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1999.060.571 Bill Chinese bill translated as: Your patronage is welcome. The new balance on January 31, 1924 is +745.32 (saving) Saving side: February 6th save 110 yuan March 15th save 100 yuan save 79.10 Lu Shan came November 5th save 100 yuan save salary 1200 yuan All together save 2334.42 yuan Drawing side: February 3rd draw out 50 yuan 6th draw out 30 yuan 13th pay out 107.10 yuan March 19th payment 101.71 yuan pay fee 0.1 yuan 24th draw 20.00 yuan 30th draw 10 yuan April 3rd draw 10 yuan 6th draw 10 yuan 14th draw 20 yuan 24th draw 50 yuan May 7th draw 20 yuan 8th draw 40 yuan 13th draw 10 yuan 17th draw 10 yuan 22nd draw 40 yuan 28th draw 15 yuan ticket 39.20 yuan June 23rd draw 20 yuan July 3rd draw 50 yuan 4th draw 20 yuan 22nd draw 50 yuan 23rd draw 15 yuan August 17th draw 20 yuan 18th draw 20 yuan 21st draw 10 yuan 23rd draw 20 yuan September 10th draw 5 yuan 21st draw 20 yuan 26th draw 100 yuan (Lent to Shi Xiang) 29th draw 30 yuan November 10th draw 50 yuan 13th draw 2 times total 70 yuan 14th draw 10 yuan 15th draw 110.40 yuan, Shi Zong pay rental 17th draw 20 yuan 21st draw 5 yuan 25th draw 24.40 yuan December 9th pay 112.20 yuan pay fee 0.10 yuan 10th draw 30 yuan 18th draw 30 yuan 27th draw 20 yuan 25th draw 2 times total 30 yuan 27th draw 50 yuan pay Jin Xiang (goods price) 36.75 yuan Total draw out 1640.77 yuan Balance +693.65 yuan To Mr Eng Shi Bao Jin Xiang Store Seattle, USA January 10, 1925
1999.060.572 Letter Letter translated as: I have the honor to inform you. Yesterday, January 18, I've got your letter and you, pass the 2000 yuan through Jing Xiang store to me also received and saved it. So that you can spend it as you go back to China. You'd better pay attention to Xiu Tong's immigration to U.S. The interesting and savings account have drawn out and remitted it to Zhan Tong. Nowadays in Hong Kong all trades and proffessions, all the businesses are slack. But all the brothers are fine, don't worry. With best wishes Ya Yun February 3, 1930
1999.060.573 Letter Letter translated as: Uncle Shi Bao. May I draw your attention to the following: I have the honor to report to you. A few days ago I've received your letter and accompanying the letter is a check. It says 111.50 yuan and I've registered it as your income and will settle your account later. You asked me to buy lottery tickets on your behalf. I've done it for several times. It cost 11.50 yuan but all missed. I will send the lottery tickets to you please check. Specially writing to repectfully wish you are in good health and have good time. You will certainly be happy. Your nephew Shang Sun I bow my head February 7th, 1930
1999.060.574 Bill Chinese bill translated as: Your patronage is welcome June 5th buy things 27.90 yuan candy 2 boxes 0.65 yuan June 28th buy things 3.20 yuan August 3rd 3 jars of wine, Jia Pi Trademark 10.50 yuan another small one 0.25 yuan August 27th 4 jars of wine, Jia Pi 11.20 yuan September 5th buy things 17.00 yuan November 6th buy things 22.25 yuan December 19th buy things 15.90 yuan January 16th, 1930 buy things 17.00 yuan Total you owe 121.85 yuan New balance 121.85 yuan To Mr. Eng Shi Bao January 28th, 1930 Jing Xiang Store As this bill present to Mr. Eng, Shi Bao, Mr Eng has paid 121.85 yuan to Mr Hu at the same time
1999.060.575 Bill Chinese bill translated as: Your patronage is welcome. To settle the account in the previous term Balance +566.44 yuan (you save 566.44 yuan) March 5th save 100 yuan April 3rd save 100 yuan May 2nd save 100 yuan June 5th save 100 yuan July 2nd save 100 yuan August 3rd save 100 yuan September 5th save 100 yuan November 5th save 100 yuan 7th save 100 yuan December 3rd save 100 yuan January 4th save 100 yuan All together we save 2566.44 yuan The draw out side March 13th paid 300x0.49 = 147 yuan pay fee 0.20 yuan 25th draw 16 yuan June 22nd paid the rental on your behalf 21.00 yuan October 10th paid the property tax for southern house on your behalf 50x0.44 = 22.00 yuan November 15th paid 450x0.4375 = 196.90 yuan December 19th paid the membership dues on your behalf 0.6x35 = 21.00 yuan 23rd paid Shi Yu on your behalf 200 yuan 27th paid the donation 10 yuan to the Xu Shan school on your behalf January 22nd paid money order 2000x0.403 = 806 yuan paid remitance fee 0.20 yuan paid the total price of good to Jing Xiang store on you behalf 121.85 yuan [Notes: you can check the end of 1999.60.574] Total Draw 1562.15 Balance +1004.44 yuan To Uncle Eng Shi Bao Jing Xing Store Seattle, U.S. January 28th, 1950
1999.060.576 Letter Chinese letter translated as: Shi Bao my uncle may I draw your attention to the following: I have the honor to report to you the winter was passed and the hot summer days is coming. Several months passed since we seperated. I miss you very much. Even in my dreams, it is unable to forget. Now I wish you are in good health and everything is fine. You pass the Hong Kong dollars 500 yuan and a check 85 yuan all received to meet the expenses of your family member's wedding. Shang Shi, Shang Xin, and Xiu Hong (his other name is Shang Qian) three of them all are studying in the countyside, Tai Cheng. The expenses are huge so your family wish you can give them more money and everyone is fine, don't worry. My wife slipped down in an accident in January. She was seriously injured. It is fortunate, the famous doctor cured her wound and got well and spent several hundred yuan. I am unhappy so I haven't written letter to uncle. I apologize for it. Now, everybody in our big family are all fine and our hometown are safe and sound. Zhan Hong still study in the village school. The expenses of Shang Qian's marriage and the price of buying land, the sum is 3000 yuan. The details of expenses about to buy land. The land sales in Luo Sham the area is about following: If you plant the land, the area needs seed of 5 dau [dau, a unit of measure for dry grain], cost of 2750 yuan. The expenses of the party after signed the contract, 200 yuan The incidental expenses, 50 yuan The four side share the expenses, 300 yuan, everyone 750 yuan The above all have doen well yesterday With best wishes Nephew Shan Quan March 16th, 1927 The statement of your account Uncle Ya Yun forwarded your Hong Kong dollar 2173.12 yuan to me. Bill, 412.32 yuan In uncle Ya Yun's presence I got 2585.44 yuan. Shang Xing forward 252.24 yuan. All together from Ya Yun and Shang xing the total is 2837.64 yuan. The expenses of Shang Qian's marriage, 2200 yuan. Send 280 yuan to mother's parents family, total 2480 yuan. To buy land 1/4 750 yuan. Draw out 3230 yuan balance- overspend I have saved 3 92.36 yuan on behalf of you. Last year, get 150 yuan from uncle Ya Yun was all forwarded to your family. This 150 yuan and buy gold vessel's price is not from me if there is any mistakes or isn't clear please tell me. I'll do my best.
1999.060.577 Bill Chinese statement translated as: Continued from the proceeding balance you saved 910.56 yuan. Debit side September 7th 1923 save 200 yuan October 25th save 1000 yuan Total: 1200 yuan Credit side July 14th, 1923 draw 97.78 yuan to buy Ginseng September 14th draw 92.22 yuan to buy Ginseng October 14th draw 16.40 yuan to buy Korean Ginseng draw 7.00 yuan to buy cotton-paded mattress December 2nd, 1926 draw 150 yuan "Zhong Mei" forward to 10th draw 74.04 yuan to buy Gold vessel January 5th, 1927 draw 500 yuan "Lian Sheng" forward to 14th draw 300 yuan "Lian Sheng" forward to 20th draw 200 yuan Lian Sheng pass the 200 yuan to Hong Kong January 22nd draw 300 yuan lian Sheng pass the 300 yuan to Hong Kong Total draw 1738.44 yuan balance +373.12 yuan balance 0 To Shi Bao younger brother and draw your attention to the accounting February 19, 1927 Ya yun
1999.060.578 Letter Chinese letter translater as: Shi Bao my brother: I have the honor to inform you on July 25th I received your letter dated June 26. It includes a personal guarantee, a check in Hong Kong dollars. Recently, the exchange rate is floating. A little bit go down. Deduct commission and the others all together 1930.85 yuan was received. It all saved in my account. You can draw it any time. Your other account here, the balance is about 100 yuan. Your family's expenses are on less money. Your letter and it's envelope all are forwarded to your family. If there is a letter from your family, I'll forward it to you as soon as possible. Now everyone in your family are fine. The native place all is well. The only problem is prices up. For example, rice (the moderate level) 15 yuan/dan [dan, a unit of weight in China. 1 dan = 50 kg]. Xue Shi (a kind of plant) 5.2 yuan/dan. Firewood 2.8 yuan/dan, white gourd 1.4 yuan/dan. It is a long time since you went out. If you have spare time, please come back to visit us. Several weeks ago I got a letter from Shi Li. At that time he was fine. Now I know from your letter he died in the hospital. I am terribly sorry for it. I think nephew Xi Xiang will arrive in Hong Kong soon. With regard to Shi Li's death. I don't have courage to open to the others. Shi Fu will travel by ship to come to the US. on the date of August 5th. He can tell you the details about our native place nowadays. The price of the large size of gold bullion is going down. 78 yuan a piece. A few days ago 85 yuan a piece. With best wishes, Shi Kuan July 28, 1930
1999.060.579 Bill Translation of a Chinese bill: Your patronage is welcome N.O. 106.107 March and April's rent charge all together you owe 20 yuan. Agent Hu, Jun Zhi Xiao Du gong Suo To Mr Eng He Gong Yi enterpraise Ltd. Seattle April 10th 1931 On the top of the bill it says: Our company has some rooms to rent. They are all upstairs if the tenant wants to change your room or expire the rental contract. Please contact with our office (Guang De Hao) and register it. If not, we'll still charge you the rental. Thank you. Dont lock the door as you remove
1999.060.580 Bill Translation of Chinese bill: On the top it is printed as: Our company has some rooms to rent. They all are upstairs if the tenant want to change your room or expire your contract. Please contact with our office (Guang De Hao) and register it. If not, we'll still charge you the rental. Don't lock the door as you remove Thank you The text is: May, June's rent charge all together you owe 20 yuan To Mr. Eng He Gong Yi enterprise Ltd Seattle June 12th, 1931
1999.060.581 Receipt Chinese receipt translated as: Thank you the money for suscription of the newspaper. 5 yuan. You sent it on July 30th. We've received it and registered it. Thank you. With best wishes. To Mr. Eng Shi Bao Chung Sai Daily San Francisco August 4, 1930
1999.060.601 Writing a and b: Chinese characters translated as, Eng Shi Bao
1999.060.602 Receipt A receipt translated as: Your patronage is welcome Child lapel of coat 1 piece 5.50 yuan Child garment 2 piece 7.00 yuan Total 12.50 yuan To Mr. Eng, Shi Bao Min Hing Knitting Co 625 King Street Seattle, WA U.S.A. October 3rd 1930
1999.060.617 letters 1999.60.617 This letter looks like half of a letter. The front part of the letter seems like missing.Based on the way the letter was signed at the end, this letter was written by a son to his father. Translation of the letter: Here now, the bandits are becoming outrageous, the situation is very tense. In our village, we have to pay a $1 night security fee during the second half of the year.Yesterday, Shang Jing brother had a new son, they were vey pleased.I need a good electric light for night walk. If you can find me one, please send to me. My school is having tests now, I don't even have any free time. I just write this quick letter to you. Hope every thing is fine with you. Your son Xiu Hong
1999.060.618 Letters a: This is a short letter written on red lined stationary. On top of the letter are four big Chinese characters translated as: Announcement letter paper. At the bottom of the letter there are five small Chinese characters translated as: Made by Guang Dong Book Store. Translation of letter: Shi Bao uncle: You probably have received the letter I have sent to you yesterday. Aunt told me the damages of the house by several floods from the year before are not small. Because of this, all the old houses in the village are going to have their wall base repaired to prevent water damage. It wont cost too much to repair uncle's old house but we can save the building. So, we are writing to you and ask you opinion. Please write back and tell us. I wish you safe and healthy. Your nephew Shang Jun On the left of the letter is the date May 26, 1933 (The 12th year of Republic of China May 26). On top of the main letter there are two rows of smaller Chinese characters added to the letter translated as: This year the rain is abundant and even. The rice is growing earlier and abundant too. We are not sure if the weather will keep this way. bi: This is a short letter written on a lined stationary paper. The four Chinese characters on top of the paper said: Announcement stationary paper. The small characters on the right said: the page number. The page number is supposed to be written in between thses two characters. On the left, the month, dates and years of the Republic of China. The number of dates should go into the blanks between the characters. On the bottom reads: Printed by Guang Hua Book Store. Translation of letter: Shi Bao uncle, It has been several months since I said good bye to you. Whenever I thought about you, I really admired you. I was planning to write to you and wanted to find out how you are doing. Thank you for sending me $112. It came to me when I had the urgent needs. Thank you for being so kind. You have given me such a great favor. How can I not have the desire to return favor to you? When I return to US I will give the money back to you. Uncle's second son Zheng Tong (Continue on 1999.60.618 bii). The following is the continuation of the letter This part appeared on 1999.60.618 bii: Uncle's second son Zhen Tong has already been walking and talking, is a very bright kid. We are all happy about it. Xiu Tong is studying at Xia Ping. He is very bright. But is carefree. He does not listen to his mother's advice. Yesterday aunt told me to ask uncle to write a letter home to teach him the right thing in order for him to make some changes of his behavior. Because of the family situation, I probably will return to US sometime between June & July, just to let you know. I'm fine right now. Please don't worry about me. Greetings to you, Your nephew Lun Fu On the left side of the letter is the date. The date is May second. The year is not clear. d: Translation of letter: Father your excellency, in front of your knees. We have received your letter and the enclosed money $112 dollars. We have distributed to the right people from grandmother down. Everyone in the family is fine. You are away from home. We hope that you are healthy and fine. Sincerely wish you golden peace. Signed your son Xiu Tong and Zhen Tong. Dated 1923, June 15 Letters
1999.060.619 List This is a prescription of herbal medicine. List of the herbs and the weight of each of them. The following are the translation of the herbs. Top row (from right to left): large shu di 2 liang (weight unit) large dang gui 5 liang bei qi 2 liang Fang Dang 2 liang Yin Yang huo (Horny goat weed) 4 liang Jin Ying Zi 1 liang Po Yin xian 1 liang gu sui bu 1liang Middle Row: Chuan xiong 6 Qian Bai Shao 1 liang Fu ling (subterranean fungus) 2 liang Ba ji Xian Mao 8 Qian Yuan Zhi 8 Qian ji zi 8 Qian Suo Yang 8 Qian Wen Dan 5 Qian Hang ju (Chrysanthemum) 5 Qian Lower row: xu dian (teasel) 1 liang shou wu (chinese cornbind) 1 liang Bai Shu 1 liang jiu zi 1 liang gui ban 1 liang Nian jian 5 Qian Dan Pi 5 Qian go ji 1 liang du zhong (Eucommia) 2 liang zhi cao 8 Qian Later put in Logan fruit 3 liang (don't boil with other herbs). Soak in a heavy urn for 1 or 2 months, the it will be ready for drinking. Suitable for bath for men and women.
1999.060.620 Letter The letter was written on a red lined paper. The top of the paper was torn. Translation of the letter: Shi Bao uncle: Please examine the clothes and list of merchandise I have asked Shang Qiun uncle to buy and bring back for you. I have also enclosed a letter sent by Tang Shang Xi. Please read. Wish you golden peace. Your nephew Shang Jun
1999.060.621 Letter a i, a ii: Translation of letter: Father your excellency under your knees: Yesterday we received your letter and knew that you were healthy. We also received the $233 dollars. We gave grandmother $10 and the other grandmother $10. We are all happy about it. Everyone in the family is safe and peaceful. Please don't worry. We are studying at home. We have begun our vacation since November 28. Next semester when I pass the test I will be promoted to 2nd year. The price of rice has been risen. Next year we hope that you will send money home earlier. This year we did not have to [ ] last time the money you sent home. We had to return $70 to people we had borrowed money from. I remember that father told us never gamble. I have never gambled. If you can find nice English picture back please send home the rest of the matters. I will reprint to you later. Have you received the pictures we sent to you in August? Please let us know. Your sons Xiu Tong and Zhen Tong Date: 13th year of Republic of China (1924). December 19
1999.060.622 Letter Translation of letter: Without notice it has been several years since we met and chatted last time. I hope you are healthy and making money, and everything goes well. If this is what's happening to you, we are very happy for you. I heard that your son has already chosen the 16th of this month to deliver the betrothal gifts and the 28th to get married. Congratulations! My son Shang Jin opened a Western Restaurant in Seattle. I don't know if the business is stable. Please advise him to work hard. He is younger and not as experienced as you are. Since you get along you can take care of each other. Here, everything is as usual. We seldom have any robbery or bandits. The problem is that everything is expensive. The tax was increased to make up the expense of the country. Not only the business circle are facing problems, the villages are also having a difficult time. Everyone at home is fine. I hope everything at your place is also fine. Hope you great peace. To my brother Shi Bao from Shi Wei. On January 12th Din Mao Year (Chinese calender)
1999.060.623 Letter Translation of letter: Father your excellency under your knees. The first day of this month Shang Yu brother came. I have received the ham and a gold ring you asked him to bring back. I hope you keep yourself healthy away from home. Everyone in the family is healthy. I don't worry. On September 22 we have added a new baby girl. We have changed her name to Ya Rong. Do you agree? Now, every country is doing big cleaning. The bandits in the right Dou mountain have been cleared. Every village is vigorously arresting the bandits. Now, it is very peaceful here. Yesterday, two bandits were executed by shooting to warn the others. There were lots of bystanders. I am not able to tell you the rest. Wish you golden peace. The Seventeenth year, November ninth. Signed your son, Shang Lian Zhen Tong
1999.060.624 Letter The letter was written on a red lined stationary. The red chinese characters on top of the stationary translated as Mr. Zhong Shan memorial stationary. The photo at the top right corner is Mr. Zhong Shan(Dr. Sun Yat San). The Chinese characters on the right are translated as following: The revolution has not yet been completed, comrades still need to work hard.This was written by Sun Wen(other name for Dr. Sun Yat San). This letter was written by Huang Shi to her father -in law. She did not write the name of the father -in law. Following is the translation of the letter: Father -in law: your daughter-in law respectfully report to you below your seat(kneel down in front of the father-in law. It has ben more than a year since I married to your family. I was not able to see you, but often think about you. I hope everything is fine with your excellency. Yesterday, your honored wife returned home, she gave me one of the gold piece you have asked her to bring to us. I am so excited. Everyone from great grandmother down is fine., please don't worry. Your excellency is away from home, I hope you eat well. I'm not able to write all the rest of the words, I want to say : Hope you golden peace. signed: Your humble daughter-in law Huang shi made the humble report on Oct. 4th , the 17th year of the Republic of China(1928)
1999.060.625 Letter Translation of the letter: Father your excellency under your knees respectfully report: I have received the one thoudand dollars plus the $250 dollars you sent through Lian Chang. I have carefully stored it, please don't worry. I have also read the letter. We will not be able to use the money right away. Last year we have already chosen the date to start the construction. However, the workers were on strike, the construction was delayed. They will not be able to lay out the beam until Feb. 25th. At home, from grandmother down everyone is fine, please don't worry. Please eat well, take good care of yourself. Last year, shang Quan returned home and told us that you have planned to sponsor us to go to US this year. Please let us know your plan. Please don't worry too much about us.Since I am running out of time, I will end my letter here. Wish you golden peace. Feb. 21,the 20th year of Republic of China signed:your brother Shang Qien
1999.060.626 Letter Translation of the note(receipt): Mr. Wu Yao Yun represent brother Shi bao One stick of True north Li Ginshen 4 liang One stick of Huen Chuan Sha Ginshen 72 liang Total cost of Ginshen is $6759 dollars(Hong Kong money) The red square seal under the total amount is the store seal, the seal said: Bai An Tang(name of store) of Shang Huan ,Hong Kong merchandise delivery stamp the date is Yi Wu year, September 19 The red letters on the lower left corner said: Hong Kong, Shang Huan, Wen Chen East Street, Bai Ani merchandise delivery slip The four characters on the lower right said:trading with Hong Kong money only
1999.060.627 letters 1999.060.627 This note is written on a red lined paper The large characters on top of the stationary said: special stationary of Yu Ji Tea Shop The smaller characters at the bottom of the stationary said: The tea shop is located at Guang Dong He Nan Fu Long East Street number 10 Translation of the note: Shi Bao respectful uncle: April 28 Tea set $100.00 overflow water tray $16.60 July 26 Tea Set $100.00 overflow water tray $17.40 total received $234 May 8th 1st periodical payment $56.00 2nd $54.80 July 13 3rd $54.00 Nov. 27 4th $55.80 Total payment $220.60 Balance $13.40 above is the detailed account The characters on the far left of the stationary is the date: year of Kui Wei , December 1st 1999.060.628 This is a bill written by the store named Jin Xiang Hao which seems had stores both in San Francisco and Seattle. There are two places in the bill that have red Chinese character stamps, the square stamp in the lower center is the store stamp said: Seattle Jin Xiang Hao, merchandise delivery stamp, the other stamp in the lower left corner is also the store stamp said:Seattle, San Francisco, Jin Xiang hao bill translation of the bill: Wu Shi Bao uncle to receive June 27th 2 boxes of soap $25 October 24 3 pieces of ham $115.5 2 boxes of soap $25 December 3rd No.3 ham $40 one box of soap $12 ------------------------------------- total $218 Dated on the left column of the bill:January 30th , 13th year of the Republic of China 1999.060.629 Translation of the note: Shi Bao uncle for your great inspection,I have received a check of six dollars and thirty cents and I have also received an order of a list of merchandise, I will gather the merchandise on the list and send to you by ship. Please inspect them carefully when they arrive.As far as moon cakes, all Seattle stores don't have enough supplies, all the moon cakes in the stores have been sold out yesterday. Hope your fortune is safe October 6th, the 19th year of Republic of China.(1930) Your nephew Shang Zhu bow his head 1999.60.630 On top of the stationary, the small printed Chinese characters are the will of Dr.SunYat san, the center is his picture.The one line larger characters said: Tai Chen Shan Shi Vocational High School stationary. Translation of the letter: Father your excellency under your knees, our family have seperated for many years, I wish your everyday living is healthy and peaceful. Mother has changed her plan yesterday. she has already chosen the date to begin the construction of the house. January 29 will be the date to set the beams and the middle of March ( I forgot what date,I will inform you when I find out after I go home ) will be the time to move in.The gold price has gone up and the price of building material will also be greatly increased.Everyone in the family is healthy and peaceful, please don't worry.Shi Kuan uncle has bought Luo Yan zu's( I am not sure about the name) land located at Dong xue(?) li village . The transaction was complete yesterday, Specially report to you . Wish you golden peace. dated : September 28 , 19th year of Republic of China. signed: your son Shan Qian 1999.60.631 Translation of the note: Aug.12 $72.65 Oct.4th $30 Nov.4th $8 Nov. 3rd $30 Nov. 10th $25 Nov. 26th $20 Dec. 7th $135. 63 .15 Dec. 9th $24 Dec. 11th $5 $3.5 Total paid $353.93 This is Last year's bill Wu Shi Bao uncle for your honor's inspection June 25th , the 12th year of Republic of China The red square stamp is the store stamp for Jin Xiang Hao The red stamp on the lower left of the note is also the store stamp for Jin Xiang Hao 1999.60.632 This is a rent receipt. Translation of th e receipt: Mr. Wu Shi Bao paid 21 dollars for the rent of room# 60(for August, September. October, November and December 6 months) person received money:Jiu An Feb. 5th , The 18th year of Republic of China(1929) Seattle, USA Guang Dong Lou receipt
1999.060.628 letter 1999.060.628 This is a bill written by the store named Jin Xiang Hao which seems had stores both in San Francisco and Seattle. There are two places in the bill that have red Chinese character stamps, the square stamp in the lower center is the store stamp said: Seattle Jin Xiang Hao, merchandise delivery stamp, the other stamp in the lower left corner is also the store stamp said:Seattle, San Francisco, Jin Xiang hao bill translation of the bill: Wu Shi Bao uncle to receive June 27th 2 boxes of soap $25 October 24 3 pieces of ham $115.5 2 boxes of soap $25 December 3rd No.3 ham $40 one box of soap $12 ------------------------------------- total $218 Dated on the left column of the bill:January 30th , 13th year of the Republic of China
1999.060.629 letter
1999.060.630 Letter Letter Printed stationary with image of Sun Yat-sen "Father your exellency under your knees, Our family have separted several years. I hope you everyday is healthy and peaceful. Mother has changed her plan yesterday. She has already choosen the date for beginning the construction of the house. Jan, 29 will be the date to move to set the beam. The middle of march to move in. ( I am not sure which date, after I go home and find out the date, I will let you know). The gold price has been in inflated. The price of the building material must be increasing too. Everyone in the family is healthy and peaceful. Uncle Shi Kuan bought the land of Mr Luo's which located in the Dong ? Li village. The transaction was completed yesterday. Specially report to you. Wish you golden peace. " The 19th year of the Republic of China Your son, Shang Qiang
1999.060.631 Statement Statement Monthly account statement
1999.060.632 receipt receipt
1999.060.633 Letter Letter
1999.060.634 Letter Letter
1999.060.635 Letter Death Certificat
1999.060.637 Receipt Letter
1999.060.638 Letter Letter
1999.060.639 Receipt Receipt
1999.060.640 Receipt Receipt
1999.060.641 Receipt Receipt
1999.060.642 Letter
1999.060.643 letter
1999.060.644 letter
1999.060.645 letter
1999.060.646 letter
1999.060.647 letter
1999.060.648 letter
1999.060.649 letter
1999.060.650 letter
1999.060.651 letter
1999.060.652 letter
1999.060.653 letter
1999.060.654 letter
1999.060.655 letter
1999.060.656 letter
1999.060.657 letter
1999.060.658 letter
1999.060.659 letter
1999.060.660 letter
1999.060.661 letter
1999.060.662 letter
1999.060.663 letter
1999.060.664 letter
1999.060.665 letter
1999.060.666 letter
1999.060.667 letter
1999.060.668 letter
1999.060.669 letter
1999.060.670 letter
1999.060.671 letter
1999.060.672 letter
1999.060.673 letter
1999.060.674 letter
1999.060.675 letter
1999.060.676 Letter Letter
1999.060.677 Letter Letter
1999.060.678 Letter Letter
1999.060.679 Letter Letter
1999.060.680 Letter Letter
1999.060.681 Letter Letter
1999.060.682 Letter Letter
1999.060.683 Letter Letter
1999.060.684 Letter Letter
1999.060.685 Letter Letter
1999.060.686 Letter Letter
1999.060.687 Letter Letter
1999.060.688 Letter Letter
1999.060.689 Letter Letter
1999.060.690 Letter Letter
1999.060.691 Letter Letter
1999.060.692 Letter Letter
1999.060.693 Letter Letter
1999.060.694 Letter Letter
1999.060.695 Letter Letter
1999.060.696 Letter Letter
1999.060.697 Letter Letter
1999.060.698 Letter Letter
1999.060.699 Letter Letter
1999.060.700 Letter Letter
1999.060.701 Letter Letter
1999.060.702 Letter Letter
1999.060.703 Letter Letter
1999.060.704 Letter Letter
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