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1995.036.023 Document
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1995.036.027 Document
1996.001.229 Letter Letter in Japanese to Hon. Ichiro Matsudaira Tokio, Japan from Kinjiro Imai.
1996.001.230 Contract Partnership agreement between Kinjiro Imai and John Furuta giving the latter half of the buiness Newton Drug co. B: Labels for Newton Drug products
1996.002.001 Pamphlet Yellow paper covered booklet titled, "The Japs Must Not Come Back: A Practical Approach to the Racial Problem." On the front cover, printed in black script is the short title, the author's name, and "25 cents". The book is 24 pages and discusses the author's solution to 'the racial problem': in short, to ship all people of Japanese descent to a Pacific Island where they could live under the American flag in 'their own' community.
1996.002.002 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Ministers Hit Anti-Nisei Group". Written in blue ink under the headline is "4/4/45." The local article discusses the condemnation of anti-Japanese proposals (such as the ousting of people of Japanese descent) by a group of East Side ministers.
1996.002.003 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Greedy Seek To Keep Nisei Away, Says Ickes". Hand-written in blue ink is "4/4/45." The AP article discusses the Interior Secretary's outrage regarding Western states' economic greed and racial persecution against people of Japanese descent.
1996.002.004 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Anti-Jap Group is Organized". The local article discusses the formation of a group of Bainbridge Islands residents opposed to the return of Japanese Americans to the community after the war, the "Live and Let Live Legion". The Legion's first meeting was presided by Lambert Schuyler, auther of "The Japs Must Not Return" (see 1996.2.1).
1996.002.005 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Protest of Jap Return Planned". The local article discusses a planned protest of East Side residents at Overlake Elementary over the return of Japanese Americans from internment camps. The men quoted in the article advocate a perment ban on people of Japanese descent to bar them from relocation to the Pacific Coast.
1996.002.006 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Churchman Is Threatened For Jap Stand". UP article dated December 4, Portland, OR discusses threats received by president of Portland Council of Churches after he signed a council resolution for constitutional treatment of Japanese Americans.
1996.002.007 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Anti-Jap Meet on Bainbridge". The local article is written by Stub Nelson and discusses the delay of permanent organization of the Live and Let Live Legion which advocates shipping Japanese Americans to a Pacific Island rather than allow them to relocate to their homes before internment on the Pacific Coast.
1996.002.008 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Nisei Restored to Honor Roll". AP article dated April 10, Hood River, OR discusses the erasure of the names of 15 Japanese American service men from the American Legion's Hood River roll and the return of those names to the roll. The names were erased to "show the Japanese we don't want them back".
1996.002.009 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Cheney Legion Hits Jap-American Ban". AP article dated December 9, Cheney (WA) describing the Washgion Legion department's disapproval of the Hood River group's removal of 15 Japanese American servicemen name's from a county war memorial.
1996.002.010 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Racial Problem Forums Talked". Local article discusses the possibility of a series of university student initiated forums to be held in the community to discuss issues related to anti-Japanese sentiment.
1996.002.011 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Speaking of the News" column by Ross Cunningham. Seattle Times column written by the Associate Editor discussing the constitutional rights of Japanese American citizens in the wake of anti-Japanese sentiment.
1996.002.012 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Anti-Jap League Bans Opposition". Local article describes a meeting of a Japanese Exclusion League in Bellevue in which opponents of the group's principles who attended and spoke out at the meeting were threatened with ejection. The article also describes the door prizes given out at the meeting: a bust of General MacArthur, America's "No.1 Jap hater".
1996.002.013 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Anti-Jap League Solicits Memberhsip Fund at Meet". The local article describes a meeting of the Japanese Exclusion League at a Bellevue school auditorium during which a Seattle attorney told the group that the only way to solve the 'Japanese question' is to exclude them forever from all American territory. The article also describes a pamphlet handed to all meeting attendees, "Why the West Coast Opposes the Japanese".
1996.002.014 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "Oregon Anti-Jap Drive Starts". AP article dated November 28, Gresham, OR discusses the capaign of some Oregon farmers to forever exile Japanese Americans from their former homes.
1996.002.015 Newspaper Article Laminated newspaper clipping, "As Stokes Sees It" newspaper column tackling the topic "Servicemen Worried Over Un-Americanism". The nationally syndicated article appeals to the American public to appreciate the Japanese-American service men contributions to the war effort. The article includes a letter from a white American service man who describes intolerance of Negros and Japanese Americans as un-American and unhealthy for the country. It discusses the constitution and the fact that America is a nation of immigrants.
1996.006. 067 money paper money paper, beige, top sheet of each group, tissue-like paper with rectangular silver foil strip, other sheets on beige parchment paper and small usually square strip. paper money
1996.006.046 print Print of chinese deities, on left is the god of happiness, in the middle is a deity bestowing happiness, and on the right is the god of fortuen, on red parchment paper, deities each have two attendants holding placards, Chinese writing above each deity, folded in half, tearing on the edges. good fortune print
1996.006.048 letter Letter to Mrs. Tupper of Minneapolis, Minnesota of Hartwell memorial church, Foochow, China, regarding evangleization and church work in China, typed in English, three pages, folded in half. To Mrs. Tupper from Guok Bek-ding
1996.006.049 calendar Chinese farmer's lunar calendar for 1936, on red tissue paper, Chinese writing on top and elsewhere throughout calendar, block print shows man and woman fourth of way from the top, woman and child on left side, bearded man and boy on right side, animals on bottom corners, folded in thirds. calendar
1996.006.050 print print is of a legendary Chinese emperor Fu Hsi holding in one hand hte sun and the other the moon, he is wearing a skirt of leaves and also a collar of leaves, he is standing next to what appears to be a tree stump with an ax on top. Chinese writing in seal upper left says, "expel evil spirits, give much to people. Upper right seal says, "protect the house (family)." Chinese character in the upper center is an imperial order. Folded in twentieths. print of Fu Hsi
1996.006.051 poem Poetry written with black block print on red paper in Chinese, each sheet has same poem, some sheets are frayed and torn and stained, one is flaking off. poetry
1996.006.052 envelope envelopes, a-b:Three Chinese men in ancient costumes, red background with gold border, chinese writing on upper right and left sides and also on back. c-d: Bird with oversize tail next to a tree, chinese writing and chinese good luck symbol on front in gold block print on red background, "C" has a flap tha tis tearing at the fold. e-f: Two fish in the water, chinese symbol for good luck in upper middle with chinese writing on either side and below the symbol, gold block printing on red paper. g-h: Three fish in the water, branch with two leaves and two fruits with chinese writing inside the fruits and below the branch, gold block printing on red paper, "Made in Hong Kong"written on upper flap. i:" two boys in chinese clothing, one holding a round fruit and the other clasping his hands, chinese writing at top, gold block printing on red paper, "Made in Hon Kong" on upper flap. envelope
1996.006.053 envelope Envelope, printed in Hong kong in 1929, with a paper band with a floral design to hold them together, a-o, shows a print of a Chinese man on a knoll kneeling while a Chinese woman is away on the water (or on land where the water has parted) both in ancient chinese costumes, chinese writing on upper left of the print an as the bottom of the envelope as well as on the inside flap. p-q shows a print of a chinese man with a walking stick in his left hand, accompanied by a young boy carrying a basket of fruit near a willow tree, in ancient costumes, Chinese writing on the bottom left side of print and a tthe bottom of envelope and also on the inside flap. Envelopes are all printed in orange color on off-white paper. envelope
1996.006.054 envelope envelope, printed in hong kong in 1929, with a floral band to hold them together, print shows a man riding a reindeer in ancient constume accompanied by a young boy carrying a basket and holding a stagg with a banner, chinese writing on upper right side of print as well as at bottom of envelope and inside of flap, orange print divided into three panels, right and left panels are blank. envelope
1996.006.055 envelope Money envelope given at weddings, red and embossed in gold leaf, Chinese writing inside a heart at top middle, phoenix and dragon below the heart, Chinese good luck symbol at bottom, back side says "WW 5 Made in Hong Kong" envelope
1996.006.056 envelope envelope, white with red band down the middle some are spotted and stained, back side has Chinese writing on outside flap as well as words "printed in China" envelope
1996.006.057 money paper money paper (still wrapped) with red band, yellow, unopened and wrapped in cellophane money paper
1996.006.058 money paper money paper, yellow parchement, folded into sixths, embossed with circles and some have holes in center of circle. money paper
1996.006.059 money paper money paper, on yellow parchement paper, foil strip in center painted over in orange to give gold hue. money paper
1996.006.060 money paper money paper, parchement paper, beige, square of foil strip in center stained over with orange to give a gold hue, folded in half. money paper
1996.006.061 money paper money paper, top sheet has block print, maroon, three men painted in gold leaf, other sheets have small block print with small foil strip in center and orange stain over it to give a gold hue, folded in thirds, bound with a red band. money paper
1996.006.062 money paper bags money paper in form of a paper bag, red, print of chinese characters, building and man and woman carrying sign with Chinese characters, folded in half, then in thirds. money paper bags
1996.006.063 money paper money paper, red front, white back, plain, parchment paper. money paper
1996.006.064 money paper money paper, beige parchment paper, square sheets, top sheet block print of three men with orange stain and gold leaf strip in center. Other sheets have small square purple block print with a squarish foil strip, in the middle painted over in orange. Folded in half. money paper
1996.006.065 money paper Money paper, off white paper, block print of Chinese character on foil strip and inside an octagon, orange paint covers foil and part of top of paper. money paper
1996.006.066 money paper money paper, one aqua, all others yellow, bordered by small circles, swastikas in all four corners, concentric circles in the middle with chinese writing or symbols inside each circle, folded in half. money paper
1996.006.068 money paper money paper, beige parchment, silver foil strip in the middle, some have orange stain in middle with the foil superimposed over it. paper money
1996.006.069 money paper money paper, top sheet tissue-like paper, with orange stain in middle and islver foil superimposed over stain. Other sheets on beige parchment paper with orange stain in middle and smaller foil strip super impoosed over stain. paper money
1996.006.070 money paper money paper, beige, with top paper having a block print of three figures with a purple border, maze-like inner border, orange paint and ogld leaf strip showing three male figures, parchment paper , other sheets have a maroon block print with an orange stain and silver foil strip on top of the orange stain. paper money
1996.006.071 paper cuts paper cuts, 15, inside a cover with a stout chinese man on the front cover, cover is green and white, with chinese writing in orange and gold on rihgt side, an block print stamp in red on lower left side, writing in English says, " Chinese folk paper-cuts" on back it says "Manufactured by the boxwood carving factory, Yueching, Chekiang, The people's republic of China" Paper cutouts are of various sizes and in various colors of maroon, green, red, blue, orange brown and black. They represent emperors, generals, and warriors. One warrior is Chang Fe, 3 kingdom periord warrior. paper cuts
1996.006.072 checkbook checkbook for american oriental cab co. with main office of first national bank of seattle, second avenue at Cherry st., began with balance of $100 and ended with balance of $34.13, 69 checks written, this was for the year 1932 check book
1996.006.073 employee list Frye Co. office list, property of Mr. Frank Woo, written on front page is "Do not steal this little copy my lad for if you do I'll tell my dad, and he will catch you by tail, and land you in Seattle's jail" List of names with adresses and phone numbers as of march 20, 1929 employee list
1996.006.074 drawings of Gandhi Drawing of Mahatmo Gandhi pencil sketch by Franklin woo, instructor John Wong, simple sketch of Gandhi with his head down and draped with cloth over his shoulders, upper body drawing Drawings of Gandhi
1996.006.075 affidavit Affidavit of Woo Quin Lock on behalf of son moon soon woo, to apply for entry of his wife and son to the united states, picture of Woo Quin Lock and his son as a child, also a photstatic copy of woo Quin Lock's identity, notarized on April 27, 1949, from the law offices of Edwards E Merges, 1510-1511 smith tower, seattle, red cover and pages stapled together, folded in half. affidavit
1996.006.076 application application of woo jay to admit his son Woo Suey Lan, typed on onion skin paper with pictures of woo jay and woo suey lan, notarized on april 20,1933 by fred h. lysons, lawyer, 1403 alaska building, seattle, usa, beige cover and stapled to cover, folded in thirds, sheet b states "woo suey lan arrive Aug. 8 on pres. Jefferson. Admitted Aug. 10, 1933, port of seattle, wa. application
1996.006.077 immigration visa Nonquota immigration visa issued in hong kong and application for return issued in seattle to mrs. chow shee, 4 page, visa on green paper with mrs. chow shee's picture ans american consulate general's red seal with red laces and american fee stamps of $9 and $1. Application for return is pink and contains one picture of mrs. chow shee and indicates she made application in seattle on nov. 28, 1924. Loose picture of Mrs. chow shee included. immigration visa
1996.006.078 immigration visa nonquota immigration visa # 1088, for Mr. woo wing on green paper with his picture and american consulate general's stamp with red laces and american fee stamp of $9 and middle pages have $1. issued oct 15, 1925 in Hong Kong immigration visa
1996.006.079 medical clearance clearance slip indicating lee shee free of diseases and mental illness. photo of lee shee in upper right hand corner. paper date dec. 24, 1920 medical clearance
1996.006.080 document misc. documents belonging to mr. woo fong tong a. inspection card us public heath service b. mail line id card c. usa citizens seman's id card d. customs immigration card e. us public health service form f. steerage id card g. photo h. witholding statement i. national service life insurance policy. documents
1996.006.081 inspection card inspection card, us public heath service, issued to woo goon, part of departure was hong kong, date of departure was april 2, 1928, vaccinated date 31 march 1928, dollar steamship line, san fransisco stamped upper left, picture of woo goon on back, also one line written in chinese in back, folded in half. inspection card
1996.006.082 receipt receipt for departing seattle issued by the woo family association to chang uan,1930 written in chinese receipt
1996.006.083 receipt receipt for donating money to a building fund for the woo family association from headquarters in san fransisco, issued to chang uan for $10 stamp appears on left side, folded in fourths. receipt
1996.006.084 insurance application application for national service life insurance by andrew seung woo. G I insurance application
1996.006.085 income tax retun income tax return for woo fong and chin she tong, 1949 tax was $2 which was overpaid, 4 pg form, says copy in upper left corner. income tax return
1996.006.087 insurance policy insurance policy for fire protection, the franklin fire insurance co. of philadelphia to insure woo yeun tong's property insurance policy
1996.006.088 letter letter written by Gu Huang to woo Ie's son yan Cha. Aman woo Ie has died and owned part of the properties of Ho. I co. He died with out a will so Gu Huang who wrote this letter to Woo Ie's son Yanb ch'a in Seattle, said for him to talke care of the business as there are person's holding stock in the Ho I co. and the letter lists wiho owns the stock. Gu Huang says he will help. The letter is dated 1930. written in Chinese on 2. 5 pages, the name is Stanford Smith apperas on the first page adn the words trust deed appears on the 3rd page, lined in red columns, on off white tissue paper, folded. letter
1996.006.115 advertising flyer advertising flyer notifying a change of ownership that Mr.Wong will be taking over the two business sites (Ka and Gu) from Mr. Chen Tso Ming at 10 on June 1, 1930. The new owner welcomes the public to the stores, written entirely in Chinese, folded in eighths, printed only on one side. advertising flyer
1996.006.116 advertising flyer advertising flyer for a play at Da CHong Hua theater in San Fransisco, sept 1, 1931, 4 pages, written entirely in Chinese, picture by May's photo on first page, includes price of admission, characters, plays, time, playwirthg and somposer Chen Hsin Han, ads for Suen Bin's photo studio and Shao Nien Book Store, inside pages written in blue ink details the story of the play and characters. adverstising flyer
1996.006.117 advertisement advertisement flyer for three plays, "A female Prime Minister, " The Man who sells oil gets the girl" and "A spider hole," the first two are comedies, and the third is a drama. September 14. San Francisco advertisement
1996.006.118 advertisement Flyer for a chinese opera, "The Butterfly Cup" printed on one side in Chinese and in English on the other. February - March advertising flyer
1996.006.119 advertising flyer flyer for the chinese opera, "The Emperor's Concubine" one side printed in Chinese and the other in English. advertising flyer
1996.006.120 advertising flyer flyer for the chinese opera "Buried Blossom"Beige paper folded in eighths. advertising flyers
1996.006.121 advertising flyer Flyer for the "White Snake" Chinese opera. advertising flyers
1996.006.122 advertising flyer advertising flyer for a chinese opera in Chinese only advertising flyers
1996.006.123 advertising flyer advertising flyer for a chinese opera, printed on one side in Chinese only, information gives the name of the theater, title of opera, name of sponsoring organization. advertising flyers
1996.006.124 advertising flyer advertising flyer for a chinese opera, printed on one side in Chinese only, information gives the name of the theater, title of opera, name of sponsoring organization. advertising flyers
1996.006.125 advertising flyer advertising flyer for a chinese opera, printed on one side in Chinese only, information gives the name of the theater, title of opera, name of sponsoring organization. Called "The righteous governor" advertising flyers
1996.006.126 advertising flyer advertising flyer for a chinese opera, printed on one side in Chinese only, information gives the name of the theater, title of opera, name of sponsoring organization.It is called "The Martyr Empress" advertising flyers
1996.006.127 Transcript Song transcript for two people from the Chinese opera "Love Bird" written by Ya Che, written entirely in Chinese on off-white paper , folded in sixteenths, mimeographed, drawing of a man sitting on a box and a woman on his left knee. Story deals with a poor man whose female friend's family keeps them separated. The trascript is given to the audience during the opera to indicate the different styles of singing and instruments. Bonus transcript of Chung Lim Gwok magazine. "Yuan Lin Ku Bie" (in Chinese), or Love Bird
1996.006.128 Transcript song transcript from a chinese opera, "Before the general Ch'ao is executed"written by Ya Che, written entirely in Chinese on off-white paper. Folded in sixteenths, mimeographed, drawing shows a man and a woman. The man bended forward and the women touched his head. Story is about a general's pending execution, his wife's visit, and his feelings of sadness on leaving her behind. Two Copies in total Bonus transcript of Chung Lim Gwok magazine. "Kuai Huo Jiang Jun Zhi Lin Xing" (in Chinese), or Before the General Ch'ao is Executed.
1996.006.129 Transcript Chinese opera transcript entitled "new edition of the trick of a beautiful woman" written by Ya Che, off white paper, folded in sixteenths,mimeographed, drawing of a man with hands manacled, written entirely in Chinese. Story is about a general who loses in battle and is killed by a beautiful woman sent over by the enemy. Two copies in total. Bonus transcript of Chung Lim Gwok magazine. "Xin Bian Mei Ren Guan" (in Chinese), or New Edition of the Trick of a Beautiful Woman
1996.006.130 Transcript Song transcript for two people for a Chinese opera entitled :" A beautiful woman is touring at the West Lake" by Ya Che. The song describes the beauty of the scenes around the lake-the pagoda, lotus flowers, birds, shops, a historical figure Yue Fei tomb, etc. Sheet is off-white, written entirely in Chinese, folded in sixteenths, drawing of a couple in a boat on a lake with another boat, mountains and birds featured, mimeographed. Bonus transcript of Chung Lim Gwok magazine. "Nan Guo Jia Ren You Xi Hu" (in Chinese), or A beautiful woman is touring at the West Lake
1996.006.131 Transcript Song transcript for a female from a chinese opera " A female also knows the hatred of losing her own country" written by Ya Che. On off-white paper, written entirely in Chinese, three drawings - a woman weeping, a man's head, and two bodies. One lying atop another, mimeographed, hand written, folded in sixteenths. Bonus transcript of Chung Lim Gwok magazine. "Shang Nv Yi Zhi Wang Guo Hen" (in Chinese), or A female also knows the hatred of losing her own country
1996.006.132 advertising flyer An advertising flyer for a Chinese opera performed by the Cantonese Opera troup Chuk Mon An Ban (Zhu Min An Ban). Biege paper, folded in eighths, printed only in Chinese, information gives the name of the theater, title of opera, name of sponsoring organization.The story tells of a man who abandons his wife because of poverty and what happens to him later. The story celebrates either a historical figure or a deity's birthday. Xu Shan Bao Dan Pin Yan Chuk Mon An Ban (Zhu Min An Ban)
1996.006.133 financial record records of a ticket sales, a possible lottery ticket, all others possible ship passenger tickets, written in Chinese, on beige paper, in black ink, rolled up, ripped and getting brittle. financial record
1996.006.134 financial record records of sales of possible lottery tickets, beige paper, written in chinese in black ink. financial record
1996.006.135 letter letter describing property in Japan, 30 tsubo, agricultural land in Komazawa billage, written on April 28, 1924 in blue and black ink on tissue paper on a printed from with blue vertical lines and blue borders, folded in eighths, stained and edges folding over. letter
1996.006.136 envelope envelope wrapper, beige, unfolded, green with white postage stamp at bottom written in Japanese in Sumi ink, ball point pen and block stamp. envelope
1996.006.137 receipt receipt for goods veng hoa long co. ordered from U Chang Long Co. in san fransisco, written in chinese, vertically lined, folded in fourths. Dated oct. 23, 1936 receipt
1996.006.138 textbook sheets summarized school textbook sheets on chinese history, especially the ming and ching dynasties, written in chinese. textbook sheets
1996.006.139 letter a letter to hop sing tong to say that woo had paid off the debt of membership fee, august 14, 1925, on writing tablet paper, written in Chinese in ink, folded in fourths, paper turning yellow. letter
1996.006.140 envelope white, return adress has the mane and adress tuck shing co. importers and exporters, 675 King st. letter envelope
1996.006.141 envelope envelope, white, has fan shaped orange block print stamp written in Chinese, stained and dirt marks, also ink stains. envelope
1996.006.142 letter letter from New York's Hip sing association to other Hip SIng associations on June 1, 1925, saying that a gang had asked $100 week from some companies and that the associations should take a stand against extortion and asked for comments, also the association needed to raise $3000 for Mr. Cheng's lawsuit, block printed in maroon ink all in Chinese on white paper, folded in twelfths. letter
1996.006.143 letter envelopes froma chinese herb store fork yeun Tong mailed from Toisun, Canton, cHina to Sayng Yeun And CO. wholsale and retail grocers, Chinese general merchandise leter envelopes
1996.006.144 letter envelope letter envelope mailed from Toisun, Canton, China to Kuon on WIng Co. , sender is the son of the receiver, adress written in blue ink, chinese writing in black ink on left side of envelope. letter envelope
1996.006.145 note Note that indicates Lee Chong owed Hop sing Association $83.25 in Asotoria, Oregon, August 1923, on white paper, written in Chinese in black ink. Note
1996.006.146 letter letter with envelope from Mei Gi in Pak Sha village Toisum County, Canton,China to his father in seattle in 1929 asking him to send a few hundred dollars to pay his debt in last sentecne he says foreign ships son't allow chinese to buy third class seat so he has to pay 2nd class price to get a seat written in Chinese on tissue paper with red vertical lines. letter
1996.006.147 financial record financial records of ticket sale net profit, on beige paper, written in Chinese, folded in half. financial record
1996.006.148 card Invitation card, red, from Hip Sing Association in Spokane written in Chinese on both sides, unused. Card
1996.006.149 bills Bills sent to hop sing Association members in SEattle in 1924 regarding membership. Family gathering party, farming and schooling fee, constructing of a building in Astoria, Oregon Bill
1996.006.150 List List of goods, income and outgo, an inventory of the movement of goods, written in CHinese on white in black ink, folded, paper is turnig pink and britlle and laking off, bits and pieces tear off easily. List
1996.006.151 property report property report, written in Japanese, on white tissue paper, in the tenth year of the Taisho period, to the tax dept. in Tokyo giving a description of the land and indicating that the oldest son is to inherit the property, folded in eighths. property report
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