink is: "Lum Ying Coy, 1702 Washington, Seattle," and the age given is: 62, occupation: laborer, and then a written signature. A red stamp across the upper right corner where is printed a rectangle with "NOT VALID WITHOUT STAMP" says: "O.P.A.VALID U.S.A. Address and Sign." There are small stamps and large stamps in the book. Only 1.5 pages of the large are used and none of the small ones. Printed instructions are on the back. The ink on the signature is smudged, a large crease down the middle of the book and it has yellowed.
1998.069 Bonds Color Photocopy of Bond Issue for the 27th Year Gold Loan of the Republic of China (1938) Beige paper with purple scroll work and green background. A large "50" is in the upper right hand corner. In the upper left is an orange square eight sided seal. The body of the text gives summary of the regulations. Bond coupons are to the right. There were 30 in all, 1 - 18 are missing.
1998.070.008 Letter H: Letter, 8.5" X 11", Photo copied letter, March 11, 1943 on white paper to the War Relocation Authority and a former member of the Friends in Cincinnati, Ohio asking for assistance for Suyeko Hasegawa who was to attend the University there in the next year. The letter is from the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers) in Seattle. The girl was at the time interned in the Idaho relocation facility. There is a P.S. at the end of the typed message. The letterhead stationary is: "American Friends Service Committee" and stamped below the date of March 11, 1943 is "EVACUEE RECORDS FILE". In ARCHIVES.
1998.071.001 Certificate Photograph copy of certificate: US Army Air Corps Second Interceptor Command Certify's Ammie L. Jue has completed Aircraft Warning Service and can work in the AMS Volunteer Corps.
1998.071.002 Ad, Newspaper Photograph of newspaper ad Seattle Restaurant No. 8 Mill St. "No Chinese Employed About the House"
1998.071.003 Certificate, Health Photograph of Cholera Clearance certificate by the US Public Health Service April, 1926 fpr Pio Mejia.
1998.071.004 Card, Identification Black and white photograph of an Identification card for Pic Quintero Mejia, laborer, Associated Shipyards. Personal photo included.
1998.071.005 Postcard Postcard White cardstock with landscape print. Gold lines around frame and gold outlines of trees and torii gate along the bottom. The view graduates from light blue at the bottom to light pink at the top. On the back in French and Japanese is Post Card.
1998.071.006 Certificate, Commemorative Commemorative photograph and certificate of the Japanese Emperor
1998.072.001 Note Letter and envelope. Addressed to The Japanese Association of North America From S. Fujinaka Letter
1998.072.002 Letter Pink paper letter to Mr. Mikami Letter
1998.072.003 Receipt Receipt to the Association for ribbons. J.Hamada Co.
1998.072.004 Receipt Receipt to the association for books and magazines. K. Asaba Co.
1998.072.005 Envelope Expense sheet for Pacific Printing. Written in pencil is Mr. Mikami and there is a purple stamp for: The Shakai Hoji Kwai. expense sheet
1998.072.006 Map Map of Nihhon Machi from 13th to 5th and Yesler to Main. Some buildings marked in. Addresses listed on the left. Written on the inside sheet: Knocking on the window and hissing and calling after ... to people passing by very disagreeable to the respectable Japanese in the neighborhood. Map
1998.072.007 Letter Assocition envelope with in pencil in Japanese on the front Shukutsu (bad living place) The letter has a printed letter head of Rev. U.G. Murphy 1104 James St., Seattle, Wash. And typed is: This is to certify that I have been solicited for prostitution from the following named places on or a bout the time given: 724 Washington St. June July Written on the back in pencil are addresses and dates. Letter and Envelope Report of Solicitations for Prostitution
1998.072.008 Letter Two Association letterhead stationary sheets with a list of names in Japanese and numbers after them. Possible wage or payment statement.
1998.072.009 Notes Envelope with a list of donations and nine pages fo notes on payments. One is tationary for the Japanese Commercial Club Donations
1998.072.010 Documents Association envelope with charitable payments. b.Hosptial Bill to Seattle General of $15.00paid by CG Moran, lawyer. c & d - Nippon Kan. charitable payments
1998.072.011 Document Kangyo Sekkensha Savings and Loan Seattle Branch. stationary in Japanese with a list of names and what may be prostitution solicitations. Kangyo Sekkensha
1998.072.012 Letter Envelope and letter. A: Envelope white paper with brushed Kanji in black ink addressed to: Social Services of Hokubei Japanese Association from 122 passengers of the Kaga Maru. B: Business card: T.Kikuchi fo the Passenger Department, NYK Line. C: Letter, nine pages in Japanese stating that some passengers including many women were refused entry into Seattle. The Japanese Association donated some money. Nippon Yusen Kaisha
1998.072.013 Document Note with list of expenditures in Japanese. List includes Children;s help, Capt. Endo's travel, secreterial salary, Firland Sanitarium, Innitiation to Youth. Social Service Expenditures
1998.072.014 Letter Letter to M. Mikami Secretary of Social Service, From Robert Stith of the Firland Sanitorium thanking him for his donation for the Fourth of July celebration. City of Seattle
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