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Wing Luke Museum
2009.018.012 Cartoon Punch illustration of Lord Elgin holding a cannon ball and a Qing Chinese Emperor confronting him. Caption: "Come, knuckle Down! No Cheating this Time!" New Elgin Marbles
2009.018.013 Cartoon Punch illustration of Farmer Bull on a horse with a Chinese merchant. Caption: You Stick with Me, Johnnie. We'll Go to Market Together, And I'll See That No One 'Bests" You!" Giving Him A Lift
2009.018.014 Cartoon Punch illustration of men at a card table. European powers and the Chinese. Caption: "Chinaman. 'Who Wanchee Buy Dis Piecee Sixteen Million Cardee? No Speakee Allee Same Time!!" A Game of Speculation
2009.018.015 Cartoon Punch illustration of 2 Europeans looking at Chinese committing attrocities. Caption: "What Can you Say for yoru Friends Now, Richard?"
2009.018.016 Cartoon Gross characature of the Chinese ambassador to the young Queen Victoria The Presentation of the Chinese Ambassador
2009.018.017 Cartoon Illustration of police officer talking to a Chinese man at an entry. Caption: "Policeman: 'Ullo! What are you doing here? Is the cook in?' Chinaman: 'Me am cookey'" The Impending Chinaman
2009.018.018 Cartoon Illustration with Chinese representative in the center and a British and Russian offering loans. "The anxious Cit Each Invitation Views, and Ponders Which to take and which to refuse, From this or that to stay away is loth, And sighs to think he cannot dine at Both" Embarras de Richesse
2009.018.019 Cartoon Illustration with Chinese man facing east and a black man facing west. The post at center indicates west and east. Suitcase reads, "A. Freedman from bull-dozed state. U.S.". Caption of the cartoon reads, "Difficult problems solving themselves". Difficult Problems Solving Themselves
2009.018.020 Cartoon Illustration with a man at center, kicking off a Chinese man. The block that he stands on reads, "Equal rights to all men. The corner-stone of our republic". WIthin the cartoon, two quotes by Joaquin Miller are written on each side of the man at center.The caption of cartoon reads, "Blaine Language."
2009.018.021 Cartoon An illustration of a man coming out of a large funnel reading United States holding a "anti-chinese bill". A Chinese male figure sits at right under an umbrella, smiling at the man down below. The caption of cartoon reads, "Ah sin was his name".
2009.018.022 Cartoon At left block, a man with hat holds out a scroll that reads "U.S. Demand upon China" from the ship. A Chinese man looks intently at the scroll from a distance. At right block, a Chinese man holds a scroll reading, "China's in denmities" at his right hand and a fan in his left hand. The man with hat bends over and points at the Chinese man. The caption of cartoon reads, "If we were enough of a nation to demand - we ought to be enough of a nation now to to pay".
2009.018.023 Cartoon An illustration of a woman holding a sword in one hand and a scale in the other. On the scale, a Chinese man is lying down on one end and a soldier-looking man hangs at the opposite end. A scene of battle illustrates the background. Caption of cartoon reads. "Justice for the Chinese".
2009.018.024 Cartoon An illustration of two Chinese men on each side of a white male at center, wearing a hat and covering his ears. The Chinese man at left is holding up a bell and the Chinese man at right is holding up a pan and spoon. The caption of cartoon reads, "The masquerading telephone puzzle".
2009.018.025 Cartoon At right, a Chinese man stands out of a box as to imitate a pop out doll of some sort. The box reads, "For California direct". The caption of cartoon reads, "A Chinese puzzle".
2009.018.026 Cartoon A Chinese male figure, dressed in western clothing holds a cane and seems as though he is dancing. The caption of cartoon reads, "How the Chinaman might gain favor".
2009.018.027 Cartoon At left block, a talk white man stands at center looking angry. At the figure's left, a black male sits against a shed and at the figures right a Chinese man with an umbrella. The caption of cartoon reads, "Hard to please the 'White Trash'". At right block, a Russian male figure sits on top of the Chinese man, holding a gun on one hand and a ripped Chinese flag on the other. The caption for cartoon reads, "Now, then, Mr. New Moon, we are in a good position to talk about peace".
2009.018.028 Cartoon A Chinese male figure is holding up a baseball bat. In front of him, a paper announcing, "Wanted, Chinamen to play baseball". The caption of cartoon reads, "Another field of American industry invaded by the Chinese".
2009.018.029 Cartoon Two Chinese figures stand to the left side of picture frame with a scene of battle as their background. The caption of cartoon reads, "The Chinese puzzled".
2009.018.030 Cartoon At center, the figure that represents uncle Sam and a Chinese man comes through the door, hugging. The caption of cartoon reads, "Me and China".
2009.018.031 Cartoon A Chinese male figure sits in a barber chair. The caption of cartoon reads, "Hard to Classify".
2009.018.032 Cartoon A Chinese man and a native Indian man stands at center. The caption reads, "every dog has his day".
2009.018.033 Cartoon A grid of Chinese characters, titled "Chinese Blues" by Moore and Gardner. Cover of music.
2009.018.034 Cartoon On left box, a white male stands angrily as the caption reads, "hard to please the 'white trash'". On right box, a Russian soldier sits on a Chinese man saying "now, then, mr. new moon, we are in a good position to talk about peace".
2009.018.035 Cartoon A Chinese male head-comet flies throug the night sky with a tail stating "cheap labor". The caption reads, "the new comet- a phenomenon now visible in all parts of the united states".
2009.018.036 Cartoon A Chinese male holds a model of a train, exhibiting a suitcase named "U.S. commercial expansionist" to a group of white men, all wearing a tag on their hat indicating which European country they are representing. the caption reads, "a fair field and no favor! uncle sam: 'i'm out for commerce, not conquest!'".
2009.018.037 Cartoon At top, an illustration of a group of working Chinese men and on botton, Chinese workers in bunk beds. Caption at top reads, "the avant-couriers of the coming man, chinamen in the bottomers' room in sapson's factory, at north adams, massachusetts, being instructed in the art of making shoes from a sketch by our special artist." Caption at bottom reads, "the avant-couriers of the coming man - the sleeping quarters of the chinese workman, in sampson's shoe manufactory, at north adams, massachusetts from a sketch by our special artist."
2009.018.038 Cartoon A figure of a heroine points at a Chinese man-headed monster that climbs over a wall towards the civilian town. Caption reads, "the first duty".
2009.018.039 Cartoon A white figure holds out a sign that reads, "an act to exclude Chinese from the United States". A Chinese male holds out a sign that reads, "an act to exclude U.S. goods from china". caption below reads, "tit for tat"
2009.018.040 Cartoon A male figure pulls out a sign that reads 'bill excluding chinese for 10 years' to three headed dog creature titled ' western vote'. caption reads, "a sop to cerberus".
2009.018.041 Cartoon A Chinese figure and a white figure sits back to back, each holding a scroll. caption reads, "keeping account".
2009.018.042 Cartoon A white male hold a man in each of his hands - at right, a Chinese man and at left a barbaric looking man. caption reads, "the coming man- john chinaman".
2009.018.043 Cartoon a white male holds out his head through a metal door that has a sign that reads 'chinese exclusion'. a chinese man is introducing aother man. caption reads, 'trying to bunco uncle sam!"
2009.018.044 Cartoon two white men hold up an american flag attacking a group of chinese soldiers holding up swords and pickets. caption reads, "is this imperialism?".
2009.018.045 Cartoon A Chinese man with glasses are floating off red ships with tags on each of them as the fireworks in the sky spell out "freedom". caption reads, 'from the oldest to the youngest nation'.
2009.018.046 Cartoon A group of migrating chinese are getting shot at by a group of westerners in the distance. caption reads, 'the massacre of the chinese at rock springs, wyoming".
2009.018.047 Cartoon An illustration of a riot. caption reads, 'the anti chinese riot at seattle, washington territory'.
2009.018.048 Cartoon a chinese man dances in front of a scroll titled 'convention' on fire. two westerners watch in the background. caption reads, 'the 'irrepressible chinee'!".
2009.018.049 Cartoon a female goddess-like figure sypathetically puts her hand on a crying chinese man and looks over her shoulder as to scold the group of white men with guns. caption reads, 'the chinese question".
2009.018.050 Cartoon a man stands over a broken panel holding a gun. caption reads, 'triumph ber demagogie im congrek".
2009.018.051 Cartoon a white man pulls on the chinese man's hair who desperately clings onto the poll. caption reads, 'fated to be free'.
2009.018.052 Cartoon an illustration of a man and a woman. caption reads, 'his first christmas in hawaii'.
2009.019.001 Document
2009.023.002 Magazine Filipino American magazine Mabuhay
2009.024.001 Notice Paper notice rescinding the evacuation order for Japanese Americans from the West Coast. Public Proclamation #24
2009.027.001 Newspaper Article and photo on Wing Luke "Letter from Wing Luke Tells of Army Experience" Roosevelt News
2009.027.002 Newspaper Newspaper article on Wing Luke "Luke Lacks Luck, Legislation" Roosevelt News
2009.027.003 Newspaper Newspaper photo of Wing Luke "Bond Proposal Rejected" Roosevelt News
2009.027.004 Newspaper Newspaper article on Wing Luke "Student Leaders Discuss Seattle Youth Problems" Roosevelt News
2009.027.005 Newspaper Newspaper photo of Wing Luke "Wing Luke ASR President ..." Roosevelt News
2009.027.006 Newspaper Article and photo opf Wing Luke "Luke Heads All City Council" Roosevelt News
2009.027.007 Newspaper Newspaper headline on Wing Luke "Wing Luke Elected as ASR President" Roosevelt News
2009.028.001 Diary Diary of a picture bride Translation from the Japanese of chapter 23 of Hokubei Hyakunen Zakura: Volume 2. Toku Machida came to American in 1912 to marry Yoshitomi Shimomura in Seattle Washington Diary is of her journey to the US. Onboard Diary of the Picture Bride, the Hokubei Hyakunen Zakura
2009.029.001 Documents Information on Chan Ching Hock (Chin Chun Hock)
2009.030.001 Poster Poster Asian American play Sex In Seattle Performed by Serin Ngai, Chole Ahn, Kathy Hsieh, Colleen Parker. Signed by the actors and director. Sex in Seattle Episode 2, Other Women
2009.200.001 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Joanne Alcantara
2009.200.002 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Mala Nagarajan and Vega Subramanian
2009.200.003 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Vijou Bryant
2009.200.004 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Darius Morrison
2009.200.005 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Nhan Thai
2009.200.006 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Gary Tang
2009.200.007 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview George Cheung
2009.200.008 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Vivek Manchanda
2009.200.009 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Jeff Sakuma
2009.200.010 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Anne Xuan Clark & Janet SooHoo
2009.300.001 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Joseph Park and Thuy Van Vu Joseph Park, Thuy VAn Vu
2009.300.002 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview with Patti Warashina and Saya Morayasu
2009.300.003 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Tram Bui and Mark T Miller
2009.300.004 Oral History Interview Oral History with Jason Huff, Akio Takamori
2010.007.003 Brochure Martin Wong's Downtown Crossings
2010.007.004 Brochure Card for show by Maki Tamura Maki Tamura
2010.007.005 Brochure Asian artists in 2 venues in New York Dream in a Contemporary Secret Garden
2010.012.003 Letter Letters Regarding a television advertisement aired by the Alberto-Culver Company of Melrose Park Illinois in 1971 Letters to and by Mayumi Tsutakawa and Sharon Maeda
2010.012.004 Letter Letters Regarding the National Japanese American Memorial in Washington DC
2010.012.005 Report Report Asians In America Institutional Racism Asian in America: Challenges For the Presbyterian Church (USA)
2010.012.006 Program Program Seattle Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League 88th Annual Installation Banquet Seattle Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League 88th Annual Installation Banquet
2010.012.013 Pamphlet Pamphlet Mile Hi Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League pamphlet on the Minoru Yasui Project. A Life Of Doing for Others: Minoru Yasui Project
2010.012.016 Newsletter Newsletter ex-plan-asian the Official Newsletter of the Asian American Writer's Workshop Vol. 1, No. 4 ex-plan-asian
2010.012.019 Program Program ICHS 2010 Gala International Community Health Services Bloom 2010 ICHS Gala
2010.012.020 Program Program OneAmerica Dinner and Awards Celebration Let America be America Again
2010.012.021 Newsletter Newsletter Fall 1993 AAJS Newsletter of the Asian American Journalists Association
2010.013 Documents Students writings and drawings on being Vietnamese American
2010.016.019 Document Leases 2 - leases From Song Lee To Joe Vidack for the store at 4735 1/2 University Way Signed for Song Lee by Luke Lung For 1926 and 1928 Lease
2010.016.020 Receipt Tax Receipt Song Lee State of Washington September - October 1945 Receipt
2010.016.021 Receipt Receipts For Hong Lee from Coat's Cleaners and Laundry Receipt
2010.016.029 Document Document Hand written supplimental billing for the Office of Price Administration office in Seattle from the Song Lee laundry for bedding and clothing cleaning. Supplimental Billing
2010.022.001 Program Exhibition of Fountain Scuptures by George Tsutakawa
2010.024.001 Log Photocopy of YMCA Wartiem Log David Woo was on B-17 bomber and shot down over Germany and held prisoner in Stalag 17. A Wartime Log
2010.027.001 Document Mimeographed copy of Evacuation Order 11 x 14" copy of the Instructions to all persons of Japanese Ancestry in Seattle Possible original copy used, tape remnants on corners. Evacuation Order
2010.028.010 print, photographic Black and White photographs on poster. Japanese American students with a Caucasian woman in a studio and at a study session and of Mrs Haywards residence. Poster for the Japanese Sunday School class of 1909. 22 x 28"
2010.032 Scroll Scroll from 1967 Ascenery painting of the mountains and trees A person fishing in the fishing boat
2010.036.212 Poster Poster, reproduction Western Defense Command notice for persons of Japanese ancestry to evacuate the area. Los Angeles. Instructions
2010.037.001 Document 2 - Immigration Document Copies A: copy of letter on King County Board of County Commissioners regarding Fook Kee and family as a certificate of departure. B: copy of immigration certificate for Chin Shu Gon donor's father
2010.039.001 Program Hmong Association of Washington Hmong New Year Celebration Hmong New Year 2010
2010.051 Documents Carlos Bulosan Memorial Exhibit Archives Photographs, notes, minutes, contracts, records of the project to create a memorial to Carlos Bulosan in the lobby of the Eastern Hotel in 1999 Carlos Bulosan Memorial Exhibit
2010.053.001 Newspaper Newspaper supplement Features Wing Luke Roosevelt News Memorial Day Supplement
2010.200.001 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview with Mai Thau Moua
2010.200.002 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview with Boua Fong Moua
2010.200.003 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Chaya Chasengnou
2010.200.004 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Cher Yang Vue
2010.200.005 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Doua Vue
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